Qur’an from a Mobile or Book? Which is better?

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Are you allowed to read your Quran from a mobile phone or an app or an iPad or a laptop? The answer is yes, I'm allowed. I can, I can use my phone, open the app in there the Quran, I can read from there and so on. But what is better? It is definitely better to pick up the physical Quran and flip its pages as you're reading. Why? Because for that one, I need to follow certain etiquettes I need to do I need to respect it in a certain way. I need to make sure that I fulfilled its rights it is a must have. So while both of them are acceptable, one has a notch of virtue greater than the other.

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You need to understand this I would prefer that if we have a daily sitting, pick up the moose half itself and open it

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and Allah grant us