Omar Suleiman – The Faith Revival 13

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of faith in guidance and loss of habitat for guidance. They stress the need for guidance in every situation and encourage people to submit themselves to a loss of handling time to open pathways for them. The drought is a topic of discussion and the speaker suggests that people should be willing to bear the steps of guidance.
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So now I want to come on up until I would have counsel everyone welcome back to the faith revival. There's a concept in our religion of guidance hedaya we're always asking a loss of habitat for guidance every time we read through it, the Fatiha but what comes first Eman or hedaya? Faith or guidance? And if you think about it, you need to believe in the equation in order to benefit from it. Every time a loss of hundreds out of mentions Eamon and Hooda faith and guidance in the Quran in the same area. He mentions them in sequence with faith coming first and then guidance or last panel is Allah mentions de him Robbo home be Imani him, Allah guides them by their faith. So faith comes

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before guidance. When a person when a person has a man when a person places their faith in Allah Subhana what's Allah? Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will give them guidance as a result of that menu. Min Billa Yeah, the loss Panthers doesn't have an whoever believes in Allah, Allah guides his heart. The reason why this is so important to understand is that a lot of people say where's the guidance in my life? I want a loss of habitat to open this for me. I want a lot of show me this way. I want a lot of show me that way. But you have to ask yourself, have you placed your faith in a loss of Hannah Montana? before you ask him for that guidance? Have you submitted yourself to Him so that

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when he shows you that guidance, you're going to actually dedicate yourself to those pathways of guidance. So Allah Subhana Allah tells us in the Koran,

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an ayah, which which we draw out from the Prophet slice a lump when our kin en La Habra, la comunidad man, and Verily Allah subhana wa tada made faith beloved to you was a Yana who people who become not only the settler in your hearts, he beautified your hearts with Eamon what calcula la common cofra well for siliconera, Seon and he made hate it to you disbelief and defiance and disobedience for sewak being a greater category of sin than ASEAN in this context. And Allah subhanaw taala says like Mr. Rashi doing And verily They are the ones who are guided from this we take the profit slice I'm taught us to say Allah Habib, Elena in Allah make faith beloved to us.

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Allah Mohammed Elena Eman was a in houfy Rubina and beautifying in our hearts what category Elaine and cofra willful suka Wallerstein and make disbelief and defiance in disobedience hated to us. Well, Jana menasha Dean and make us amongst those who are guided. Now rushed is a very specific type of guidance. If you realize the prophets lie some called the fuller thought that the key lifts that would come after him the immediate ones, and Holika or latia, Dean and Dean. So they are the guide and the rightly guided caliphs. Rooster is a very specific type of guidance that we can take after a man and he died. He died is to be guided intellectually is to be guided in your path. To be guided

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in your rushed is to be guided even in your honor to be guided in your actions. So rushed is actually a more intensive form of Hidayat a more intensified form of guidance. Meaning if a person puts their faith in Allah and submits themselves to Allah subhana wa Tada. And they ask Allah for guidance and they seek it from him, not just for salvation in the hereafter. But yeah, Allah, allow me to do everything in this world that is beneficial to my faith that will benefit me in my guidance, then Allah subhanaw taala would grant them back, but are you willing? It goes back to us? Is your heart willing to bear the the steps that come with guidance? Is your heart actually willing

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to submit to a loss of Hannah Montana? Or are you just testing the waters you have to be seriously committed for a loss of handling time to open those pathways for you, if we truly seek that faith in Allah subhanaw taala surely will allow it to bear that fruit. So we end with the drought once again, a lot of heavy rain and the man was the one who flew Vina or carry Elaine and co for one four so poblacion with Jimena Bhatia, Dean llama amin does that one little hate on I will see you all next time in sha Allah said I want to live at accounts.

Episode 13: Guidance After Iman. We’re always asking God for guidance. But what comes first – guidance or faith?

Ramadan 2017

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