Sulaiman Moola – September 19, 2023

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a distraction while on a phone call with a representative. They describe a scene where they stumble over multiple things, including a video and a Google, and realize why they picked up the phone. The speaker describes a Prophet sallarm as "slighter than a car," and describes a scene where a child looks at a candy islands and says don't look that way.
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The Prophet of Allah is in mirage

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in the ascension, what's the biggest problem today ADHD, attention deficit disorder? What's the problem? You go onto your phone to dial someone? We are so distracted. We pick the phone up to do something. But we stumble over 10 things. And after 15 minutes we realize why we picked up the phone.

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This thing popped up and then I seen a Google and then I seen a video. Oh yeah, I was supposed to.

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Oh, yeah, yeah, I needed to dial Okay.

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That's it. There's no focus. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam is up in Miraj. The entire skies are envelope and beautified I cannot translate this is the Orisha Sidra Tama yo Shah

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is the youngest This is the theme. When the load three was envelope by the luminous light that envelope it mazovian bizarro woma Tada the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is blessing gays had such precision and discipline a mama Allah bizarro who and Maria Hill Maqsood wala Zhao was the whole silicon Laila everything is beauty glitter glamour splendor excellence luminous Anwar to gently yard and Allah says look at this Oh My Habib SallAllahu wasallam with precision and discipline, his gaze doesn't stray this way or that way with absolute precision to the point as magnified and impressed upon him by Allah he looks at it with discipline

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they could child in a candy islands it just looked this way don't look that way. Or you and I there's a child in every adult we lose ourselves in a in a phone, shop or anything else.

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