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Said Rageah
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Viva la sala

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Welcome to

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The brothers are extremely aggressive. They made sure that I speak only for 20 minutes.

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If I add one more minute, I was told they may have to pray my janazah here.

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So I have to cut Sure. To the point. I have no idea what share Haytham had spoke about. Can someone tell me what he mentioned or what he spoke about? As far as I know, he says, hold on. Am I right?

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All right. So the brother wasn't misleading me.

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What I want to talk about is something very quick, and this is

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seeking knowledge.

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But what I want to mention is a story of it had been a pilot, and his companion, his best friend. And his best friend's name was Coumadin. Zia.

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You probably know this sort of commencement Ziad committed in his yard was very close, Tabby, students of Alabama be part of the law one. And I even thought he had a lot of respect for him.

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So what he did about the Allahu anhu was

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he took him in bin Zayed by the hand and he walked him outside of the city limits.

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And when they reach, openness, space meaningly in in the middle of the desert,

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Khomeini, I live in Atlanta, he sat down, and comedian Ziad came in front of him and he also sat down.

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And then I don't even have you thought about the Allahu anhu. He paused for a second for a moment.

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And then caught a domain ayeni for in the nikolova over here.

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Well, you Ha, ha, ha. He said, Oh, cool made. It means take it for me. Learn for me understand what I'm going to say. Give me your heart. And then he said for in an Uber, indeed hearts, our ear are nothing but containers. So let me have your heart. Now, exactly similar. I may ask the brothers and says give me your heart for those 20 minutes. And then I thought you said the best of the hearts of those who can contain the most.

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And then I live in a thought. He said to him to cremate

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a nurse with that Earth. He said people are three different categories. Animal Rabbani

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musallam, Allah severen Naja Hamadan AR en Atiba coralina Lamia, stobi with the neuron a neuron in me, the suburban with him. He say people are three of three different categories, three different classes. And I want you brothers, and I want you sisters, to classify yourself based on the classification that I live in, I will call him gave two commands.

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So the first of the three categories he said, animal or Bonnie and him that is attached to a law unto the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And brothers and sisters are onomah different categories as well. There is alum,

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an Obama alum. As a we say some of you may understand of the nation Wow, he's on him the oma Amati Mohammed Salah Lalwani, he was setting them and a lot of you would assume this is an animal of the Ummah there he must be good. No,

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I am oma is the item that he has the end he has the knowledge, but he is a person who would give you fatwa based on what you want to hear not based on the correct understanding of Islam. For example, someone will come and say chef, I heard this a fatwa by the Shia

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A man can have nine wives.

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Can I have nine wives, you know is very necessary one wife is not enough for me to wives and not enough for me. Three, you know, I'm a Superman, you know, I need nine wives. Chef, you want me to fall into Mars You know? So he was see what the person wants and then he will find footwork for that and he will say yes nine Why is it permissible? Because Allah subhana wa tada said, One Kiko Mata

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Mata now with through that and what robot There are nine wives, you can have nine wives.

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These are the odema the first category is not good, because it's Adam oma. The second category is odd in Dota.

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And in Dota, he only goes he has the knowledge, he goes based on what the state wants, what the people of the government want. The third is Alan Miller.

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Alan Miller, which means he will only give you which is in the shittier in the middle of Allah soprano. This is the one that we're talking about. So there are unima so the first category ID Mona Bonnie if not bas, are the Allahu anhu said it means on him that is attached to the Koran and the sooner the second category of people is well thought was just

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Allah Sabine Naja and a person who is trying to learn for his own salvation and survival. You want to learn this Deen because you want to pray your own practice this Deen based on the book of the law and the teaching of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and you are students of knowledge. You are connected to the owner man. You are a person who wants to learn from the scholars who sit under the scholars who learns everything from the owner, not for Mufti Google Rahim Allah or shell you two mile long preserve him none of that he learns this Deen from the actual owner and he sits with them and from that he learns

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the third and this by the way.

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If you are with the alum Allah Seville in Naja, you need four things. One,

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a tandem and Masai you learn that correct knowledge you learn the authentic material. And the authentic material is base color law while color was sued. And the evidence evidence is a loss of Hanna who said on the hard to borrow Hannah come in consolidating everything that you do, or everything that you learn is based on clear evidence $1 madness are here to anomaly

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anomaly bear your practice what you learn majority of the Muslims now day will learn and only for the purpose of collection. We collect information, we learn new things we don't apply and we're not learning to apply we learning and because I know this first one, I know what Nakajima Josie said about this, I know what that have you said about this issue? I know this hookman that have come about to practice that is not in our agenda. And this is what we need to overcome is not is not a collection of information and you learn and so you can practice. So you could allamani obey.

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So whatever you learn today you learn and someone came to you and he said to you you know after Salatin surgeon, if you sit in your masala and you that you do the thicker of a law or you read the Quran until the sunrise and after the solid sunrise you pray to Raka of Serato Baha you get the reward of Rama on Hajj and Umrah now this is the end then you ask the person where is the evidence and he comes around and he says to you in Sunni telemedia so how Bernie and this is authentic so you say Masha Allah you apply now you learn and you apply third adopt what to eat a you go to your brothers and sisters the brothers should not go to the sisters you know I don't want it all brother

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say it's actually gonna give it to the sisters

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and Mashallah you know, removed

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The curtains. And you have that Mashallah big smile of yours. And you're like, I want the one with the red hijab.

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No brothers for their brothers and sisters for the sisters.

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You call, whatever you learn to the brothers, two sisters to the people and said, Listen, I have learned something beautiful little lick or on have sovereign domestic, you got row of hagoromo and another net one of the nurses when the messenger of a loss of the low and he was in and the middle part of time, a time a time of complete hygiene ombre. Now you go to your brother, and he said listen, the messenger over loss of a long way that he was sending him said that the only way I can be with Indiana is if we go together and live together and love one another. So learn this. Fourth, when it comes to an

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end as a sub LA, you have patient in calling people to this end was a song and be patient with the thing that comes with spreading in in that it can mean asthma or mode. Indeed, this is a part of this deal. You come to me and you say brother, sorry, I have learned this distance Heidi, and I tell you brother, according to my mother, you know, that had his life. And he say I hate tequila. I say no, you are happy. You know, he tell you a selfie. He tells you you this you're Hanafi you publicly you when you say in that it can mean as much or more this is what it comes with. And therefore the third category of people that the messenger RNA Vitaly mentioned on the hemorrhage Rehan Atiba echo

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Lena, he said they are hemorrhage. They are low class people. They are you know, it's like a fly the fly over your head. They are useless. At about a cuddly knife. They listen to everyone that speaks someone speaks or he's a chef. Oh by the side is a big shift. Mashallah, how did you know he has a YouTube Mashallah lecture, I saw his the I saw when the lady hugged him, he must be a Mufti of the century. And hamdulillah. No, that's got a knife, you say no. See this, these are the worst category of people.

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For you to be the third kind from the third kind.

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So if you don't want to be from the third,

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at least aim for the SEC. But the ultimate goal should be the first category. If you want to learn and what do you need to have? I'm going to have a seven things quick. One, sincerity loss. You want to be a student of knowledge. It shouldn't be based on a loss based on sincerity. You don't want to come brothers and a lot of brothers do this. You know, they come on, they sit in the halaqa and they teach halaqaat and they grow fake beer. You know? And then they come and then they say you know I'm want to be a chef so I can marry a beautiful sister.

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That is not a fluff. That's got his last for wife. We want a class for Allah. So you learn the deen and it was warmer O'Meara Li Li Mo de la Mola Sina Allahu Deen, second brothers. As Dada.

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Dada. I'm sorry taqwa of Allah subhana wa Tada. You must have Taqwa. What did Allah said about en mantapa? He said, What Allah where you are limo como la. He said have the Tucker overlong and along with teach see the condition?

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Who is the biggest item that we have brothers. Tell me Give me a shot. Give me a name the biggest item.

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He believes she believes Mufti believes he is the biggest and does he have any taqwa? No taqwa

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by itself is not that important. My chef studied he got his PhD at one of my shear one of my shield. I repeat one of my shield. Again, one of my shield. I don't want you guys to say the shift learn from a caffeine. One of my shoe. He got his PhD from a Christian scholar. And this Christian scholar was a professor in a university called McGill University. I asked this show of mine. I said yeah, sure. You saw with bing bang. You saw what they mean. You start with second Alberni. In comparison, these great scholars. And this Catherine has been teaching you and move on which are

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These are more knowledgeable in Islam. He said what la mala Dinah I say My eyes have never seen anyone like this Catherine in terms of n, but not taco

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bass. You see it tequila. He cries used to cry to him on law show. They mean I have seen that ship being very, very humble. You say it took it. He says on the Minamata pain, but this guy is different. So a law said it took up a lot well you know, common law feel a lot and a lot will teach you third.

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And what if you learn on no one him? You got to aim high. I don't want you to sit in brothers and sisters and say Mashallah, you know, I memorize Adam Terra kafer father Booker, and hamdulillah I'm half in the Koran, part of the Quran and hamdulillah You know, I'm looking for a wife.

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No, you're still a student of knowledge. You know, your mom is 10 Jews, you still a student of knowledge, you should aim that you memorize all 30 just have an aim high. Do not aim for 40 Hadith do not aim for only a Koran but Quran and tafsir and so on. I asked Yamaha Masada. I say Yeah, sure. We were students of knowledge and he used to live very close to us. And we went to him and said, We want to be a student of knowledge. I say sure. What do I need to memorize to become a student of knowledge is 40 Hadith enough?

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And the chef said, you finish the head body, you finish a Muslim, you finish the four pseudoknot kilometer within the margin when I say what

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you mama is Mr. Mohammed bin Hanbal only 35,000 Hadith. He said you and then we may call you student of knowledge. May I need not even we will call you may call your student of knowledge. So you got to aim high. Mm, Mohammed, bin, Mohammed, Abu Jaffa, Mohamad of poverty, Imam of poverty Rahim Allah Mohammed bin Abdullah Mohammed bin Jared povery Rahim, Rahim Allah. He said, I mama is the Koran when I was seven years old. He said I became the email of my message when I was eight years old. He said I started writing hobbies when I was nine years old. He said Then one day, you know when I became an artist, one day someone asked me about a little alone is a different type of ship. And

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when you sing a share when you sing a poem in Arabic, you just don't say anything. It's not like English, but you gotta have something you have to learn something. He said when he asked me the question about the road and I realized I didn't know this. I dropped everything I say I cannot be true student of knowledge. Until I mastered that. And he did.

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Number four is stick to your share

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in stop jumping from one method to another or share it here, let me go somewhere else. No, stick to one share, and learn from that share. When you learn everything from that ship. Move on. If your ship is good with sit with the ship until you finish you know mm

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in the Imam Abu hanifa is too long students called I will use

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I will use he stayed with him Abu hanifa for 17 years 17 years did not go anywhere. And when he finished was only after that he was able to go somewhere else 17 years. And nowadays brothers, we want quick end we want drive thru and you know like McDonald's, you know you want to go drive thru, get your cheese hella burger. They don't have that. You know, and then you want to become a student of knowledge. It shouldn't be like this, stick to your share as much as you can, is my 20 minutes up.

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Three minutes or three minutes left by

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number five.

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Be a be aware of wasting time. Student of knowledge be aware of wasting time, a lot of you waste time in a lot of things. That is not important. Such as you want to know what the owner mindset about this person or that person and you're still struggling with the basics of your deen. You're struggling with rulu you're struggling I'm sure if I test some of you who are sitting right here on acid

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To perform exactly the same rule of smiling, I found out the long run, that he learned it from the Messenger of Allah that is being reported in say, * mahadi you perform the same Moodle, majority of you will fail. So what I was saying, you know, make your time

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on things or use your time on things that is useful, do not waste time about useless things.

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The other thing is what if you learn number point number five on number six, have sub within. I remember the first lesson that I learned for my shield first

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shift, the professor of University of Medina, and his name was shift Zola

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in Washington, when I walk into the class, and I'm thinking, I'm thinking that I'm a student of knowledge and I know everything. And the first and I was most ignorant person. I just realized that after I learned that I'm ignorant. The first lesson he said on law, but he said it is must is an essential is imperative is important for you to have sub, he says sub with the met with the with the sub with the subject, sub with the students classmate, sub with time, he said if you don't have these four different types of sub with different type of categories, he said you will never be students of knowledge, and you will never be able to succeed in anything. So my suggestion to your

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brothers and sisters have sucked and remember musala his Salatu was Salam cannot stay with him because he did not have the maturity. The summer that was necessary for him to continue with

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him I sent him an email and this is what I would have to say inshallah. And he told me, time is up

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