Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 25 – L255A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a segment of a TV show where a woman named Yisha talks about her desire to have sex with a man named Jesus. She describes her desire to have sex with Jesus and describes her desire to have sex with him. She also mentions a woman named Yisha who talks about her desire to have sex with Jesus.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una familia la Sudan Karim amar lahemaa shavon virgin Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Frobisher, Ashley Saudi were silly mg Washington letter melissani.

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Lesson number 265 sort of the Shura is number 36, to 53, translation

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firmer. So whatever

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you were given men Shea in from anything from other than temporary enjoyment and higher of the life adonia of the world warmer and whatever in the law is with Allah Clayton is better, whatever call and more or less than lilla Dena for those who are new they believe where Allah and upon robbing him there yet our cologne they trust one levina and those who judge any boon they avoid. Kava is once great and isn't of the same was a wash and the in decencies what is Emma and whenever lovely boo, they were angry, whom they yell furon they forgive one levina and those who is the Jabu they positively responded, they answered, they have behaved to their up welcome, and they perfectly

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established a salata de Sala, Amro home and their affair Shura, with consultation, buying a home between them. Woman man and from whatever was up to now whom we provided them you and Phil goon they spend one Latina and those who either when a Saba whom it reached them, above you the oppression whom they enter soon they defend

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wedges and recompense, say at the end of an evil, say atone an evil. Miss Lu has like it, famine so whoever Asa he pardoned will US law her and he made peace or he reconciled for nigeria who then his reward or the law upon Allah in the who indeed he left not you have buki loves awali mean those who are unjust, one among and surely, whoever interessato he took revenge, BARDA after, wouldn't be he is injustice or injustice to him, for less than those may not lay him upon them. Men from Sabine in any way, in indeed, not as severe the way Allah upon alladhina those who use the moon, they're wrong. They're unjust anessa the people way above hoonah and they oppress, fill up in the earth

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below 80 without an help the right una cudos la home for them. Are there been a punishment and even painful one a man and surely whoever sebata he endured with patience will follow and he forgave in indeed, Danica that lemon shorty from ours, resolution and move of the matters.

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Woman and whoever you blame, he leaves the stray Allahu Allah from us on our level for him. Men from Willie any claws protecting men from Bharti, he after him, what are and you will see a word mean the wrongdoers langma whenever or when

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they saw either the punishment. Yoku Luna they will say * is Ella to Mara any return any place of return. Men from Sabine anyway what are our whom and you will see them Yerba Buena. They will be presented or lay her upon it harsher in as ones who are humble men from a dull the disgrace. Young Luna they will look men from perfume. a glance huffy in discreet secret what color and he said alladhina. Those who Amano they believed in indeed Of course in the losers and Medina are those who have zero they lost and foster home themselves. What are he him and their families, the oma on day opmf the for standing at a unquestionably in indeed a worldly mean the wrongdoers fee in either been

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a punishment will claim everlasting

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wama and not Ghana, it was the home for them. Men from earlier any clothes protecting friends, the answer owner whom they will help them men from doing that besides a woman and whoever yodeling he leaves to stay alone.

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Allah sommerso not level for him men from Sabine and anyway

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is the G boo. You all respond lira because do Europe men from Kabul before and that yet do it comes Yamuna de la not murder any averting la who for it when Allah from Allah math not Luckily for you all men from Malaysia any place of refuge Yama in that day wanna and not la come for you all men from Nicky's any denial any refusal

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for him then if they turned away from us or not also NACA we have sent you or lay him upon them, have you been a guard, a protector in not alayka upon you in law except albula the conveying what inner And indeed We either when other corner we cause to taste inside the human being Midna from us, rush, mutton, any mercy feriha he became happy, be happy with it, we're in and if to say for whom it reaches them, say to any evil Bhima because of what but the math is sent ahead ad in their hands for another and indeed and insan the human being for most ungrateful

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lilla he for Allah malkuth Romanian Kingdom smls of the heavens while and the year, yes, local, he creates ma whatever he or she, he will,

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Yahoo, he gets Lehman for who Yesha He wills, in essence, females were horrible, and he gets Lehman for whom He wills as the cook the meals out or use a widow whom he couples them the kronen as males were innocent, and as females were Dr. Lu and he makes money whoever he or she He wills are Thema Baron in the who indeed he or Lehman always all knowing, or the urine, always all evil mama and not Ghana, it was labor Sharon, for any men for any human and that you can remember who he speaks to him. Allahu Allah, in that except Washington by revelation. Oh or men from what are behind hijab in of you. Or your seller he sends rosulip a messenger for you He then he inspires me Isn't he by his

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permission, man whatever he shared he will in the who indeed he are the most hi Hakeem on always always work as Arnica and likewise Oh hanaa We revealed Eliza to you through a spirit men from a marina our command may not go into you were deadly you no matter what l kita the book one ah and nor an email the one I can but john now who we made it neuron alight nadie we guide be here with a man whoever Misha we will men from rebel Dina our servants were in Mecca and indeed you letter the surely you guys either to split off was the theme one straight

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slot that a lot of love and love the the one who left who for him, man, whatever system I work in the heavens, warmer and whatever fill up in the earth. Allah unquestionably Illa towards Allah. Allah does Legal Aid returns, it ends up and all the matters all the affair.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Ash-Shura 36-53 Translation 36-53

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