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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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then hamdulillah Hina Meadow who want to start in on a stock photo? When are all the belay Manchurian? fujinami say Dr. Medina manga Hello fellow moody Lada on a little fella had

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a shadow

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in a long, long, long luxury killer with a shadow Mohammedan abdomen or a pseudo I'm about to fire in the cul de sac eatable law. What are you hiral had you had you Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa early he was selling them was Sharon Morimoto to her wakulla Desert in bedarra wakulla bid at in Bala that in wakulla Donna that infinity

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rubbish roughly sorry. We are suddenly angry. We're Hello Dr. Tommy Lee Cerny of COVID only after praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final project.

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was sending them

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in a series of hot a series of ahaadeeth.

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Speaking about, unfortunately,

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the bad mole habits of vices of practices that we find

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not just with the world around us, but even amongst our own kind our own selves, our own Muslims.

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And the sad thing is at times that some of us begin to justify our bad practices rather than accepting them. And some of us unfortunately, even go a step further. We try to legalize, make things which are haram to say that they are halal or they permissible, or those words don't mean that

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if only we had stopped and accepted our sin,

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there may be or possibly or even definitely there could be forgiveness for that individual acknowledges acknowledges their wrongdoing

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that are disobeyed Allah Subhana. Allah

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this has been prophesized by the prophet alayhi salatu salam that people will come from his own, from his followers from his people

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who are going to do certain actions.

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And they're going to go beyond that. They're going to try to legalize certain actions which are haram which are forbidden.

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That's today's Hadith that you find the akuna, Nami, Amati akuamma. Your Stallone and Hera will Harry, well, hombre Well, if

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there's going to come a group of people

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who are going to come in Amati

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from my own nation from my own tribe, my own people and my followers acquirement a group of them just Hello alone. We're going to seek to make Helen and Hara which is

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adultery, fornication,

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any form of sexual activity with the opposite gender which is haram.

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Likewise and hairier for men self the wearing of silk is forbidden for men will hombre any form in toxicology mention alcohol or any form of drug in toxic is haram. While matters if and the use of music or musical instruments had the inside the story of Imam Bukhari

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and before we complete the Hadith,

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we find that some people,

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as you mentioned, tried to say these a hadith is just information.

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The prophet Elijah zombies just giving information this was going to take place. And this shows, unfortunately, once again a sickness inside the hearts of these Muslims that they failed to understand. The role and the conduct and the words of the Prophet Allah is not to Islam isn't just a bar

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isn't just information.

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His task is to make things hallel for them by the permission of Allah Subhana Allah, well, you have to be more Allahabad if

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and to make her on upon them. Those things which are impure, filthy things bad things. As Allah describes seafarer sole characteristics of the population of Islam in South Sudan are off. Numerous verses are mentioned in Saudi speaking about his role his conduct and who he is some of the long running some of them and just to complete the Hadith. What will be the end result of these individuals, while a young Zilla Aqua moon in a gem be element and for monks of a group of people come to the side of a mountain euro Allah in the Sahara be sorry hatin la home and a farm of these will come and join them in that location where you tee him alpha theory a certain poor individual

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come to these individuals they had yet in for coluna lj Elena harden, and it will say to him, come back to us tomorrow we may help you for you, but you to whom Allah, Allah will destroy them in the night. While you're there, all alum, I will make the mountain to collapse upon these individuals, Williams, Corinne, and he would change the other individuals to crediton wahana z, Ella yo mill piano and will disregard other individuals to make them to become swains and apes. Before we begin to dissect the main part of this Hadith, just to send home the message of this dire warning and what happens to people who engross themselves inside this evil practice or the idea that we find somewhat

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people who drink wine. You some moon have been Hades

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will drink wine and call it by another name

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some people

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My Alma, Rockies Juana Hagia, and Nurse Min Amati Aqua min Amati we're not speaking about non Muslims, about what names and titles they give to alcohol and drinks whatever it may be. We speak about Muslims. Muslims are going to come and to give Hummer alcohol give drugs in toxicants to give it a different name

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other Rohingya, a spiritual drink, drink for the soul, drink for the mind, relaxation names will be given like this in essence is just wine is just alcohol is something that hallucinates the individual and you find, calling it by another name Mary Mary would be made for them through musical instruments and Lady singers. So they will have Merryman music, and female singers will be singing for these individuals. Allah will cause the earth to swallow them and he will turn them into monkeys and pigs had Ethan a son of Eben merger and authenticated by a share of Sham chef Nasir Dean and Alberni. Rahmatullahi LA, nada de three fine. People among my alma will stay up at night, eating,

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drinking and entertaining themselves. And in the morning, they'll be turned into monkeys and pigs had eaten as soon as he doubled and also checked by the late chef. Nasir Dean Alberni Rahmatullah la se akuna fi is a man haspin wakad phone one must hold to the end the times they will be the sinking of the earth. They will be the throwing or the destruction by stones or hurricanes whatever it may be, one must hone and transformation of individuals. Things Taylor with mata danika Rasul Allah when will that take place when these calamities begin to fall upon the earth color either volatile matters if one cannot, when musical instruments become abundant, become common, and female singers

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become common inside society. Howdy inside the origin of a mama Papa Ronnie, unlike was authenticated by la chef Nasir Deen Alberni Rahmatullah la knrg ella Hadith, the main Hadith layer coonan Murthy, a corpsman is going to be people from our own nation, my own people who get to come and make something

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which is haram halaal. Firstly, regarding the authenticity this hadith is inside the collection of Imam Bukhari is authentic hadith, checking this Hadith, but even hudgell as palani who wrote the shadow side Buhari was a man who wrote on the two party fissures here Buhari both authenticated accept this hadith eventually burn Sahaba mustard rock, who laid out criteria of making Hadith authentic according to criteria of Imam Bukhari and Muslim also accept this hadith to be authentic, where Abu Salah emammal aluma, Hadith, Abu Salah, any student of knowledge knows all books of alumina Ladies and gentlemen, we turn back to Abu Salah wherever you Salah Abu Salah, Allah even has

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them avahi and andalusi because these more than they must have they tried to hide behind that even has them and andalusi a VA hurry was the one who classify this hadith as not being authentic and the one who pushed inside society the use of music and musical instruments had that hopper window This is a big grave mistake of even hasm and many of the relevant concluded even though even hasm wrote a famous book of fit mohalla there were many things about his views and especially inside Howdy. Let you see what are your What are your cola who never does any alum take the views of Evan has an advisory take his views in accepting a Hadith of the Priscilla we find it to be Tamia Eva Mojo Xia,

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AB Cassie and contemporary Allah check amateur can check lol Bernie, she actually will upload all of them accepted and authenticated this hadith as for the caliber of this hadith that we find the akula Amati acquirement we find unfortunately, sounds very harsh to use such words, but the enemy within you know sometimes we're so worried about external forces and external elements of society attacking upon us. But we fail to understand they are enemies within ourselves. There's problems within ourselves. There's munafo there's hypocrites within our own selves. Because hip hypocrisy as music is sprouted, we're going to touch upon hypocrisy is trying to dismantle Islam. Why Iran is not Islam

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externally. The name of Islam, the use of Islam, the display of Islam, but internally has the intent to destroy Islam to weaken Islam. You know, non Muslims can't today

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Come and gunned down Muslims and just totally destroyed you know, that is unfortunate taking place, they have to use other methods or the means, or the ways of weakening this Muslim ummah. So the ways that the US is enemies within us, within ourselves will begin to have this passive thinking, this open thinking, this literal thinking this more than thinking that this is the age, the 21st century, we need music inside our lives, we need entertainment inside our lives, we need this, because everywhere that we go, this is all around us. And we need this to live to function inside our life. These are only new things, new doubts that they begin to creep into our minds that this is

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normality. This is a normal way of life that we need to conduct ourselves and place this inside Islamic environment that we find yesterday alone. Anybody who studies the Arabic language, will understand yesterday alone tolerable shame that they were trying to seek something to make something which is permissible. So remember, he said and he mentioned how Rama halaal when they tried to make something which is haram to be halal as an onion, his work sort of salah and he shut off Bulu muram he mentioned we find unfortunately, money Stella alakina whoever tries to legalize anything, is a principle inside of Sharia as we began with somebody could do how wrong he is affair lies with Allah

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Subhana Allah will not cover all of our mistakes and our downfalls. But when a person comes out in society and says that this is not Haram, this is permissible. This is so dangerous, because folk are mentioned manage to handle heroin *a Guevara, whoever seeks to make something Hello, which is heroin has disbelieved.

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That's how severe it is. Kodama Minh and Hannah Bella read these words and mockney and buzzers mill and Hannah fear about the unknown.

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Some new set of persons tries to make something Hello, when it's haraam should be killed, sent to the gallows should be executed in view to exist amongst established jurists, because this person yet officially is playing with a Sharia is trying to make something Hello, which is forbidden to make something haram which Allah has allowed for people to carry out inside their lives. Yesterday, Luna, Unwin and Hara tried to make Helen and Hera who will forge the private pots try to make Hello yesterday Luna as Xena as a scholar and he mentioned every single Muslim knows without a shadow of doubt, a Xena is haram. So how can they seek to make Xena Helen every Muslim knows Xena is forbidden

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when a doctor bozena in no can officiated was a subpoena or answers What are Takara boo for and didn't say what do you say don't commit Zina for answers wallet Takara boo. Don't go near anything that leads to Xena

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in no Kana fisherton was a Serbia it's an even action destroys the path destroys the individual of entering to Zener. The second thing that we find while hairier, they try to make halaal sink, silk and gold as we know for Muslim man is forbidden. It's haram for Muslim men to wear silk and to wear gold. The third thing that we find while hamura try to legalize Alhambra intoxicants alcohol when a candidate can harden them as a Muslim. If these things were Heller, why are they being rebuked? If alcohol is Heller is Xena is Heller is silk is headed by the they being rebuked inside his head why they're being being wounded for punishment, especially in the Tamia. He mentioned why because the

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majority I mentioned is worth a lot to LA fan, which is to volume just speaking about, of Masada shape on the trap the snares of the devil, like was able to Josie in his madness work. Tell these a beliefs. A whole volume is speaking about deceptions of the devil. study this material to see how shapen enters into the mind into people creates the snares the traps of people being worked into certain things to take them away from the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala and thus we find what matters if what is Alma as if Allah Allah Mitchum as any form of musical instrument are the sounds that come out from these musical instruments and singing which comes with any form instrument in the

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background is all classified according to Sharia, as Alma as if is all forbidden inside the Sharia. And as we find if we take this hadith

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and we switch the wording around, go back to front, you see that all of this is linked together because you find that music will be accompanied with a hammer with wine, wine will be completed with good dress good sense even wearing harem silk for men, people who wear it and that will lead on to unfortunately Xena

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define an arena kubla Xena may sound extreme to some of us, but some of that realm I mentioned Allah Hina kubla Xena before person commit Zina. There comes music that comes entertainment. There comes that environment that's what ministry clamps down on making certain things haram there's always a link that's why person shouldn't think that it's a small sin a minor sin. Remember I mentioned one small sin leads to another leads to another sin had that to spam and I'll cover it till eventually becomes classified as a major sin and likewise valuable Josie he mentioned a bit mmm he had had it and our jeezum warmer occupa tomb is a form of blame, and a torture the punishment upon these

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individuals and also scientifically, a great link has been proven between the use of music and immoral activity around activity by the use of music that we find it leads people to carry out these haram actions. As for from the Quran, we find three main verses inside the Quran. We speak about making music haram and some animal collected a fourth verse, if I'm going to be speaks about this and studies Tafseer and likewise before this a man poverty is what goes to this view as well as the three verses for them in a chronological order that occur inside the Quran. They speak about music to be something which is forbidden was stuffs his minister taught a minim b so Tikka attack them, go

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towards them.

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Take them away from their location from the mind from whatever they're doing inside inside their lives be so take away your voice. Why did you leave him behind the camera chilika throw upon them your cavalry and your soldiers and your troops upon these individuals. We're sharing with you what we'll learn what to do when you're ready to move on. hora use your voice to allow people to derail people take people away from the path of Allah. Allah sent down your cavalry, your soldiers and your men upon these individuals. What is the celtica mean by the use of your voice? Mm Mujahid who the student is abuzz, unlike what a man would have mentioned? Be solotica means

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shape on excites mankind via the use of music, songs and any form amusement takes the individual away from the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala the second verse inside the Quran such surah Luca man, the 31st chapter Quran verse number six woman a nasty mejor de la de Leo Dena and subida there are some people who seek vulgar vain speech and they use of speech to take people away from the path of a loss of power to Allah. Leo Diller and Sabine lay behind it and without any justification without any knowledge. We are definitely the who's who were these individuals they take they take life as just just a just play Allah ecola home movie for them is going to be evil chastisement for

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these individuals. They will not continue to mention why that took like a year tuna when our Verses are recited to these individuals. What is the response of these individuals? One must duck Baron Cohen

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walks away in a state of arrogance. As if he hasn't heard the verses of Allah subhanaw taala calumnious might have gotten a fee on a Baccarat as if there's molten lead be placed inside the heirs of these individuals for Bashir who may have been Aleem give that individual glad tidings of a severe chastisement. That's why remember I mentioned you cannot have sold to ramen was so to shape on inside the heart of the individual. Inside the beanie, as soon as Allah mentioned, Allah has not made two hearts, in the chest in the cavity of the human being is only one heart. The heart will either be conquered with the words of Allah, or be conquered by the words of shape on people would

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say it's only a pastime, it doesn't affect me. But you can see that eventually over time, how person will show preference to listen to words of shape on over the words of a man the penetration words of Allah have no impact upon the individual because their heart has become sealed. The as they become sealed, they don't open up to the words of Allah Subhana Allah in the to see all these words when you look at the tesira imams duty. So I have a woman for me Kathy,

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you mentioned the narration

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or the look at animal and human who swears by Allah subhanaw taala he says that indeed in the mahalo Hina language, it means singing. Abdullah bittersweet mentions, I classify it as being singing and whatever is linked to singing. rumba abbesses cassava is poor German Quran, the one who explained the Quran, who had the most knowledge regarding the parentheses the parentheses, swear by Allah free times. That will Hadith genuine

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Meaning is Volga vein speech, but the deeper meaning is singing and musical instruments that go with it. Likewise, you find Amina nassima Srila will Hadith, Maka makalu mentioned if a person hires female singers and gets him to sing, and this person does not repent from that, and he dies upon that find out with Sally, Sally, I do not prey upon the individual. I don't attend the genomes of that individual. You know for some of us may sound so far away, but because we become such a complacent society that is acceptance that these things that take place it doesn't upset that it doesn't worry us.

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We think nothing of it when a casa de casa de mentioned don't when you see that the Father

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is playing the drum. For telugu, Allah, Allah Roxy don't blame your children that they begin to sing and they begin to dance. Don't look at them and say that what are you doing, because if the father is going to live the life of her arm, then likewise the children begin to imitate that the imitation comes from from the beginning. So I will beat person in the house how they understand perceive certain things inside their life. And likewise we find another evolutionary dimensions in eternity replica see that we find another how he came to Mecca and any saw that people are coming to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam so he hide singing girls.

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And he said Go Go to the people

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and sing for them and dancer them pour wine for them. And say Hi there. Hi, Roman madruga Mohammed Salah. So this is better than what Mohammed is calling you to distract them away. You know, this is centuries ago. This is centuries ago. Look at the modern world.

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You know, the Arab idol. It's like these competition with these TV shows that we find that exists in the Arab world.

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Four times this is been won twice by two Palestinian individuals and, and Palestine. You know, we speak about liberating Palestine, the whole of Palestine goes berserk. Because one of the sons as as one, this Arab idol competition, where more than 100,000 people will view it 100,000 people view it. They view this story. 100 million views sorry. 100 million views in Arabic will watch this.

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And I don't want to sound political. Because some people say that when you speak about these things, is some form of revolution against the people around us.

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There's no revolution of revolt against the people around us.

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You know, we should feel this inside the heart.

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The Blessing lands, the perforation, he spent his blood, he sweat his life. He's honored to purify the precincts of Makkah and Medina

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we think is trivial. We want to bring Sufi rap stars, concerts, gigs, music, to a precious land, to beautiful environment. And people say no, this is a political wording or climate law. We're not puppets to anyone. You know, we can speak openly that the Muslim Empire puppets, their masters hold their strings. And we are the audience who laugh at the puppets and silent tacit approval of what the puppets do around us because we're entertained. That's what will become Muslims are entertained. They entertain us, and they govern and rule over us. It's not just a trivial affair, that some people that they think it's a deep strategy of what to do with Muslims or to deride Muslims or to

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keep them busy. As you mentioned, in conclusion, how they've destroyed us destroyed our people destroyed our field destroyed our mind in entering music into our lifestyles that we find because unfortunate become people who are so dumbed down the third and the third is at the end of suta najem the 53rd chapter of Quran FM in hasn't had the detachable water the Hakuna Matata and semi Dune you can read it the set of all of these are yet in any book of the feet. It's all the crystal clear how I've described these verses. FM in huddle had the detachable D marvel at these words. As you mentioned many times people just marvel at the quran quran isn't to be marveled at

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Quran isn't you just marvelous. Quran moves the person.

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Lo Anza Allah Javelin that I took Hashimoto, Satya minha Shatila. You know, if any thinking bring a man to tears, bring a man down to his knees. rip the heart open an individual. It's the Quran. It's the Quran. If the impact of Quran doesn't happen inside your life, you do question your heart. Question your email. Why does it my heart flow with the words of a man? Why doesn't my heart awaken with the words of a man? Why am I not uplifted? Because many of us may be away from the words of Allah, listening to other things that don't benefit us. Or we don't understand the words of the Quran. What that Hakuna Voila. You're busy laughing

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When I tell

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you Don't weep and you don't cry, we're unto Sammy don't care. We want to focus upon the word Sammy doing your busy, entertaining, looking after yourself and in the Yemeni dialect, as subud goes back so mood goes back to singing and musical instruments. Remember a large portion of Arabic language goes back to pure fossa. This what these people doing living in a state of merriment. The fourth verse that we mentioned were Latina nyesha Luna Zhu, y the Maru belagavi moroka. Rama in such SoTL for Kant speaking about a bad Roman servants of Allah subhanaw taala Seaford as soon as any evil speech but Allah of logo Allah for Allah mentioned

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Abu Bakar Joseph

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Campbell Quran LML Hannah fear we says the Imam Abu hanifa Rama to lolly went to the view that account una escuela de la shatta Zhu Zhu Zhu is what is music musi

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is Rena music and singing and whatever is linked with it like what other explicit added that we find? In Nola harmonic camera while MySQL kooba rokkaku muskerry harem in a Muslim Imam Ahmed, Allah has made haram upon you, alcoholic drinks, gambling, while kooba will double the playing of a drum interrupt Bihar Rama, Allah Muhammad, while may say while kooba while in need. Indeed Allah has made it haram upon me upon this Muslim oma, the taking of intoxicants gambling, like was usually the drunk what can Nene Hua, a tomboy, our route is the Mandarin or the lute, a form of guitar they find in modern days times that we find ways to we have mizmor what I've been sent to destroy the drum and

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to destroy the flute had he is on the authentic ever menu element Howdy. This is the task of sending of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam Soltani Manu nanny to voices which are cursed by Allah Subhana dynafit dunia with inside this world and inside Akira, a voice that sings and rejoices

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in times of merriment and goodness, and a voice that waves and doesn't accept the decree of Allah curse. But lots of panatela won't even have to hate me and McKee has collected more than 40, a hadith 40 different ad is speaking about the blame of individuals who are involved in sad music. And so people try to say there's a difference of opinion amongst the fuqaha this is all false. Just because a few individuals, a few rare individuals who will make a certain statement that doesn't go against the consensus of the majority of the fuqaha 1000s of fuka have gone to the view on making something forbidden make it something Haram in the fall.

00:32:51--> 00:33:33

And whether he will or bad that we find the four famous, famous Islamic jurists that we find mmm honey for that matter that I mentioned, the rejection of his testimony person who's involved in music. That person's testimony to be rejected is not a trustworthy individual. mm chef he mentioned this person is incompetent fool. And it tests me to be rejected or this individual mmm I mentioned that is sprouts hypocrisy, singing sprouts hypocrisy like like this was before this, this thing of the lemon was brewed. Who said that singing is sprouts hypocrisy is at the heart of the individual. And it's a strange story by Abdullah in Moscow that we find an individual is Zan. Zan was a

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musician, a person who who sang in a beautiful voice. So an 11 month old went past and he heard him singing one day musical instruments and only this person used a voice with the Quran. If you only used his his efforts towards the worst words of Allah Subhana Allah. When he walked away, he asked somebody individually who this individual was Who's this individual. And I mentioned is Abdullah bin was truly one of the most profound companions of the Prophet Elijah to set up. So he ran up to him, and he felt ashamed. And he had them in any weapon. He said that today I've given up giving up the musical instruments and music inside my life. He said, Why should I embrace an individual who's

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repented back to lots of data that says that Zen became one of the students of the library was rude, like, Oh, this should be the impact of Kodama, there should be impact. Rama shouldn't sit in gatherings that people think is enlight Entertainment, whereby people need to be entertained in doing certain things. That's not the role of religion. The role of cinema isn't to sit there to be involved in society, just even when you happen to live in a western world, that people need some form of relaxation. The amount of people involved in music, who want to come out of music and amount of Muslims who want to run towards music is quite shameful. They are fleeing away, they've lived a

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life they're so engrossed inside it, it becomes their bloodstream, it becomes their life. And he said that we've been searching all of our life

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something to come out of this some

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Enlightenment, study them, you hate them, some of them just listen to the Quran, the Quran, it makes them weep, it makes them cry, it impacts them and said, This isn't music. This is something strange, even scientific research been done that we speak about relaxation and peace and contentment, scientific research been done that people when the Quran is played to them, feet as a category of individuals, people understand the Quran. People just listen to the Quran and then non Muslims. And it shows a form of relaxation upon the body research is still being conducted in a laboratory of the impact of Quran upon people, how it soothes the person. And then we speak about looking for things

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to give us peace and contentment and be the karela he taught my Indian co loop in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest, find peace, there's always going to be a void hollowness. I'm trying to find that peace inside a song inside certain lyrics from one word to another word from one song to another song to something else, there's always going to be cavity. And we can list a whole series of individuals that did is destroyed their life in a search of music thing is going to be a form of success for these individuals. Mr. Malik mentions in the major Valley, Indiana alpha suck. The people who do this inside, who follow music have to suck rebellious individuals, wicked individuals.

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Today, we call it art. We call it a skill. In the folk art the fusa rebellious individuals don't even inside our culture that we find today trying to people who try to justify our vision, our grandfathers and fathers anybody involved in music. It was a shameful career. It was disrespect to society, disrespect to your family, to your lineage to your honor. It was disrespect. But today's is looked at a skill. something to be proud about how can be something to be proud about your daughter dancing in front of people. What's not to be proud about?

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We feel proud about that. We blame other entities, but we look inside our own our own lands on people, we we thrive on this rejoice about this. This is destruction of your own home, destruction of your own people destruction around children, that you just keep in mind that you turn a blind eye to it. This is an art. This is a skill that we need in society that we find. And even those who follow that music may be 100 compared to what music exists today, no one listens to classical Beethoven symphony or something maybe a few people do that massive people listened to filth. Listen to the lyrics lewdness, promiscuity, sexual misconduct, wickedness even while words that's what

00:37:38--> 00:38:18

people listening to the whole concept of rap music, East Coast to West Coast, we find and drill music from 2010 onwards in Chicago spit over this country. That's what most of you for listening to the commission is country. 2018 said the high rise in knife crime goes back to drill music. Because it breeds and it preaches that is glorious to take someone's life, a 17 year old boy sentenced to life imprisonment, who used to sing to drill music, who recorded drill music when he's bored in front of the judge and a group of these individuals that Ganga took another individual's life. They tried to say he had nothing to do with the lyrics that we sang. That judge slammed him and said that

00:38:18--> 00:38:36

your words was only a matter of time that you would enact your words inside society. And that's what exactly you done. You sang about taking someone's life. You talked about shanking someone. You talked about shooting someone, you talked about taking person's life. You done that today, and today you face a life sentence in prison

00:38:37--> 00:39:14

17 years his own life imprisonment. Life is taken away from you. We don't see the repercussions. We don't seem to understand we so shallow individually, we think is no relationship between what we've read on a daily basis, what we hear how we conducted how we infer to certain things I lead to an evil ending. And that's why Islam comes to upheaval, to take out these things before it comes to what the society is running around to try to clear up the mess that we're living in at the moment. wakulla Kalia stuffer lolly welcome only Jamie and Muslim manifesto Pharaoh who in know who will go for Rahim

00:39:26--> 00:40:00

al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad. While early he was happy he woman termasuk episode Mattila yo meeting my bad no Josie inside his work till beast Emily's deception devil he mentioned that music singing is a temptation for the soul, where we find that fornication is the biggest pleasure of the body. And as you mentioned many times this Leads Leads towards towards Iran. And as we mentioned many times to Muslim society around us that Muslims more and more involved inside certain things that leads people

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

Heroin to the carryout of heroin a person should be worried about that. That my actions my practice has led someone else to be involved inside something haram or to live a life of heroin. It's enough for me to carry my own sin, my own sins in my life. But for me to become a pathway, a gateway to other people, to be involved inside haram to live a life of Haram, and everything that they do actually have that blame falls upon the individual person should be worried about that. And likewise, you find if it's a trivial matter, we have other bigger things to worry about in the world. And some people they claim that what what is the importance of music, whether it's halal or

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And just to conclude, the relevance, or the impact of music upon our society that we find the decline of a nation and the prevalence of looted art and music inside society, what destroyed a society is what the research has shown. Us Lennon, he mentioned one quick way to destroy society is through its music,

00:41:00--> 00:41:23

even to destroy people and enter into people's minds and hearts via the use of music. lines of poetry. allama Iqbal he wrote the famous lines of poetry speaking about the blame of music etc. He mentioned that when Let me tell you about the fate of nations. It begins with swords and spears, and the end of musical instruments in the hands of these individuals when they decline.

00:41:24--> 00:41:30

You may find it as an exaggeration, read history. Al Andalus.

00:41:31--> 00:41:38

What was the end of Andalus the end of the empire in India, the end of the Ottoman Empire read history.

00:41:40--> 00:42:05

When it being overtaken by the Crusaders and other individuals. They're busy discussing which female dancer is the best dancer is historically documented. It's no exaggeration. The Emperor's are busy discussing who dances the best who plays the best music. You can visit Topkapi museum inside Istanbul at the moment, you can see the remnants of left behind of what the great Ottoman Empire was,

00:42:06--> 00:42:25

what it was the destruction, that's all that we're worried about. We're just worried about entertainment. So not only destroys people time and time again to awaken them, that when that's all that your life becomes entertainment. Spain is not too far away. Look at is such a degree in Kosovo.

00:42:26--> 00:42:59

The moment is haram to pray inside the embassy you can see it's clearly a Masjid, the security don't allow Muslim to pray inside the if you tried to go and offer to prayer the throw you out, they ban you, they banish you to stop you, they forcibly stop you. This was such a great empire. What led it to collapse is the use of musical instruments amongst this reason. And it's pretty a music in society that you find. Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. And that's what we become. We don't remember the past we don't see the glory

00:43:00--> 00:43:39

of Islam. We don't see that. We don't read about it. We don't aspire for it. We don't think about it. We think everything is just trivial inside it like everything. Let someone else speak about it. Let someone else deal with the problem. Let someone else come and rectify the state of affairs. We need to rectify our own affairs. We to remind ourselves to fear of loss of one of the other every single thing that we do has an impact upon ourself, upon myself upon yourself upon society upon this Muslim oma. That's how we should feel that everything has a ripple effect is going to affect everybody around us. So that what we see the suffering around us in the world, amongst Muslim is why

00:43:39--> 00:44:21

our own hands, our own disobedience towards Allah Subhana Allah will become people who love the Quran. recite the Quran piece in the Quran, learning the Quran memorizing the Quran encouraging the Quran, Institutes of Quran telling people to follow the Quran, live a life of the Quran, that becomes a life of success. For us. We all have some kind of data give us all a topic and ability to try the best of our ability to stay away from the sins Melba homina botlane. Whatever sins whichever they may be apparent or hidden, to rectify ourselves, to make Allah Subhana Allah inside moments when we alone, that Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Dini, Allah make my heart to be firm

00:44:21--> 00:44:59

upon your deed. yamasa refer closer with cul de la attic, change, change my heart to be in obedience towards you. That's when a person find tranquility inside your life, contentment, closeness with Allah subhanaw taala. And as we find that these things inside this dunya they will end kuruman Allah Fern all if it will perish, but the reward that Allah gives to believers inside an era for those who abstain from a small life of 5060 a stay away from it. Allah gives in return, eternity, eternal abode inside paradise, to enjoy those things which have been made haram upon this dunya May Allah and Allah enters

00:45:00--> 00:45:18

All into his into his garden to paradise into general for those in Allah Allah equal to a saloon and and maybe you will lead the man who shall do Allah you certainly motus Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad demodulator Ebrahim Allah Ibrahima naka de Majeed, Allah barik ala Muhammad, Allah Allah Muhammad

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Ibrahim Ibrahim A naka hamidou Majeed akinetic dunya Santa Clara de hacer una joaquina Robin, Robin Avalon nan fusa. Now ilam Tocqueville, an outer Hamner, an akuna Namaha Syrian, a banach Phil nanoleaf Juanita la Dena sub acuna bill email, Alfie Palutena village Edina mn robina. In Nakuru for Rahim from Ghana Africa, Elena sobre was a bit awkward Milan Chanel como Catherine benalla to sepuluh been about data data no habla de Mille Cora in naka antilla hub robina tnfa dunya Hassan Warfield Fira de hacer una joaquina haga una

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buena de cobalamin na Contessa Milani, a tuba Elena Nikita taba Rahim subhanak vichara is that the AMA seafood was moon Alamo Selena al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen for Melissa de como como la. Come forward make space for waiting outside and raining outside makes more space for people outside each other.

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