Which Type Of Ruqyah Is The Best

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You know, I used to do a lot of rope Autopia and exorcism on people, right. And one of the first lessons that we learned when we were being trained to do that was the best and most effective rakia is the one that you perform on yourself.

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best and most effective, meaning if you play some core Ed, or you start reciting, or you make the doora to fight off whatever it is you're struggling with, is more effective than any Island or chef.

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Think of it this way.

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When you're battling shaitan if you ask somebody to do it on your behalf, it's like taking a grenade and throwing it a tripod.

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But when you do it yourself and battle shaitan on your own. It's like taking a machine gun and firing it at shaytaan that never runs out of bullets and it's consistent and it's going at full speed to see the difference.