Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P03 046A Translation Aal-e-Imran 78-91

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses their experiences and beliefs during the previous year, including a shaytani and a man named Joem who is yelled at. They also mention a woman named Maria and a man named Boni. The group discusses personal and political topics, including a woman named Hope claims to be a messenger for Islam and a recitation of verses that suggests caution in speaking.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad who on a Sunday and out of Saudi him Karim, Allah bad Pharaoh the we lay him in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim for Beshara li Saudi you were silly Emery. What Helen octet and Melissa many of you who call the robin as in our Alma

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lesson number 46 surah. Earlier Imran is number 78 to 91

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Translation well in and indeed men home from them left recon. Surely a group yell guna they twist LC Netta home their tongues Ben Kitabi with the book Lita Cebu so that you suppose it you think it men from al Qaeda be the book warmer while not Hua eight men from al Qaeda be the book War and Jaco Luna they say who eight Min from or in the near Allah He Allah warmer while not. Hua eight Min from or in the near Allah He Allah wa N and your coluna they say Allah upon Allah He Allah Alka diva the lie we're home while the year or the moon they know

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ma not can it was LIBOR sharing for amen for a human being and that you Thea who he gives him? Allahu Allah. Al Kitab the Book while hokhmah and the sound judgment

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when Nobu and the prophet hood. Some then your cooler he says, Lynn Nursey to the people who do you all be Reba than servants worshippers. Lee for me, men from Dooney besides Allah He Allah when again but Kulu you all be Rob Benny Hina rock burn him. worshipers of Rob Bhima you because of what quantum you were to Illumina you all teach al Kitab the Book were Beamer, and because of what quantum you were, that rezone you all study,

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while and not yet monochrome, he orders you on that. That toughy do you all take firmly? al-mulla? It gotta be angels. One nabina and the prophets are bourbon as Lourdes

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does, yet Morocco. He command you Bilko free with the disbelief by the after is when and don't you all Muslim Moon wants to submit?

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What if and when? A hada he took Allahu Allah, Misa covenant, and maybe Hina of the prophets. Lama, surely what are they to come? I gave you all men from kita Eben book, what And heck Metin wisdom? Some then, Jaya ACOEM he came to you also learn a messenger Musa diccon One who confirms Lima for what? Malcolm is with you. Let me know no. Surely you must believe surely you definitely believe be with him, well, and Latin Soluna who surely you must help him surely you shall definitely help him.

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Color he said

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do occur to them, you will acknowledge what and a hearthstone you all took. Either upon that become that or you all is sorry, my binding my covenant

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Kalu they said a Khurana we acknowledged Allah. He said fresh her do

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Oh, then you all bear witness what and Anna I Marco with you men from a share headin those who bear witness

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for men so whoever the one law he turned away BARDA after the DECA that for hola Iike so those whom they are alpha sukoon those who disobey those who cross limits

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do for then via besides Dini religion, Allah He of Allah, yerba Hoonah they seek they desire.

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Well, while Lahu for him as lemma, he submitted, mon, whoever fee is in a summer work at the skies, while Irby and the earth Tawan. Willingly, voluntarily, whoa, and Gohan unwillingly. Well, and Eli he to him, your own, they will be returned.

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All say, Amen. Now, we have believed Billahi in Allah warmer, and whatever, on Zilla, it was revealed, or Lena upon us warmer and what groomzilla It was revealed Allah upon Ibrahim, Ibrahim, where is Maria? And is Maria what is haka and is her back where Uber and Yaku are the human Salam

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well as belt and the descendants warmer, and whatever Butea it was given Musa to Musa where ISA and or ISA, one Nabhi Yuna and the prophets are laying masala men from rubbing him they rub law not neuffer Rico, we discriminate we differentiate between between a headin anyone, men home from them when a hue and we know who for him, mostly Moon ones who submit,

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woman and whoever ye butterly he seeks * besides and Islam, the Islam the submission dienen as religion felon, so never Yoko bada it will be accepted men who from him were who were and he fi in an F Irati the hereafter men from a hot seat in the losers.

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Okay for how yesterday he will guide Allah who Allah Coleman a people care for rue de disbelieved by the after Imani him their belief well and share he do they witnessed and that indeed a Rasul Allah the messenger have gone is true, well and Jaya whom it came to them, and begginer to the clear proofs. Well Allah Who and Allah lair not yet de he guides, l coma, the people avoid the mean those who do wrong,

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hula Iike those Jezza whom they recompense, and that indeed, or lay him upon them, learn that a curse Allah He of Allah, one Mala Iike de and the angels, one mercy and the people edge marine all together.

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Holly Deena ones who dwell eternally fee her in it lair not you have furfle It will be lightened on home from them or their will the punishment wanna and nor whom they use a rune. They will be given respite

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Illa except, and Medina those who boo they repented men from birdie after that Erica that well and a slur who they made amends for in So indeed, Allah Allah Allah, Allah phoron of forgiving or Haman or Rizal merciful

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in indeed and Medina those who care for rue de disbelieved BARDA after Imani him their belief system, then is there Do they increased confront in disbelief learn

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We'll never talk about it will be accepted tilba To whom they repentance. What and Willa Iike those whom they are bar loan those who are a string

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in Indeed, Allah Dena, those who care for rue de disbelieved were and my two they died. Were home while they Cofer on our disbelievers felon, so we'll never Jacoba it will be accepted men from a hottie him one of them, mill fall or fail. An RB of the earth. The Heaven in gold. Well, no. Even if, if the he offered as ransom

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be with it.

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Allah Iike dos le home for them. Are there been a punishment and Iman painful, warmer and not LA home for them? Men from now sweetie, any helpers?

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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In whom letter EP Ilona Alsina Bill ki janhvi Rita Sabu Mina Nikita,

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DITA Sabu Mina ki Jana Jana who Amin N ki

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ye aku

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Why are

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you Katie Bella homea

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maca and Le Bechet in a long will keep

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see a boon or a bad

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boon or Bernina

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to the moon and

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one more often

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maybe in

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watch out for the law homie

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Mossad. Lima Anna Kamala told me

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on Bora Bora to moi to Mara daddy from elsley father Oh,

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all others head over and America Mina Shia Hebei

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body ready

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are you ready?

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Oh Aslan Anna is Santa

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Hema is Mariela is

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what is half hour Oh girl asbel

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ODM Musa Larissa one maybe you wanna beat him learn with it build

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me know

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why me why you're on Islam ed

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i mean

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your auntie Mina serine

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Imani morshed You who

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was a helpful

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one Hola. Hola. Hola. You mean? Hola

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Hola. He will not

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Ah you got one nurse he

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called Edie and if he had

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in levena

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D daddy go

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in a lot of walking in a lady and I guess that EMA and even

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Taco Bell and

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you go home of law all alone in a lady

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who felt that he got I mean I had

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barely I mean I had

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all of the the water we've been

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in Kerala who murdered

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