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Sharif, in English in English in English

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The question is that the Prophet idea salatu salam as it comes into handy to Sahih Muslim, Salman sama,

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sama Ramadan Duma its bowel system and chawan Kanika cm and whoever fans the month of Ramadan and then follows it with six days from shall while it is like He fasted the entire year

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what happens for those people

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who may have been sick in Ramadan and who missed a day or two or three or seven

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and then what Ll Hamed after Ramadan they feel better.

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They have five days to make up seven days to make up but they also want to fast six days from chawan What should they do?

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It is best for them to make up the days from Ramadan first

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because making up the days from Ramadan

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is wagging so obligatory and there's nothing that is more beloved to Allah subhana wa tada than doing those things which he has made obligatory upon what am I to cover by Elaine Abdi vishay in a headbutt la mmf Tara to LA and there is nothing that my servant can draw closer to me with

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better than that which I have or more beloved to me than that which I have obligated upon him.

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So it is best for him to make up the days of Ramadan, and then to fast, the six days of chawan.

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And those days of show while and even the days that a person makes up, he does not have to make them up consecutively. He can fast for a day, and leave a day and then fast two days and then leave a day. Whatever he likes to do, as long as he finishes before so while if he wants to get the reward of fasting, the six from chawan some of the scholars of Islam hold that those that this hadith only applies to the one who makes up the days from Ramadan First, it only applies to him. He cannot fast six days from Shabaab without first

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making up the days for Ramadan because the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said men sama Ramadan, whoever fasts Ramadan and the person who fast 10 days in Ramadan

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and didn't fast 20 days

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he's not considered to have fasted Ramadan fasting in Ramadan sama Fie Ramadan He fasted in Ramadan, but he didn't fast Ramadan. So what they say is that he must fast the entire month of Ramadan.

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Those days that he missed once he makes them up, then he is considered to have faster Ramadan. And then he follows that through my bamboo and then he follows that with six days from chawan then he will have the reward like one who has fasted the entire year that is an opinion and it's a minority opinion the majority of the scholars say that it is permissible to fast the six days of chawan

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and then make up the days of Ramadan later and many of the companions it was known that they would make up the days of Ramadan in the first 10 days of the hitch

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many of them snare rated or many of the campaign's that they would make up their days in Ramadan in the first 10 days of the Legion. And what those scholars say what the majority of scholars say.

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their opinion that it is permissible to delay making up

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Roma by

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the defense of Ramadan I have to show why is that they say that if you owe someone money, for example.

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Let's just say show while

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some of that right now, you borrow $1,000 from someone. He says pay me back by next shot Ben.

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Pay me back my next shopping clear

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Is it permissible for you to give sadaqa?

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the Legion,

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for example,

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and then pay the guy back. And Roger, Roger bids before Shabbat? It's permissible.

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Without a doubt, you can give Sotherton as long as you pay the guy back

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and shopping by shopping, because that's what he asked you to do.

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Clear and clear.

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So what they say is that,

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yes, the fasting is a debt that we owe to Allah subhanho data, but it is not a debt that is due right now.

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It's a debt that's due before next Ramadan.

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And so it is permissible, however, even the majority of them hold it to be better to race to fulfill your debt to allow us to add it into make up the days of Ramadan before fasting, six days from Shawan so that you remove yourself of that, of that liability.

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So it is better for a person a lot of times so this is difficult, especially for women, it's difficult for them to because most women are going to miss at least seven days of fasting in Ramadan. And so then they come obviously chawan for them is going to be 29 to 28 days that you can possibly fast because you cannot fast on the day of the eat. Okay, so then they have days to make up for Ramadan and six from chawan a lot of times it's difficult for women to do so.

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That's Yeah, exactly. And then, as you mentioned, in chawan there's another seven days that they can't fast right so a lot of time very difficult for the woman to do that. But the point is that a person should first you to do their best to at least begin the month of chawan with making them you know they're fast from Ramadan and then if it gets tight, and it looks like they can only they only going to have the opportunity to pray the sixth from show wilden to do so. When the legs out according to the opinion of the majority of the scholars in the last panel data Knows Best known for their

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Shahada, Ramadan, Allah

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Hold on.