Musleh Khan – Understanding And Dealing With The Jinn

Musleh Khan
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Hollywood cinema Tila so today inshallah we'll talk about gin.

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So I guess we'll just begin with the first question is, first of all, as a topic, this is a scary topic,

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essentially at first, yeah. And it's not because of how religion talks about this topic that it becomes scary. It's just the culture. It's just the tales and fairy tales that have been passed on for generations, yet people are scared, and they're afraid of this. But religiously, islamically You shouldn't be. So explain to me why like culturally do people talk about? So just think about over the years, whenever people talk about demons, gins, and Satan and shaitan, and all of that, immediately what's depicted is like this really scary image of something that's got horns, it's got teeth, it's got vicious eyes. Now, to some degree, that might be true. But at the end of the day, at

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least for Muslims in the Quran, Allah tells us very straightforward that the shell theme they are,

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they are weak, they're intimidating, they can spook you, they can scare you just like if you were walking in the dark and a spider crawled up your leg or something, you would scream, but at the end of the day, it's just a spider. As long as it's not dangerous, it's just a spider. So how does Quran speak about I guess? Well, let's talk about it from a sonic perspective. What are again, so jinns are a creation of a lump. They are unseen, Allah tells us they can see us, we can see them and see them. They have been around for 1000s and 1000s of years, even prior to the creation of mankind. They they live in societies just as similar to ours, fathers and mothers and stuff like that. So the

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tradition goes the Prophet it. So it also told us that they live just like us. So yeah, they do have villages, communities, they live in homes, they have families, they can procreate, they can get married. They are literally just like human beings, but they are a nation that we just can't see. Can we can we assume that they are, you know, they're they're good or bad, we can assume that at the end of the day. There's really nothing beneficial for us.

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But it may appear that there could be some good in them. But what's important is that with that being said, our profit is a little slim told us that even if they do have good, you're still not permitted to take from them because they're just so deceiving. How they live for a long time for Oh, yeah, it's kind of want you to describe them the society they live in, and the lifestyle and what they do. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I mean, there are stories of demons living for hundreds of years. So they definitely can have a long lifespan. They live generally speaking in barren lands that humans won't, you know, walk through or drive through or interact with. And the wisdom behind that is Allah tells

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us that they are a creation that hates human being so much, that they try to distance themselves from us as much as possible. They hate movies, how? So this goes back to the whole story of the prostration of when Allah had ordered the angels, as well as the jinn to Prostrate to Adam Marley's Selim. So everybody did that. Except as the story goes, he believes himself so his only reason was that look, I'm better than them created me from fire they created me from clay. So at the end of the day, there was an inferiority complex within a belief that he felt that he was better than this creation, this human being. And because he didn't get his way

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at the end, Allah had allowed him and this conversation is even recorded and noted in the core ended sorts of hatred and other sources as well. That Okay, fine, I'm going to leave you with that. You can go ahead and take out your frustration with human beings until the day of judgment, I'll give you that. But as long as my creation meaning human beings are sincere and loyal to me, they will always win. So that's what he was left with. It's not really a fair deal, but that's what Allah had left him with in the sense that Okay, fine, I'll take that and I'll go but I really really I hate them for they got preferred over me. But now we're talking about here what the evil side of the

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Generate, but I mean, there's also a reference in the Quran to to good Gen ones who believed in Allah subhana wa tada and once they heard the data

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So why so now? Can we assume that there was a fight also repeating goodness and evil within the gin societies themselves? Is that something? Sure, sure, to some degree, there might be. I mean, at the end of the day, they still call a lone Rob. So they still submit to Him. And they still acknowledge that he is the master. But it didn't stop this creation, for doing the things that they do to tempt mankind, to solicit their affairs to solicit their intentions, it still didn't stop that. But at the end of the day, to sort of wrap this up, and to really understand from a bird's eye view of what their purpose is, at the end of the day, they are out there to really push us to the limit. And as

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long as we have our loyalty to the poor end, to the profit, it slept with them, as long as we still have that sense of faith, we will always win. Okay, talking about what the relationship between humankind and Jin Chi, like, what happens? Well, we, I guess, really, we talk about possession? Or how that how do they come together?

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So so this is the idea, right. And I mean, for some of the listeners, this might sound a bit surprising at first, we really don't come together, we both are given equal opportunity to live, we are both creations that are accountable in front of Allah. But we have our distinct and clear separate lifestyles and choices that we make. So on the one in the same world within the same world, they could be around us, they could be around us, they and they are, we don't even have to, you know, hesitate and say, but we can confidently say they are a creation, and they are around us. And

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once they are there, we always have to be cognizant of the idea that as long as they are there, I could always be tempted to do something that is disobedient to Allah, because essentially, that is the ultimate goal of this creation, is to push mankind to disobey as much as possible. So as a result, they could leave the earth leave this world in that particular way, and have to stand in front of a loan account for them. Okay, so

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it sounds scary.

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It is basically describing really kind of,

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I think intelligent of a very smart or the

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I wouldn't say we can say

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I mean, I wouldn't say generally they're not intelligent, they're very tricky.

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They've got a lot of tricks, they could make what should appear as something awful in front of our eyes to be something very beautiful and attractive. They can take the things that we're supposed to struggle against, and make them into things that we would desire and want the most. So they're very tricky in that sense. But again, as long as a believer has got a sincere intention to do the right thing, they will always win. It's always brains over all of these tricks and everything else. Yeah. Okay, let's talk about the idea of possession. Okay. So possession is always an interesting conversation, because unless you've either seen it, or studied it,

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it's a tough thing to believe in.

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Hollywood has taken this idea of possession and sensationalized it and commercialized it to the point where it's just fun to look at. Now, that really doesn't happen, unless you meet somebody who has experienced that, or you witness for yourself certain behavioral changes in someone, whether it be through their voice through their actions, or what have you. And you witness it, with your own eyes, all of these different things that are happening in front of you with respect to this individual, it's a tough thing to believe. So it's just one of those areas in life where you really have to see it to believe it, but it is as real as it gets. How does it happen? Physically, like how

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so scholars of Islam talk about this all the time, and they categorize some of the main reasons why somebody could potentially get possessed. It all boils down to weak faith, lack of commitment, it also boils down to a bit of carelessness. So for example, somebody might walk in, you know, front of an ocean at a beach, right, and just stand in front of the ocean and do something absurd, like, pollute the ocean or throw something in there or take a rocket and just wildly throw it to be completely unaware of what might be living in the ocean and the creatures that are there and respecting all of that, not realizing that in addition to that there could be a jinn just sitting on

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the water and actually lives there. How we don't know but we have stories like this. And as a result, you hurt them without even knowing so they come and they possess you and say hey, you hurt my family. Like there are real documented stories like this.

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So they could possess also to avenge something that you've done to them. They could simply just horseplay. Because again, going back to that whole story of Adam alayhis, salaam, what happened, there was the moment that changed everything. So you humans, I just don't like you. So I'm going to possess you. And it's important for people to actually understand what possession is. They have religion, some of the guards. Yeah. So I guess really then, because I did I did here in like, all exorcism exercises, right? Yeah, is when somebody would ask what the religion though. And you would they would teach them to basically tell them? Well, this is not permissible in Islam for you to, to

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live in this person's body or to harm this person, so on and so forth. So they actually accept preaching? Some do. So there's a protocol that every extra system would follow. And one of that procedure within that protocol is to at least advice, call them to the right thing and say, hey, look, you can't be doing this. You need to fear a lot. Sometimes it works. Unfortunately, a lot of time it doesn't. You'll have to probe even further. You have to try other things to really work at that gin leaving the person. Yeah. Okay. So this is interesting. So this may be getting into the

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How does exorcism itself work? I mean, this is just basically, because we've seen it happen in the Christian faith.

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Catholics specifically, right, we've seen this happen. And we actually heard of Rokia x happens before the prophets of Lazarus time, right? So it's, and now basically Muslims do it through iOS, or Android and so forth. So how towards, you know, how can words affect them so much?

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We really don't know.

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There is one week narration that our Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam told us that when a jinn hears an A of the horror, and it affects them, like Balls of Fire being thrown at them,

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how does that affect, you know, unveil, at the end of the we wrote, We don't really know, even the idea of what possession is what actually takes place in someone's body, we still don't really know. I've heard some scholars relate that to some kind of energy that somebody feels, I don't know, some people. And I've actually talked to people and worked with people who were possessed, I would ask them at that very moment, what do you feel right now? And they'd say, to me things like, I feel a lot of pressure, I feel hot, or I can hear voices, I can hear him or her saying certain things to me. What that is, if it's just a figment of their imagination, is it something else we really don't

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know. But here's, well, there is a way actually of how to make that distinction between somebody who was just mentally sick, as opposed to somebody who was possessed it's very clear method of how to make that distinction. So pretty much the person who experiences anything unusual mentally, the first thing they would do is they would go through all the natural procedures of getting treatment, seeing doctors and professionals and so on. Once you exhaust all of those procedures, and a doctor or professional says to you, hey, look, we've tried everything, and there is nothing else we can do for you anymore. As long as they say that, and that's the conclusion, then that's when you turn to

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Okay, what if it's a spiritual problem. And when you turn to that direction, now, there's only one cure, generally speaking, anything Islamic, but even more, so the entire poor end. And literally what you would do is just start reciting Quran on yourself or have someone else do it for you, and see if that, you know, brings out a reaction. What's the percentage like of I mean, you speak about this, like, it's something that's known, but is it rampant? This is happening all the time? What are we talking about? numbers wise?

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I wouldn't say rampant. It's more common than the average Muslim would think.

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There's a good chance that both of us would have been besides sat beside talk to people who were possessed. And we didn't know because one of the tricks of possession is, it doesn't always happen in front of you. Sometimes somebody would come to you and say, Hey, I'm possessed, you start a reading with them. And you do it for an hour and nothing happens. It just means that the gym is not present at that time. And then when they go home, everything is out of control all over again. So I wouldn't say it's rampant really, it is common. And I think that at the end of the day average Muslims, at least have heard or understand about the concept of possession but don't really know the

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implications of it. So I think the idea is known but when

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It comes down to actual cases, not as rampant as we might think along those best, okay, so should want to be scared and want to be

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The stronger your faith, the less fear you have with the shale teen engine. And that's really the bottom line, your fear is an illustration of the level of faith and trust you have in your Creator. The more you trust Him, the more loyal you are to him, the more obedient you are and submissive you are to him, the less and less likely you are afraid. And you essentially find more and more clarity that Wait a minute, at the end of the day, I actually have the greatest tool to combat this creation, which is knowledge of the Quran, and wisdom and how to use it. These are what I call the two most important tools to combat any gene in any type of possession. So this now when the position

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actually happens, is there a way for us to protect ourselves from it happening? Yes, absolutely. So the first thing is anything Islamic, whether that mean praying, or quarter n or door as any kind of Islamic discipline, generally speaking, protects you from them. And it doesn't have to be restricted to study. It could just be your overall discipline and choices you make and a lifestyle you choose to live as long as it's halal, and it's permissible, etc. All of those things fit under the protection. The second thing is, is that really your connection with core and protects you not just from gym possession, but everything evil in life, generally speaking. And I always tell people that

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if you were to skip all of the other methods of how to protect yourself, and you just stick with core, and it might be just that might be sufficient. But in addition to that, aside from the core n is to try to reflect your choices and your lifestyle as much or as closest to the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam as possible when you try to do things like he did. Again, that attitude alone, in and of itself is a protection. Okay, so I just want to wrap it up now then I guess. Finally, really?

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What would you suggest for anyone who's researching this topic? What should they do? What should they be on? So if you want to learn about just gins in general, there are a ton of information there tip Cod, there's even a soda called sorta gin. So in terms of material, there is a lot. And many scholars in pretty much every language have talked and written on the subject. So that's one thing, if you want to learn specifically about possession, not just out of curiosity, but you want to get into that and cure it and so on and so forth. Well, that's a process. So my chef that taught me how to perform exorcism made a strict criteria that I had to memorize Hold on, I have to be able to

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recite it properly. So one thing to memorize, but I had to make sure my Tajweed was on point, then I had to be fluent in Arabic, and that I had to be grounded very, very well in heavy the sciences. And then the last, which which was the most important to him, for me to be able to really grasp how to you know, how to really exercise this discipline was it's all about the Rokita. I had to strengthen my faith, and he gave me a ton of books of athlete usciences and said, You have to be exceptionally fluent in these subjects. Once you can put all of that together, then maybe you can start to take this a step further and treat people otherwise. It's just information and knowledge at that point

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in time, they're scary and concerning.

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