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This khutbah was given on April 15, 2016 at The Islamic Center of Frisco.


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The Church of Jerusalem lost national security and national security for the Muslim population due to actions of the Church, which led to the return of the Scheming of the Jewish tribes and the return of the Scheming of the Muslims. The distribution of wealth and charity was not just for those with wealth, but also for those with military experience. The success of Islam in bringing people to their own communities and the importance of giving the benefit of the doubt is discussed, along with the importance of faith and acceptance in settling for one's own happiness. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding hate towards Muslims and the need for everyone to be aware of their emotions and try to avoid negative emotions.

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In today's clip, I'd like to share with you some brief lessons from really at the end of the day one single ayah that belongs to Sultan hasher. This is the 59th surah of the Quran, it's not a long surah. So inshallah after the hobo, when you get time this weekend, you can go and read through the entire surah yourself. The larger context of the sutra is actually some incidents in the life of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. I'll give you a brief account, because that is not the subject today. But at least some background is important. When Medina was almost completely surrounded by forces that were gathered by their enemies, the Munchkins, the Quraysh, who were tired of Islam, and

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they said, we've had the Battle of whether we've had the Battle of what we need to finish this problem once and for all. So they tried to get all the different tribes that weren't even at war with the Muslims to agree that look, if this Islam spreads in the region, you're all going to have trouble later. So might as well get together and end this problem. Now let's go into Medina all at once altogether, a united force and destroy the Muslims kill every man, you know, woman and child, it doesn't matter. And we'll just have this problem solved. And that wasn't enough to convince all these different tribes. So they gave them added incentive. And the added incentive was, well, if we

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kill this entire city, all the spoils all the property, all the homes, all the money will just distributed among ourselves, this is going to be a big money making venture. Right? So the on the outside, they made it look like we're doing this for you can call it national security. But on the inside, there was just economic interests. That's all it was, which is not new. It's it's not old, it still happens today. It's the same reasons why people go to war today, they make it look like it's for national interest or for the security or the better of a nation, when on the inside is nothing more than economic interests. So anyway, they're able to gather all of these tribes. And

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they go to you know, they're coming as a conglomerate to attack the city of Medina. And last minute, one of the companions who's not even from the Arab lands is someone in Farsi it will be Allahu taala. And who gives the suggestion that you know, when we're facing a bigger force, in back in Persia, our military strategy is to actually dig a trench, so they can't come through. And even if they do come through, they come through little at a time, they can't use all of their forces and come in, you know, and because if they're much larger, we have to squeeze or dwindle their forces somehow. So this suggestion was taken. And there were so few people ready to, you know, the military

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is very small, even the size of the Muslim population was very small.

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So the suicide Salaam literally had drafted the entire population, everybody's digging the trench, because the armies are already advancing, you don't have time. And so they dig this trench across the front, you know, border of the city of Medina. And this is actually the only reason that the coloration, the all the Azov, all the groups that were coming together us as the only reason that held them back, and they were stuck on the other side. This is in detail talked about in the 33rd suicide so to La Casa Bella will give his own commentary on what happened in this battle. But in any case, there was another an additional problem. The additional problem was the Muslims who lived in

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Medina, they had treaties or peace treaties, and cooperation treaties with the Jewish communities that already lived inside Medina. So we have contracts with them, that if Medina is attacked, we are going to defend the city of Medina together, this is your home and our home. We coexist in this home. So as a matter of our city safety, if an enemy comes, we are going to defend the city together that was agreed upon, everybody shook hands on it. This was something that was understood. But when this attack happened, the Quraysh were actually able to convince certain tribes of the Jews to actually open up a backdoor, so they can attack from the other side. And the even made the agreement

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that if the attack does come, we'll help you out on the inside. Well, so the Muslims now have to worry not just about the enemy that's on the outside, but they also have to deal with a problem that's starting on the inside. On top of that within the Muslim community. There were those who the Koran declares Illuminati upon the hypocrites, who on the face were Muslims, but on the inside hated the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam hated the Muslims and wanted this thing to be over. So you've got lots of layers of problems. Now, the background of this, this surah sootel hash the idea that I wanted to share with you. I wanted to give you all of this background because what happens is, Allah

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in His own miraculous way defends the believers and the Quraysh return and the scheming of the Jewish tribes that backtracked and violated their own treaty. It failed and they retreated. They went into their forts outside of Medina. And the prophets lie Selim basically commanded that since they violated the treaty, and they committed espionage, we're gonna go after them. And so the Muslims go after them, and one after the other, their forts start falling. And it's not much of a fight really. It's literally the Muslims just trample over them destroying one foot after the other. Now when that happens, more wealth

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comes to Muslims that has ever come before, you know, after but then there's some shields and swords on the ground, some horses are left behind, and we captured those and those are distributed. But once haven was taken over, and once these Jewish, you know, forts were taken over, there was more wealth, more produce more or less than Muslims had ever seen before. So all of a sudden, we went from, you know, our GDP, you can say, went from 1000s to the millions, maybe even the hundreds of millions overnight. And when this much wealth comes in, people start asking questions, where should it go? How should it be distributed, you know, and soul revelation came in this surah, telling the

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messenger Salallahu alaihe salam, how it should be distributed. So Allah azza wa jal says ma Suleyman, kura, vanilla, whatever the messenger acquired that is to be distributed from those people of the towns, the towns that were taken over, it is to be distributed belongs to Allah done.

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So if anybody starts thinking, Wow, that's a lot of land, I wonder when the distribution is going to happen? I wonder when we get our tax returns, you know, when they start thinking, first answers that set you straight, it belongs to Allah.

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And then by extension, while your soul and it belongs to the messengers of Allah harness him, but what about the brave soldiers who fought who went up into battle etc. The next line, the next item is really the Lakota will Yama will Misaki inwardness, Sabine, and it's for close relatives, meaning charity should be given to those in need within your own family. And it shouldn't be given to the orphans. And it should be given to those who can't help themselves then McKeen, those who are stuck in a difficult financial situation or a health situation. And then on top of that, those who are traveling, a legend says, basically, the purpose of this money is charity.

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The purpose of this money is charity is not to make anybody wealthy. It's gonna get distributed. And then he says Kayla, Hakuna dula tambien does Nia even come? I Allah says, I did this, he did this, so that you don't get a little bit of wealth, you know, or most of the wealth, hoarded by some wealthy people among you, like just a handful of people will get all the wealth. Allah wants the wealth to be distributed. You know, this idea? It seems like a very basic idea. But if you apply it to the world's economy today, you'll get a different picture. A handful of corporations go from being millionaire corporations, to hundreds of billionaire corporations, because of wars, at the

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expense of huge taxpaying populations. across the world. This is the scene, this is the scenario kainai akuna, do let him buy in Albania.

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And so this is the this is the distribution of wealth, but then a lot what he did is he described three groups of people. And this is really what the whole bio is about the third group of people, but I want you to walk through all three. He then went in a separate IRA after this ayah to talk particularly about recipients that should be among the soldiers among the Muslim army, who should be the number one recipient of this in this wealth. It should be legal for Korra and Mahajan.

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Those that are completely bankrupt *er in Arabic is for the back to break. Those who are so broken financially. It's like their back is broken. They're buried, and those that have and then the next word describes Why is their back broken? Why are they bankrupt because they migrated because they believed in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam they decided despite having a home, despite having businesses despite having jobs, despite having family, they left all of it behind. Because the Prophet was dearer to them that was more beloved to them than everything that they own the entire life that they knew they walked away from all of it, literally not knowing when the next meal

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is going to come from, where it's going to come from, where they're going to put their head down to sleep. They willingly became homeless, out of out of loyalty to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi Salaam, these are called the muhajir on the migrants, the people who joined him from Mecca. So less has been for Carl Mahajan. And then he goes on some how to love and love, you know through German dare him, calling him those who are taken out of their homes. Those who were taken away from all of their wealth. Meanwhile, he him you have tahuna fuggle Amina Allah, he wanted water The only thing they were running after everybody else runs after a house. Everybody runs after money. These

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people were only running after something else. They're running away from the house and away from the money. What are they running towards a favor from Allah, they want a lot to look at them with a special favor. problem in Allah. Literally fabul if you wanted to take in a modern English translation of the word father, it would literally be a bonus. A bonus from Allah. And the fact that Allah will be happy with them. That was enough for them problem in a law what is one? And then he says Williams Haruna la hora Sula, who, and these people continue to aid Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So now ally is saying that the most helpful people are bankrupt

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and they're homeless

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to Allah.

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most appreciated or sometimes the people that have no resources, they have nothing. They are so appreciated by Allah, that Allah will dedicate a separate Ayah just to them just to highlight what they have done for Allah, especially in a state of war, you would think you should look towards those that have the biggest budget, who can afford to buy the biggest weapons, those that have the most military experience, etc, etc. A lot puts all of that aside and says, who's made the most sacrifices for me? These are number one to me. The Mahajan owner number one Timmy a savvy hula savvy hula mokaba. The first and the foremost those are the ones that have been brought close to Allah.

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Now, Allah describes them when I go homosassa. Those in fact are truthful people true as true believers. These are the Mahajan of maka fine. When this ayah comes down, the answers start feeling a little bad.

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Well, they got a whole IRA to themselves, alone out of his way to describe how amazing they are. And they are truthful. Does that mean we're not truthful? Does that mean our faith isn't good enough? Yes, we came along afterwards. And we supported we didn't make nearly as many sacrifices as the muhajir wounded. But what about us? And so the next ayah acknowledges the answer. When levena tomo work with Darwin, EMA, and

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those that had settled the perfect place to settle as a home, and they had settled their faith inside of their hearts for much before meaning less talking about the unsolved and he's saying something so beautiful about them, even though they became Muslims later. Allah says the seed of the man was always there. These people, as soon as they heard about Islam, they were ready to accept imagine, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is preaching in Mecca for more than a decade, two thirds of the Quran to the same group of people, many of them who are families with the prophet or the Santos alum, and they don't listen. They just don't listen. And yet at the same time, you have a

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group of people, delegates coming from Medina for HUD, they have no interest in being preached to, they just listened to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi Salaam one time to go back 70 come back, 70 go back, the entire city becomes Muslim. These people had the seed ready to go. Allah is describing it through the, through the seed of the prophets as well, to different kinds of people. There are people around us that have the seed of the man in them, even if they're not Muslim, even if they're not Muslim, and ally acknowledges that there are those around us that are going to be like the people of Makkah, no matter what you say, nothing's gonna change. But then there are those

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who, you know, they're not the enemy. They just don't know any better yet. They just don't know any better. And I would argue that people around us in our neighborhoods, in this country, most of them, they just don't know any better. They just don't, and we have to give the benefit of the doubt. But if they knew the seed of human is already there, the goodness that Allah created, every human being with is already there. So like knowledge is that about them not only since after coming to Islam, from even before Islam, and then he says, Well, you Runa you have Buddha Madhava la him, what is the great quality of these Medina and people, they love those who migrated towards them. Listen to this

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carefully. They love those who migrated towards them. You know, in virtually every country that has an economic problem. They say the first problem is the immigrants.

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first problem is the immigrants. These people are taking our jobs. These people are a security threat. We don't even know if they're a good cook, you know, good thing for our nation, we should put them in special neighborhoods. We should have registrations for them. They're making their way into our neighborhoods in our schools. They're, they're you know, contaminating our language. They're do all this kind of stuff. And yet Allah describes these have taken a bunch of homeless people. They literally what they are, and they have love for them. You have bounnam and hijo de la him when you when you do not feed him hayata Mima Otto and they don't find ever any constriction in

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their chest because of what they've been given the responsibility to take care of these mohandro they never find it a problem. There's never a bulge on their forehead. Will you see Luna Allah and fusi him and they give them preference even over themselves. There's time to eat and they make sure that the muhajir that's living in the house with them as eaten first. Will not Allah unfussy him and then Allah as well. Oh, can I beat him kasasa kasasa is actually far more than you are a Jew, it means hunger. kasasa hasa is actually for hunger that is so bad that you might die. starvation. They say the law says they will give the other food before themselves even when they're starving. Even

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when they're starving. This is the quality of the answer. So you notice in the first ayah Allah talked about how amazing the Mahajan onar and the next ayah Allah talks about how incredible the answer and by the way you should all know even though Medina is not a million

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in your city, they're still doing economically a lot better than the people that came homeless. And when you're doing better than people, you start thinking that you're better than them.

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When you're doing better, you have more money, and somebody needs your money, you something inside you says, This person is less than I am, I need to help them. And you get a sense of superiority. Even if you're charitable, even if you give charity, that idea that somehow you are superior to the one you are helping. The one who came and asked you for help is somehow inferior to you. That thought can be there, even if you never said it. Allah says woman You see, he felt like a home of your own. That's how he ends this ayah whoever can guard themselves from that self righteous and that self indulgence, self importance that they have deep inside themselves. Those are the

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ultimately successful. So now the second group of people is also successful, because they don't even have that inside themselves. They're helping the unsolved, they're helping the Mahajan. But they don't think of themselves as better when you and I helped someone. Don't think of yourselves as better. As a matter of fact, the ones being helped were mentioned by a lot first. And Allah gave them a higher rank. Then he mentioned second those who were ready to help.

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But then the question arises, what about the rest of us? I mean, this could bias about how amazing the muhajir? Or how amazing the answer or the people of Makkah who accepted Islam, the people of Medina who accepted Islam and everything they did. But what about the rest of this? oma, what about you and me? Where's the inspiration for us? Yes, we can try and be in that category to be something like those who were Alpha Chi Mahajan. But we're not being asked to leave our homes. We're not asked to be homeless. We don't necessarily have a situation where we have refugees coming and staying inside inside of our homes. And if there are refugees, we should be the first to welcome them into

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our homes, by the way, you know, but then there's the third group, and ally in his mercy and the surah mentioned the third group. And that third group is the language of that is so beautiful. It includes every single one of us until the day of judgment when levena, Jacqueline badly him and those who came much after them.

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So these two groups and those who came much after them, that includes all of us. Now you notice I want to compare here, in the first group, they sacrificed by migraineur. They left everything behind. The second group showed love and support despite being hungry themselves. They did amazing things. They made huge sacrifices. Both groups made huge sacrifices. What sacrifice is the third group going to make? Let's see. He says yaku Luna Ravana Elena. This third group is amazing because the first thing they do is they say Oh Allah forgive us.

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They asked us forgiveness, when he Juana and forgive our brothers and Latina sobre una bella Eman who came before us with faith and those who are ahead of us in their mind. You know what this means? The first loving but the quality that Allah loves about these people, the Muslims that will come after that Allah makes them so important that he will talk about them in his Koran is he's gonna say these are people who first of all want a lot of forgive them. But when they ask a lot of forgive them, they also ask a lot of forgive their brothers.

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And they also assume about their brothers that their brothers have more faith than they do. And levena sub acuna will Eman not just a Latina macho man

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you know those who came in the past and they were believers. but also those who are around us that have more demand than we do Yala. All the other Muslims are better than I am. Yeah, love forgive them, too. They don't think of themselves as better. They think of others as they assume others are better. They just work with that assumption. And levena Saba Kula will Mr. Weil elfi kulu Vina Hill and Latina Amano and don't put in our hearts. Now there's an Arabic word I won't translate it at first. Don't put inside of our hearts and don't allow the placement inside of our hearts of a hill. For those who believe for any who have believed. Now what in the world is in

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the world gala and Arabic ship?

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While Hara they say in the Arabic language the word Hill is extreme thirst and heat. And from it the figurative meaning comes up and has said and leash. And you know I'll have to another. They say in the Arabic language that this word actually means cheating. Yala. Don't make us those who feel like it's okay to cheat other Muslims. Yala. Don't make us of those who feel like it's okay to hate another Muslim, to look at another Muslim with jealousy to look down on another Muslim to have intense aggravation towards another believer. Yala. Don't make my heart dirty with that

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Allah mentions this the

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group of people and their amazing accomplishment is that they don't hate each other. That's their amazing accomplishment. They can think of the other as better than themselves. And they don't develop, they don't let their heart be filled with hate towards another Muslim. They don't think you know what happens. What shavon does, is when you have a dispute with somebody, he'll first tell you that that person is a bad Muslim.

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That he is violating the Quran or the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, that this person is a hypocrite and they're corrupt, and they're evil, etc. Now that they're evil, backbiting against them, talking bad about them, criticizing them even cheating them in business is okay because they're the devil to begin with.

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I'm do I'm fighting somebody evil first you demonize a person and you make them look like the devil and then you can do whatever you want thereafter. Allah is we are begging a lot in this ayah Don't make us of the kind of people who develop these sentiments and let them fester inside of us to the point where we are it's it becomes okay for us to do horrible things to fellow believers. To feel those things that touch and feel kulu when as a Latina Amina by the will heal in the Arabic language is something that is done, not something that necessarily is felt well Makana, you need to be in Ania Hola, Rahman. yaku. TV masala yo malkia man, Susana and Ron Villa is also used for cheating or

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wanting more for yourselves. But he has yet another meaning that I want to share with you, girl Some say * that we'll do a Dawa and shuttle hub.

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They say it's extreme animosity, like you hear somebody's name and it just your meter just spikes, fumes started coming to start coming out of your ears, you become unreasonably aggressive towards somebody, that's okay.

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But there's another thing. And the other Hill is when you become unreasonably defensive of another Muslim unreasonably, you know, good towards another Muslim. Now, what does that mean? It means when you decide that you are following someone, you look up to someone and you turn them into an angel.

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They can't do anything wrong. They can't be a human being. You don't want to hear anything about them. You don't want to see any flaw in them. We are the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would tell us a Muslim or non Muslim. Muslim is the mirror of another Muslim, you know what that means? You and I Our relationship is like a mirror. When you stand in the mirror, if I'm wearing dirty clothes, I'm going to see a spot.

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And if I see something good, I'm going to see it. If I see something bad, I'll see it. If I see something good. If something good is there, I'll see it. It's not like my closer Ireland, and I'm gonna see them wrinkled. And it's not like if my hair is combed, I'm gonna see it on calm, I'm gonna see exactly what I am. believers to each other, are not delusional. They're not delusional, that they only see bad in someone.

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And they're also not delusional, that they only see good and someone, but they don't assume see the previous is well how this comes together, you don't assume that someone's bad on the inside. But if you see something wrong, if you see something wrong is being done, something wrong is being said, then it's part of your love for your brother that you go and tell them this is wrong. I am your mayor, this is wrong. It shouldn't be like this, but you don't do it out of hate. You don't do it out of a sense of superiority. And you're just as easy to just as easy as it is for most of us, if not all of us to criticize, to point out what somebody else is doing wrong. It's not easy to hear

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it. It's not easy. When somebody else comes and tells you the way you did this, what you said, how you prayed the way you parked your car outside. That was wrong. The way you you know, the way you conducted yourself what you wrote in that email that was wrong. We don't want to hear that. We're not very good at taking criticism, we're extremely good at giving criticism if we're truly going to become a mirror. And we're going to have to learn that this is a two way street. That's part of language and FICO, Lumina Hill and Lin Latina Armani. And so this, this incredible idea then ends up in Nicaragua for him. Our Master You are the one that is incredibly compassionate, or fun in Arabic

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is to actually understand what the other is going through a lot. When we call a lot of truth. It actually means Allah knows all of my emotions. He knows all of my frustrations. He knows what wrong somebody did to me. He knows what situations I went through. He understands it. You know, sometimes you try to tell someone you're going through a hard time. But you notice that they don't really they're not really sensitive. They don't really see it. Oh, what's the big deal? They might just say, oh, what's the big deal? Get over it. How are you saying it over? Do you even realize what I went through? Yeah, it doesn't sound like much of a problem.

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It's hard to for someone just because you went through an experience to get them to feel what you felt. It's hard.

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But a lot as origin describes himself as Oh, he knows what you feel. He knows what you felt.

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He knows the pain, you went through the stress, you went through the fear you went through the anxiety you went through, he knows all of it. And that name of Allah, these are smart Allah that come at the end of you know the philosophy, the ends of IR, they are there for a purpose. When we call a lot of Oof, we are actually asking a lot to empower us with that name. In other words, make us more, give us more. Give us more compassion towards each other. Yeah, Allah you are Rahim to us make us Rahim to each other, make us loving and caring towards each other. That's when we call it a lot of names. We're actually hoping that Allah blesses us with those names. Not just that he gives

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us compassion, but he empowers us with compassion towards others. He makes us sensitive towards others. So, as I conclude, just the thing I'd like you to remember, a lot in this incredible, incredible sequence of ions, has mentioned the Mojave rune.

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Then he is mentioned the unsolved, amazing people. And then third, he's mentioned you and me if we can learn to be good to each other.

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That's the summary here. We can be in a high rank with a love mentioned in his Koran. If we can just learn to fix the way we deal with each other. If we can just not keep things in our heart towards our fellow believer, may Allah azza wa jal make us of those who he has spoken so highly of in his book. May Allah azza wa jal reward those who came before us with Iman, and not make us of those who have any ill feeling and hate and animosity and extreme extreme attitudes towards the fellow believer may electorally make us of those who can be mirrors to one another barakallahu li walakum filco Anil Hakeem whenever any way he can be it was excellent Hakeem

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al hamdu lillahi wa kafa wa salatu wa salam O Allah everybody Hilda Nina Stata. Susana Allah of Bali him Mohammed, Mohammed bin al Ameen O Allah alayhi wa sahbihi adjumani yaku la gente kitabi him Karim banda anahola Aruba Villa him in a pond or gene in a la la Mola. ekata who use a Luna Allah nebby Yeah, you holla Nina amanu sallu alayhi wa Sallim wa Taslima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed kamasan later Allah Rahim Allah Ali Ibrahim al al amin in Dhaka hamidah Majid Allahumma barik Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed Kumar Baraka Allah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al al amin in Dhaka homido Majeed, Reba La La Hema como la la Tacoma in the La Jolla San Juan de Ville Cordoba when her and his

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faction evil moon come with a liqueur Allahu akbar wa la jolla la Metzner own up in Sala in la sala de Cana mini Nikita makuta