Tafseer Sura An-Nur #11 Verses 55 – 60

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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the political and political climate of Afghanistan and the state of crisis, emphasizing the need for people to do the right things to maintain stability and peace, protect privacy, and pray in one's own mind. The importance of privacy for children is emphasized, including the need for them to know their parents' privacy, training children, and giving children privacy symbol. The speakers stress the need for privacy for all, including children, and briefly touch on the use of "verbal" in political and religious settings. The segment ends with a brief summary of the schedule for the next topic.
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arrows will be learning to show your banyuwangi

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wire I don't know. Xena

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Kumar mean who saw the hunty line stuff kniffin know whom Phil Alden chemist alpha level v vena cava any him on a human Kenan alone Deena Humala? tabo mother You bet Dylan whom in the whole fee him

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yeah buena Nila you shouldn't be shy. Woman cafa Roberto, Nicola he can sing on LP Masada and to zanka tawakoni Sula, La La come total Hamood

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719 aka Moto G Xena feel Aldi one. Well, now we're gonna be selling them I'll see Oh, yeah 113

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then como Latina Malik had a man come Valentina lamea Hulu Hulu membean combs samagra aunt, min Papa and your sada Tina god mahina Toblerone. Bocconi Nova hero to one min Sala and to learn

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from our Auntie locum lane Charlene kumala r la Juna

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funaro Ali come back Aldo Kumara barreled Bao boo Kumar Allah barreled cousin Can you be Gino? La La como

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la hora de mon halki la Isa, Oxford woman Kumu homophonous. The chemist at Venezia.

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balbirnie him concerning Can you be genoma

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t he was a long warranty moon Hakeem Allah Hola, Edo. meenan nissa t Lai Joon Anika Alain sarani

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una Hoon, a albarin a Thea nahi ramita Bob region to be Xena. Well as there are a few for now why you will

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wallow semi on irony

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah He often louzada woman while barbaric sinner, Marla Kumar to law How about a cartoon? So we're at verse number 55. And today we'll go up to verse 60 insha Allah hotelera Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala continues where the law we live in M and o min Kumar, I'm a little solly had Allah promised those who have amen and believe in him from amongst you. And a follow up that a man with righteous deeds, livestock defending the home fell out of Allah will give them leadership and authority in the lens camera style of a Latina middle cobbly him just like Allah gave leadership and authority in nations that came before you know

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keep in mind that despite this is a medini sulam Medina is not stable at this point. You know, you have hypocrites that are getting away with slandering and making up lies against the leaders of Medina, he shut up the Allahu Ana and her entire family. You have so many different problems that are still there that the stability of Medina has not been established at this point. So Allah says that as long as you keep up by doing the right thing, then Allah promises you will eventually have leadership. You know what this means is that despite how terrible a situation or stability in a land might be anywhere across the globe, that as long as people are engaged in doing the right thing, and

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they continue to do righteous deeds for the sake of Allah, Allah says I will give you leadership stability will come but you've got to remain firm.

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Whether you met Kenan nella Hoon Dena Homer ledger taba Allah who then Allah will also preserve a Deen that he is pleased with. So as a result, the law will also preserve Islam in you, whether you bet Dillon Nana, whom whether you bet dilemna home and alarm so a gel will exchange member the whole for him and after their fear

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Security. You know when Sahaba has heard this, and they're living in the state of fear instability in the land, you know, hypocrites are up to no good, the mushrikeen and the coloration of Mecca they keep coming to Medina and waging war against Muslims. They when they heard that, oh, we're living in the state of fear, yes, because they know what's coming next, peace and security. So they actually welcomed when they lived in the state of fear, they welcomed

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How do you and I respond to when we live in times of fear, I mean, the human in US will always be afraid, will always be scared of things will be scared of situations will be scared of, you know, crimes and instability. That is a scary reality. But the, the idea here is that Allah is saying deep within, you never lose hope. Never, ever lose hope with your Creator. Well, sahabas knew this. So immediately when they saw and they felt fear within, they, at the same time, were happy because they knew what was coming next. Allah says, Let the Obama whom in Georgia, many of whom in health, Allah will always provide for you when you're hungry, and also protect you when you're in the state of

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fear. Allah won't just leave you hanging, Allah subhanho wa Taala at a time that's pleasing to Him, will eventually replace that fear with an ER Buddha in any law, you should never be ashamed. You know why? Because they keep worshiping me and they never associate anything with me, woman cafaro better than 30, but whoever disbelieves after that, Allah ecohome will fasciae Cohen, those are the people that are inherently corrupt.

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So what do you do? How do you maintain and how do you look forward to peace and stability? This is the this is the question now. Okay, I know what I have to do. So how do I actually do it? The answer? Well, I'll be Masato, Zakat will alter your old Rasool Subhana, Allah, like, make sure you're praying, you know, and make sure you you give your Zakat and make sure that you follow and obey the Prophet Allah to set up because why? If you obey Him, then you're being me. And when you obey me, then I will protect you.

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That formula is as simple as the lecanto hormone. So that in hopes I will give you will be amongst those who I have mercy upon.

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Just do what you're supposed to do, no matter how unstable life can become, you know, us, Paulo, what's the watch McCall? The elections are happening right now. Right? Everybody's uncertain, you know, maybe another day or so. The world is gonna see who's the next leader. But there's a lot of talk, lots of opinions. I mean, politics is like that, right? Just endless amount of opinions. And at the end of the day, for a believer, this is this can be scary. You know, for people in general, this can be a scary situation, who's going to be in charge next? What's life going to look like? You know, how people are going to be how are people going to be treated? How are minorities going to be

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treated? How are they going to talk to about how are these politicians going to address one another? How are they going to talk about the issues that really matter to people like all of these different problems? What is the less say to do in terms of elections. So you know, I seen a few videos here and there, people are putting out specific doors. And I kind of cringe when I see things like that just because that is not how Darius and or end works. You can't just call out on it and expect it to heal a problem and then put it back on the shelf or throw it off to the side. It has to be a part of you. You have to be engaged in a lifestyle with where you're doing as much good as you can for Allah

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sake. So Allah is saying that whether it be election time, whether there be any form of instability in the land, what I need from you, is make sure you pray in your behaviors that cat and follow this man sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So if you want my advice, my advice is this area,

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especially our brothers and sisters in the United States. If you really want to know what to do during this election period, and what is to come in the next few weeks and months up to Masada what to look at what are your oversold? Just hold on to your demon. That's that's the that's the key or hold on to your de la la quinta Herman so that in hopes that Allah will have Rama and mercy on all of us. Let our seven alladhina cafaro merge Xena fill out a look what Allah says next. If we're talking about elections, look what else is next. Don't you dare that pi sub n

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letter seven Arabic students there's a new one and we shed that there's a noon with the shadow

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At the end of this word verb, lotta sub N means Don't you dare Don't you dare for a single moment think that those who disbelieved will have power and control over the land.

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You know what's amazing?

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These two verses? I mean, we started the suit a couple weeks ago. These are the two verses we're studying today in the midst of one of the biggest elections on the planet. And look what Allah brought us do. You want to tell me that this is not planned by Allah subhanho wa Taala right now, like this surah is 64 verses. And we just happen to show up at verse 55. And excuse me, verse 56, and 57. That is almost directly referring to what's happening in the world today, particularly in the States. And it almost has a direct connection to us Muslims.

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Allah says, Don't you dare for a moment think that any president, that any just believer that any leadership on the planet will have full control of this world of this lead Subhana Allah, talk about perfect timing.

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Do you see how all the suitors that we've gone through a sounded like a broken record when I said that? Muslims must always be reflecting you have to be thinkers, always thinking about life. So when you look at natural scenery around you, when you talk to people, when you engage with the core, and when you think about yourself, it should, it should.

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It should initiate some form of thought and reflection, that would you know, cause you to really see things in a different light in a different perspective. And now we come across these verses and they're directly connected to what's happening in the States. sapan Allah. Allah says, Don't you dare for a moment think that anybody else especially disbelievers will have full control over you and the land that you live in. It's not going to happen. Well, I'm a woman now to sell mercy to those who really have transgressed what really done wrong, who have really caused corruption, who have really destroyed people and destroyed stability. For them, their ultimate abode will be the

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gentleman the fire will have sudden mercy or What a sad ending It is, indeed. So Pamela, I just, I'm blown away at the timing of these two verses. I'm just absolutely blown away by that.

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Yeah, you have nothing in common or people have Amen. Leah Stettin como la Vina Melaka to a man who can always allow and seek permission particularly those in which your right hand possesses so if you have servants and things like that into home, them as well as children will lesbian lamb abulhool Holloman min comb fella thermalright. Whenever they want to come into your room into your place of privacy in the home, they need to knock at least three times. You know, this verse is where I got the title from. We're gonna see just how beautiful and complete and perfect Islam is. It doesn't leave anything out. This is what I like to call is like Sharia in the bedroom. Allah is now saying,

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those of you who have Amen, especially those of you who are working in the home, or young children, you they do not have the right to just open the bedroom door and walk in.

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They have to knock at least three times. That doesn't mean okay to an ad mom daddy. You're like son No, no, no, we're trying to follow the a knock two more times. No, no, no. They knock tu tu tu tu tu tu nobody answers nobody's responding. They knock again the third time then they should just leave like oh just leave leave whoever is in the bedroom. Just leave them alone is perfect. etiquettes and then unless this meal cobble is solid till failure, especially before fetcher,

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right because usually you know when you put the kids to sleep at night, has entered wife kind of have a long time. So from that point forward, all throughout the night, until before fudger

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if you need to serve the kids wake up somehow in the middle of night and it's kind of waltz over to the next room. Mommy, Daddy, they don't just get to walk right in.

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walk right in tuck themselves between mommy and daddy. And that's it. Allah says at least at least they should indicate or let you know mom, dad, is it okay, Can I come in? Don't worry. We're not talking about tiny children who can't speak no, no, no, we're not talking about that because

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They will be long in the in verses that we looked at earlier in the surah verse 31, let me go to Allah our Atienza, they can differentiate between the privacy of men and women, what I'm talking about that we're talking about those who are slightly older, they know the difference between man and woman, husband and wife, mommy and daddy, they know the difference. You know, you're not you're no longer showering or bathing them, they're doing it on their own. So once you get my point, that age group, Allah is saying they should at least knock, they should, at least it should at least three times. If after three times they don't get an answer, you should train them and teach them to

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leave. You know, what we're also seeing here is just the importance of training children and giving them good tarbiyah good skills of edible and mannerisms even within the home at a very early age. These are little things that many homes take for granted, but Allah is calling it out. These are like just in between issues, little things that have to do with daily life in the home. Allah is calling it out. Then Allah continues selesa our RT locum Salah for our Atilla, excuse me, we're hanging out on our own a Thea back home. So we have before fudger. And also if during the day mean of hero. And also if you want to take off, you know, so let's say for example, somewhere in the

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afternoon time you come home, you want to get out, get out of your uniform, and you're just in your shorts, and you want to go and take a quick nap, even during that period. So somewhere in mid day, same rule applies. Kids need to know to give mom and dad or dad or mom alone, whoever give them their privacy symbol haina filled out. So if they want to take off some of their clothing, you just walk out with really, you know, with with shorts, she's walking around with, you know, night clothing or something and it's during the day and they just want to relax, take it easy. It's been a long night. They've been up with you all night. You know, they've been trying to take care of you

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and making sure that you can sleep, but they lost sleep all throughout the night. Now it's during the day. Now you're gone to school, so they're kind of just relaxing, they're wearing whatever they want, or whatever they don't want. And then all of a sudden you come home and you're like hey mom, dad, Where are you guys? No, no, no, no, relax. gotta respect that. It's amazing. Our Shetty leaves nothing out Subhanallah

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and then a look into us. Here's the third third rule what I mean by just solid elation, and after a shot as well. So in the late evenings, they have three periods of the day, Allah is saying there has to be permission that is sought, particularly even from young children, and respecting the privacy of parents, right? Number one, before fetcher, number two during the day, somewhere around lower time somewhere during the day, and number three after a shadow time.

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So that's where I would actually look on. These are three stages of the day that are private times for you. Lazar Aleikum, WA Alaykum junetta Umberto Han so anything. So there's no problem for you or for your children outside of those times, because you're awake. Everybody's around. Everybody's doing what they have to do. No big deal. bolwell funaro la belle do kumada barreled. But sometimes what kids do is they'll knock the door

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they'll come in you let him in. So you try you know, you get your robe or whatever you let them in. And they just like, Hi.

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They'll come and they'll like jump on the bed or something.

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And just say mom, dad, how are ya and then just go back outside again. And then they'll do it again.

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First thing is that you shouldn't get annoyed by this because this is saying oh afford it. They're gonna do this because that's what kids do. They're gonna just come with a time when you're hoping to have some private time with your spouse. They're gonna come in between can we watch a movie that good I can I get a drink Can I have a snack?

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You're like

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you don't get to say to God, just go Go to your room. Turn on TV lock the door. No, shouldn't get upset their kids unless telling you they're going to do this stuff. They're going to try to catch you in the moments where you're hoping to have private time those are the moments are gonna just bug you the most less it's gonna happen.

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And Allah continues and he says

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power tower funaro la combinado camarilla about Casa de Cuba union la who look when will yet will la hora de mon Hakeem that is how Allah makes clear for you is a because Allah is has complete knowledge and wisdom. just basic rules of the home so beautiful. Well either by law of farming Komal home so when these kids grow up and now they become teenagers and young adults, and they get married and they move out fairly a step they know chemistry than a Latino male puppy him they have to still seek permission to come into your house the same way that they did in the past. Children Listen up just because

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You're married, and you live in your own place does not mean you get to show up at any time you want to your parents home and be like, no, my parents, of course, I can come over whenever I want. Of course, I can eat whenever I want, I can just leave. Nope. There's a laws rules man. Unless this fairly aesthetic, you know,

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ask and seek permission. So let is saying that despite you are children, and these are your parents, you still visit like visitors. You still go over there like visitors. Call, make sure it's okay. But you have but then my parents none and then no. And vice versa. Parents, you don't just get to knock the door of your children's homes whenever you want. And when you're there, you've got to be a visitor. Look at the time. Then she's like, Hey, are you come over to kids home? And then you stay there until like 3am in the morning? No.

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Especially if you see her husband, you know, it's kind of like yeah, you know, he's been gone all day to work. comes home really late at night. It's his only time with his wife. Don't want to spend some time alone. You're still there. Now. But yes, that you know, you have to seek permission when is the right time to do that stuff. Because maybe they want to be alone. Or maybe they just don't want any guests. Or maybe maybe what what comes after maybe is not our concern. Our concern is that we have to be considerate that after the word baby there's something there.

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But to hear Allah subhanaw taala is saying that you teenagers, young adults, you still even though despite that do your parents, you still have to seek their permission and respect their privacy. Period Subhana Allah subpanel unbelievable can barely keep up you know law who look at that is how Allah made clear for you all of his a at will la demon Hakeem Allah has complete knowledge and wisdom the final a while kawari do mean an ISA and a principle for all women and let Tila allottee allow you to join any Caterham, especially the ones specifically the ones who do not desire marriage. So this is an elderly woman. Okay, so when a woman has attained old age, Felisa la hiner,

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Georgetown and y'all dharna Thea, but when, then there's no harm if she doesn't want to, you know, if she wants to kind of relieve herself of her hijab, or her garment or so on. Like, you know, she's all gray, she knows she's kind of walking around, she's slow, she has no desire for nobody, then there's no problem for her to be loose, and relaxed about her hijab. This is one of the, this is the only verse in the Quran that gives an exemption to a woman from wearing the hijab, when they're old, and they have no desire for marriage. Don't put that pressure on them. Because for one, they probably have attained a time in their life where just getting dressed is a enormous challenge. They

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need help, they need their kids, they need somebody else, their husband, whatever, to help them even just get dressed. Now you're going to oblige them to wear the hijab, and to control all the elderly, but now the homeowner in our lead up and we took that a earlier in the suta. So they're going to constantly fiddle around and try to keep this together a lot of saying a lot loosened up the rules for her out of his mercy.

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And unfortunately, this is where I say this is where some cultures become more strict about Islam than Allah Himself. You ever see that? Like some Muslim Muslims, like when they see the elderly and and you know, she's got no hijab on and she's, you know, with her little cane or little Walker and she's going around, I got stopped at all with a blemish if you're Muslim and look at this no hijab. Relax, dude. She's an elderly woman. Allah gave her an exemption. You're acting more religious than the prophets. I send them you're actually more religious than Islam. Slow down. You see, this is what I've said this several times. our culture's

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make Islam so difficult. It makes it so hard. Our habits, this is the way that I grew up. My great grandmother used to wear hijab when she was like, 95.

00:24:17--> 00:24:21

That's good for her. They'll reward her. She didn't have to.

00:24:23--> 00:24:24

She wasn't compelled to.

00:24:25--> 00:24:29

Because Allah made the exception here. But with that being said,

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Allah says theorbo, Ohio motor battery Jatin buzina as long as they're not trying to flaunt their beauty, some you know, and you know, older women, they can still be beautiful. They can still be considered beautiful people can still see a beautiful elderly woman and a letter saying that as long as they don't flaunt their beauty,

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you know, this is fine. They can be easygoing, they can relax their hijab aviram whatever.

00:25:00--> 00:25:02

jet, you know, buttery jet is like literally showing off

00:25:03--> 00:25:47

button with a buttery jet from the water bottle. Which is also like wearing jewelry or flaunting the stuff. Right? So there's one of the conditions of hijab and Allah subhanaw taala saying that look, you know, just don't show the stuff off. That's the key here. And then finally want to start with the higher or lower one, but if she's trying, and she says, No, no, no, no, no, I want to wear the hijab, I want to try. It's okay. I know, it's hard. I know, it's old, but it's just I want to put it on, leave me alone. Unless that's better for her. Meaning she'll be rewarded for just trying. Despite that she's not really compelled at that age, at that period of her life, the fact that she

00:25:47--> 00:26:00

still wants to unless is, Oh, that's so that's better for you, I'm going to reward you for that. You're going to be honored and blessed for that. But don't pressure her to do that. Don't be more religious than the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

00:26:01--> 00:26:41

Don't try to give more than what Islam gave. That's the point while low semi or 19. La is here's everything and has knowledge of everything. So beautiful. Now just keep in mind this Oh, there's some additional fick in this area as well that scholars gave conditions, what is considered to be an elderly woman? What do you look for? How do you understand, you know, a lot to do with her understanding a lot to do with her ability to comprehend and internalize information, a lot of different components to this. So what I've given you is just a generic framework of what this is at the end of the day, when she has reached an elderly age and she has no desire for marriage

00:26:41--> 00:26:46

whatsoever, then in this case, here, she could be easygoing with her hijab is the point all right.

00:26:47--> 00:26:49

inshallah, tada, we'll pause there.

00:26:51--> 00:27:35

Tomorrow, we complete a suit at a node in shot low tide. And then of course, I will not tomorrow tomorrow's Friday, jumaan. So Saturday inshallah Okay, so tomorrow there won't be any Tafseer sessions and the following day, Saturday morning Bismillahi Tada. We will conclude suta to note and I will introduce to you the next topic vanilla heater either. So just look out for actually I'll do it probably on Saturday. Okay. No, I'll do tomorrow. Just look out for some choices. I'll do a short survey tomorrow in shallow town just to get some feedback of what you think our next subject with will be. Be and the less so with that being said, metal lines so it'll continue to teach us May

00:27:35--> 00:27:54

Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the strength that we complete this chapter of the Quran solely for his pleasure and his mercy and His forgiveness alone me just like a level higher than everyone And may Allah azza wa jal bless you and protect you wherever you are alone. I mean, so then why they come to LA he bought a cat to