How to fix Heart Disease issue

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Word that will help us for another prescription that would help us cure the diseases of the heart. I'm sure you have heard of it a lot. But I'm here to remind myself and to remind you something called

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something called seeking forgiveness from Allah subhana wa Tada. These are the two main prescriptions to fuse the diseases of the heart and the sickness of the heart to find that ease in that piece that we are looking for.

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There are so many fluids, if you and I only know of those have

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the best type of SFR

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How will be

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the best time to because default is very early in the morning at five times, but what are some of the flows over this default that he mentioned a couple of ways the first filter is default will save you as Allah Subhana Allah says, You swore and fair Allah will save you from his punishment when

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Allah was not to punish them as long as they are making is the heart he said that is

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something that will save you from the punishment of a lot is seeking forgiveness from Allah subhana wa Tada. So, you here may be looking for a good job. Some of you here may be looking for a good spouse or righteous spouse, some of you here may be looking for a good life. Maybe all of us here are looking for good luck. Here are maybe looking for righteous children. It is nice to have so first number 10 Allah subhana wa tada says, He said he knows

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his stuff.

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were drawn

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you want to see this?

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Why are you ready to come

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with me?

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know these people.

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seek forgiveness from the Lord.

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He is the author giver.

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He is don't forgive, forgive.

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Forgive. So,

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you see this,

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Tisha sand down the rain, rain and rain is a sign of good, which

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is in some alchemy, dada, or you did a wedding already. And he should bless you work with and work with worth every penny and with children, righteous children, it's all

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stays the same that while you're difficult.

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So if you're looking for a righteous husband, if you're looking for a righteous wife, if you're looking for pious, righteous children, if you're looking for a better job for the good well, sound

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righteousness, it's also the father seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala. My brothers and sisters, the prophet Mohammed

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Al Shabaab.

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The Prophet sallallahu says whosoever seeks Safar continuously, or what's the pattern? When his pain, his stress, his distress is anxiety, depression, whatever you want to call it, whatever six was different.

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And on top of that the price action says was up for me today, initial blessing from ways and avenues from ways he has never thought of.

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And my brothers, I would end with this, don't think that this is only worth by the way. Don't think that this system is or comes only in the form of money

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your husband is

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your one

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your children.

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The fact that you are here today praying

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you pray today.

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Your job today to dimension

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your call.

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Don't just take his money. There's so many

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You will not be able to enter into business or law and there is a law. You cannot enumerate them there's so much. There's so much the fact that you city just that when you sit is that this from a loss of data, a pious righteous friend, is

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your friends is a lesson from a lesson.

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A love

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a love shower is mercy upon you. May Allah bless your health and this

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lesson handling data to please you in this life in the life of the hereafter musk Allah subhanho wa Taala to grip to success is life and the life of the doctor was the answer to our hearts.

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ask Allah subhana wa tada to fill our hearts with love and mercy.

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I asked him once upon a time to stop the bloodshed all over the world. I asked him to stop the bloodshed in Syria, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan and Muslim in Libya in all over the world.

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He is the source of peace and he's the only one who can provide peace. He is a sinner.

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They asked him

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I ask how to get your loved ones like

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to talk with each other.

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name is

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luck. Hello?

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Well, hello,

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me. Me. Me.

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Me. Me.

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gonna study

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da, da

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da da da, da

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da da, da da,

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yo, yo, yo,

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yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo

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