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Al-Baqarah 63-73 Translation


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So I'm already camara De La Habra. catechu

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una sala la serie Hill Karim amudha for Aruba, let him initiate our energy investment over him.

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Rubbish La Jolla saw the way assembly and the washer will determine the signing of Ali Baba Robin cygnar in

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Lesson number 12 solitary Baqarah I am number 63 to 73. Translation What if and when a hardener we took mythical calm your covenant, what a foreigner and we raised folk acoem above you, a Pura the tooth, who do you all take? Ma? What? at a nachum we gave you the code within with full strength,

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one guru and you all remember man, what fee is in it? La La con so that you want that the phone you will adopt the core summon, then later on, you are turned away men from bardi after velyka that

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falola then if not for blue favor, Allah He of Allah are they come upon you all wash metal who and his mercy lacandon surely you all were men from aloha serene? Those who are losers. One occurred and certainly island to you all new. And levena those who arenado they cross limits. men come from you fee in a 77

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four corner so we said law home do them. Cool. No. You will be a raw data and a policy in ones who are detested ones who are despised federal alna so we made it Necker Island and exemplary punishment. Lima for who? bainer between Yeah, they have it's two hands. Been a day here in front of them before them warmer and what or who? Hold for her behind it. Well, Maria button and an admonition lilmar 13 for those who don't

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watch him and when he said Musa Musa alayhis Salam licchavi to his people

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in the Lucha Indeed Allah. Yet Morricone, he orders you and that that battle, you will slaughter back on Rotten. A cow

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pilu they said, Do that Duffy Luna, you make us you take us who's Where? A mockery. Allah He said, Who do I seek refuge with E with Allah. And that akuna I become men from Algeria Helene, those who are a parent

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ALU they said oder you call you pray. Lennar for us? Rebecca your Lord. You begin he makes clear Lennar for us, man. What? Here? It is. Carla, he said, in the who indeed he yaku he says in the hair in the back overtoun a cow. Left neither 30 alone old worn out. One out and nor big cron young, our known middle of age by in between vaniqa that falou so you all do, man what took Maroon you all are commanded?

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Are? No they said other you call Lennar for us? prob Becca your Lord. You begin he makes clear. Lana for us, man what lo knew her its color.

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Color, he said in the who indeed he yaku

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He says in the hair indeed it Baccarat tune a cow. Safra yellow Falcon. Bright, low new hair, its color does it pleases a now reading those who look

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carlu they said, Oh, do you call Lana for us? Rebecca, your Lord, you buy in. He makes clear Lennar for us, man. What? Here it is in indeed. Al Baqarah the cows, Al Baqarah the cows. Tasha, it looked like it resembled Elena upon us. We're in there and indeed we in if he will. Allahu Allah lamotta dawn, surely ones who obtain guidance. Allah He said in the who indeed he he akula he says in the hair indeed it bacala tune a cow law not The Loon one subdued to zero it plows above the earth the land wanna and nor does the it waters and helps the the fields was a limit on one sound law not she utter any blemish fee her in it.

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Or Lou they said Anna now did the UK bill help with the truth? further but who her so they slaughtered it. Woman and not care do they were near you if I don't they do?

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What if and when I tell them you are killed? Knutsen a soul for the tone when you are disputed with each other fee her concerning it will law who and Allah mo region one who brings out now what condom you were Dr. Moon you all hide?

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For commoner. So we said every boo hoo. You all strike it. Bieber we have with some of it further alica likewise, your he he gives life Allahu Allah and mo to the dead ones where you read from and he shows you at His signs, law law calm so that you all do you all understand.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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