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And I come across this

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woman Tesco told me what

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there is not a leaf that falls, except alumnos.

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So I read this I concur and, and I go out of my office to walk one block to go get the newspaper.

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And as I'm walking, I'm looking on the ground and reciting This is my Tesco moonwalk. There's no leaf that falls except Allah knows. And I'm looking on the ground and I see 1000s of leaves on the floor 1000s of leaves on the floor, and I'm resigning this higher.

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This verse affected me in such a way. It made me do some research.

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I want to know how many leaves are there? Or how many trees are there on this planet Earth?

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This big planet? 196,940,000 square miles, how many trees? And according to the scientists, they say there are some 3 trillion trees on the earth, 3 trillion trees on the earth.

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And then I reflect back on this if you mean to tell me Allah knows, aware of every leaf.

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And I'm saying, Are you kidding me?

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The skeptic may say, Wow, can you verify? How can you verify he knows every leaf?

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You can't? except Allah said it is in the Quran. We believe in the movement hidden question he believes.

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The second skeptic may say this is trivial. So he knows every leaf that falls This is trivial knowledge. It's not knowledge. It shows you how extensive Allah is. If Allah knows the leaf that falls, Allah knows each one of us and our condition.

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There's nothing that happens that is without his knowledge, Nothing escapes me at all.

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So I want to talk about a minute I want to talk about a law that I'm going to talk about us.

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You got to know him. You got to appreciate everything about him. Law, who's a smart listener, he has the most beautiful name. So learn the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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I was thinking about

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Allah's ability to you know, give sustenance

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and you read the iron kurama man will not die but then you log in Allah Allah.

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Allah has taken upon himself to give the substance, every animal, Allah gives us substance, every animal.

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So let's not talk about all the animals we can't even count how many are let's talk about one just to talk about one animal.

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The biggest animal on earth, called the blue whale.

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The blue whale is 100 feet long,

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weighing 200 tons.

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Living to be 85 years, have a tongue the size of an elephant, the heart the size of an automobile.

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And because it's alive, it must eat this huge animal called Blue Whale, like every one else is living it has to eat.

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And what does it eat? It is a small ship like animal called crale. It's about the size of quail.

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And how many crale does the blue whale in a day 40 million quail weighing four tons.

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And Allah feeds every day. You tell me why there's one person on this earth that's hungry, not because Allah subhanho wa Taala because of us. mm in the year 2008. In Nebraska. Amen. state legislators decided to sue someone in court. Every day people saw every day they sue people. Someone sued the President of the United States of America, they sue people every day. But this state legislature in the bath and Nebraska in 2008 decided to sue God

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in court to story.

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Are you kidding me?

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So the judge, he threw it out. He said we throw it out because we can find no address to God.

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I want you to understand who you're talking about when you're talking about Allah. I'm listening to a preacher. And he says, One day he was giving a sermon. And he said that if I were God, I would have done so and so I said, No, if you were God, you would have done exactly what God does. Lay supplemental, he shaved. There's nothing like him. And a lot. No, we don't know. So I just want to take one moment to talk about a lot. Let me say one more thing. And then I'm going to switch over to human beings. One of the great prophets of Allah,

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tala Allah, you know, the five greatest prophets, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, peace and blessing of Allah be upon these five greatest prophets. One of them one of the smartest people ever was mousseline salat wa salam, very smart man. You should have figured it out. When Mohammed Ali sadaqa Salaam went to heavens and Allah gave him the commandment to do 50 prayers a day mousseline and the Prophet aurojit to be done. I returned with that Hector, Morocco, Allah Musa Musa Musa, what did Allah order you to do? He said, 50 prayers a day furniture. In America, let's go back and actually look to reduce it because you couldn't do that Who said that? Moses. So Moses, he had a

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very unbelievable intellect. So one day, he's given a lecture to Ben Israel. And when he finished a man stand up and say, Yeah, musah who is the most knowledgeable person he said, Ana, in one narration said Is there anyone on earth more knowledgeable than you? He said, No. And Allah subhana wa thrugh, because he has everything. He sees everything he had managed and managed, Musab because he didn't attribute all the knowledge to Allah subhanho wa Taala. No, diminish Musa from that he just, Allah has a way of teaching. So a lot of revealed to him, my surgeon and he knows more than you and to the credit of Moosa, despite all the knowledge that he has, he wants to get more. He

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wants to follow this man, and so he can get more. And he follows through. And now he goes on the journey. And interesting enough, lesson number one, they walk in near the shore, and there's a boat, and there's a bird in the boat. He's sitting on the edge of the of the boat, and he dips his beak in the water.

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And he notices this, you say, yeah, Mussa. The similarity of my knowledge, and your knowledge and the knowledge of all creation, compared to Allah is like the water in the beak of that bird compared to the ocean.

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This how astounding the lie is you can't you can't imagine you can't imagine how great he is. He deserves to be worshipped. So that's Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I say to you, if you want to be successful in Long Island, if you want to be successful in America, if you want to be successful in the world, the first thing you have to come to grips with is the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala but from the lower below the mean.

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Come to La Bella Lamine

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one sisters

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we, the Muslims in America have a lot of work to do.

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It's my belief that Muslims all around the world are looking at the Muslims in America to see what the Muslims in America gonna do. You're in a very good position, you're not in a weak position, you're very good position. If you understand who you are, this is my opinion.

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And I want to just take a few moments to to say who we are.

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I would like to give you again, this is my opinion, the Imam doesn't necessarily agree with me that the administration doesn't necessarily agree with me. But I want to give you what I believe is the job description of the Muslims from the Quran. unclear about it. Maybe you want to argue with it. I don't think you can argue.

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Some people think that the job description of the Quran is I'm not allowed to lie. I've never I've not created the jinn and the humans except the worshipping. This is a very important item the Quran, but this is not the job description. This is what the friends called rezoned, that this is the very purpose of life to

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Worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. So I'm not talking about that. But what I'm talking about what's our job? You go to work every day, every week. You have a job to do. You get paid.

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And your job, the work that you do have to fit your job description. You have to do what your boss wants you to do. They're gonna pay you according to what you do. And the question is what does not want us to do? I'm going to tell you something that happened to me 1987 1988 not sure.

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In the 77, early 88

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it was a Wednesday night I'm sitting in my in my my Masjid. We had enough pika.

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I brought up to suborn his wife Nyima had a newborn baby so we were at the masjid and we were celebrating this newborn baby in our community.

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And hamdulillah at some point, I retired into my office, and I begin to prepare my football for Friday. This is Wednesday night, I'm preparing my football. And I got my title from the Quran. What I will know Allah duty will talk help one another in righteousness in the field of law that's going to be my football. And under that I found the Hadith of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon them. Also the haka rolling in Alma Luna, help your brother if he is an oppressor, of his oppressed, the man's jasola we know how to help him if he's oppressed. How do you help him if he's an oppressor? He says, stop him from his oppression.

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So I'm sitting in my office, and

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someone knocks at the door. One of the brothers he said, Ma'am, there's a brother here to see you. I said, Let him in.

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This man, his Muslim brother, I didn't recognize him. He wasn't from my jump. I

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use the houses a lot. But we didn't see we didn't recognize him. Most of the people in many of the people might come in and say at that time were African Americans. He wasn't African American, this Palestinian.

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I said, How can I help you?

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And I still see his face. I think his name was my him. I can see his face right now. And tears was coming down his eyes. He says he Ma'am, I need your help.

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I need your help. I'm prepared to help one another. I need your help. And Allah has ways of testing you been since I've seen also my life. You know, he will always test you. I remember one day I'm driving down Linden Boulevard on my way to Queens. And I was getting close to the belt Parkway.

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In that same week earlier, in Howard Beach, there was an African American who was killed by some white people. He was wandering away from them and ran into that pop when he lost his life. In a man while I'm driving, I'm saying, shoot. That's me. They come to attack me, I ain't running.

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In the moment, I said that. Imagine my stock market start

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near the area where he died. I'm boasting. If that was me, I am running my cost.

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Then I thought for a moment I said, Allah, I understand. My costs are working. And I went

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nano preparing to put by help one another. Here's a Muslim brother. He's coming to ask for my help. He's not from my Jamaat. But I remember the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam said, Muslim, a Muslim, Muslim, and Muslim, Muslim. The Muslim was a brother to Muslim.

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He's not from my philosophy in the heavy grammatical moment and why?

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This woman of yours is one oma. So you mean to tell me I'm gonna help him? If he's from my community? I'm gonna help him if he's black. I'm gonna help him if he's in my network. No, he's a Muslim, and a Muslim. Whoever needs help anywhere, we should be prepared to help. He said to me, he said he, ma'am. I have a building. When I was away from my building, and one of the apartments was vacant, and some drug dealers came in and they took over the apartment.

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I went to the police, I want to everyone, no one can help us. Ma'am, can you help me?

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I made a decision that night, I'm going to do one or two things. Number one, I'm going to help them.

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And if I help them, I'm going to give this football help one another.

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I also decided that if I were not going to help them, I'm not going to be hypocrite, I'm not going to give this cookbook. Because what do I look like? When Allah says help one another? And I don't help and I have the audacity to give you this clip. But I don't want to give a cookbook if I'm not going to help him.

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So I talked to the brothers. I took Sure. And they said Yes, ma'am. We should help them.

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We went that night. I'll never forget this.

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About 30 of us.

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We went to that building

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and I asked the Imam didn't sit in my Masjid and tell the brothers go and give me a report no

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30 of them we were in strategic places. I went with the landlord

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and we knocked on the door with the drug dealers in there and they said Who is it? I said it's the Muslims and we're here to take back the apartment of our brother.

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I heard the leader say to them

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Don't do anything stupid. It's the Muslims

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you talk to these people

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and opened the open the door and one by one by one they came out 910 1112 I don't remember the exact number but they left in the brother got his apartment back the irony of all ironies that these drug dealers called the police on us

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Why am I saying this? Why am I fighting this? I'm not telling you to do anything like that. I'm not because this religion is very practical. And Allah upon the water on never puts on us anything beyond our ability. You have Muslim say

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Habibi, halochem it most people you say what

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they say it means how are you? Yeah, does but don't really mean that if you studied the Arabic language has mean circumstance condition. So when you ask the person pay for Hello, can you say what's your condition? Because Allah subhana wa krok always takes into consideration your condition. Right? We have to make a lot five prayers a day. There's some people in my Masjid now. Allah blessed us we have so many cheers during the Salah, because the many brothers who can stand so they have chance. If you can't pray, standing, pray sitting. If you can't pray, sitting, pray laying down this how Allah subhanho wa Taala is for Allah. Say Allah as much as you're able to do it. You have to

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make hunch if you have the ability to do it. You have to fast for men cannot mean Kumari, then Allah suffered and

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you're sick. You're sick, you don't have to fast make it up. That's how long he is. Linda Rahman, kumoko, fire God, whoever season he will change it with his hand. If you can't change it with with your hand, change it with your tongue. If you can't change it with your tongue, with your tongue, change it with your heart but daddy could either fully man in this the weakness of faith, but Allah is not going to put on your condition beyond your ability. But we felt that we had the ability so we did a lot blasters, what am I saying?

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The iron put and in my opinion, that is the job description of the Muslims. What is supposed to be doing quantum hard.

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You have the best of the people evolved for mankind because you enjoying the good and you forbid the evil, you enjoying the good and you forbid the evil, you enjoying the good and you forbid the evil. That's what Muslims supposed to be doing? We're supposed to be eradicating evil all over the place. But you can't do it because the Prophet said we you hide in a movement that

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is strong believers better and more loved by a lot than a week believer but there's better good and all of them. So if we wait, no problem, get strong. Get strong so that we can do the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala and my last couple of minutes, I want you to consider this. who we are. I'm driving here from Brooklyn, to Long Island. I take the belt Park Parkway to Southern State Parkway.

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And I'm driving I'm saying so Panama. I'm thinking about the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam. They got around on camels and donkeys and horses. Here we are sitting in the car going if it's me 60 miles per hour if some of you 100 miles.

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But look how Allah blessed us.

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I flew to Malaysia, I flew to Australia. On the other side of the earth in this great big plane. They're building a plane to Emirates now building a plane that has a swimming pool.

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There's some planes some of you brothers know what they have showers.

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We sitting in economy, we don't know about no showers. it's astounding. I'm in Atlanta, Georgia in the airport.

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And I'm going through security.

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In there's a security man with a dog

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and the dog is smelling everybody

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and I'm watching them

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You know, I'm always amazed you know, because

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Allah has made some dogs smelling sense of smell over 100 million times stronger than the scent of human beings. Right so I'm watching man and I go around and I keep watching smells me goes about his business comes along.

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And then all of a sudden, this dog comes across one of the passengers an African American man. And he starts to sniff the man. And he keeps on and he starts walking, which means he found something

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and I saw

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in the security guard was white

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and passionate, it was black. So I got out my camera

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i want to i gotta catch this because I'm expecting all these security guards Come on, beat this man down. I'm saying so Tom a lot. In the in the in the security man gave him something like you did good.

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So much, and the man who the dog smell, he stopped laughing.

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And then he walks out.

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And I realize what happens. Every once in a while you have to test the dog to see if he's doing the right thing. So they send plants with something. So see if the dog would catch it.

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And I say you look at look, look how Allah has blessed us, Alam Torah and Allah soccerloco smell and feel all Don't you see how Allah has objected for you everything in the heavens and earth. Human beings are training dogs, to smell the breath of a human to see if he has cancer.

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unbelievable how Allah has blessed us, as human beings.

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In Egypt alone, feel sorry for women, you have Khalifa on the earth.

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Adam, Allah has honored the children of Adam. So in my conclusion, brothers and sisters,

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I thank Allah subhanho wa Taala

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for giving us all that He gives us.

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Now we have to do our job. We have to get strong, like they were 1400 years ago. And for the first 13 years, there was not even one verse of fighting.

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Everything was a man the hereafter to get these Muslims, not even fighting back, to make sure that they are servants of Allah. That's who we are with the servants of Allah and we don't do anything except Allah and His Messenger have guided us to do it.

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There are a lot of things happening around the world.

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For me, I'm asking the questions, we are the Muslims. When are we going to stand up and do what Allah wants us to do? As the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam did 1400 years ago because of the Eman in the trust in Allah. I promise you, if we trust Allah, Allah will bless us to do extraordinary things. If you don't think so my community, little people when nothing. In 1988 Allah blessed us master the parkway on Bedford Avenue and Fulton Street to close down 15 drug houses on the blanket that last year with brothers, believers, Muslims, and all we did is we stood out there for 40 days, standing in front of the drug houses telling them you can't buy drugs anymore. And a lot blusters,

00:23:54--> 00:24:38

that area was one of the worst of the city. According to the commander of the CIP 79%. He told me when we first moved there in 1981, he said this area is the worst area in the city. drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, everything, abandoned buildings everywhere, but you go there now, there's no abandoned buildings. In 1981. When we first came there, there was not one Muslim business on the block of that Masjid. Now there's over 30 now this area is one of the best in the world. We in the city in the city. We bought this property in 1981 for $25,000. Now they want to buy it for $25 million.

00:24:40--> 00:24:47

If we stand up for our long, intense rely on sukham. If you help Allah, Allah will help you just

00:24:48--> 00:24:55

prove that you believe and the way we believe is enjoying the good and forbidding the evil We ask Allah the Almighty

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to help those

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Suffering people in Syria.

00:25:03--> 00:25:05

ask Allah Almighty to give them relief.

00:25:06--> 00:25:27

We ask Allah Almighty to help them. ask Allah the Almighty to help those Muslims who are struggling in Yemen, Kashmir, those Muslims in Palestine, the Muslims in Somalia, the Muslims in Sudan, the Muslims everywhere all those people that are oppressed. Yes We ask Allah nobody to help them. Robin Robin i

00:25:29--> 00:25:47

mean i mean Robin Allah to African and a sinner, Robin Allah subhanaw taala danamon commelina Robyn Allah to Allah tala NaVi foreign network filled in our Hannah Antonella Neff and so now la come with Catherine are coming to la hora de la me

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whoa what

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a shadow

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shadow one

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00:26:24--> 00:26:25

todo por

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cada quantities Sana

00:26:49--> 00:26:50

the stove stole

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a lot

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from bill on me a rough manual Rahim Maliki omit Dean he cannot

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do you know Serato mustafi serrato la de la la him

00:27:28--> 00:27:32

lay him on a bow

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00:27:45--> 00:27:49

equal to mild when no matter were found Oh Judah calm Yo man

00:27:51--> 00:27:52

for man

00:27:56--> 00:27:58

has been hired to do

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00:28:10--> 00:28:12

semi Allah Lehman

00:28:16--> 00:28:18

Hello again.

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love love

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Oh my god.

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You're on bail on me in a rush man. Yo Rahim, Maliki oma Dean iaca na Buddha ye

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it you know serotonin stocking sobre todo la de la la him guy well my goby Ali Hill mano bow

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Yeah, you want to know so foodora

00:29:25--> 00:29:27

holla Kakuma Latina min

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00:29:38--> 00:29:43

Allah, Allah and Roger de mana, Marathi rescorla Cooney

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within in

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Medina effect to the surah

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Bisley while she was at

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I'm in Daniele in Saudi King. phylum cefalu. Allan cefalu facta Kula Rolla G.

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NASA ijarah.

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Semi Allah.

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long, long,

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long, long

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assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Allah slaughter Islam Allah rasulillah First of all, thanks to Allah subhanho wa Taala azza wa jal for granting us this beautiful two foot Juma football. And also thanks to Allah subhanho wa Taala for granting us the mumps, Rocco Hodge, that who gave very powerful football, we are thankful to him also. And we pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala to give him a long life with a good health inshallah.

00:32:35--> 00:32:52

Tomorrow, our matcha double Quran is a very special program, that is a celebration of a job from four to 6pm. There will be speeches and raffle prizes and a job demonstration, a company has donated

00:32:53--> 00:33:40

many his job for the free distribution. And this program is for the sisters on the end for the kids who are under seven years old. So this is to uphold this tradition of hijab. And to continue with it Charla and, number three we strongly condemned the chemical attack on over Syrian brothers and sisters and children. And we also condemned the terrorist attack in Lahore, Pakistan and we pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala for our brothers and sisters in Syria, that Allah subhanho wa Taala bring them out of this crisis and bring a full halt to this situation.

00:33:41--> 00:34:38

We also make dwell for our brothers in Iraq in Burma, in Kashmir, and in India. May Allah subhana wa Taala bring comfort and relief to them. And then we make to our for those who have left us for mother of brothers sitesell juki, who slaughtered janaza was performed this morning and mother in law of brother a searcher three and sister of brother nissar and brother Arshad and oma Xena man whose mother in law of brother conacher, Hussein nantou and Nicholas Rahman, who passed away and then Reza Sadiq who passed away in Bangladesh. So many people will see who left us and we pray for them and we pray for our self alone Mubarak Lena p Raja, Siobhan lovable ligna Ramadan

00:34:40--> 00:34:59

and those who are sick see the marina Fatone Kamran clim Surya ik Birla Sun rizwana Sultana is as a share of ASHRAE is a small shape to shape and God answer Yes, son, Daniel shape. So I'm Dr. Pillai means law to Islam Allah. Allah de wasabi hmm

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Longer film or Hmong novel kaboom Virgil Cabo Rome Rosa Maria Jenna flagella kobudo for termino for an Iran llama awfully hyena mama et now which are hitting up now. So the Rena Wikipedia with the Kareena avanzada. A lot more money he told me now for Islam, Amanda Fado Mina photographer walima Allahu monta Shafi La Mancha Shafi da Shiva, Shiva, Shiva Allah yoga Lusaka ma sur la la z rumpler, Sheila XIM and ESP home VSP Anna, love monster Juana nafees. Surya, elementary one and Alfie missile on sir Humphrey Iraq, but sir Humphrey Kashmir will move when sir Humphrey Pakistan, Afghanistan Burma, for Bernardino freedonia Hasina Avila karate huseynov, Okinawa but not so long and are fairly

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silky Muhammad Ali, he was a big marine problematic I

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I did my job.

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