Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 10 – L101F

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of Islam in the region, emphasizing the need for people to serve food and clean up mess, and sharing birthday experiences. They stress the importance of friendship and brotherhood in religion, and emphasize the need for unity and strong bonds based on faith. They also emphasize the importance of fixing people's image and improving their email to achieve success in their job, and emphasize the need to improve relationships and strengthen their immune system to avoid war.
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in an arena amanu indeed those people who believe

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and they alternate

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from these if we reach the conclusion the end of volatile and fair

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that those people who believe and they also did hijra, who does it refer to? The word you know, those who migrated from Mecca to Medina.

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So they brought a man and they migrated from Mecca to Medina, which I do and they alternate jihad. When they reached Medina, they left their homes to fight the enemy of

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the left Medina to go out to fight to the enemy. So basically, they did everything that our last panel that I wanted them

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when it was time to have a man they accepted even when it was time to leave your home go to another place, they went there, when it was time to okay leave this home now and go somewhere else. They did that.

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So in the Medina armano Waheguru, wotja hadoo. But how did they do jihad be unwelcome we're enforcing him by their wealth and also their selves, meaning they didn't just spend their money, but they also went themselves.

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Many times we only sponsor other people, we only give a donation, but we don't give our own time. Like for example, in the month of Ramadan, if there is a public after many times people will give the money it will say okay, I wish to donate this much amount for the author, but the must shift they don't just need the money, but they also need people to serve the food

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isn't it so they also need people to clean up the mess afterwards. They also need people to bring the food to prepare the food to stay back to come early. So, what kind of jihad is best be Amalia what unfussy him that you spend your money as well as yourself you also go and work yourself this is the best kind of jihad and obviously, it has to be feasible in the in the way of Allah.

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So the first group is of who of the Mahajan. Then the unsought are mentioned

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one Medina hour, and those people who gave refuge Who are these? The answer the second group of believers,

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aloe is from the room factors Hamza while you're away yet we which is to give shelter. So our they gave shelter, they accommodated. Who who did they give shelter to? Who do they accommodate in their own houses? Then we'll do the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. They took them in as their guests, they sheltered them,

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those who immigrated to them. They welcomed them openly, wholeheartedly. Generally what happens when a particular people are migrating to another country, the natives are the original people of their country. Sometimes they're very hostile. They don't want other people in their country. But look at the unsolved, they welcomed them

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out, they gave refuge, they gave shelter. And they didn't just give shelter, but they also want us all and they also helped. Because remember the unsolved, we're not obligated to go out of Medina to defend the prophets

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when they went and fought in the Battle of beddit this was a sign on their part.

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One a thorough and they also helped

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Allah iica those who does those refer to the mahadji rune and the unser, who are they they are bar boom Odia Uber,

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they are friends of one another. They're close protectors guardians of one another. onea is a Florida wedding. And who is

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someone who is a friend to you, your helper, your protector, your guardian, and also someone with whom there's a relationship of wilaya of of closeness. Like for example, the father is the value of his daughter.

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So, they are only aware of one another, how are they only of each other? That they help one another, they assist one another, they support one another and they also have a share of inheritance.

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Initially, when the Muslims migrated to Medina, the more had you known and the unsought they would inherit from one another. Because remember that when the Mahajan migrated to Medina, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he established the bond of brotherhood

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between Mahajan and the unsought one mohajir was made the brother of who have one unsought. So, in that relationship, what happened the unsought he would give half of his wealth to him.

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They would share in everything and this bond was so close it was so strong to the point that even if for example, the answer

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Sorry, died, then who would inherit from him? The Mohajer or if the mohajir died and who would inherit from him the unsolved.

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So, they are friends of one another close to one another in a hurry it is recorded that even a vessel dinardo said that they used to inherit from each other having more right to inheritance than the deceased man's relatives. Until the venture the IRA was abrogated by the IRA in sort of an asset in which the shares are fixed. For who, for relatives only, and not friends. So initially borrowed only over

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one of the nominal. And as for those people who believe. Now, this is a third group of believers. The first two groups are

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the Mahajan ending, and

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now the third group of believers who are they, those people who believe, but while I'm you had euro, but they have not done Hitler.

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Where are they? in Makkah, or in their tribe? Wherever elsewhere in Arabia, they haven't come and join the rest of the Muslims.

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You understand? What I mean? They have not migrated to the Muslim land.

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So what about them? Man or come in? Well, if

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you don't have anyone with them? What does it mean by that?

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Meaning there is no inheritance between you and then there is no inheritance between you. And then

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similarly, they have no share in the war booty.

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Because they didn't participate in the battle, they don't have a share in the booty. So just because the Muslims win doesn't mean that you have the same faith and you're living in another land, you come and say, I have a share in it as well, no, you can't do that.

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If you're not part of them, if you're not living amongst them, then you cannot demand the same rights. You cannot expect the same benefits. So those who have become believers, but they have not, and then you don't have a close bond with them.

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Until you hide you until they migrate until they do hegira. There is no way for them.

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So we see over here that there are levels of friendship, there are levels of brotherhood. One level is that a brotherhood based on the stone wherever the person may be.

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And the next level is that a brotherhood based on the sacrifices that one has made in the way of

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the immigrants, the mohajirs, they had made sacrifices, the unsought they had ultimate sacrifices. And because of that reason, they were more worthy of certain rights, they deserved more from one another. And this is why the profits or losses, and we had so much love for them as well. So we see that those who support the dean with their lives and their properties, they have a higher rank in the sight of a loss.

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As opposed to those people who are only reverse and they don't sacrifice for the sake of the day.

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They don't have a higher rank in the sight of Allah, nor do they have a stronger bond of friendship with the rest of the believers.

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What is done through them, but if they seek help from you 15 in the religion who seeks out from you, those believers who have not migrated, who have not done hijra to Medina, they are living elsewhere. They seek help from you in a matter of religion. What does it mean by in the matter of religion?

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Like for example, to learn the deen

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they asked you can you please send someone we want to learn today? And this happened many times people would come to Medina they would request the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that we have become Muslim. We're going back to our homeland, can you please send some of your Sahaba with us and sometimes the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would and you know about that incident in which the prophets are allowed attempts and many of us have about 70 her file and they betrayed the profits out of autism they killed them.

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So in this sum total confidence if they ask you for help in the matter of religion, to learn about the deen for the security of their religion firelake openness then on you is the duty the obligation of helping them

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You must help them You must eat

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when they ask you for something with regards to religion then you must cooperate with them you must help them You must assist them it is an obligation on them in a except except in one situation if they asked you for help even if it's for the security of their religion in that situation you cannot help them when

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that inner either comin except against the people.

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Meaning these Muslims are asking your help against two people which people baina come webinar Misa on between you and between them is an oat is effect what pact

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of peace there is a treaty of peace between you and those displaced

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So in that case, even if there is a Muslim amongst them, and he asks you please come and help me. He asks you please come and aid me against these people, even then you cannot go and help him. Why? Because you have a treaty of peace with those non Muslims. So you cannot go fight them. Like, for example, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had the treaty with the Ministry of Mecca, of her davia, what was one of the clauses,

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that if anybody leaves from Makkah, and goes to Medina, you cannot get them you have to return them.

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And the profits or losses, abided by that, to the point that one of those habits he came at that moment, and he had just managed to escape, shackled up, it was locked up in chains, and he was desperate for help. But the profits or the loss of them had to send him back.

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Why? for the greater good of Muslims. So if they ask your help, with regards to the security of religion, but against the people with whom you have a treaty of peace, then you cannot go fight against those people. You cannot go fight against those non Muslims will be mantaro. Number three, if you try to cheat in any way, then know that Allah is watching your every move. So don't deceive because Allah does not like those people who deceive.

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So what do we learn in this ayah that there are three groups of believers. One is of those who migrate. The other is of those who help. These two are serving the deen, these who are sacrificing for the deen Then there is another group who believe, but for some reason or the other, they don't sacrifice for the day. They don't work for the cause of Allah. They stay in their own homes. They don't compromise in their dunya. But they also have to

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understand they also have human but they don't compromise on their faith at all. So such believers, you have the relationship of brotherhood with them in the sense that there are Muslim. You don't say that just because they haven't unhedged or non Muslim. No, there are Muslim. And if they ask you for help, you have to help them. Especially if they're living in a land where they're being oppressed. So you have to help them. But if they are in a land where the disbelievers have that air, you have a peace treaty with them, then you can not go and help those Muslims either. Why? Because that would mean violating the peace treaty. And that is something that is not acceptable of a believer. That is

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not acceptable of a believer.

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Because earlier, we learned that if you have a treaty, and you expect treachery from them, then what should you do if you wish to dissolve or dissolve it openly? So similarly, over here, if you have to dissolve it, dissolve it openly, don't go and deceive them and attack secretly, it does not behoove a Muslim.

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So what do we learn

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that if there are Muslims living in a non Muslim land, and you have a treaty of peace with them, then you cannot just go and attack the non Muslims for no justified reason, or just because the Muslims over there telling you come and fight these people. Especially if you have a pact of peace, a treaty of peace,

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you understand. And if you go and attack them, if you go and kill those non Muslims, that is what jihad in the way of Allah know, it's killing innocence. It's getting innocent people that will be murdered, that would be incorrect on the part of Muslims.

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And sometimes what happens? Muslims, they get very emotional, and they don't look at all the guidance that Allah Spencer has given with regards to battle. They look at only a few things, and they base everything on them. And they go and generalize and they go and attack and they go and wage war and at the end themselves suffer.

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So what do we learn from here that you cannot attack non Muslims? Unless and until you are at war with them?

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And it's open, it's known and there is a need? One Medina cafaro. On the other hand, those people who disbelief What about them variable Olia over, they are friends of one another, meaning they help one another. They assist one another, they inherit from one another in there, if not, in over here does not mean except it's a combination of in and last, if not the ALU you all do the same. If you don't do it as well. What? That if you also don't have the relationship of brotherhood of close friendship between yourselves, then what's going to happen? The Confederate unfill army we were facade on cabbie. There will be a fitna in the earth and a great discord, a great decay, a great

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corruption in the earth.

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If you don't have will live with the rest of the Muslims.

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What is meant by this is that just as the believers have a strong bond based on Islam, similarly, the disbelievers have a strong bond based on what uncovered.

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Muslims are united based on their faith. And this believers are united based on their this pretty people may say, We don't care about religion, but they do. Even if their religion is no religion, they do care about their faith. Faith is what you believe in. Even if you say I don't believe in anything, that's what you believe in.

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So people care about their religion. So just as Muslims are united by Islam, similarly, this believers are united by their government, they have alliances as well and they support one another as well.

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So if they're supporting one another, they're cooperating with one another. Why should you Muslims not cooperate with one another, you must cooperate one another. You must help one another. And if you don't do that, then what's going to happen? There's going to be a fitna in the land and what does fitna mean religious persecution, a great trial discord for the Muslims, Muslims will suffer a lot.

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They will be religious persecution on the earth, and they will also be facade and could be that innocence will be

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innocence will suffer. If today you let them harm some Muslims. Tomorrow, they will come and harm others.

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You cannot let someone who was doing wrong thrive in the society you have to stop him. And for that you need to be together you need to be united,

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one leaner armano. But those people who have believed what hedgerow and they have migrated wotja doofy subete in there, and they have fought in the cause of Allah. This is referring to all of the video personnel who do all of these things that they believe they do hijra and they do jihad in the way of Allah, one Latina, our one a subtle, and those people who gave refuge and they also assisted

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Allah, Ecuador's human movement and they are the believers in truth. lahoma Farah, for them is forgiveness, what is completing any reward that is noble or reward that is generous. So who has true Eman? Who has true Amen.

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We learned earlier in the surah. about those people who have to email they have certain characteristics. And over here also certain characteristics have been mentioned at the end of the Surah At the beginning of the soda that were mentioned at the conclusion of the surah Gander mentioned.

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So what are the characteristics that are mentioned over here? What is it that makes a believer a true believer when he sacrifices for the sake of Allah?

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When he sacrifices for the sake of Allah? When he sacrifices in order to serve the deen whether it means leaving your house, giving up some of your wealth or all of your wealth, or your life, or supporting those people who are serving God?

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Do you understand?

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So in order to be a true believer, you either have to be a Mahajan, or an

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VMO, Hagit, or an unsigned, wider symbolize someone who is leaving everything is all miss comfort, even his family why to serve the dean?

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And who does the answer refer to? What does that symbolize? The one who is supporting him, the one who is helping him

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because a person cannot serve the dean alone. No one can serve with him alone, no one can work with the cause of Allah alone by himself. He can but his work his effect will be limited. When other people are supporting him, then there will be much more effect of that work is in itself. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in Makkah, he was doing Dawa and it was effective. But when he moved to Medina when he found more helpers, then the work grow much more. Islam became more strong.

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So, to help the dean to serve the dean, we have to come together, we have to come together, either take the role of the one who is sacrificing his home, his time, his life, his career, to serve to the or be of those who are cooperating and helping those people who are doing that.

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Do you understand? So how will you do it realistically, practically? How will you do it? For example, one level would be that you spend your time spend your money to learn the need to educate yourself in that arena and learning the deen does not just mean going through the Quran once. No. Learning the D means studying the Quran being an expert being a Sahaba or on a Sahaba of the Quran that a person has memory

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He's understood, he studied, and not just one aspect, but in several aspects. And then he's not just learned, but he's also passing it on.

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And remember the study, it takes a long time, not just a year, two years, takes many, many years, one thing after the other, then a person reaches a level where he can convey.

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And so whatever it is that you take that route, the other is that you realize, okay, I don't think I'm good at teaching. I don't think I have that skill of, you know, being very academic and learning everybody's different. Some people are very good at academics, other people are not, they are good at organizing and managing. They're good at letter setting up a place. So find what you're good at doing. And use that ability to serve.

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If Allah has given you the ability to write well, if Allah is giving you a memory that has sharp, use that to learn the deen and teach them

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and if you have other abilities, then use those to serve 30.

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So, true believers are who those people who sacrifice for the deen of Allah subhanho

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wa Taala Dina, I'm a new member. And as for those people who believed afterwards, after when, after the initial digital,

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the initial digital was when when the profits or losses from Digital

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up until then around that time, whoever migrated that was digital. But anyone who did Hitler afterwards, anyone who did Hitler afterwards, several years after,

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and then what jaha do miracle and they alternate Jihad with you. They also fought with you, for Allah, he come in come, then they are among you. They are off you.

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So this is the fourth group of believers that has been mentioned over here.

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So far, we have learned about three. Correct. Now we're learning about the fourth group. First group is of mohajir and the other is of unsought. The third is of those who have believed but they haven't done hijra. Fourth is of those who did hijra later on.

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But remember, this is only until the time of

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because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam clearly stated that there is no hatred after the conquest. After the conquest, no one can say okay, I'm going to Medina I'm doing No. Okay after that. There is no hijra, I mean, there is no digital of that standard of that level.

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So when livina m&m embargo hedgerow, those people who believed afterwards and they alternate Hitler, with jaha, tomorrow come and they alternate Jihad amongst you for Alaykum income, then there are all of you don't say that just because you joined us late. You're not one of us. Many times what happens people become Muslim, and they're always considered as converts. Really, this is how people treat them. Well, you know, she's a conflict. That's how they're always introduced. Okay, it's a good thing. But sometimes people get offended. There are comrades who get offended that they say that we never feel as though we are a part of the Muslim community, we're always treated as the other.

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There's always this feeling of strangeness between us and then

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what does Allah say, for Allah, he can mean come. They're one of you. consider them to be a part of you.

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Don't consider them as strangers. They're part of you.

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What are hammy and the possessors of close relations? Meaning close relatives of hamazon, Florida,

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which is used for wool, or ham, or who, those who have a relationship of God with you.

00:23:39 --> 00:23:51

So in other words, those people who have blood relations, well, it is by blood, borrow the womb, some of them are own Abby Baroque, they are closer compared to others,

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they are near they are closer, what does it mean by this?

00:23:57 --> 00:24:03

Up until now, there was inheritance between the module and the answer,

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because of the one that was established between them. However, later on, it was abrogated.

00:24:12 --> 00:24:38

Later on, it was abrogated. And there was no inheritance between who the mortgage loan and the answer, but inheritance was limited to the oil or ham only. And that is what is mentioned over here. That what are how we borrow the home or will I be back? That those having the relationships of course, they are closer to one another, in the sense that they have the right of inheritance only

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fickett Avila in the book of Allah. What does it mean by the book of Allah, in the local muscles in the lobby coalition in early Indeed Allah is with everything knowing.

00:24:52 --> 00:24:58

He knows about everything, including the wisdom regarding the rules of inheritance, and everything that he has commanded in Surah

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We listen to the presentation, and then we will do the conclusion.

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Have you heard you

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spoon feed?

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So what's the main theme of these is

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that the believers, they are earlier of one another, they are together, they are friends of one another, they're very close to one another. And in order to make this clear, initially, there was also inheritance between the believers, despite the fact that they were not relatives, even if they were not of the same tribe, to make this clear to them, that because of your faith, you are together, because of your belief, you are one.

00:28:12 --> 00:28:27

And in this is a message for us as well, that all believers, they are one, irrespective of their ways, irrespective of their color, irrespective of where they're from, of when they became Muslim of what type of sacrifice you're making for the deen

00:28:28 --> 00:28:30

all or only of one another.

00:28:31 --> 00:28:49

To the point that even if there is a believer who was living away from you, and he asked for help, it is your responsibility to help him unless obviously, it's in a situation where you cannot because of a treaty, but believers they are one group. They are one nation. They are one people.

00:28:50 --> 00:28:56

What binds us together is our Eman. Not the color of our skin. Not the language that we speak.

00:28:57 --> 00:29:03

These are all worldly things. What really connects us together is our email our faith.

00:29:04 --> 00:29:21

And this is something that we must remember, because this is one of the keys to success of people cannot be successful until they're united. And unity cannot come when people cannot look beyond the color of the skin of the other person. When they cannot look beyond the language that he speaks.

00:29:22 --> 00:29:32

You have to look beyond the materialistic things. And you have to see what is it that's in the art of this person, which draws me closer to him. It says Amen, which I have as well.

00:29:33 --> 00:29:37

And if the Muslims are not united, then there are severe consequences

00:29:38 --> 00:29:45

that will not just be suffered by some people, but it will be suffered by many people by innocence.

00:29:47 --> 00:29:50

And the more a person sacrifices for the dean, the higher is a minus.

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So to summarize this order, actually, let's go back to the beginning of where we started the Quran from intellectual Fatiha. What did we learn

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We made it to our to Lhasa penalty that Oh Allah guide us to the right

00:30:06 --> 00:30:10

interdental backhoe we were told about what our mission is as a Muslim woman

00:30:11 --> 00:30:16

that you are the Muslim woman Your job is to convey the message to the rest of the people

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into the Allium on the ways of maintaining unity were mentioned

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different ways of maintaining unity were mentioned.

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And ways to persevere upon the deen. And all of these lessons were extracted from which incident,

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the Battle of

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interest on the set what was mentioned,

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there was an emphasis that was based on justice and mercy, and aroma,

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that give the weak their rights. And only if you're successful in your family, in your social sphere, then can you be successful at a greater level.

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So we have to start from the basics. We have to fix what is in our homes, and then we can worry about what is in our world.

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Then sort of the metadata, we learned about the importance of fulfilling contracts and commitments, promises that we have made with a lot of promises that we have made with other people.

00:31:14 --> 00:31:21

incidental anon, the lesson of the heath was revised, that your Lord is one Lord, and you're here to worship him only.

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And in certain era, different nations were mentioned, how they dealt with their messengers, and how they were destroyed, how they were punished for their behavior towards their messenger.

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And it shows to us that there has constantly been strife between truth and falsehood from the very beginning, from the time of no other center.

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And this strife, between truth and falsehood will continue until the day of judgment.

00:31:48 --> 00:31:52

And in total and feral, the keys to success I mentioned.

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What are the steps to attaining success? How can the Muslim nation be successful? How can the Muslims be successful? What is it that leads believers to their success? What is it that we must do in order to be successful in dystonia? And the

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and of the first things that we learn from the salon is that we have to fix our image and we have to improve our email?

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Because only when a man is correct, that's the first step. When that is correct, then we can go to the next levels, which can lead us to success. But it begins from improving your email.

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And then what's the next step?

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What's the next step? We'll Asli who that have a nickel, that reform the relationships that are amongst you all,

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reform your relationships that are between you all.

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There's emphasis on mutual unity, avoiding discord,

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avoiding disputes, strengthening a man

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because if a person is strong and azima, but in practical life is not implementing anything, then what uses that email? What benefit is that email? When there is a man in the heart It should be applied in daily life? And how is it seen that a person is applying it in his daily life? How?

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How a person deals with those who are close to him

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with those who are around him,

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because of a person has great ideas, great missions, great plans, to conquer the world and to do great things. But if he cannot get along with his family, well then what can he achieve? Nothing.

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We learned and started off that some people on the RF Why will they be there? Because some people will have gone for jihad in disobedience to their parents.

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So they will neither be allowed to enter Jannah nor will they be sent to hellfire.

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So what does it show to us that we need to correct our Eman at the same time we need to fix our relationships, better our relationships, strengthen our relationships. We need to focus on unity, avoiding discord avoiding disputes, avoiding Kiana avoiding treachery.

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We have been taught in this era that ladder whoa No, do not do Fianna towards Allah, or that will soon or to one another.

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similarity of the steps of success that I've been given in the sutra are that we should be physically and mentally prepared. Prepare some cool having sub Having said that, having patience steadfastness. And one of the most important things is freeing yourself from the love of this world.

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The believers asked about unfair laws of hunger that didn't even give the answer. 40 verses were revealed and then finally the answer was given.

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And then over and over again. It is emphasized you're not going to battle to make more money. So you have to take the love of this world out

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of your heart, if you want to be successful,

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if you want to be truly successful, you have to take this love of this world out of your heart. Because if you have that in your heart, then you cannot have Islam, then you cannot have that, then you want to be in comfort, then you want to enjoy this world. And when you want to do that, then how can you do greater things? How can you sacrifice

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if you just imagine a soldier, what comfort is the soldier enjoying nice clothes, a nice bed, a nice warm meal, nothing like that. A good night's sleep, nothing like that. Think of yourself as a soldier sometimes, literally think of yourself as that. When you have to sit for long when you have to study for long when you have to stay hungry for long. Think of yourself as a soldier, someone in the way of Allah, someone who has to go through hardship. And you can only do that when you free yourself from the love of this word. And then the example of the Mahajan. And the inside is given that if they can do it, you can do it.

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They're your guides. They're your role models follow their way and you follow their way and you will be successful.

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So in this surah what is mentioned is how the believers can be successful. What is the way what is the path to success for believers? What is it that we have to develop in ourselves? What is it that we have to leave? What is it that we have to start doing so that we can become successful?

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Every Muslim wonders today, how can Muslims be successful? The answer is no.

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And we need to go back to the

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we listened to the recitation of these.

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Al-Anfal 59-75 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 72-75

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