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Lisa describes various elements of the song, including its use of words like "has" and "has not," and the importance of witnessing and being a witness. She also discusses the holy holy message of the Prophet Muhammad, which describes him as reciting the holy holy message of the Prophet. The interviewer asks about the history of the message and the speaker explains that it is a competition between two brothers. The speaker also discusses the responsibilities and role of the speaker's role as the head of the Islamist movement, as well as the importance of protecting others' health and protecting the culture of the Prophet Muhammad.

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similar sorts of songs for less than or equal to Castle.

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Ever hydrophone

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on demand model with you, then okay Sharla

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I hope you're enjoying it.

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So the party's tonight to talk about rather than recovering the end of solids.

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And that's all of the mind as well. So what Lisa, just let me quickly because it was mostly recited yesterday, and today, we just finished it, and then we just move to solid format. Certainly Lisa, or women, this is this one man.

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This was women.

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What is the singular of this?

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Do you know him ah.

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And then the plural of Himalaya is the set.

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And Rogen is men, and the plural version is up here. So version Asia, said, everything is different about women. Even the name is different. So Panama, there is a course about women called complicated.

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It's a course that we teach them, I think it's called complicated. And there's a cost which I'm making for medical simple.

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So in this app, so let me say it's interesting. So it has its lead in this order, which means it was revealed mostly in Medina all the way in Medina, it has 167.

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And it's just number five, and number six, and it refers mostly about routines, routines pertaining to women and inheritance.

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And it's the team in terms of resume the sequence as to in terms of its relation, it's number 92. Number 92. Right after solid,

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testing, and right before salt disease, just in terms of its revelation. And it starts with

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what is the beginning of solid and reset?

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If you remember, there are

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so many of you on this one, what do we call this type of an introduction?

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Is it helpful to

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know Is it a person? No, it is.

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He said that it is a need that there are 10 sources in the Quran to start with me that like yatta yatta yatta

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yatta I don't know. So this is what we call an RV and either on a call like when you call someone Yeah, you fall down. Yeah. So it starts with me that right.

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And also talks quickly, shallow Tana about prohibited matters concerning the niqab such as those that become very apparent to Allah He talks about, you know, mothers and sisters and daughters and aunties, and you know, paternal aunties and maternal Auntie's. So these are the some of the women that we cannot marry. And then Allah azza wa jal also talks about is what we said about some of the Salah over fear, and also talks about the Salah of traveling, we describe the smell of traveling, and the setup of the fear even during the fear, that is Allah subhanaw taala even during times of war, there is Sunnah and the loss of Hannah with Tara describes to me how they would pray if they

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were in terms of instead of fear in the in the, during the war. As I remember the last advice of the Prophet Mohammed Reza salaam when he was dying, is Asana, Asana, the final golden advice of the Prophet of the Prophet Mohammed that is to say, there is in fact a very, very interesting interplay. And that made the Prophet cry is sort of in the set as verse number 41. In fact, the Prophet Muhammad he heard of a stroke reciting the Quran, so he told him to recite from the prophet who was listening to Abdullah the mustard and reciting the Quran, Allah told him get a Salah, chalet recite the end, it was revealed upon mute, says yes, I love to listen to it from people who can you know,

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from others, so he told him to resign. And then he was recited from something that he said, until he reached verse number 41. And then the Prophet told him has spoke has spoken, it's enough. And then he said, he says, I turned and I found that the Prophet was weeping so much so that his beard was soaked with tears. What made Prophet Muhammad cry the ayah that says, okay, for either heating and cooling mission, he was in Africa,

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in Africa, Asia either, as Allah subhanho wa Taala says, we would bring you

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where we bring every nation as a witness, and we shall bring your own Muhammad a witness upon them, and that made the Prophet Muhammad cry because it made him think of the

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After it made him think also of witness imagine he's a witness and he's crying. How about the people who will be witnessed against? If the Prophet is a witness witnessing something, and he's crying? What about that person and witnessing against if the prophet is quiet on himself. So the Prophet thought about it and he was quite a lot. And also insulted is that there is this verse, one verse in the entire Quran that was revealed insight that

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no other verse from the Quran or revealed inside the Kaaba is instead except one verse which is mentioned insulting said, Does anybody know? It's a gem? By the way, no doubt the germs. Does anybody know? Not the germs, germs.

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Verse number 58, from Salatin, he said that Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about

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him Allah.

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Allah ordens you to pay back the money that you know the man is not something I can trust that you give to someone is the deen is your children or your spouse, your your responsibilities, your role that you've taken on isn't Eminem, right? So this is mostly about salt in the sand. And that's what can make me that also called an recode or covenants because it starts with, you know, our full build rapport, rapport means covenants or other contracts. It's also called an awkward Old Covenant. It has 120 Aya, it's also made any solar solar company that is majorly solar, it starts with yet you have no idea. And then which means what were the what kind of starting, what kind of introduction is

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that is the same as sort of

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a neither doctor and neither one that we give some other different types of chocolate, sisters that angry because we don't give chocolate.

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I don't know when I gave them I gave them the settlement, that angry,

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He can make everybody angry sentences.

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And Allah has social talks about the inciting incident starts talking about the food that is prohibited and the food that is halal and the food that is prohibited, the parliament had equilibrated towards them we're gonna see like the the major the dead, and the swine, flesh and the and the blood. So as a result, you know, he describes the food that is or the type of flesh or meat that is around. And then Allah subhanaw taala talks about the era of the Prophet so so that will be mentioned just a minute, or you know, recommend to the computer. Why term to any company MIT, what are the two that come with Islam, and today I have perfected your hours. This is the last thing when

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the Prophet Mohammed went to America, after the conquest of America, Allah revealed the soul, this area, to complete the religion, anything that was to come after will be considered to be that house, after that start as the Prophet he completed the religion some loved one way. And then in the same Surah, Allah describes the widow, the widow of the fund, how to make will do the very first action person who who thought Prophet Muhammad know to make what do you believe? He taught him how to be able to, but then Allah subhanaw taala also revealed in the do of the following that how to make the proper will do and then also to Jambu, the description of Ceylon if there is no water

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is also mentioned in surah. Al Qaeda, and then two more things shall I want to cover? I still have two more minutes. The story of Adam and his children, his two sons, Calvin, and Hobbes, Cain and Abel, such an amazing story whereby there is this competition happening between the two brothers, between Cain and Abel. So Allah associate, as editor told them, you all bring in some sort of sacrifice and we see which Allah which sacrifice wouldn't be accepted by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, able brought his best that he got been telling did not bring the best as he that Allah azza wa jal chose the sacrifice of Halloween versus copied, then came heavy on Camp Harvey, and he did

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not accept the fact that his brother was chosen. So this is another disease the same disease of a shepherd and this is another disease that was inflicted upon this boy upon this metabolic Cain, who wanted to kill his brother. Do you know what this disease is called? A lot of people suffer from it is

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envy who said that?

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Everybody Okay everybody, envy everybody envy everybody envy and has what is called an RV.

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What is it called an

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hour Awa and

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it's called

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May Allah has those

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To save us from this disease, there are a lot of people who suffer from this men and women really in his own envy and hustle.

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Why? So he wanted to kill his brother. And then he's got he's another beautiful gem. His brother says that Cain told his brother Carla afternoon that I shall kill you. And then his brother says pada pada labor supply

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to any man

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man and because of the naked in the half Allah Allah. He says, If you were to stretch out your hand to kill me, I shall not stretch out my head to kill you because I feel Allah

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I feel Allah Cara indemand papilla Nina, Nina with the pin Allah except only that from the most epic from the righteous, and he did not stray so he's had to kill his brother, old. Okay, the very first crime that was committed on Earth, I'm going to add, the very first crime that was committed on Earth is killing by Paddy. And the Prophet says anyone who commits the same crop of kidney, it will all go into the into the account into the account of Calvin of Calvin, the son of of Adam and his brothers and sisters. Again, one more time, this disease and hustled and hustled and hustled and hustled Yeah, and you please, this is the time this is the month where we should quickly

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disheartened clean slate, clean slate from this really poisonous disease. There's people carrying poison in their hearts, you know, in others for what Eliza has blessed them with why would you have some envy towards your sister or your brother who's doing well? Why don't you wish them well? Why don't you make to have for them otherwise we'd be like taking you'd be like

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baclofen combs or Kamala Harris or seller mulling over a category