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An-Nisa 105-122 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 107-109

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Whatever data and do not argue

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the javelins from the veterans gene that lead to that and what does that mean? debate?

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So do not debate. Do not argue. I'm in Ludhiana about those who, meaning on behalf of those people. So do not argue in defense of those people who have Tanana and foster home who deceived themselves. You afternoon, they do think and they are treasures to themselves.

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What does it mean by this those people who are treacherous to themselves,

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meaning those people who sin, those people who are guilty, who do something wrong, and then pretend that they have not done it, who do something wrong, and then they pretend that they have not done it.

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By For example, therma he did something wrong, and then he pretended that he didn't do it. And sometimes it happens with us as well.

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We break a dish, we lose something, we pretend nothing happened. Nothing happened at all. This is what you know, your heart is telling you what you've done is wrong,

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isn't it? Every time we do something wrong, your heart tells you don't do it. You know this is wrong. You know, this is not acceptable. If a person still does it, this is what piano

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and a person has been treacherous to who himself. He is deceiving himself.

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So don't fight don't argue on behalf of those people who deceive themselves meaning we do wrong.

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In the law, you hibou Indeed Allah does not love men can Hawaiian and azeema the one who is most deceitful and he is also extremely sinful.

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When is from her in who is hot in one word esteana. But how LAN is one who does a lot of

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it's the infected form one who is very treacherous. One who was faithless one was very deceitful Cathedral Fianna meaning who frequently betrays frequently betrays others frequently betrays himself.

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And he's also a thief, meaning one who is very sinful, not just a thing, but a theme.

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Who is at the cathedral, meaning one who does a lot of it.

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And remember that isn't is used for those things in which someone is deprived of their right. It is such a sin in which the other is deprived of his right.

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So for example, you know, you make a promise with someone that okay, tomorrow, I will give you such and such. So what is isn't sin, meaning you break the promise you don't fulfill the promise. But why is it called Islam in particular, because someone's health is being affected? Someone's right is being affected. So those who are a theme those who deprive others of their rights, again and again, Allah subhanaw taala does not like such people. What do we learn from this ayah?

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First of all, when a person does something wrong, who is it deceiving Boise army himself.

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When a person does something wrong, he is deceiving. He's being treacherous to himself, and he's also deceiving others he's doing.

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He knows the wrong that he has committed. But what does he do? He hides it. He knows that the statement that he is uttering is false, but still What does he do? He says it.

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Secondly, we also learned that when a person tries to deceive someone, how, by a lie, or by pretending that he didn't do anything wrong, then he is actually deceiving himself. When a person is trying to deceive someone who is he actually deceiving himself? What did we learn through the dakara? You had your own allow alladhina amanu wama Yaga una Illa. And

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they try to deceive align the believers But who are they deceiving? themselves?

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We also don't want to say about the prohibition of supporting someone insane. The prohibition of supporting someone insane or defending the sin of the sinful. If someone has done something wrong, don't support them. Where do we learn this from? From this I in particular, lead to Jedi anila Dini often

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don't argue on their behalf don't speak on their behalf even

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sometimes it is our own child who has done something wrong.

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It happens. Like for example, your child goes to an Islamic school or they go to the school. And let's say the teacher says that they cheated on the test or they didn't do their homework. And we get very upset. How dare you say this about my child? How dare you say this about my child? No, my child did the homework. You lost it. My childhood the lesson it's not possible my child ever behaved like this in school. This is what you don't know what actually happened. The teacher saw you weren't there. And then the teacher is telling you when you should

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to respect the teacher of your child so that your child learns to respect his teacher. So, if you defend your child just because he is your child, what are you doing? What are you doing? You're arguing on behalf of someone who has done something wrong.

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If the teacher is presenting an evidence that clear evidence, the witness of others, isn't that a clear evidence? Of course it is. Still, if you argue still if you try to defend your child, what are you doing? Do that for those people who deceive themselves? So sometimes it is our own children, sometimes it is our friends, sometimes it is our neighbors, whoever, what do we do? We support them.

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A loss of power data tells us in Silicon Valley that number two, what are our when are they busy with Dakota? whenever our new adult is me when are the one

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and cooperate in righteousness and piety but do not cooperate in sin and aggression?

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So if you argue on behalf of someone who has done something wrong, what are you doing,

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cooperating insane?

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We also learn from this either loss of panel data does not like the treacherous and sinful people. Therefore, a person should stay away from these devices. Being treacherous and being sinful. It does not suit a believer. It does not befit a believer that he knowingly does something wrong. And then he justifies his sin. He justifies his mistake.

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If you know that somebody is deceiving, and other than it is your obligation to defend who the one who is being deceived. It is your obligation to defend him, because you're not allowed to defend the deceitful. So who are you supposed to defend? The one who is being deceived? You're supposed to tell him you're supposed to inform him, you're supposed to make a decision in his favor. You should hide the sin of the person. But if it's something in which there is deception, person is being deceived, then that is not correct. And if you don't speak up for the truth, then you are supporting them in the wrongs that they are doing.

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Obviously, person should be wise in the way that he defends the person who's being deceived. He shouldn't just go and vote it out, but rather he should speak properly.

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We also know that Allah subhanaw taala does not like those people who trespass and sinful therefore a believer must stay away from treachery and sin.

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He must never justify his sin.

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Because who is the Hawaiian and a theme? Dharma? What did he do? He did something wrong. That was Fianna that wasn't his. And then what did he do? He denied his sin. And He justified

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so it doesn't suit a believer to do something like that.

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The prophets are a lot of them said man Russia Falaise me no one who deceives is not from us, is not one of us. A person who is treacherous does not belong to us.

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The prophets had a lot of them altriset the one who does not fulfill trusts has no faith. He has no Amana and the one who does not fulfill commitments, has no religion.

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The one who does not fulfill commitments, he has no religion.

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We also learn the piano is a major sin.

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Piano is a major sin

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because we're not allowed to defend someone who does Leanna. Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala does not like the one who is Hawaiian.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, you bring your disputes to me, but I am only human. Some of you might be more persuasive in their arguments than others. I only judge between you according to what I hear. Therefore whomever I judge in his favor and give him a part of his brother's right, let him not take it for it is a part of the fire that I am giving him and it will be tied around his neck on the Day of Resurrection.

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So this shows to us that a person who does Fianna it will bring him punishment on the Day of Judgment. And if there is punishment on the Day of Judgment, what does that show that the sin is a major sin? It's a major sin.

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If a judge makes a wrong decision, based on his knowledge, based on whatever he has learned based on whatever he has found out, then he's not at fault. who's at fault. Those people who are lying inshallah, we will learn this in the following.

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Yes, the foreigner millionaires, they conceal themselves from the people who those people who do something wrong first, and then they try to hide it. They try to deny it. In the context, in particular, the likes of therma and his people his claim

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he has the photos from the roof that was halfaya from the word. Hope

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Which is to be hidden. And yes, the foreigner is understood as they seek to hide. They try to conceal, they attempt to hide.

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So yes, the foreigner millionaires, they try to hide from people, what their intentions, their deeds, their sins. Because if you think of it, Thurman was the one who knew he had done. He was the one who had committed theft.

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But when he was not confessing it, what was he doing? He was hiding his deed from the people. Yes, the phone a million less. So why does a person hide his sin from the people

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out of fear that they will blame him, they will reproach him, they will criticize him. But a person should remember that well as the whole. They cannot hide from Allah. They cannot hide their intentions, their actions from Allah soprano.

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It's possible that you do something behind a person's back, and he has no idea that you did it. It's possible that a gift is taken to the court, and there are no evidences, no witnesses to go against you. So he has the hornet's nest, they are able to hide things from people. Nobody knows the reality except for the criminal himself. What is the formula, but the reality is that they cannot hide from a loss of primal data.

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It isn't that he has the phone over here. It doesn't just refer to torment, because it's floral. It refers to his people in reverse to his people. So they knew about what he has done. But then what were they doing? They were hiding his sin? Because if he was punished, then it would be an insult for the entire clan.

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Do you understand?

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Like, sometimes our friend does something wrong. But we don't oppose her. We still support her. We still try to defend her. Why?

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Because if she is blamed, then what's going to happen? It's an insult for me.

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If my child is proven guilty, it's an insult for me.

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If my husband, if my sister if my mother is proven guilty, that's an insult for me. And that's the thinking that Bonhoeffer also had.

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This is why they were trying to hide the reality from the people. Because no, no, no, there is going to be a source of great embarrassment. First, we have to hide the sin. Yes, the phone a million as well as the Honda minella

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wahoo amerihome, and he is with them. If you buy your tuner when they were plotting by night,

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you buy your tuner from the beat. And what does it mean? To do something by night to contrive by night to design a plan during the night? Why? Because at that time, generally other people are sleeping and you can do what you're doing in complete privacy.

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So he is with the meaning of loss of power that is with them when they're spending the night plotting and planning in secrecy. And what are they planning? What are they plotting? Man that which lay your alarm? You know, Cole, Allah does not approve off from speech. yerba, who does the author refer to a loss of time?

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So they were deciding what Allah subhanaw taala does not approve of mineral coal from the speech, meaning they were deciding, they were resolving to say such words that Allah does not approve of,

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just imagine if your friend is accused, or if your friend has done something wrong. And then all the friends sit together. Okay, you know, I'll say this, and you say this, and you say that, we're going to make sure that all of us say the same thing. Similarly, a family they get together and they say, make sure all of us say the same thing. Malay abdominal cone, Allah does not approve that statement. Why? Because that statement is false. That statement is incorrect.

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And sometimes people decide that they're going to swear by almost

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that but I'm going to swear that No, she didn't do it. Similarly, they said that the people of Dharma, his clan, they decided by night, that they were going to swear false words in the presence of the Prophet sallallahu.

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So this is what alcohol is referring to.

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And Allah does not approve of it because they were false or

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what can Allahu Allah Allah has ever been Mayor Medina with whatever they do, he is more hands meaning one who completely encompasses, he completely surrounds everything that they do.

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So nothing of their actions is hidden from him is unknown to him.

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And remember, he helper is to surround something from all sides. It is to have complete control and power over something. And it is also to have knowledge of all of the details. Because it helps us to in circles when you can circle something What does it mean everything inside you know of it, you have it, you have power over it. So allies have whatever they do more hate meaning he knows every single deed of

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There's every single statement of theirs. His income includes everything.

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What do we learn from this is

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that when a person does something wrong, even if he does it while hiding from people, he cannot hide from the loss.

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He cannot hide from a loss of pendant.

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If you want to send if you want to disobey, go to a place where a luck and I've seen you and you will not find any place anywhere in the universe or outside, if you can go there, we're at a loss of panel data cannot see.

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So if a person is doing something wrong, he should remember that Allah is watching me I can hide from people. But I cannot hide from Allah. And if I fear people so much that I will not do this in front of people. Shouldn't I fear Allah.

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If I am embarrassed to do this before people should not have hired before a law should not be shy of law.

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You know, sometimes, when we're amongst people, we will pray properly, we will prepare for that very properly. We will perform our salute and our core our clan very nicely. But when we're alone, then we'll just rush through the seller. Why? What's the difference? What's the problem? It's because we fear people and we don't fear Allah. We have higher of people we don't have higher of Allah. And Allah subhanaw taala is more worthy of being afraid of, of being shy off.

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We also learn from this idea that when a person tries to hide his sin, by rejecting it, by denying it, he made me successful. He made a safe people. But Allah Subhana Allah knows

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Allah Subhana Allah knows you have been successful in hiding it, but a lot of penalties and on the Day of Judgment, it will be displayed.

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We also learned that a person should be very careful about his speech, that he should not utter anything that Allah subhanaw taala disapproves of.

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Man a abominable

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a person should not say anything that Allah disapproves of.

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And we also learn about the obligation of being mindful and fearful of a loss of data because he is Mohit is watching every move of mine. Every action of mine. If I'm so scared of people should not be scared of Allah. If I'm shy of people should not be shy of a lot.

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Her anthem her lie. Here you are. Jeddah tamanho. Phil Hyatt adonia. Those who argue on their behalf in this worldly life.

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Her anthem, anthem is a combination of her anthem. And her is for exclamation. Just like in hair the hair.

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So hair is for exclamation. So here you are. And you over here is an address to Thurman and his people. His claim

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that here you are, how old are you? Are those people who you are gentle? Don't you are arguing on whom, on behalf of them on behalf of who, on behalf of the sinful on behalf of the guilty? The heart any you're taking their side? you're protecting them? you're defending them? Why? Why are you defending them? Because they're your relatives. They're your friends. They're your own children. So you're protecting them in this dunya Finn hi adonia in this worldly life, okay, for me, you didn't love her, who is going to argue with Allah on home on their behalf Yeoman pm on the Day of Resurrection in this dunya you're supporting them, you're defending them, despite the fact that they

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have done something wrong. You may be successful, but in the end, who is going to come and defend them? Who Who is going to come and dispute with a loss of panel data on the day of judgment to defend these people? amania corner Eileen wakita? Or who is going to be for these people a working? Who is working with someone on whom tawakkol has done? Some one on one debacle isn't that you do everything and you leave the matter to them, that they take care of it. They completed? They perfect it. So who is going to be there working over here? Will you give us a sense of a guardian, a supporter, a defendant for them on the Day of Judgment who is going to come and defend them on the

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day of judgment?

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We see that in this world. If our friend if our loved one, our children, if they do something wrong, we defend them. Why? Because if they're proven guilty, it's an insult for us. If they're proven guilty, then we have to suffer the consequences as well.

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Like for instance, we learned about the the the blood money that has to be paid for cohutta who pays just the murder. There's the cotton. No, it's also the aachener it's also his relatives.

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So this is

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understood that if a person is proven guilty if a person is punished, and it's not just he who suffers, it's his family. It's his friends, they also suffer. So because of that many times we defend our friends, our relatives, our children, even if they are wrong, it was a parent that is questioning us over here, then Okay, fine, you can defend them today. save them from the punishment, save yourself. And then from the embarrassment, you won't have to pay a fine.

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I, for example, sometimes the person has really done something wrong and he's given a ticket by the police officer, it's clearly his fault, but still, they will go in, fight for the ticket. Okay. You may have to give a few less dollars. Maybe you don't have to pay any fine. Okay, fine. But on the Day of Judgment, when you have really done something wrong, who is going to come and defend your loved ones? Who, who is going to come and argue with Allah look at the challenge for Maine, New Jersey to LA who is going to come and argue with a law on behalf of them on the Day of Judgment.

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So we learn from this ayah that in dystonia, you might support someone who is guilty. Why? Because you love them, we want the best for them. But tomorrow, no one will be able to help them.

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No one will be able to help them tomorrow.

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We learn in total inventory number 19 yoma. Latham legal nevsun. lien Epson Shea, will unreal my eating dinner.

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It is the day when a soul will not possess for another soul power to do anything. No soul can benefit another soul on that day. And that day, the um, the command is entirely with the loss of strength.

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We also learn from this either out of well wishing for the one whom we love, we should not support them in the wrong, that they're doing.

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Maintenance, we say, I love my children. I love my children, if they want to do this parenting doesn't matter. I love them. Let them do it.

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I love my children, but I'm not going to tell them to pay salary. Because if I tell them they get upset, I love them, I don't want them to get upset I want them to enjoy. I want them to be happy when they're 10 years old, or 15 years old. And if they don't prefer that, this is something very serious.

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So it is out of well wishing for them, that you should not support them in the wrong that they do. Out of well wishing for them. Because in this dunya you might protect them but in the author who is going to protect them. When we support them in the wrong that they're doing. We're actually giving them more confidence that go ahead and do it. You have my support, nobody will be able to say anything to you.

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And well wishes should be to protect them from the Hellfire, not from just the embarrassment before people. I mean, what is the hizzy the humiliation of this world is nothing compared to humiliation on the Day of Judgment. It's nothing this will be over. But the humiliation of the Day of Judgment. It's the worst humiliation out of well wishing for our loved ones. We should not defend them in the wrongs that they do.

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Similarly, we also learn from this either in dystonia, if a person is being supported by others. You look at it from the other aspect, that if the criminal is being supported by others, in the wrong that he is doing on the Day of Judgment, he will not have any support.

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In this dunya you may have the whole world with you. Because you have done something wrong.

00:23:31--> 00:23:37

The whole world is defending you. But on the Day of Judgment who is going to defend you. Nobody's going to defend you.

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So if you are really just with yourself, if you really want good for yourself, then don't justify the wrong D that you've done.