Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 17 – L170A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Muhammad Ali olara pseudonym Kareem amudha for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem babish heraclius either you were silly Emily Washington letter melissani cohoon Cali urbanas

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lesson number 170 certain hedge is number 38 to 64

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in the law her Indeed Allah you there fear he defends on from a Latina those who am I knew they believed

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in Allah Indeed Allah La not you have boo he loves color every Hawaiian in extremely treacherous

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gefallen extremely ungrateful

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Adina it was permitted lilla Dena, for those who you are to Luna, they were fought, be unknown, because indeed they will remove they were wronged were in a law her and Indeed Allah. Allah upon nursery him their health law khudiram surely one who is able

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alladhina those who have read you, they were expelled. They were driven men from the him their homes, the lady without having any right in there except, and that yaku they say Rob buena our rub Allah is Allah wa Lola and if not, death, removing,

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Allah He of Allah anessa the people bother whom some of them be barcaldine with others LaHood Demuth surely it was demolished

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so I'm your monasteries will be our own and churches

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and synagogues

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and mosques youth guru

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it is mentioned or he is mentioned fee her in it is smooth name Allah He of Allah kathira much while I am surana and surely he will definitely help Allahu Allah man who yanzhou he helps him in a Lucha Indeed Allah local region surely most powerful as isn't always Almighty

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Allah Dena those who in if mechana whom we gave them authority, we settle them fill out the in the earth karma they established a solar the solar what are the whoo and they gave us the character doesn't care what amaru and they ordered Bill Maher roof with the recognized good What a hoe and they forbade on from El mooncup the recognized drunk

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while he learned he and for Allah are people to outcome of all matters.

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What in and if you get the bucur they belie you faqad then in fact that she relied upon a home before them. How many people knew how many of you were are doing an ad with a mood and the mood for camo and people Ibrahima of Ibrahim Rocco mooloolah. And people looting of loot was horrible companions by the end of madeon.

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What could be well, and he was beleid Musa Musa Salah for unrelated, so I prolonged so I gave respect

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lil Katharina for the disbelievers so more than 100 to whom I sees them for kafer. So how can it was Nikki? My punishment

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for a year so how many men from Korea attend city? Atlanta have we destroyed it? We're here and it was while we were doing wrongdoing for here so it how we don't one fallen?

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Allah upon rule she has its roots will be and when we're asked Allah, abandoned

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workers thin and tireless machines and lofty

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Flm did they're not yes zero. They travel fill out

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In the earth, first akuna so it was la home for them to luban hearts. Yaki Luna they understand, we have with it oh or other unknown ears. Yes morona they listen be here with it. For inner hurt that indeed it learn not Dharma, it becomes blind.

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absorb the eyes The sights. Well, I can but Dharma it becomes blind. Upolu the hearts and the tea which fee in a sudo the chests were started unica and they seek to hasten you belaga with the punishment while an end never you fluffer he will go against Allahu Allah where the who has promised what in the end indeed Yeoman Eddie in the near Bob Baker Europe can feel like 1000 center years mimma from what they're doing you all count worker a in and how many men from Korea in a city

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and lay to I gave her a spate let her for it.

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What here while it What am I doing wrong doing some then a host to her I see is that what LA and to me and mostly the destination? All day Yeah, you have all a nurse with the people in Noma indeed not bad. And I am looking for you all maybe around a warner movie no one clear

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for Levine and so those who am I knew they believed what I may do and they did a slowly had the righteous law home for them Murphy rotten forgiveness, what is known as a provision Kareem honorable

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one Medina and those who so they strove fee in a Latina hour versus more RG Xena wants to cause failure.

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Oda those of us have our companions or jehane of the Hellfire

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warmer and not all of a sudden now we sent men from publica before you met with Solon from a messenger Allah and nor Libyan a prophet Illa except either when the amendment he wished or he cast a shape on the shape on fee in only yet he his wish. fencer who, but he abolishes

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Allahu Allah, ma that which you will be, he casts a shape on the shape line. So much then your chemo he makes for

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Allahu Allah iottie he is versus will la who and Allah Arlene one always all knowing Hakeem on always always

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Leah gyla so he makes man What up he throws he puts a shade on the shape on fit Nathan as a trial. Lil Edina for those who fee in paluma him their hearts marrowbone a disease while passier and the heart boo boom their hearts were in and indeed a volley mean the wrongdoers Luffy surely in ship often the sanction very then for

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Walia Anima and so he knows. And Nadine those who are too They were given an aroma, the knowledge and the who that indeed it will help the truth may Robic from your route for your minerals. So they believe believe it. photometer so it becomes humble Lahu for it, Guru boom their hearts were in the end Indeed Allah Allah lahad and surely a guide

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a levina of those who am I knew they believed Illa to Surat bath Mr. Kane, one street.

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One and not yours, he will see alladhina those who care for you they disbelieved fee in media 10 adult men who from it had their until that they are whom it comes to them a sir, that our belt attends suddenly or yet to whom it comes to them, or that punishment Yeoman of a day or theme in one Baron

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l Maluku the sovereignty, the kingdom

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Yama, even that de la he for Allah. Yeah, como He will judge bainham between them. fella Dena so those who am I knew they believed what I may do and they

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I have slowly heard the righteous deeds fee in Jeannette gardens, and now you have the pleasure

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when levina and those who cafaro they disbelieved work at the zoo and they will be Tina with our verses for older eco Soto's la home for them either been a punishment, movie known, humiliating

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while levena and those who had yuru they immigrated fee in sabini way Allah He of Allah. So more than Cthulhu they were killed out or metal they died layers upon whom surely he will definitely provide them. Allahu Allah risk and a provision has done a good work in a law and indeed a law level work surely he is hiral best a recipient of the providers of those who provide

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you the Highlander home surely he will definitely admit them moto Holland and entrance your loaner who they will be pleased with it. We're in Nevada and Indeed Allah that Arlene would surely always all knowing halimun always all forbearing their liquor that woman and whoever acaba he took revenge he retaliated

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acaba he retaliated

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vividly with equivalent man what ruka he was punished, he was infected.

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Be he with it? Some then booger? Yeah,

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he was oppressed or lay upon him. Leon surana who surely he will definitely help him. Allahu Allah. In Allaha. Indeed, Allah laffel would surely most pardoning are foreign, always all forgiving,

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their liquor that be anila because Indeed Allah, you will lead you he causes to enter. And Layla, the night

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fee in a half the day we usually do any causes to enter an hour the day for late in the night, what anila her and that Indeed Allah, semi on always on hearing Vaseline on all results in

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their Lika that be unknown, because Indeed, Allah Allah, who he is, ill health the truth was unknown, and that indeed, man that which the other owner they invoke, mean dooney from other than him who he is about to false or unknown and that Indeed Allah Allah who he is an early you the most Hi, Al Kabir, the most grand

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alum did not thorough You see, and that Indeed, Allah Allah unzila he sent down Mina summer he from the Sky Mountain water for just behalf so it becomes an elbow the earth most Baba one that is made green or just green in Allah Indeed Allah luckily for surely most kind, hubby Ron, always on the way

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there who for him, man whichever for some outlet in the heavens warmer and whatever fill up in the earth. We're in the law and indeed a law law who was surely he is a honey you the rich

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the one free from want

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and Hamid the Praiseworthy

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de mucha Lucha de menthe Swami Ahmadi

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he can

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afford a debit

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What else have we imagine?

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to whom, like a monkey

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una ventana

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sudo y estar de Luna de la vida y estar en je Luna

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peace and atem

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Eddie Murphy

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wanna be

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me it is

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lady Nike Polo

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Polo boom was

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mean who had to lose

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one has

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was et

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level math is

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money me

Al-Hajj 38-64 Translation 38-64

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