Hanzala Ibn Abi Amr (ra) and Jameela (ra) – When Angels Bathe You

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salud had a daughter named Jamila. Also an incredible Companion of the Prophet slicin Jamila Radi Allahu Taala and her bint Abdullah ibn Salam Subhan. Allah has two kids turned out to be incredible companions, beautiful companions. And

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I'm gonna you know, there's a story that's tied to her that a lot of people have heard but they don't know it's about her. Okay, so I'll give a little bit of background and this will be the shortest one that we'll cover in sha Allah to Allah.

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So I'd love you to wave and Sybil was on par to be the king of Medina, right? The king of yesterday.

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His closest friend was a name was a man by the name of Mr. Iman, about Anna. Okay. And the armor

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was someone who is deeply religious, who was familiar with the Torah and who knew that a prophet of Allah was going to come to that land. So you know what he did? He basically took the route of those people in Mecca if you remember the very first beginning, the first person he actually talks about in the series was a phenomena of no fatal the Allahu Taala animal, the man who before Islam even came, he already knew that I'm on the religion of Ibrahim or Islam. I'm going to abide by the way of Ibrahim Hi, Sam. I'm going to wait for this prophet and I'm going to live this righteous monotheistic life. So Abu Ahmed, who is the best friend of Abdullah Ruben saloon forsakes, the

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politics of yesterday was known for having really rough and coarse clothes and kept on saying, I'm waiting for the Prophet the way the Jews are waiting for the Prophet and with the Jewish tribes waiting for that this prophet to come. And I'm on the religion of Ibrahim alayhis salam.

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Now Subhanallah when the prophets lie some finally rises, and he's from the Metcons from Quraysh other amor unlike say divinorum at the armor turns completely against the profit slice Allah. Imagine he already fit the part he already became Azad and ascetic he was wearing course clothes and worshiping one God, but no, the prophets from Mecca, we can't have that.

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And he goes to the other side to fight against the prophets lie some on the day of bedroom.

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Almost also, as I said, What a facet what what an evil transgressors panela he wasn't satisfied with even sitting back and you'll find this with some of the people in Medina that were waiting for the profit slice Allah. He wasn't from the Jewish tribes. He wasn't from a particular lineage. He wasn't from you know, OSHA hazards in a way that would pit him against Christ but just

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his expectation of a profit the profit slice and I'm didn't meet it for him. And he went on the other side to fight against the profit slicer. Alright, why is this significant?

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His son is the famous companion humbler.

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You've all heard of Hamdulillah, even abbiamo. So this is humble as that

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hamdulillah Radi Allahu Tada and Han married Jamila bint Abdullah in urban saloon. So the son and the daughter both are companions of the Prophet sly, some young companions and they get married.

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anyone tell me when they got married?

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The night before or what?

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Their wedding night?

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Was the Night Before ahead.

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Okay, so this story takes a very interesting Subhanallah turn, because Humblot is getting married in the province license preparing

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and humbler ask the prophets lie some permission to basically be with his wife the night before,

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the only time that he would ever be with his wife. So this is Jamila. Radi Allahu Allah, the daughter of our beloved Ruben salute the chief hypocrite and Hamdulillah, the son of this man who went to fight against the Prophet slice on them. On the other side, a Madani who went and joined the ranks of the kofod and Mecca is really really unheard of, to fight against the prophets lysozyme.

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So hamdulillah wakes up the day ahead and go straight to the battlefield after his wedding night.

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All right, and hamdulillah are the Allahu Taala and who was a young man.

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And on the day of hurt, he fought bravely. And he almost killed Abu Sufyan

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almost killed other civilians. Abu Sufyan survived right. Abuja didn't survive. A lot of these other people didn't survive. Alyssa Phan was in that league. He almost killed Abu Sufyan. So he knocked Alyssa Theon off of his horse. And he was about to kill Abu Sufyan and then someone from Quraysh came and killed him.

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Now what's his famous story?

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His famous story is that when they came to him in the battle

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panela again when he visit the shahada

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literally excited.

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Every time I get to go visit them Subhan Allah I try to replay the stories. The Sahaba found and it looks like he took a shower.

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Right, you're in the battlefield.

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People are covered in dirt. And he was completely washed shampooed must up. And it was the most It was the strangest thing that they saw on the battlefield.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they come to him and they say Allah so Allah, we don't even have water to drink.

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And somehow hamdulillah the Allahu Anhu is soaked.

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Like he just bathed. And he's got to handle it. He's got the smell term. I mean, this is a strange sight that we're seeing with him. What happened to him, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I saw hamdulillah to acetyl hula Mala aka an earthly bath in midfield Watson being a summer you will Al Hamdulillah as body was raised to the heavens and the angels bathed him

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on a golden platter. Subhan Allah between the heavens and the earth, handlers hustle was done by the angels about the Allahu Taala and, and that's why his nickname is classy rheumatica the one who was washed by the angels. So hamdulillah has a famous story as being classy with melodica, the one who's washed by the angels panela, his father's who the man who is the best friend of the chief hypocrite, who was waiting for a profit and ended up fighting against the profit slice on and Gemelas father or the Allah who is the Chief hypocrite himself, and their wedding night was the night before.

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And he was murdered the day after his marriage.

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So they went to Jamila. And they were like, Did anything happen? SubhanAllah. And she mentioned,

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she said that

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I had a dream when we woke up. I mean, this was their wedding. I had a dream when we woke up, or sorry, when we went to sleep. I had this dream that hamdulillah ascended, and he was taken through the heavens and then a gate opened and then closed behind him. So she saw a dream as he was going out to Earth, that his body was taken through the heavens, and that the gates were closed behind him. And subhanAllah she gave birth from that one day of being with her husband, Abdullah humbler

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and I'm loving 100 Allah, Allah, Allah Jota and Homer was also by the way, a martyr, Shahid later on, martyred under is even more martyred by the troops. The troops have, he is even more obvious so Subhanallah it just shows you the mother of Abuja has the children of Abdullah and obey been so rude. The way that the families of these people were coming to the prophets lie some to be by his side, and the miracles that Allah subhanaw taala bestowed upon them may Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with all of them. And may Allah Subhana Allah allow us to be joined with them Allahumma Amin