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Niqab Not Nifaq

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Said Rageah

Channel: Said Rageah

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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In the hamlet in the

00:00:15--> 00:00:18

mother who was dying who wanna stop Pharaoh

00:00:22--> 00:00:27

when are the villa Himanshu rhodium fusina uomini. Say Dr. Medina.

00:00:30--> 00:00:32

Maria de la Hua Hua

00:00:35--> 00:00:38

woman Yoko diferencia de de da de murshida

00:00:41--> 00:00:42

whatcha doin La

00:00:43--> 00:00:46

la la la la sharika

00:00:48--> 00:00:52

Rashad Wanda Mohammed Anna Abu hora pseudo

00:00:54--> 00:01:01

Yeah, Johan Latina mucho con la cuarto de La Tomatina. Tomasi mon

00:01:04--> 00:01:09

yeah yohana Sakuraba como la de Haan. akumina sinuata

00:01:11--> 00:01:14

wahaca minha xojo ha Georgia

00:01:16--> 00:01:19

what was the menu Mary Jane and Kathy Ron one is

00:01:21--> 00:01:22


00:01:23--> 00:01:25

I know now v one or harm

00:01:27--> 00:01:30

in aloha Kennedy Kumaratunga

00:01:32--> 00:01:37

yo yo Han Latina Amara choco Haku Odin sadita

00:01:39--> 00:01:41

Yes, la Kumara Malecon

00:01:42--> 00:01:45

way up Phil la comida Nova con

00:01:46--> 00:01:47

woman yo

00:01:49--> 00:01:51

falls and alima

00:01:53--> 00:01:55

ameba if What if India

00:01:57--> 00:02:00

for alamanda Highland khademi karamo law

00:02:02--> 00:02:07

well, Hayden had he had you Mohammed in some law while he was

00:02:10--> 00:02:11

what's your remote?

00:02:14--> 00:02:16

worker number 13 better?

00:02:18--> 00:02:18


00:02:21--> 00:02:24

worker nagaraj. tv now

00:02:27--> 00:02:28

what if in

00:02:32--> 00:02:33

the law even

00:02:35--> 00:02:35


00:02:40--> 00:02:41

law his son in law

00:02:46--> 00:02:48

mermin Naveen Botha

00:02:49--> 00:02:50

Mateen koblin

00:02:53--> 00:02:57

enter Canada hoomin Amati Hawaii universe

00:03:00--> 00:03:02

Yahoo Buena Vista Nettie nutty

00:03:04--> 00:03:06

we're gonna be Emery

00:03:07--> 00:03:10

so my inner qanats

00:03:11--> 00:03:14

Soma in the human body whoa

00:03:16--> 00:03:18

Yo, Luna man If I don't,

00:03:20--> 00:03:23

way of Luna Nana, maroon

00:03:25--> 00:03:26


00:03:30--> 00:03:34

woman Johanna Houdini Sani for many

00:03:36--> 00:03:38

woman just had a baby

00:03:41--> 00:03:42

when he fell

00:03:52--> 00:03:55

in this hurt his brothers and sisters in Islam

00:03:58--> 00:04:00

the Messenger of Allah

00:04:03--> 00:04:05

is is stating and saying to us

00:04:07--> 00:04:10

there was no Navy that was ever said

00:04:13--> 00:04:16

no nebby no soul is included.

00:04:19--> 00:04:22

Except that he had from his own people.

00:04:23--> 00:04:25

How were you decide?

00:04:27--> 00:04:29

Was Harmon companion

00:04:31--> 00:04:33

Yahushua gonna be so nutty.

00:04:34--> 00:04:36

They follow his way of mine.

00:04:38--> 00:04:41

They follow the Sunnah of the Prophet

00:04:43--> 00:04:45

way of Omri

00:04:47--> 00:04:49

and they take his orders and his commandments.

00:04:51--> 00:04:54

But he said after our successes Kane

00:04:56--> 00:04:59

Cooper claim that which did not practice or do you

00:05:00--> 00:05:01


00:05:02--> 00:05:06

and practice, that what you would not order to do.

00:05:07--> 00:05:09

You want to order and they were not commanded to do.

00:05:11--> 00:05:14

And he said some of the law while he was setting them,

00:05:16--> 00:05:18

he strives against them,

00:05:20--> 00:05:21

his men,

00:05:23--> 00:05:26

he was tribes against him with his hands and

00:05:28--> 00:05:32

he was tribes against him with his fun is a movement

00:05:33--> 00:05:36

he was tribes against them with his heart is a moment

00:05:38--> 00:05:39

on the end,

00:05:41--> 00:05:42

there is none,

00:05:43--> 00:05:47

not a grain of faith in the heart of the purse.

00:05:49--> 00:05:51

Not even a man of the size of a grain.

00:05:55--> 00:05:56

What does it mean? What a villa

00:06:00--> 00:06:02

it means when you see these individuals

00:06:05--> 00:06:09

who would do that which they would not who would say that wish they would not do?

00:06:11--> 00:06:16

He will say we will say what they do things, they say things, but they would not follow up with actions

00:06:19--> 00:06:20

or they do things

00:06:22--> 00:06:25

that are low on his messenger did not command them to do.

00:06:28--> 00:06:30

If you stay silent

00:06:32--> 00:06:35

and then do something about it, then you know

00:06:38--> 00:06:41

because the Messenger of Allah is saying if What if you learn

00:06:44--> 00:06:46

Fermin tjahaja, whom

00:06:48--> 00:06:49


00:06:51--> 00:06:53

is tries against his people with their hand

00:06:55--> 00:06:56

or with his hand,

00:06:57--> 00:06:58

then that person is

00:07:01--> 00:07:03

a Gemini, what do you feel?

00:07:05--> 00:07:08

Very unique, very strange.

00:07:11--> 00:07:13

To hear so called Muslim,

00:07:16--> 00:07:18

live the harm.

00:07:21--> 00:07:25

And they are concentrating to four bed the Halla

00:07:28--> 00:07:31

the obscene form of bidding haraam

00:07:32--> 00:07:37

and they put the effort to stop what Allah and His Messenger made it.

00:07:40--> 00:07:43

And the day was the filler you and I

00:07:45--> 00:07:49

we decide to be a passive mob men are Muslim almost suddenly.

00:07:52--> 00:08:00

Who's not willing to do anything about it, then the level of the time of a man is being removed from us and is given to someone else.

00:08:03--> 00:08:05

We have Google people nowadays.

00:08:06--> 00:08:09

Nowadays they came up and they said no.

00:08:10--> 00:08:11

And they all

00:08:15--> 00:08:16


00:08:18--> 00:08:26

they went as far as going to the government submitting official request that they need.

00:08:34--> 00:08:39

If we don't speak the truth, what law is the mobile lawyer who will pay the price?

00:08:40--> 00:08:43

Well, La Jolla was hobbema model

00:08:45--> 00:08:46

in a container can

00:08:49--> 00:08:50

say the truth,

00:08:51--> 00:08:53

proclaiming up openly and clearly.

00:08:55--> 00:08:57

And do not worry about the machinery.

00:08:58--> 00:09:06

Turn away from them. We were indeed protective on people like them in NACA, pina coladas.

00:09:08--> 00:09:14

On a lawn study in solitude club that will read every single Friday. What What is

00:09:19--> 00:09:19

the law?

00:09:20--> 00:09:23

Yeah, I'm gonna say the truth

00:09:27--> 00:09:27

from your law.

00:09:30--> 00:09:32

What happens here on wha

00:09:33--> 00:09:40

wha horning hakomi Robic from an schaffen min. Whosoever desires that he believes

00:09:42--> 00:09:43

not in believing that

00:09:44--> 00:09:45


00:09:47--> 00:09:54

are whosoever desires to disbelieve that and turn away from that. Let him also take that

00:09:59--> 00:09:59

as a movement

00:10:02--> 00:10:05

Allah come in for a reason.

00:10:07--> 00:10:10

And he said one more minute one more minute.

00:10:12--> 00:10:13

bow on

00:10:16--> 00:10:16


00:10:19--> 00:10:21

way and one when our honeymoon come

00:10:22--> 00:10:25

when you came on a solo were you

00:10:26--> 00:10:27

were you

00:10:33--> 00:10:34

in Omaha?

00:10:37--> 00:10:39

No one

00:10:41--> 00:10:43

male and female believers.

00:10:44--> 00:10:46

They are helpers of one another

00:10:48--> 00:10:52

protectors of one another supporters of one another.

00:10:53--> 00:10:56

Friends of one another allies of one another.

00:10:57--> 00:10:59

What is their job?

00:11:04--> 00:11:06

They enjoy that what is good.

00:11:07--> 00:11:09

They see mooncup they stop.

00:11:11--> 00:11:14

They see you not doing Morrow they order you to do

00:11:16--> 00:11:16

and then a loss

00:11:20--> 00:11:22

and establish the soul.

00:11:23--> 00:11:24

And they give the Zack

00:11:26--> 00:11:29

we chose to live Islam by design

00:11:30--> 00:11:31

and desires.

00:11:33--> 00:11:35

I chose to live Islam

00:11:36--> 00:11:45

based on what I see as desirable to me. If there's a hardship that's facing me, I will not take a step towards that.

00:11:46--> 00:11:47


00:11:49--> 00:12:01

Allah here, Allahu Allah, no, Mo Mo, Mo, Allah have mercy on them. And then is it in the law? Indeed, Allah is Aziz powerful. My

00:12:03--> 00:12:07

all power belongs to Allah and is always a key.

00:12:08--> 00:12:14

There is a hikma why Allah mentioned the believer made the believing men and women to begin with.

00:12:16--> 00:12:20

But what happens if What if we die if we don't do an AMA?

00:12:24--> 00:12:29

What would happen if we don't do what a law order us to do listen to the heavy

00:12:32--> 00:12:33

man has he

00:12:36--> 00:12:37

called in?

00:12:42--> 00:12:44

He said the first time

00:12:46--> 00:12:46

first time

00:12:48--> 00:12:55

that the primitive was introduced to Benny is throwing in religion and not

00:12:57--> 00:12:59

Can you do yoga?

00:13:01--> 00:13:02

meet another man

00:13:04--> 00:13:07

for your corner and he was saying to him,

00:13:08--> 00:13:08


00:13:10--> 00:13:11

matters not for

00:13:14--> 00:13:18

a law and do not do what are you doing? Indeed it is not lawful for you.

00:13:21--> 00:13:24

This is an honorable man. When a man

00:13:27--> 00:13:33

or a woman and then you would meet the same man tomorrow. The next day.

00:13:38--> 00:13:48

What he saw yesterday, when he saw it yesterday and we talked to him about will not stop this man. The man who was doing an honorable

00:13:50--> 00:13:54

Annie akuna Akilah was Sherry Walker.

00:13:56--> 00:14:11

Don't let it stop him. You did massive. You were doing massive. I gave you a nursery. But that was yesterday today our eat with you. I will drink with you. And I will sit with you.

00:14:15--> 00:14:18

When they did that, they said oh, we did.

00:14:19--> 00:14:24

This is free country. He's an adult. I gave him mine.

00:14:34--> 00:14:36

Barack Obama who luva body

00:14:40--> 00:14:41

when they did this

00:14:42--> 00:14:46

a loss of Hanover what made their hearts different.

00:14:48--> 00:14:50

They no longer can unite.

00:14:52--> 00:14:54

They no longer like one another

00:14:56--> 00:14:57

for karasuma

00:15:01--> 00:15:03

During alladhina cafaro Newberry

00:15:06--> 00:15:08

and Alicia NIDA is Sabrina Maria.

00:15:10--> 00:15:12

He said curse

00:15:14--> 00:15:19

the children destroyed through the tongue of their own David Allen

00:15:21--> 00:15:22

where he is the son of Mary

00:15:24--> 00:15:26

during alladhina cavora membury Israel

00:15:29--> 00:15:31

Danny Covina So what can we add to?

00:15:32--> 00:15:40

That is because of the morals of the use to commit and the use to try and get to understand limits of the law can who now you

00:15:41--> 00:15:43

can follow that it's American law.

00:15:45--> 00:15:48

They would not stop one another from committing a mass appeal.

00:15:50--> 00:15:52

And then a lawyer own Tanaka theatre.

00:15:56--> 00:15:57

You will see a lot of them

00:15:59--> 00:16:05

going to the zoo for taking them as supporters and helpers and friends that island

00:16:06--> 00:16:07

levies America.

00:16:10--> 00:16:10

And so

00:16:12--> 00:16:12


00:16:14--> 00:16:29

is a what is a disaster an acceptable thing that the knifes introduced to them that are more is anger and the words or law is upon them. And they are in jahannam forever. And then Allah

00:16:36--> 00:16:46

if they were true believers, in a law on the messenger overlord met the huddle. They will never take them allies. What?

00:16:48--> 00:16:49

For most of them

00:16:51--> 00:16:54

when these people go to the cook bar,

00:16:55--> 00:17:00

and they say we want you to stop our sisters

00:17:01--> 00:17:05

who are seeking modesty, the least that we can say they often are modest.

00:17:07--> 00:17:11

And we say no, you stop by more than that.

00:17:15--> 00:17:21

If they were true believers, what Oh, can we you know, and I'd be lying when they be warmer.

00:17:22--> 00:17:30

If they truly believe in a more on what Allah has revealed His Messenger, they would never do that. But the nouns

00:17:34--> 00:17:35

and the sub products

00:17:37--> 00:17:44

in this we are like very strong because we support them with our donation.

00:17:46--> 00:17:48

We support them with our voice.

00:17:49--> 00:17:56

We allow those individuals to exist among Muslims I speak on behalf of Muslim law.

00:17:58--> 00:18:02

And the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he continued by saying what law

00:18:04--> 00:18:06

he said one law letter

00:18:09--> 00:18:09

what are

00:18:12--> 00:18:12

what are

00:18:15--> 00:18:16

what are

00:18:18--> 00:18:18

what are

00:18:20--> 00:18:21


00:18:25--> 00:18:25


00:18:28--> 00:18:29

He's a one law.

00:18:31--> 00:18:32

By a law.

00:18:33--> 00:18:35

If you don't do that I'm gonna be out of

00:18:38--> 00:18:56

and if you don't take the hand of the oppressors, and if you don't bring them to the half and bring them down, and if you don't make sure that they follow the half, then Allah subhanho wa Taala will place this unity among yourselves. And Allah would curse you as he cursed Benny is

00:18:59--> 00:19:00

so calm.

00:19:03--> 00:19:05

We are so passive.

00:19:08--> 00:19:10

And I wish he was just in the arm.

00:19:12--> 00:19:13

It is not yet what it is.

00:19:15--> 00:19:18

Today is the niqab and we kept quiet about

00:19:20--> 00:19:27

two more is the Avaya What does he have to wear a buy and then we're going to be quiet about because there's a lot to follow.

00:19:28--> 00:19:34

They've done the Avaya because we did not speak about it all before.

00:19:35--> 00:19:45

And then after I buy and why do they have to work a job in a government buildings and education institute like they doing in France. And then we say what

00:19:48--> 00:19:49

is one step?

00:19:51--> 00:19:52

Once tomorrow

00:19:54--> 00:19:55

is not the niqab

00:19:56--> 00:19:59

if I believe in your pot is worth 100