Tahir Wyatt – Life Changing Khutbah Impacted by the Quran!

Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The importance of reading the Koran and protecting non-Muslims while arrested for a violation of the law is discussed, as well as the negative impact of recent protests on political and mental health. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning to improve one's understanding of the Bible and finding value in actions taken. They also mention the importance of not taking too long to establish a relationship with speech and finding value in actions taken. The segment emphasizes the importance of learning to improve one's understanding of the Bible and finding value in actions taken.
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the meta, are you

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well as

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caller coming

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over the mean Marija.

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What's up a lot

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of hand in

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my bag,

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brothers and sisters,

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all of us says Muslims are looking for ways to be better

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looking for ways to draw closer to a loss of data, looking to prepare for that inevitable meeting with him.

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And today is a low tide and we want to talk about one of the most prominent ways of getting closer to a loss of data. And that is reading the Koran, reading the Koran will change your life forever. That is a repetitive,

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consistent reading of the prime has a tremendous effect on the heart.

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But that's only if your heart is alive.

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That is why Allah

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says in the world crime in the UK, the declaw demon can and

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if needed, that there is a reminder for the one who has a heart. And obviously, everybody that's alive as a heart. This is not what Allah

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is saying here is a bit

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sad and Lynch's the word heart here ultimately that is referring to the heart that is alive, the heart that is receptive, as Allison Kennedy says, Love and that will share. Well, I am lucky that

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between the US and Canada Hi again. So last minute Allah says in the grind that we didn't teach him poetry, we didn't teach the Prophet

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nor is it proper for him. It is only a reminder in a clear for AI to serve as a warning for those who are alive that means that their hearts are alive. And so when the poor is being recited and when you read the Quran, you need to look for your heart at that time. How are you responding to our messages to the law I've

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had the best of all hearts This is why the poor I'm in such a profound effect on

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the private is allowed to sit and is the most generous of all people.

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But when was he the most generous? He was the most generous in Ramadan.

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Even at best well the low * says because jabril would come to him every night and they would revise the for iron.

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So he was more generous Canada edge whether we will fade

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or not. We had more said he was more generous with his good with his good with his well, then a a breeze that would come. So what we understand from this is that the prophet Isaiah SelectUSA that when he was revising the Koran real even his level of Eman would increase his level of certainty and the reward of Allah subhana wa tada and so he will become more generous because he's reading those. Those as well. Also candidates out is talking about those who spent his calls and those who lend a lot a good loan. And so the progress of it became one

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as a result of that, because his heart was alive when the Quran was recited to the Prophet, so a lot of it was, he was sometimes crying. We know that

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while he alone sad and who said that the promise of it was seldom said to him recite to me the grind. He said, Why should we say to you? Well, I didn't

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reveal to you the problem.

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I like to hear it from other than me. So even as you began to recite, from the beginning of solitude, he sat until he got to the iron occasionally that we pulled the home button v Shahid, widget navicat shahida? How will it be when we bring forth from every nation and witness and we will bring you as a witness over those people. And he said, to look at the Prophet.

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tears were coming down his eyes, because the Padre SelectUSA lamb was affected by what he heard in the grind. But this wasn't just the case with the Prophet is a lot to say.

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In fact, this wasn't just the case for Muslims that were I had this effect.

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If you look at the story of

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while the locals had a

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party, when the Muslims were being persecuted, and they had to make a joke, they had to leave Mecca, and they were going to Abyssinian. And Hampshire, everybody wasn't from the first of those to go. So he was actually going a little bit later. And as he was on his way to Hampshire, he was stopped by a trade partner of his imminent Dyneema. He said to me, where are you on the way to, he said, I want to wait to see you. I've been forced out by like

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I said to

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a man like you, who helps people who are in need, who feed the poor, who offer them shelter today, a man like it was not to be removed from his lamp, go back to victory. You're undermined. Jiwon Jiwan you're under my protection. So

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went back to Mecca under the protection of a little bit here. And while he was there, he said, He's going to worship the last minutes out of the way he would normally worship Him. And He will recite the Quran in his yard of his home, he will recite the prime. And he had a beautiful voice, and the bride itself is beautiful. And what happened was the women, the wives of the nobleman of the children, they would come around and they wanted to hear whatever

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he was reciting, because now he's under protections, not worried about being persecuted. And so they should accommodate with this exam, until the noblemen of place became scared that their own families would now become Muslims, because they're nearing the Brier. And so they went to Medina. And they said to him, listen, we respect your protection of him. However, you have to tell him to go in his house and worship His Lord, not outside the house, because our women and children are being affected.

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So his proposition to Abu Bakar, he said, you can take back your protection, I'm under the protection of Allah, take it back. And he continued to recite the crime outside of his home until we know what happened with the rest of the situation with the persecution of Muslims. But the point is, is that even the non Muslims it was penetrated their hearts instead of the story of Tibet have been looking at Bobby alongside anyone for you brothers who still have your phones on please turn your phone's off. It's extremely distracting not only to me, but to the people who are listening.

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Even if it's the event, and it's a great thing, turn your phone's off.

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All the alone tangle was not a Muslim, in the beginning of Islam, and he was actually brought to Medina to to ransom the those who have been taken during the battle.

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And so he was held the dimension of the Prophet is lots of Sudan. And he narrates his story. He says that I heard the province of Southern reciting sort of the poor in mud.

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He said and when he got to the statement of Allah and fully proving it shaking and who will highly tune and follow personnel, it will up the line, you know, to the end of

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it, which means are they themselves the creative agency, where they create it from nothing? Or are they themselves the creatives and follow to symbolize will have created the heavens and the earth? You know, they have no certainty. There's no certainty about what he said when I heard these ideas.

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He's not a Muslim at this time.

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He said, when I read these is the policy, he said was like my heart was going to take in another another narration. He says, He says, Well, that was not what an email, that was the first time that he may took root in my heart.

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All from what, from listening to the poor. And

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in fact, to go a bit further, we know that the poor it has this effect, even on inanimate objects.

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Love somehow what's added, says in the ends in their head, or on either seven or eight to

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move to suck the enemy questions in that, if we would have revealed this, grind it down upon a mountain, something that is that strong, it's inanimate, it's not like the heart is moves, it's strong, solid, if we would have sat down to pour it to a on a mountain, we would have you would have seen it, trembling, crumbling in all of the laws of panic. What's that? This is the effect of the war it has on inanimate objects. So what about our hearts? What about the hearts brothers and sisters in this man, let's just take it to the side woman, if you had someone that you love here,

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perhaps someone that you admire.

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And they were on their deathbed, and they said, I want to write to you, I want to write down some words, words of advice and wisdom, I want to share this with you.

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And so they came down this letter to you. And you know that they weren't good for you. And you know that they live the life and experience that they have wisdom. And so you're either you want to know what it is that they have to write, and they write down a letter that is very valuable and cherished. In fact, maybe you even take a picture on it so that it's always on your phone is easily accessible. Anytime you want to go back and read it, you can go back and read, you know, think about it, you're about to lose this person. And this is what they leave behind.

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And so you want that, and you keep that and you read it frequently. And in fact, maybe even share it with others, you know, people that are going through certain situations, and there's something relevant in that letter to their lives. And so you share it with them. Maybe, maybe he's giving you some wisdom that is like, you know, overarching, it's not just something for you, but something that all people can benefit from it. So maybe you tweet it or you send it out on social media? Or what

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if this is the relationship that you wouldn't have with that type of correspondence. It comes from another man just like you or another woman, it's like you.

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Then what about the communication that has come from Rubble? And the one that the communication that has come from our makers of Hannah, who was added? It isn't a crime to be played with or just to be reciting? Sit down the bride to be understood?

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What is our relationship like that? What does our relationship with the bride?

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Is it a book that we just put up on the shelf? Or is it something that we read and ponder over and try to understand, you know, the last panel with Adam

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taught us in the Quran, about himself. So if we just pick up the brine and we read it, we'll learn about his qualities and his attributes and his compassion, some kind of attitude that we grow to love him, so that we love them. And hopefully, that we earn his love.

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He teaches us in the bride about His justice, so that we respect his laws, so that we have a healthy fear of loss of candles added so that we don't step out of balance. He teaches us about this person, so that when we do fall short, we don't lose hope, and we don't despair,

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or loss of habitat, it teaches us about life, and

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what is this life even all about? So that we can begin to prioritize things so that we can begin to prepare for the other thing that allows me to kind of teach us here after

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death, which everyone regardless of gender, ethnicity, socio economic background, everybody's going to taste that everybody has to prepare for that. So lots of data is teaching this, about this in the program. However, what tends to happen, it is a wonder

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that with all of the depression, that we find, we have Muslims that are clinically depressed, to take medication, and the anxiety and the worrying and the sadness.

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We turn to other than the book of a loss of fat.

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No, this is this is the reality.

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Muslims caught up in the whole self help movement.

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So they read, you know, Covey's seven habits or, or Carnegie or, or green or whoever is the flavor of the month.

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He read it, they adhere to the principles, they write down the program and stick to it strictly.

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That's not to say that we can benefit from other than to cry, we can benefit from various sources. But why is the prime? Or why does it seem to be our last resort.

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if this is the case,

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for you,

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if you feel like your heart is hard when you hear them, or it doesn't have that same effect on

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you, you have to be real with yourself. Don't blame it on anyone else recognize, recognize that there's some degree of neglect, as it relates to the book of the law. So panelists recognize that we can better

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recognize that you have to cut out some time to dedicate to the book of a lot. So cannibal was added.

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Because if you feel that heartbeat heart, it is definitely without a doubt, due to its distance from Revelation almost,

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certainly to Brian,

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and tuckshop.

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of course it

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is it has not the time come for those who believe,

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to surrender their hearts,

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such as the land to the remembrance of Allah, Allah that He has revealed from the truth.

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Revelation, and that they not the like those who were given the book before the call, it was eminent, so the time span, it was a long time span between revelations, because it blew, so their hearts became hard. And so their hearts became hard. Many of the Muslims are just simply not taking the time necessary to have that relationship with the speech of a loss of Hannibal with that, in fact, in fact, some Muslims only read the variety rather than as if that's the, that's what we're required to do. That's a great thing to read the variety rather than

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and then even that reading is a reading for bucha

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meaning it comes off the lips because you want to reward everybody is 10 rewards or it was revealed.

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For you to ponder over the bride for you to reflect over his knees so that you act according to the ground and approaches the bride in this manner than the bride will be a guide for him it'll be a light in times of darkness, it will be a security in times of instability and it will serve as a cure

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of cure for spiritual and emotional illness and even even physical diseases or illnesses you know, I

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wish you luck with me and we revealed on the grind that which is a heal a cure and a mercy for the believers

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or self reliance

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shadow no Mohammed Abu Bakr lol opposite anatomy.

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he was affiliated my

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brothers and sisters in Islam. We live in a different

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era. We live at a time when you might ask a seven year old to do something exam busy right now.

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Everybody is busy.

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Or at least that's the claim.

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And if you really were to take a step back and examine well what exactly are you busy with? You'll find that a lot of times we're busy with things that are not very beneficial for us. They may not

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contributes to our well being or the well being of our families and society, just busy

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reading posts on social media, four hours a day, Washington news four hours a day.

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And you really have to take a step back,

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as it relates to the book of philosophy.

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And ask yourself, What value does attitude

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because everything that is valuable to you, you make time for this is the reality, we make time for the things that we value, these that we hold dear, the things that we love, we make time for.

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And so

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it is my sincere advice

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to myself first and then to all of you.

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That we

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may be time for the

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at least. And this is like the very minimum, it should take at least 20 minutes of the day to dedicate to the poor. I know, some of you, and this is I'll speak to everybody.

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If you don't know how to read the grinders, so people that actually cannot read the grind.

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Listen to the grind, listening to the Brian's event. You see the Prophet is

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listen to the world and effect.

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Take a portion that you'd want to listen to for that day, four pages, five pages, whatever it may be, read the translation of it and then listen to listen to it and then read the translation of the point is to start something when you fall in love with the grind and give it within 20 minutes. And so

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let's start somewhere.

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That's the bare minimum. And I have a greater request for all.

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And I hope that this request is something that you take seriously

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on all of you today

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to start memorizing the Quran.

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I want you to die

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a half

00:22:21 --> 00:22:26

once you die, as someone was totally memorized

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the love and

00:22:30 --> 00:22:34

the last of the lobes IRA and said that the Prophet is a lot to

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be said to the one who was the song that is someone who is memorizing or I'm accurate according to him.

00:22:46 --> 00:22:51

He said society will find on a piano he said to him on the day of judgment in law, it

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It will be said to read and ratings going up once you are on

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and recite the

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way that you used to recite

00:23:12 --> 00:23:17

because your your station agenda will be the last I

00:23:20 --> 00:23:23

nobody should say I can't memorize the Quran?

00:23:24 --> 00:23:58

Well, look, if you start today, and you take one app per day, you'll be done in 17 years. 17 years is not a long time. It's 2035. Not a long time, you'll be done in 17 years, somebody might say well, that seems so long, it doesn't it's okay. take it one step at a time. Because if your intention is to memorize the Quran, then be in the lead even if you die short of that goal. You will be written as those who have memorized

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or may

00:24:04 --> 00:24:05

not have advertised

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for whoever goes out

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these out of his home migrating to a lot is messenger and then that comes in is rewarded with the law. In other words, the reward of his law. Why because he took that step he tracked he did what he could do. And then that came between him and his goal. If you attempt from today, how long you might ask yourself did it take the profit is Latin Sudan to memorize the Quran. The Quran was revealed over 23 years.

00:24:39 --> 00:24:47

And so it took 23 years to memorize 17 years is not a long time and start today from the back of the Koran.

00:24:50 --> 00:24:51

And then tomorrow,

00:24:52 --> 00:24:59

maintenance and then the next day. And if you already know those sources, then you can start from wherever you either be quicker

00:25:00 --> 00:25:05

Then the 17 years we didn't elect but don't let 2035 come because they sound like you're gonna remember this

00:25:07 --> 00:25:10

Don't let 2035 come and say yell at

00:25:12 --> 00:25:14

me that oh I wish I will just start with them

00:25:16 --> 00:25:28

because some of you be in the lab are going to come before that time. And you're going to say that it was from that hook by the I started memorizing the Quran a life lesson to be for most of us. We ask Allah Subhana Allah

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to make us from amongst those who would assent to them in the hereafter read the way you used to read in this dunya we rise up to those levels of analysis electric battery

00:25:55 --> 00:25:56

welcome, so long

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