Back to School Tips – Dealing with Distractions

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The speaker discusses the importance of eliminating distractions during school, especially when students are in a rush to return to school. They stress the need to assess friendships and develop healthy behavior, especially for high energy students. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of controlling one's social media and social media use to avoid becoming a social drinker.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa about a cat, everybody. Welcome. This is the third video. Sorry, I was just updating something on my Facebook. So the third thing that I want to talk about inshallah, preparing yourselves to get back to school is eliminate distractions. That's exactly what was happening with me. Now distractions really, I want to just focus on two things. The first is your job and your friends. Now, eliminating your friends is very, very unhealthy. But having friends that constantly distract you and steer you off into the wrong direction is even worse. So you want to make sure that once you get back to school, you want to sit down and at least assess what kind of

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companions Do you have the people that you spend your time with? Are the people that are productive, especially for the Union College students are up? Are you around people that are productive? That are students that are taking their time seriously, especially for the high school students? Are you amongst people that simply don't have nothing else to talk about, except just you know, wasteful issues? You know, there's some friends that if you sit and you talk with them about something serious, it becomes very awkward. They'll they'll even ask you like, bro, what are you doing? Why are you so serious for let's change this up, subject and talk about something that is something

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else. And there are other friends that you're always serious with them, the moment you start to joke around or talk about something casual, it becomes very awkward. So you guys want to look for the friends that have at least a little bit of good balance in them when they see something wrong with you. Now this doesn't necessarily have to be Islamic. Like if they're see that you're rude to a waiter or a customer or something like that, or some other friends at school, that at least they have basic morals and ethics. They have basic basic manners. They'll say to you, bro, why do you have to be so mean? Just relax, don't scream, don't get upset, simple little things that they can

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help you out with insha Allah. So you want to assess the friends that you have. Many of us including myself, we have tons of friends, but we're not really close to all of them. It just people that we know here and there. That's good. And that's okay, and hamdulillah. But you always want to have at least a few people that you can confide into, that you can talk to about any personal issues and problems that you might be experiencing. But these people that you talk to, you have to make sure sure that they can give you good solid advice that they can steer you towards doing the right thing. The primary choice here is that you always want to choose a Muslim friend just simply because it

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makes your whole Islamic life that much easier. So that's the first distraction. You want to eliminate, eliminate friends that literally waste your time. The second thing here is your phones, your gadgets, your social media, all of those things. I'm not saying for you to get completely off of it. But you definitely have to get control over it. You have to limit your time on this. Now this takes a lot of discipline. Now remember, in our religion, Allah azza wa jal constantly encourages us and teaches us to have discipline, we are allowed to play, but we're not allowed to play that much. We're allowed to be serious, but we don't have to be serious all the time. Allah azza wa jal always

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calls us to have a balance in these two things. And the same thing with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you'll find that when it came to his teachings, when it came to spreading guidance to the the companions, and everyone else, he was serious about it. But then at the same time, he would also wrestle with our model de la Horan. alioto, the loved one, he would race with his wife, they would go out into the middle of the desert, and they would just enjoy themselves. So it's important for you to have that balance as well. Now, social media literally eliminates all of those things, you lose a sense of just enjoying your life and going out. And having that amusement and

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that interaction with people. We've become so consumed with gadgets and social media, that we've forgotten how to be social with actual people in front of us, you'll find that you don't want to speak to no one anymore. Even if there's a Hi, how are you, you feel very awkward about it. It never used to be like that. So you want to make sure that with these two things, these two important things that you're engaging with, and you interact with every single day of your life, especially when you're back in school, you want to make sure that you have control over this, because the moment that these two things start controlling you guess what happens? You start to lose focus in

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everything in your life, not just School, which you start losing focus with your religion, with allies. So watch out with your prayers, everything around you starts to become a complete disaster. So you want to make sure in sha Allah that you get control, and you develop that peaceful life where you eliminate

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These kind of distractions or at least get control of them to the best of your ability. May Allah subhanho wa Taala reward all of you for your efforts, just like Milo Hydras that I'm already from Morocco to LA he will break up