Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P05 058D Tafsir Al-Nisa 43

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of not going near the prayer when under 64 is highlighted, as it is a connection between the servant and his Lord. The speakers also emphasize the importance of being aware of culture and avoiding disrespectful advertisements. The segment touches on the benefits of drinking alcohol, including physical health and lower chances of future accidents. Prayer is advised in public settings and privacy is emphasized. The speakers also discuss the use of dust and the importance of recitation.
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Then Allah says yeah, Johan Lilina Manu Oh you have believed, let the portable Salah do not go near the prayer.

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Don't even go near Salah don't even go near to performing the salah. Doesn't mean Allah is telling us don't pray salah. This is what some people do they say look in the Quran Allah says let Aqaba Salah don't pray salah, so we don't pray Salah we're so obedient, but they haven't read the ayah completely. Don't go near the prayer when what unto them Sakara at the time while you are Sakara intoxicated, meaning when you are under the effects of a drug that you've taken, you're intoxicated your mind does not function properly. Then at that time, do not even go near prayer. Meaning do not pray Salah do not even prepare for prayer prepare for prayer meaning don't even do will do at that

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time. Because you might make a huge mistake when doing although you might not pray properly. So instead of benefiting yourself, you'll be harming yourself. So what does this mean then? Only pray Asana when you are awake and alert when you're conscious and aware. Why? Because salah is what it is in reality, a connection between the servant and his Lord, in Salah you're talking to Allah you're having a conversation with Allah. You know when you recite Surah Fatiha and you say Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen Allah actually response you know that he says how many the near Abdi My servant has praised me? Yes. When you say a Rahman and Rahim Allah response he says us narrowly Yardi My servant

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has praised me has done fun up. When you say Maliki Oh Medina Allah says Majid ner Abdi My servant has glorified me.

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And when you make your door at the end, either Nulato Muslim Siddhartha Medina and arm Darla humilated moto VRLA, who will Darlene Allah says well yob de massa Al. And for my servant is what he asks for.

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So what does it mean that when you're glorifying Allah, when you're praising Allah, in Salah, you're actually having a conversation with Allah.

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And when you're having a conversation with someone, you better be attentive.

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You understand? You have to be attentive, you have to be conscious, you have to be aware. Because if you're not aware, then what's going to happen? You're going to end up saying something that's silly. That's dumb. Have you ever tried to have a conversation when you're half asleep with someone? Yeah, they're talking about something and idea I went.

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And you stop mid sentence, or you're talking about things that they have no idea what you're saying. Right? And you look like a complete full, complete fool. It's almost looks disrespectful. You know, like when you're having a conversation with someone and you're distracted, and you're thinking about something else and you start saying something that it's completely irrelevant. They weren't even talking about the what does it show that you are so rude, You're so indifferent to them. You can't even pay attention to what they're saying. You can't even carry a proper conversation with them.

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So when we are not conscious, aware, alert in Salah this is something that's incorrect. This is why Allah says don't even prepare for prayer. Don't even pray a Salah when you are intoxicated, because when you're intoxicated, your mind is not functioning properly. What does it mean by Socotra? Socotra is the plural of saffron and saffron Simka is the one whose article is gone, meaning the article is not functioning properly, the mind is not functioning properly. Why? Because he's high. Okay, he's high. But he still experiences joy. He still experiences pleasure. And this is the difference between the one who is unconscious and the one who is intoxicated. The one who's

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unconscious, yes, even his mind is not functioning properly. But does he feel pleasure? Does he feel any joy? Nothing. But the one who is intoxicated? Yes, his mind is not functioning properly. But he still feels joy and physical pleasure. Isn't that so? So this is the difference between the one who is the crown and the one who is unconscious? Aboard he said, wanna shoot her for the true Hakuna maloca and we drink it, meaning this alcohol and it leaves us as kings, having overcome a king when I am high. And this is what happens with people, right? That for example, Hamza will deliver on who once he was drunk. And our little DeLorean has two camels passed by. So he went and he slaughtered

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the camels in his state of intoxication. And he brutally killed him and he took their liver out and Allah harden what so are you looking around him he was really upset. So he went and complained to the prophets of Allah. Listen, this is what Hamza deliver and who did to my camels. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went up to him and to ask him that what was going on? And Hamza on the lower end, who isn't toxication he said, Aren't you my father slaves? Like how dare you say this to me? I can do whatever

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I want I'm looking. This is why when people are drunk when they're intoxicated, what kind of things do they say to police officers?

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What kind of things do they say to the people who are around them?

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They feel as if they're the king.

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All right, so this is intoxication. But remember that suck. an intoxicant is that which affects the brain. So your brain is not functioning properly, your Oracle is not functioning properly. You may be talking but you're not talking properly. Okay? You may not remember anything that you said or did May Allah protect us from that? One thing I'd like to make clear is that anesthesia is not soccer. Okay, because that means you're unconscious. If a person is under the effects of anesthesia, that does not mean that they are drunk, they're intoxicated. Why? Because they don't feel any pleasure, no joy, nothing like that. Likewise, some people they say, you know, tea you got addicted to it.

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It's haram don't have tea.

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Coffee haram or Yandi says the word Haram is so cheap, every little thing haram haram.

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Right. But why do people say that it's haram some people who do say because they say you get addicted to it. Remember, addiction is different from intoxicant. Okay? Is when you are addicted to something, it's a problem of the knifes and the body in toxic and affects your brain.

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There is a difference, right? So for example, a person may have a lot of D may have a lot of caffeine if they don't have it their sleep or they can't function properly. So they haven't there enough says attached to it, their body relies on it.

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Okay, but it doesn't mean that they get intoxicated. You understand? Likewise, a person may have alcohol once. That doesn't mean that they're addicted to it. There's a difference between addiction and intoxication. What is haram is in toxic and because the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that Kolomoisky didn't haram every musket is haram, every intoxicant is halal, whether it is eaten or inhaled, smoked, or it is drunk. Yes.

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If there is a little bit of it, yeah, because remember that if a large quantity of something intoxicated then a little quantity of that is also forbidden. If It intoxicates you so if there is kind of alcohol, some kind of liquor in chocolate, for example, that's not permissible. Okay, why? Because it is an intoxicant. Okay, now, when it comes to addiction, remember that it's a problem of the knifes and the body, but it doesn't mean that addictions are okay.

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So a person says, you know, like some people, they get addicted to some kind of medications, they don't have them. So, they have withdrawal, right? Or, for example, somebody is addicted to tea or somebody is addicted to some energy drink. Right?

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Can you say that it's okay to be addicted to such things. You can't use the word haram or for example, cigarettes, cigarettes don't intoxicate you. But what does Allah subhanaw taala say in the Quran, Allah Dr. Liu and fossa calm, do not kill yourselves. So if there's something that is harming your body,

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that is killing your body, then you're not allowed to have that. If it's destroying your liver, if it's destroying your heart, your lungs, you're not allowed to have that.

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Okay? Now, this doesn't mean that you're not allowed to have tea, you can have it. But if the doctor says stop, it's not good for you, the state that you're in, it's not good for you, instead of helping you with actually harming you some pain medication sort of helping a person actually harming them, then in that case, it is not correct for that individual to have it. Like what sometimes people drink one energy drink after the other and what happens to them, they lose all their physical strength, they're almost falling unconscious. Right? So again, it's not good for them. But in this ayah in particular, what has been mentioned soccer, that will anthem Sakara while you're

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intoxicated, do not approach the prayer. Now, basically, this means that do not pray until you know what you're saying. The words, the meaning, as well as the actions that you're performing all three things you should be aware of what you're saying doing and what it means. Because if you don't, then you're going to end up making great mistakes. Now remember that this was one of the first verses that was revealed concerning intoxicants. It was actually the second I revealed concerning intoxicants, which paved the way to its prohibition. There were four stages of the prohibition of soccer. The first stage was of EBA when it was not forbidden, not commanded. Nothing was mentioned

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concerning it. Which is why we see that comes out of nowhere and once you know, we learned stories about him when he was drunk. We learned stories about companions when they were drunk. In Medina. Imagine this was at the early stage. Then

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The aisle was revealed, which hinted towards abandoning it, meaning people were encouraged to leave it. Which I was that the one we read through the Bacara. Yes. Aluna cardiol comedy will Mesa kullfi humor is mon kabhi Ron woman fer alumnus What if Maluma aka bottlemen Neferet humor that there's a lot of sin in them. Yes, there are also benefits, but there is a lot of sin. And the sin is greater than the benefit. What did that encourage? Leave it? So some people left it. But some people who were addicts who loved alcohol, they wouldn't leave it. So then Allah subhanaw taala revealed this idea which prohibited people from drinking close to Salah time. Now, if a person has told don't even

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come near prayer, not to the masjid, not the salah don't even make wudu when you're drunk, then when is he going to drink?

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You have to pray five times a day, isn't it? You have to be five times a day. So if a person drinks in the night, he might not be conscious for Fudger.

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If he drinks between budget and level, that's no fun. That's not party time. That's sleep time for many people. Right?

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You understand what I mean? Laura Russell mother Bucha, like you're praying. So like this, you know, they were kind of moved away from drinking too much alcohol. Do you see what I mean? So their habit was broken. And then finally, the verse which mentions absolute prohibition, which is a verse in total, Matt either was revealed in which Allah says for * and tomato, are you going to stop or not? Meaning you better stop? No. You're not allowed to consume it.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says in this ayah do not pray while you're intoxicated until you know what you're saying had that Darla mo mata Kowloon, until you know what you're saying? When the effects are gone, and you're fully conscious and aware, then you may start to pray.

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And by the way, this also means that a person should know the meaning of Salah.

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Right? Because if you have no idea what what you're saying what kind of Salah is that. Likewise, a person should also pay attention in Salah. If you have no idea what you're saying, then that's not correct, even if you know the meaning. But you're not focusing. You don't know whether you said Subhanallah a bit earlier marzipan will be learner.

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You don't know if you set out to hear the lie your Salah to kill you. But in the second record or not, that means your mind is somewhere else you don't know what you're saying. Because if you knew what you were saying you would have remembered it.

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You understand? So this proves to us the importance of knowing the meaning of Salah the importance of focusing in Salah. And this also shows that when you're overwhelmed by your sleep, then in that state you should not pray.

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You understand that you feel that if you go to such that you will be out before you say the salon. You will be out in this state don't pray. Because like we discussed earlier, it's rude. This is not how you have a conversation with someone. That's not how you talk a little bit aalameen All right. So what should you do if you're really sleepy? Go sleep and don't pray at all.

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Yeah, go take a nap for three hours and wake up when the solid time is gone. Yeah, what should we do? First of all, be proactive. Don't wait till you're dead tired and then you're praying. Okay? Because if you wait until you when you're dead tired and then you're praying Then whose fault is it? It's your fault.

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You understand? Secondly, do something to wake yourself up.

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cup of tea. Okay. And energy drink? Yes.

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Drink water. Go take a shower. Okay, open the window. Because sometimes you may be really hot because of which you are sleeping, open the window, do something to wake yourself up so that you can pray. Okay, well as you know when Inara be disobedient head that off the ceiling. And also do not pray. Do not approach the prayer. When you are Jenna. Jenna is the person who is in the state of Geneva.

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Geneva is the person who is in state of Geneva. What is Geneva, the state of impurity? Basically, Geneva is because of two reasons. What are they first of all sexual *. And secondly, *. So if a person is in the state of Geneva, and the time for prayer comes Allah says don't pray at that time. Don't pray in the state of Geneva until when had that delta zero until you've taken a bath. So this means that when a person is instead of Geneva he has to take a bath so that he or she can pray.

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But look, there is an exception the middle Ihlara very severe.

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What does it mean by this are very arbit in Florida are a bit arbit from herbal rainbow to cross. So Robin one who crosses Seville we are hoping you Sabina has been understood in two ways. First of all, a traveler, someone who is traveling crossing the way meaning someone who is traveling, so do not pray in the state of Geneva.

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And when you're traveling, it's very likely that you will not find water you will not be able to take a bath. But still you can't pray in the state of Geneva. So what will you do you will retire and the details of the room are mentioned afterwards. Okay in the following words of the ayah. Secondly, arrive at Seville has been understood as one who is just passing by passing through. And in this meaning, the words let the chromosomes are understood as do not approach the place of prayer which is the Masjid. So do not approach the place of prayer meaning the masjid when you are in the state of Geneva, until you have taken a bath. And if you must, then you can make a pass through the

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masjid but don't stay there.

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Because at the time of the prophets of Allah Islam the masjid was such that the doors of the houses that people would open up into the Masjid. So if somebody was going into their house, they would have to pass through the masjid if somebody wanted to get out of their house, they would have to pass through the Masjid. If a person became Jacob in the house, he has to take a bath he needs water he's going out. He's passing to the masjid now he stuck is going to have to ask someone to bring water to him or something. So this idea tells us that a person can pass through the masjid in the state of Geneva. But he should not stay in the masjid in the state of Geneva. But what if he's not

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able to take a bath immediately? Then he may do will do and stay in the masjid. Okay, but in order to pray, he still has to take a bath. You understand? Okay. Now remember, this is not talking about a menstruating woman a menstruating woman is not. Jenna, Jenna bazoo one of two causes sexual * or * and a menstruating woman her case is different. So Wella juban Ihlara be disobedient had that delta Zulu.

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Now what happens? Allah says we're in quantum Mirtha and if you are sick well Doppler left marine or NSF and in or you are traveling Oh Jaya had to mean come or one of you has come min Allah it from the toilet, Allah from the lepers, rainwater. And Allah it is a hollow place of privacy. A low place a hollow place basically means to dig. So a hollow place of privacy where a person is alone. And what does it refer to the toilet? Because a person you know, it's expected that he should defecate, he should urinate when he has privacy in a bathroom, which is why your notes we know they're not correct because you are using the washroom in public. Okay, so Oh Jah had to mean coming Allah it

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someone has used the toilet. Hola, Mustermann Nyssa or you have touched the women lemma stem from lumps Lam Meem seen what does lumps mean? Physical contact when a body part touches another person's body part. Must is to touch with the hand. But lumps is the touching of the body with another's body. And law. Mustermann missa it refers to it's basically an indirect way of saying that you've had relations with your wife, you have been intimate with your wives and I must have witnessed. So now several things have been mentioned. What first of all, you're sick. And you need to do will do or you need to take also. But because you're so sick, if you do, we'll do or you take hosel what's

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going to happen you're gonna become even more sick. Doesn't it happen sometimes, you have so much fever, you're so cold, you're shivering if you do, we'll do it that time you will, your field will become worse, you will feel even more sick. Secondly, once mentioned sufferer journey person is traveling. And while he's traveling, it's time for prayer, he cannot find water. Or he has used the toilet when he's used the toilet he needs to do will do to pray.

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Or he needs to take a bath in order to pray. So four things are mentioned over here. If you summarize it, basically what has been stated is that there is a need to do will do or hustle so that you can pray. But sickness or unavailability of water is preventing you from doing well do or take awesome. Then what should you do? Don't pray.

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Because this is what we do. If we're on the road, or if we're traveling somewhere, or if we're too busy or if we're sick, we say don't pray I have a headache I'm not gonna get a preferred you're not gonna pray. But this is what we should do. No, you have to pray in every state. Remember that? You have to pray. If you cannot do will do because of your sickness or unavailability of water than what's the option that you have. Fatima will do.

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And if a person cannot even do them,

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let's say a person is you know, they went hiking and they fell down and they're holding on to a rope and they can't reach anything to make them warm but it's time for prayer, the sunset and it's getting darker. They feel that they have only a few moments to live. Even in that situation. Do they have to pray? Yes.

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They have to pray to God to pray without them.

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You know that? You cannot leave Salah in any such

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Waiting as long as you're conscious, you have to pray. As long as you're alert your mind is working you have to pray. You have to, to the point that the scholar said that if a person does not have enough clothes even to cover his body to cover his older than he will pray as his. If a person is trapped in a place that has impurity that has faith, even there, he will pray. If you're traveling in an airplane, you're flying in the sky, there's no way you can stand and pray. Then you will sit and pray but you will have to pray. You cannot leave prayer there is no excuse. What does it show how important Salah is and here we are living Salah for every little thing. Even if it's something

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like grocery shopping, or to window shopping, we will leave Salah for that. This is wrong. Allah says what am Mama what's the option deuterium diamo yummy meme literally means cost to intent. So tam is basically the intention of purity. Because when you're doing them, you don't actually clean yourself right? Your body may still be dirty. But you have intended to be pure and Allah has accepted that intention. How do you do Tamlin? Sorry, Donta uban sorry, from soldering dal and tube that is clean, sorry, and is basically the surface of the earth and what is on the surface of the earth? As long as it is considered a part of it. So for example, mud, sand, rock. Okay. And if on

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that mud is let's say pebbles or rocks, than is that sorry, this Well, yes. All right, that is also sorry. Assault, granite. Okay, all these things? What are they? Sorry?

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Now remember that when it comes to material that the ground is not made off?

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such as trees? Okay, or let's say a wooden floor. All right? Or let's say snow, then is that serene as well? No. It's not sorry, you cannot determine with that, unless these things are attached to the ground.

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Unless these things are attached to the ground. So for example, there is a tree that is on the ground. Okay. I mean, it's actually living tree, it's attached to the ground, then you can do time with the tree. All right. Likewise, if you're standing on a glacier,

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then that ice that's under your feet is actually the ground? Do you see what I mean? So you can do time with that as well. But if there is a twig, a branch that has fallen off a tree is sitting on the ground? Can you do them with that tweet with that branch? No. If there is snow that has fallen from the sky is sitting on the ground on the street on the path, then can you say one with that? No, you cannot.

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I mean, it's called right? When there's no it's going to be called? How can you determine with that?

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Yeah, if there's no water, you can't do will do with that snow, by the way, because when you do will do you have to wash? Okay, then there's the option of time when you do testing with other materials, right? So for example, if there's a tree nearby, and you know that it's in the ground, and you go to the moon with that, okay, now, many people have this question, but what about the dust that's maybe on the dashboard or on the wall or something like that. So, in that case, remember that if a wall is built of something that comes from the earth, such as rocks or mud bricks, then it is permissible to use that for thermal.

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Okay, so for example, a brick wall, then you can do anything with that, but if the wall is covered with wood, your walls over here, they're covered with wood right or with paint.

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So that the natural material is sealed, all right is sealed, there is a coating on it that has sealed the natural material, then you can not do time with that. But if there is dust on it,

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okay, so for example, a wall a carpet, there is dust on it, then you can use that dust for time and why because the dust comes from where from the ground?

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Are you getting it? Should I not tell you these things? Maybe I should stop? You know what, when it comes to them and we have a lot of questions when you're stuck in traffic and it's snowing and you have to pray a motive, what will you do? You have to know what you're allowed to do. So basically to summarize, what is sorry sorry is the ground the natural material that ground is made off whatever it may be, whether it is the soil itself or what is on the soil. But if it is something that the soil is not generally made off like wood or paint or plastic, all right, then you don't determine with that unless it is joined to the IRS for example would it is joined to the earth ice glacier it

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is joined to the air then you can do time on with that. If the natural material is sealed, for example,

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granite countertop, but it's sealed. All right, if you touch it, there's nothing that's gonna come it sealed, then in that case, if there's dust on it, you can do something with that dust. Why? Because the dust came from where? From the ground. But remember one thing that dust is not a condition.

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Meaning that for example, you're using some rocks which are not sealed. Okay? So you just take those rocks and you disrupt them in your hand and you didn't do anything with that, okay? But there is no dust that's coming on your hand. Dust is not a condition. Why? Because the Prophet saw a lot of sun when he did that. And well, how did he show that he demonstrated it to our Melbourne Yasser, he put his hands on the ground, and he blew the dust off and then he wiped his face and then his hands. If dust was a condition, then what would he have done, he would not have blown it off. So if there is, let's say, a stone tile, it's not sealed, but it's clean. When you touch it, there is no dust,

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there's no part of the stone that's going to come on your hand, you can still do damage with that.

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All right, dust you can do time with but where there is no dust because the soil is hard, let's say a glacier where you're going to get dust from over there. But you can still do time on with that. So over here what do we learn for the yamamo Sorry Donta uban How do you do Tamil from Sahabi will do HICO wipe your faces with a decom and your hands wipe your faces and your hands and this means that when you're doing time when you wipe your face first and then you wipe your hands in will do what do you do? You wash your hands first and then your face but over here what do we learn that you wipe your face first and then your hands in thermal in the lock and are a full one of the flora indeed

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Allah is pardoning and forgiving our for rain fell well before the rainfall. He pardons He forgives This is the reason why he has created such allowance and ease in our religion.

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Because if he was not that forgiving, you would not have created this ease for us. But what's the main lesson we learn here? Salah is mandatory no matter what situation you're in. Do we'll do take a bath if you can't do it, sickness is preventing you unavailability waters preventing you you have to do to him Well, if that is not possible, then

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you pray however you are

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when it comes to the bed, a person is sick. They're on the bed constantly right? And nobody is there to help them. Nobody will bring any mud sand rock nothing to them. How are they meant to do time? Can they do time from the sheets from the pillow? Only if there is dust on it and you shouldn't be lying on dusty sheets anyway. Okay, only there's dust you can do time but can you determine from cloth? No, you cannot why? Because ground is not made from cloth.

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Carpet. This is not natural serried. All right. But if there's dust on it, then you can do time with that dust not with the cloth. All right, recitation. Yeah.

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A human

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who had

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who now John Obon.

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BT Sabine in

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Tennessee you were

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to more suffering

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minute or a

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minute or

00:28:52 --> 00:28:52


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dee doo

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doo Moon Nisa taggi Luma.

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who we will draw Hiko more ad acorn in a law hacker. One off wall

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