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Brothers and sisters in Islam

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when we think about being better servants of Allah subhana wa tada or oftentimes we may use the term being more religious.

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We often think about praying more, or fasting more, or giving more charity for example, all of which are very important acts of worship.

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But we seldom talk about the heart, about which our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he that's Allah Hi, Sala, hello Jessa do colo if it is sound, the heart if it is sound, if it is upright, then the remainder of our bodies will be upright. And so we simply cannot give enough attention to the topic of the heart.

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Because the heart is not just a physical organ that pumps blood.

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But it is a spiritual instrument that Allah subhanho wa Taala created to know him.

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And the more it is attached to its creator, the more tranquility we will find.

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And the more distinct it is from Allah subhanho wa Taala, the more we will find ourselves searching for solutions searching to fill that void that we fill inside of ourselves.

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And one of the most important acts of the better acts of devotion that the heart should be engaged in his sugar, gratitude, showing thanks to a lot to kind of what's added, in fact, a lot. So Joe, specifically mentioned in the Quran, this nit month of giving us hearts.

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And then he gave it to us so that we would be thankful allies what Joe says

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what level of pleasure Khumbu Tony almohads

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Ala Moana share alarms which brought you forth from the wounds of your mother's knowing nothing. That is that the human being is created, knowing absolutely nothing of this student

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and then aligns with Joseph

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laterna moonachie. And with gyla como seminar I will ever sada will fit them, analyze what Joe created for you and gave you your ability to hear to see and he gave you your SP there, which is the plural of he gave you your hearts, these hearts by which we know who Allah subhana wa tada is, these hearts which some may translate as intelligence, because again, the heart is a spiritual matter. It's not just a physical organ, for what purpose Laila can groom, so that you will be thankful. Allah Joe gave us a lot as it didn't just create for us the ability to hear the ability to see and the ability to recognize or be conscious and Cognizant, but these are the three things that are lost

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fantana mentioned that this is because these three faculties are those by which we know things so He created us not knowing anything, and then he gave us these faculties so that we would know things. The most important of them is that we know the blessings of Allah subhanahu wa tada that we recognize them so that we thank him for his blessings. So kind of who was added

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that being the case, we have to then understand what the job of the shape is. Because otherwise we don't also explain to us in the brand, that the shape fine is going to strive to make us be from amongst those who do not use their faculties to take a loss.

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And so, as allies we just mentioned to us the story and sort of out

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of shape on when Adam was created. Shape Brian says to Allah Subhana, WA tada

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now, Allah Subhana Allah says that it's a time off when she says to Allah, Allah Allah to mean benei a demon is talking about me and the children of Adam, I'm going to come to them from in front of them and being at a woman healthy and while a man and why she mad at him and then I'm going to come to them from behind them. I'm going to come to them from the right and from the left.

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For what purpose? Well, I said you do

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and you will find that the majority of them are not, they

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did not think so Allah Subhana who was added clarifies for us that the job of che fine

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To make us be ungrateful for the blessings of Allah subhana wa tada and in fact, every time we are not thankful for a blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala whether that blessing be the blessing of health, or the blessing of wealth, and using it for the cause of a loss of habitat, whether that be the blessing of a righteous spouse, or right to children, or good parents or whatever it may be whatever that blessing is, that we are not thinking and not showing our gratitude to Allah subhana wa tada for that we are in fact following the footsteps of shavonne. So brothers and sisters, Allah Subhana which Allah has commanded us throughout the Quran, to be thankful to him, a larger Joe says

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was near Matala, income to young tariku thank

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thank the blessings of Allah, if in fact it is a larger window that you worship. So from the qualities of the worshipers of Allah Subhana without it is that they are thankful. And Allah subhanahu wa tada has in several places as a

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contrast between sugar and coffee. And so sugar as we translate it as gratitude or thankfulness to Allah Subhana Allah, the opposite of sugar is also covered, covered because it means to be ungrateful. And the most ungrateful of the servants of Allah parents at it are those who reject those who reject a loss of data or reject faith in Him altogether, which is why what that person will be called a caffeine from coffee. But the root of that means to be ungrateful. So Allah subhana wa tada

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when he says, Brian Rooney as quote from Eliza Joe says, so remember me and I will remember you was who truly and thank me show gratitude to me while at noon. And don't be ungrateful or don't reject faith. So what does it really mean to be thankful to Allah subhanaw taala. And we need to pay attention to this, because alarms will tell is commanded us to be safe, doesn't just mean that when I have something that's nice, I sell hamdulillah

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doesn't just mean I say thank you, when somebody does something good for me, is this the way that we show things? Or is it deeper than that, and it is definitely deeper than that. And without understanding that we cannot fully be from the shaqiri, which we're commanded to do. It's like this, if you told somebody who just accepted Islam yesterday, you have to pray five times a day, what do they have to do, they have to learn how to pray, otherwise, they're not going to be able to fulfill that command.

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So if the person doesn't know they're supposed to stand up and face the company, say Allahu Akbar, and before that they're supposed to make will do and all of these other things, they're not going to be able to pray properly. Likewise, the larger commands us to thank you, if we don't know what it means to be from the shack lead and how to truly think Allah subhana wa Tada. And we're not going to be able to fulfill that command. So there are three things that we have to look at. When it comes to thanking Allah subhana wa jal, the first of those things is Eros and Nima bill calm, that with your heart, you recognize the name of Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is easier said than done.

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It's easier said than done, along with all of us right now what I'm doing with the people, I can see, we're sitting here and we're breathing with no apparatus.

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You can just go.

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But if you go to the closest hospital, and you see someone on a ventilator, they wish that they could just do what you're doing, just to be able to breathe. Do we? Are we conscious of this Nima? And are we thinking the loss of Hannah was added for the ability to be able to breathe without even giving it much thought, or any thought for that matter? The fact that we can drink we don't have to balance for

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the fact that you can relieve yourself if you don't have a bag attached to

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Ethernet was from a loss of parents attic that often times go unchecked. Because we're not even conscious of the fact that it's in there.

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And so aligns with Joe has given us these lessons. And the first part of thinking a larger job is to recognize that lesson within the heart It means that you have value

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for that blessing than a loss of Hannah Montana has given you and that you recognize that it is from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Allah now

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am Rahim Allah tada in talking about this very point

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he says that he is

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Given it given a lot of thought to what it is that helps the heart

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of a human being become truly attached to a lump sum Hannah Montana and then it is that watershed that it's not all over the place, and that your heart is dedicated and devoted to Allah subhana wa tada alone. And he said that the foundation of this,

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pay attention to this, the foundation of this was to know that all lessons are from Allah subhana wa to Allah alone, whether they be the blessings of Thailand or the blessings of love that which means one that we recognize that he died is a blessing, being guided by Allah subhana wa tada the fact that a lot of what God has you here

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in domestic for selective jumar and not too busy at work,

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that Allah blesses you to designate more from a loss of habitat in the name of fire, that your heart is inclined to the obedience of Allah subhana wa tada and also the blessings of Allah then those material and tangible enjoyments that we that we had from Allah subhanho wa Taala to recognize that it is all from Allah Subhana mujaddid so you turn to Allah subhana wa tada to inspire you to remember those blessings to be conscious of those blessings. And that he needs you and thanking him for those blessings. This is what it means to recognize the blessing.

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So you recognize that it's from Allah, and know that it is allies have a job that will help you be conscious of that blessing a Jew and thanking him for that lesson, as a loss of hell dad says, What am I becoming emanating from in Allah and whatever blessing that you have, it is from a long time ago to Allah. But just as those blessings goes on to say, just as those lessons are solely from Allah subhana wa Tada. And from his grace, remembering them, being conscious of them and thanking them will only happen with Allah subhana wa Tada, Sophie,

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it will only happen if Allah guide you to thanking Him, which takes us to point number two. That is that you are mentioning a loss of habitat as favors with your tongue. And that you are ascribing those favors to Allah subhanho wa Taala, the minute that you ascribe a favor to other than Allah subhana wa tada is the minute you haven't thanked him. And this, unfortunately, is the condition of the majority of the people.

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When we do good, think about when you were in school, you did good on a test.

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Was it 100 we've done a lousy job, made it easy for me

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to do the things that were necessary to do good on that test for was it I worked very hard for were very hard for that grade.

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I deserve a raise.

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And that's why I got a raise because I deserved because I worked so hard.

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See, that is the wrong approach to thinking allows Nick

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will lie and if you take if you take a step back and you think about it, you'll realize why. Yes, did you work hard at your job and Mashallah, you got a raise? Believe me, there are people who work harder than you and they make a lot less than some of those favorites that you got.

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There are people who worked a lot harder than you and didn't get the same grade that you got on that exam. Because Eliza Joe made it easy for you. But see, a lot of times we don't realize that we I come from such a difficult background and I push myself now, Suppan Allah, Allah bless you, you have two parents in a home, for example, whereas many of your competitors that that's a blessing from Allah. And we think about the work that we put in, who gave you the intelligence that you have in the first place. You got that from where?

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Who created you the way that you are creating? So all of these things come from a loss of habitat. And when you recognize that you have to mention that with your tongue.

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What am I been able to pick up the head when it comes to the favorites of the Lord and mentioned them as favors from Allah, don't ascribe them to yourself. The majority of people on earth ascribe their blessings to themselves and they should be scared that Allah Subhana Allah will take them away. If they don't ascribe them to the one who has given them and this is why Allah subhana wa tada for our Prophet it is someone who says in the law, lay out them and we'll add the the Yeti cooler echo.

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Just a wash metallic is pleased with the server if you just eat something very small when he eats

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For young men who Elena oh yes have a sharp bit of a of marijuana. So he eats that piece of food. And he praises Allah Subhana Allah for it or he drinks a drink, and he praises a loss of habitat.

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And this is something that we can take away and just incorporate in your life. When you get done eating, make sure that you praise the last paradigm from that which has been narrated on the prophet Isaiah. So I learned the alignment here that what does that mean? My lady told me

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all praises to Allah who has fed this to me and provided it for me without any strength for myself, without any power and strength and Mike for myself, but then we forget that we just eat, we drink. And we forget that this is a NEMA from a lawsuit kind of without having food itself, and the ability to actually swallow

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and pick it up with your hand.

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So kind of long, these are all blessings from Allah subhana wa Tada. And we need to mention that with the tongue. So that's number two. The third thing that will help us with that is imperative for us to be considered to be from the factory, is that we think along with our limbs, so with our heart, with our tongue, and with our limbs. What does it mean to think a loss of humans either with our limbs, it means that whatever blessing a loss of habitat it has given you that you use it for his obedience, not for his disobedience. And again, many of us fall short in this, you know, one of the

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scholars of the pants domain came to him.

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And he was complaining about how he didn't have a lot, you know, how he was poor? And so he says, Would you give? Would you give away your eyes for 100,000?

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Absolutely not. Except What about your ears? For 100,000? You didn't specify 100,000? What? We can take it up to a million and you can think about your eyes right now 4 million, would you give up? Your ears, 4 million? Your hands for a million? So he asked me a few questions. He said, Look, sounds to me, like you have a lot of hundreds of 1000s. And you're complaining about being poor? Now, let's use that for our purpose.

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When we look at when we look at us and who we are, we look at these faculties that our last kind of data has blessed us with your eyes.

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You recognize them as a blessing from a loss mentality. You don't want to give them up for any amount of money.

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What do you look at on your phone?

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Are you looking at that which is pleasing to Allah? subhanho wa Taala? Are you looking at something that you know is displeasing to allies? And how are you using the blessings that Allah Subhana Allah has given you if you're using them to disobey Allah, and every sin that a person commits, every sin that any one of us commits, is a misuse of a last lesson.

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If you say something that is harm, you back bite somebody. You're slandering somebody, you're gossiping, and so forth.

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You're using your tone that aligns with your lesson with him. It's a parallel, we recognize the blessing of the tongue sometimes not just be able to speak, but every time you have a cold and you can't enjoy your favorite food, because it doesn't taste like anything, you start to realize, man, this is a blessing from a lot of time. Are we using that blessing in a manner that is pleasing to Allah parents Allah? Or are we using it in a way that is displeasing to Allah?

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So the fact of the matter is, that we have to be in order to be fulfill that command to be thankful to a loss of habitat. We have to be faithful with our hearts, with our tongue, and with the lives of the animals.

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There are certain things that we can do brothers and sisters in Islam that will help us along this path, this road to being from the shack at home. Because this is not something that happens overnight. It takes real Jihad you have to really push yourself to be truly when the people who think Allah subhana wa Tada.

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But there's a joke that I want to start understanding. And I'm not talking about fifth in the sense of Islamic jurisprudence. I'm talking about true understanding of some of the things that we can do immediately. That'd be in the lab will help us to recognize a loss of habitat is blessing and they're combined. In a very important Have you ever heard a lot of the a lot of time to end unary Sahih Muslim, when he says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went to the companions and he said to them and asked him in Komal, Yama, Solomon, who from amongst you can

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They started his day fasting.

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And Abu Bakar said, I have and then the prophet SAW the light it was so so who for most you today as follow the genetic and abubaker said, I had the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, from amongst you today has fed someone who is needy. And boubakeur said I had.

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The Prophet said a lot, it was so uncertain who from emotion today, has visited someone who was sick.

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And Booker said I had, and the prophet SAW love, it was seven sacred Bs, he saw that these four things will not combine in a servant in a day, except that he will enter. Now, besides the reward that the prophets have lived with, some of them mentioned,

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for combining those four deeds and one day, which we should strive to do, fasting,

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following a genetic feeding someone who is poor, or in need, and visiting someone who is sick, besides the great reward that the province of Southern mentioned for them, think about the common denominator. And the common denominator is that these four things help us to recognize a loss blessings upon us.

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When you fast, fasting in general, heightens your awareness, it heightens your awareness of a loss of habitat, and it makes you more conscious of his near, especially, especially the net amount of food, and drink.

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But in general, fasting makes you more aware.

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Following a genetic, makes you more thankful for the fact that the last time data has given you life. And another opportunity to turn back to him and to increase in good deeds. When you feed someone who is needing it's not just that you recognize, or that you're more in tune with the fact that you have food, it's that you're more in tune with all of your material blessings, because that person that you're feeding, that's a need. Food is just one of the needs that they have.

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And so you start to realize that humbly like I do have certain things that maybe I wasn't as conscious of before. And when you visit someone who is sick, you start to be more in tune with your own health, no matter what pain you may be going through, no matter what things you may be dealing with, you recognize that your situation is not as bad as the next person. And this is why profit is optimal setting. And current encouraging us to be thankful to a loss of hemodialysis led sample 11 men who were focused, don't look to those who are above you on board lemon one, during a Come look to those who are below you who are edged up and led test them near Milan, because it's more likely

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that you will not be little, the favorites that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given you.

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But we live in a society with social media, where all you have to do is open up Instagram and Facebook and you start to see these people they've traveled all over the world, Mashallah. They went here, they went there and you start comparing yourself to everybody else, his car is better than my car, her house is better than my house, this one's wife is does more things with the kids than my wife does. And we start to compare ourselves. And when you compare yourself to those who are above you, or who you think are above you, you will be more likely to belittle Allah turns out his favorites upon you and not thank them.

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Look to those who are below you, this is the instruction of our Prophet, it is so much incentive. And this will help us to be more thing.

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And there are many other things that we can do including salon to do hat which I hope that you will incorporate the profit idea of someone who's sitting, said that every morning when you wake up,

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there is suddenly a charity due on every joint that you have.

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Think about that 360 joints in the human body, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, uttering Alhamdulillah saying to handle all of this at Southern and 10 would be able to command the good and forbid the evil all of a sudden, will you see and then you can look at that which will be sufficient for all of those things, which will take the place of all of them is about guarantee some kind of amendment and to have to recognize that you pray at the time of

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this will show your gratitude to Allah Subhana data and select in general was one of the things that our Prophet is not to say we do to show his gratitude. In fact, you all are probably aware of the headache of actually alongside her and what she talks about the promissory so I'm praying until his feet would swell. And she said Why are you doing this

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Allah Subhana Allah has pardoned you for all of that which has passed and all of that which is to come.

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He said, for now who

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should Who should I not be a faithful servant to Allah subhanho wa Taala last but not least, brothers and sisters, and his thing is to remember to thank the people

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whom Allah Subhana Allah has made as the calls for the blessings that you have our Prophet sallallahu wasallam sir, madam yes coordinates, let me assure you that whoever has not thanked the people, has not thanked Allah.

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Whoever has not thanked the people has not thanked Allah, let that sink in. Because we're not talking about the people maybe who come into your life, you know, from time to time. Don't forget the people whom Allah subhanaw taala has put in your own homes. Thank them. Brothers, thank your wives nearly 2550 times, sisters, thank your husbands daily.

00:26:04--> 00:26:20

What happens is because of the familiarity between us, we often forget that this is a nightmare from a loss of habitat. But think about that brother, who's 70 years old, who doesn't have a wife anymore.

00:26:21--> 00:26:32

And the fact that I lost my dad has blessed him with a way as much as she may get on your nerves and as much as you may get on her nerves, but a lot is what you're blessed to have someone in your life

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and you look at it.

00:26:36--> 00:26:48

Don't look at it as a job. Well, why should I thank them for the job that they're supposed to do that, you know, your wife gives you food. And you say, Well, I bought the food was the food was not gonna cook itself.

00:26:49--> 00:26:57

thank them for that. And even if they don't thank you, it's not about your relationship with them. It's about your relationship with a lot.

00:26:58--> 00:27:08

Or you are thanking Allah. If you haven't thanked the people you haven't thanked alone, brothers and sisters, we cannot be petty in our relationships, and keep score.

00:27:09--> 00:27:16

If we're not thanking the people in our own homes, for the things that they do, even if it's a duty,

00:27:18--> 00:27:24

recognize this is a blessing from a loss of habitat. And in order to think a lot we have to think of the people