Riyadul Haqq – The Greatest Loss A Tafsir Of Surat ʾl ʿAsr

One of the greatest blessings and gifts that man has been bestowed with is time. Man neglects the importance of time and thus becomes extremely preoccupied in the pursuit of mundane desires. Ultimately, these pursuits result in the spiritual decline of the spirit. This is a form of ingratitude to Allah as this gift of time is not utilised by man in the manner in which He desires. This ingratitude distances the Spirit from Allah and hurls it into a great loss.

This beautiful surah, swearing by time and its significance, expounds on the importance of revitalising the soul and saving it from utter destruction and great loss by performing good deeds and counselling others to patience and perseverance as well as the truth. Furthermore, the talk details the prescriptions of the Messenger SAW which allow us to learn how to value and appreciate this great gift.

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