Saad Tasleem – Do Men Have To Wear Hijab

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of " modesty" and how it applies to men and women. They apply this concept to both physical appearance and character. The focus is on empowering men to express their inner beauty and empowering women to live their lives in a way that inspires their desire for a "immature" lifestyle.
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Do men have to wear hijab Muslim prostitute presents q&a with sad the sleeve. A lot of times when people hear the word modesty or higher, they think of hijab, not just hijab, but they think of a piece of cloth, a covering that a woman wears, and in actuality HIA deals with a lot more than a woman's dress or a woman's covering modesty or Hey, as a concept applies to men and women alike. We apply that in our lives in different ways. The process they send them said, McCann hire vishay illa Zana, he said higher modesty is not placed into anything, except that it makes it beautiful. Now, how many times do we think of hijab and think beauty, we think the opposite of that most people

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think of covering up and hiding and actually hiding your beauty and actuality Haiya is an expression of our inner beauty. And that applies to men and women, both alike. Men, women are both islamically supposed to live their life in a way, whether it be physically in their in their behavior, in their actions in their character, to live their life in a way where they are able to express that inner beauty. And that for a man involves Yes, the physical hijab as well, physically with their dress, fulfilling the guidelines of what is considered modest dress, but it goes beyond that it's our character and how we behave and how we interact with each other as well. Just like women have that

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concept, men have that concept as well. And this is why if you look in the Quran, the last part that addresses women put in what minute to say to the believing women, and a lot dresses men as well put it in meaning say to the believing men, and that shows us that to restrict modesty to simply a woman's hijab or an abortion or a physical covering is an injustice to the concept of hijab. It applies to men and it applies to women and inshallah tada in this seminar, we're going to discuss this at length and how we can spiritually benefit from the concept of modesty and how it will actually empower us to get closer to a loss of data.

Q & A Session with Saad Tasleem presented by AlMaghrib Institute

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