JanuaryMC: Reached 40 000 Audio Episodes
EVENT: Event Planning for Youssra Kandil to Cape Town, South Africa
FebruaryEVENT: In-person Event in Cape Town with Youssra Kamel Kandil
MC: Added new Speaker – Adnan Rajeh
MC: Added new Speaker – Youssra Kamel Kandil
MarchMC: New Speaker: Suleiman Hani
QC: Major Release of Website (Many improvements, bug fixes) in preperation for Ramadan
QC: Number of new Reciters
VIDEO: TV Ad Finalized
AprilFINANCE: Fundraising Campaigns for our Organisation
MC: Major Release of Website (Many improvements, bug fixes) for Ramadan
MC and QC: Withdraw with Google Podcast. For around 2 years now, the refuse to fix an issue in their system the keeps messing our Podcasts up. We have battled through countless emails and waiting. Please use our Android Apps instead.
QC: Figured out which reciters (500+) are from which countries and updated website accordingly
MC: Thousands of Lectures Published, addressed some backlog as well
MC: Implemented Automation to better keep Audio Library up to date
QC: Number of new Reciters added
QC: Added more Backend Automation
MayInvited to Malaysia to negotiate colloboration and fundraising efforts
June– continued
JulyDigital Marketing Campaigns
MC: Added Mohamad Baajour
AugustFor the rest of the year we are focussing on:

Marketing: Digital Marketing
Operations: Cost Savings, New Content (Speakers and Reciters, possibly new Podcasts)

MC: New Speaker – Dr. Rania Awaad
SeptemberMC: New Speaker – Dr. Sherman Jackson
MC: New Speaker – Sh. Ahmad Saleem
MC: New Speaker – Ust. Sarah Sultan
MC: New Speaker – Imam Tom Facchine
MC: New Speaker – Dr. Mohammad Qutub

Android: Mufti Menk Major Release
OctoberAndroid: New Release to meet Androids latest requirements
Video: Daily Shorts on YouTube
Video: Maintenance on YouTube Videos
NovemberWIP: New Donation System to make more accessible and many other user benefits
PayStack Approval

Android: Released new version of Muslim Central App
Android: Similiarly, Quran Central App

YouTube: We have started posted different types of content and seeing a positive response
TikTok: Closed account

We have closed TikTok account as they remove content and/or shadow ban. It is pointless really. We will focus on the remaining platforms and limited social media ads to bring traffic to our projects.