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Al-Anam 141-150 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 142-143

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Then Allah Subhana Allah says wamena an army and of the grazing livestock, meaning we're unsure, and he has also created off the grazing livestock hemolysin carriers of burdens will function and also those animals that are too small. The word neuron is authorial off now from the ruthless noon I mean, which was primarily used for a camel.

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But in the plural form, it doesn't just apply to the camel, but it applies to other animals of livestock as well. And then our own neuroma is a blessing. When a person is in a good state, when a person is enjoying comfort. He has an enjoyable life. And having a camel, having animals of livestock was a big deal for the Arabs. Because whoever had a camel, his life was comfortable. He had milk, he had a vehicle. He could go get water on it, he could travel. And when he needed food, he could also slaughter the camel and get meat. And after the camel was slaughtered, the skin could also be used.

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So wamena an army. All the grazing livestock are hemolysin hamona isn't the root address have me lamb him, which means to carry to carry your burden. So how moolah you see the well, the well. And the thermal Buddha is basically gives us the meaning of mobile over the ones who carry a lot of Hamon.

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They're used for carrying burden. They're used for carrying loads.

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Just for instance, people have cars there are different types of cars, different types of vehicles today.

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Some are used for transportation, some are used for people to traveling. So how moolah are those animals in particular which are used for carrying burden? Which burden? It could be baggage. It could be people as well. Which animals are these the four legged animals that are fit to carry loads, such as horses, camels, oxen, even donkey, they're used primarily for what? carrying loads, they're capable of carrying loads, what function and also small animals function is really ruthless fat, sheen. And falsh is basically used for ground and function versus those animals that are closer to the ground. Why? Because they're too small in size that are closer to the ground.

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Why are they called function? Because first of all, they are closer to the ground compared to the bigger animals.

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And we're only talking about livestock animals because a neuron has been used.

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So for instance, if her mother refers to camels, what would first refer to

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she got similarly young camels, because they're closer to the ground compared to the bigger animals.

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Secondly, they said that they're called function Why? Because they cannot be written. You can write them. You can write them because of their sides, rather, their milk and their meat is consumed. So for instance, young camels, sheep, goats, all of them, you don't write them, but what do you use of them, their milk, their meat, etc.

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Thirdly, it is that they're called fortune. Why? Because they are slaughtered while they are laid on the ground. Whereas the hamona animals because they're so big, you can't really slaughter them by putting them on the ground. If you do, it would be impossible. They're too big for people to control.

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So function are like sheep goats. You put them on the ground, you lay them on the ground, and then you start with them.

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Fourth is offset they're called fortune because their skin is used as a floor spread in particular,

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different animals their skin can be used for different purposes. But these animals in particular, their skin is used for floor spread. So there are moolah, and they're also function, meaning Allah subhanaw taala has created a lot of variety, even in the NRR even in the grazing livestock animals kulu eat, meaning the reason for which Allah created these animals is for you to take benefit from them.

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Some you're right on some use only for eating, so eat from them.

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Don't make eating them, how long on yourselves.

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What are the Michigan of macabre

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that if there were some animals, they would make them hard on themselves. They would make them hard on the women

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They would make them hung up on everybody. So kulu eat mimma Rosa qumola, who from what Allah has provided you,

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while at the very end do not follow her do it shape on the footsteps of shaytaan. Why?

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Because in the WHO THE kamado movie, he is to an open enemy? What are the footsteps of shaitaan referring to over here,

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in making what Allah has made permissible, how long on yourself,

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when Allah has made all these animals halaal for you, for you to use them for you to use them for carrying loads, or for you to eat them for you to milk them, then benefit from them, and do not follow the footsteps of shavon. Because shaytan is your enemy, and he does not want you to benefit from these animals. Which is why what happened when she came down? Some animals they would not bear load on them. Some animals they would not sit on some animals, they would not eat some animals, they would not milk. Why? Because they were dedicated to the gods only.

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This is following the footsteps of shavonne. Don't follow them because he is an open enemies Do

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you see some enemies? They don't show their enmity?

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Isn't it? They're hidden, and you don't know about them.

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And because of that you're at risk, because you don't know who they really are, if they really are enemy or not. But someone who has clearly expressed their enmity clearly expressed, is there any doubt about their enmity? No. So he is an open enemy to you because he has clearly expressed his enmity to you.

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So be on the watch, Be alert. What do we learn from this ayah. First of all we learn from this is about a loss of how God has mercy towards the slaves, that he has created various types of animals as well.

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And he hasn't just created a variety of the animals, but these animals are multi purpose. You can write them, you can eat them, you can milk them, you can use their skin, their multipurpose. This is a great blessing of a loss penalty.

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We can benefit from their milk, we can benefit from their meat, we can benefit from their physical capabilities. They're even used for farming. So all of this is what an expression of a loss of God has mercy upon his people.

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Instead of the natural eye number 80, we learn women Oh, Sophia will Obadiah will fit her assassin woman either.

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And of their will, meaning the world of these unknown. And therefore, and they're here are furnishings and articles of convenience, comfort for a while, all of these Allah has made for you multipurpose animals for you today various benefits.

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And if a person does not use them, and instead he dedicates them to idols, then he's not fulfilling the purpose for which these animals were created.

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A lot created these animals for us. He created these animals for us. If a person dedicates them to idols, and he makes them haram upon himself, then what is he doing? He is not fulfilling the purpose for which these animals were created. It's not possible that so many of these animals, they were just created so that they graze and they die. And that's it. That human being served, and they keep them in their farms, they look after them. Because they're left in the wild, they're too vulnerable. They can't take care of themselves and human beings maintain and look after them. And they don't benefit from them at all. This does not make sense. a sound mind cannot accept it.

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Allah created these animals for us. And it's not our right that we make some of them haram on ourselves. Secondly, we learn from this ayah that all the plots of shaitaan is that he inspires people to make Hillel hold on and hold on Helen,

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because of the plots of shaitaan. This is obvious enmity. If a person has an enemy, does his enemy want him to benefit from what he has? No. So this is chiffons plot. This is out of his enmity, that he inspires people that they should make heroin, heroin and heroin heroin.

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What do some people do? They don't eat meat, saying it's against animal rights. They think that slaughtering animals is barbaric, and it's inhuman. It's very unjust. Let these animals live. Don't be so cruel. But the fact is that Allah has placed a lot of benefit in these animals for us. Aren't they are a source of protein? They are.

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You get a lot of benefit from these animals. They're rich in iron, they're rich in protein, and it's crucial for the development of human body. And if a person says no, I'm not going to eat it, who is he harming himself who's going to be happy his enemy

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and when will occur we have both men and women

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But if what we call insight that a strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah and the weak believer, yes, strength over here means the strength of a man, but it also means physical strength.

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Because a person who is physically strong, he is capable of doing more, he is capable of doing jihad. He is capable of staying awake at night. Someone who is low and iron, someone who is not that strong doesn't have that much energy, they can barely sit through and do their lesson.

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We learned in solid father number six in the shaitana Kumar do one factor you are the one in detail is an enemy to use are taken as an enemy.

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Then we also learn from this ayah about the permissibility of eating all unknown.

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All the unknown, as we learned earlier, Lacan behemoth

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permissibility, of eating all anon, except for those that are specified otherwise, that they're not permissible. So all the underarm they're permissible for us to eat regardless of their size, regardless of their gait, meaning how they walk, how they run, regardless of the type of work they are capable of doing. Because Allah subhanaw taala says over here kulu eat Kuru Mima, Rosa hakuba, who, even if they're used primarily for transportation, even if they're used primarily for writing, still there are permissible free. So we learn from this generally all UNAMA permissible except for those that are specified otherwise. And this shows to us that even horses, they are permissible.

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Horses there are permissible according to some they're not permissible. But according to majority of the scholars, horses are permissible. Why because a loss apparently has a vehicle.

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And there are sound narrations that tell us that show to us that eating horses is permissible. We learned that Jabir ibn Abdullah, he said that on the day of labor, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam forbade eating the flesh of domestic donkeys, but he granted a concession with regard to horses. And this isn't Buhari

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that he permitted eating horses, but he forbade eating What? domestic donkeys? So yes, donkeys they also fall in an arm. But they're not permissible, as I mentioned to you, unless they're stated otherwise. similarity is my opinion when she said that at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we started a horse and we ate it. Again, this is in Bukhari and Muslim jabil did our know he said, We traveled with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and we used to eat the flesh of horses and drink their milk.

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And there are other scholars, for instance, unmountable hanifa and some other scholars who say that eating horse meat is makuu It is not like it is mcru

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and they caught the eye of the Quran which is insalata natural number eight, that and he has created horses will Halo will be harder for you to ride and as an adornment. So he says that the purpose of their creation is that they are for us to ride. They're not for us to eat. However, just because one function is mentioned does not mean other functions are not permissible, isn't it?

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One function is mentioned over there and that is, that does not mean that other usages are not permissible, they are permissible. Why because this is a loss of hundreds has kulu eat them. So generally, all of them are permissible, except if they're stated otherwise.

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So what do we learn that only domestic donkeys they are not permissible for us to eat.

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There is another Hadith, which is narrated by hardly been released in which it has been said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam forbade the flesh of horses, mules and donkeys and every wild animal that has fangs, however, this Hadees is week, this Friday this week. remember that because you might learn this already, but remember that this is weak.

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So when it comes to all around, they're permissible, except if they're stated otherwise.

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Remember, I said under arm, okay. Not all animals. Only grazing livestock. Okay, grazing livestock animals that graze. Pigs are also animals graze but they're not permissible. Why?

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specified that they're huddled. Similarly, donkeys specified their home, but remember that wild donkeys they are permissible, domesticated donkeys are not permissible, but wild donkeys are permissible. Okay. So for instance, a zebra. It's very similar to a donkey, is it? But it's permissible. We learned that Abu Qatada. he hunted an animal which I don't know how to pronounce the name its own eager or low Artem how you say, oh and ag ER and he brought it

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piece of it to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he ate all of it. And he said to his companions, it is Hello, eat.

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And it's basically a wild donkey. It's very similar to a normal donkey just has something like a mane that goes all over its back.

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Allah subhanaw taala has created so much variety, but we limit ourselves to chicken and beef, isn't it? And sometimes only chicken. We won't cook anything but chicken, we won't eat anything but chicken, even if there's an option. There's so much variety.

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Okay, so many. There are eight meats. Who the nr eight makes? It isn't that so many that as well? Because you see, it begins with so many data. What does it mean it's among So, why is it multiple different reasons that have been given first one has been said, because it is a substitute it is a bundle of women in an army Hamilton what function that are the anon there hemiola and function? What are the unrar? There are so many as well there are these eight meats.

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Others have said that so many other as well. This is an object of Guru,

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that guru eat what? What a lot of times are has provided you and what are they so many

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others have said that so many of those words is the object of a verb that is not mentioned over here. And what does that work, that unsure, that he produced?

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He produced it bears

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the word His Word is deplorable.

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And what is owed to me, one of appear in living beings, living beings that refers to either male or female. For example, a husband is a wife is as a spouse partner. And in non living beings, it refers to what those two things that complement each other, even if they don't have genders, which obviously they want because they're nonliving. So for example, a pair of socks you don't say this one is filled with and the other is male. They're a pair they complete the pair they complement one another, you say left and right. Even then you don't differentiate between socks Do you right, this is the right one this is the left one No.

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Similarly, night and day, Sun and Moon, they complete a set ceremonia as word over here because it is living beings it refers to male and female.

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What are these? It bears? Meaning it animals that are in sets? What are they mean? A botany is named from the sheep

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of the sheep, there are two

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a button is the plural of bar and it's the Florida Bar in how will you write the

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bar. And if you don't know you write bad, you make a loop with the same thing and you can enter with the noon and on the loop. What do you write a small Hamsa this Think of it as your wrecking ball being

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don't put a dot under the bat instead put a Hamza ball in and the end is used for sheep or RAM. Those animals that have wool under small animals that have wool on them.

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buttoning there isn't a meaning one male and one female woman on Mars and from the goal is naini to which to one male and the other female.

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And Mars is the plural of Mary's. You may have heard of the name Mary's Mary's means got the Arab they named people after animals as well. Like for example, I said what does that mean? line?

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So, woman marzieh is naming of Gods there are two meaning one male and one female.

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Almost pantalla questions all say,

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Zachary. How Mama. Did he make unlawful the two meals a meal unsane or the two females. And the Carine is a combination of two hamsters. One Hamza is the Hamza tone is different.

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One Hamza is Hamza is different. So, one Hamza is of Hamza Estefan, which is the earth which is why we translated as dead and the other Hamza is off lamb 30 as the Carlini

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the other Hamza is of lamb 30 as the Quran

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and that Hamza is which one is it 100 of us Hello, Russell. Russell, why? Because you don't pronounce it separately. When it's being connected with the previous word. You don't pronounce it separately.

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But when it comes like this, that a handset or a stiff hand comes before I'm certain muscle, then there are two ways of reading it. There

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Two ways of reading it. The first way is to read it with a mud.

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You just put one Elif and you put a mud on it so you read it as the curling minister

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the curling Allah as occurring the other way of reading it is off this hill there seen her yell and scream and what does it mean that you read it as as echoing not but not

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submitted in the Quran we learn our Jimmy you not Jimmy How do you read our Jimmy because it's muscle and because you cannot continue with the previous that's why you will read as our Jimmy you as the karate. So over here how are we reading it with them and

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now why is it made into the mud for different reasons? Some have said for the purpose of is the time to make the use of ham very strong to make it very forceful. That tell me the Khamenei Holloman

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isn't very forceful, very forceful. Similarly, for the purpose of Dedede for warning and threat.

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The Carine

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similarly for the purpose of income negation, it's not possible as a company. So it adds a lot of shade, then the color, intensity in the color, it gives the deed warning, it really makes the SFM strong and forceful. And it also gives a sense of negation. It's impossible that at the current moment did Allah forbid, the two males, the two males of which one's the button and the Mars? Because the Arabs they had made either the male or the female heroine? So Allah says of the goat and the sheep that Allah forbid the male's know or did he forbid the two females? Meaning the female God and the female sheep? No.

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unmount or what is thermadata? Ye it comprised of it, or Hamel insane the wounds of the two females is similar to neurodiverse. Shamim lab shemuel, what does it mean, to contain to comprise?

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So HTML? Is it comprised it contained? It consisted

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of hammers or baranof. Rahim? And what does it mean? the womb the uterus where the baby is?

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Or did he forbid that which is in the wombs of the two females? And what is that? the fetus? The child, the kid? So if you look at it any animal there are three things. The male, the female, or the child, Allah subhanaw taala questions. Allah has made all of them permissible, what evidence you have that he forbade either the male or the female? Or the child? What evidence do you have not be only inform me their element with some knowledge meaning with some evidence in quantum solidarity, if you're truthful, in this claim of yours, meaning From where did this name come from? Where did you get this evidence from? that the child is forbidden, or the male is forbidden or the female is

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forbidden? It's not forbidden. Because if you think of it, if a particular animal is Hello, it's not possible that the male would be held on it, or the child would be held on it. It's not possible. If one particular type is Hara. All of its different types are permissible, isn't it?

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All of them are permissible, because they're off one another. They share characteristics. They're very similar in nature. So just on the basis of mainland or the basis of being feminine, are are the basis of age or size, don't make her mom or dad. You have to have some evidence.

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We learned in Iowa number 139. Earlier

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that Ricardo Murphy but only had him and alcohol is only to Korea, or mohalla mana as well, he couldn't make that and for whom Fiji Sri Lanka. So they had made what was in the womb, meaning the child permissible only for the means. And if it was born dead, then it was permissible for the females. So what do we learn from this ayah that it is not permissible for anyone to make something halal or haram out of his own desire

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out of his own desire. Now when it comes to personal choice when it comes to food allergies, that's a completely different case. But even then, you don't say this is how long

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you don't say this is how long No, it is still, hello, you out of your personal choice, personal preference, you're not eating it, because your body cannot tolerate it or whatever. But don't declare it to be halal or haram

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because this authority of making something cannot happen

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was not even given to the profit sort of artisan.

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It was only with a loss of Hamilton