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Murtaza Khan
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was not even a fan. He would weep. They said why do you weep so much? When you see a grave? There's more scary things is at an arc era. That's why do you weep at the grave? He said, Because the problem the message is sent to me in the open and Manziel Munez cover. The first station is stasis, Arca is the grave. That's the first station. If you're successful inside the grave, from our back door, ACM, whatever is off is going to be easy and simple for the individual of the praising Allah subhana to under and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier send them we find that tonight's or today's topic that we find that

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many Muslims, including non Muslims will begin to flee away from the concept of death or returning back to Allah subhanaw taala. And it's quite sad that amongst us Muslims as well, that we're worried about death or this return back to Allah Subhana Allah, and we fall into the cliches of the world around us, especially during this festive for this New Year celebration that we find that you only live once, live life to the fullest. You're only young one, so enjoy your life. How many Muslims begin to follow this culture, this belief as well. The let us just enjoy ourselves, enjoy our lives in some time at a later stage inside our lives. We're going to repent back to Allah Subhana Allah.

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And this month the code is logic that we mentioned inside the Quran, whereby people believe in doing bad deeds or doing sins or carrying out errors inside their life. And then later on repenting back to Allah Subhan Allah Allah, if we look inside, so the use of Allah mentions about the brethren when they plotted to kill use of or to throw him inside the well. They said what a cool mean buddy, Holman saw the hain, after we've done this evil action, we're going to become righteous, pious individuals. And this is the mentality of many of our young Muslims today that we find most people we speak to them and you ask them what is Hello What is haram? Most of them don't need to be told by

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us. They know the taking of drugs, intoxications drugs, etc. Alcohol, wine, gambling, women fornication, adultery, drug taking drug dealing, whatever it may be. So most people have this mentality of seeking repentance or turning back to Allah subhanaw taala later stage inside their life. And this has fallen unfortunate true for us Muslims as well. And we shouldn't be surprised that these are prophecies of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam whereby he prophesized we're not speaking about non Muslims about many of the signs that a day of judgment or will take place was the end of time that people become fearful about them, these many designs that applied to us common day

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Muslims, that we're going to be living in a moment a times whereby we face certain things, and he highlighted is going to be a moment inside our life and his famous Hadith and Sunnah. Amida would the first part of the Hadith we don't want to enter contain some political climate we don't want to delve into tonight because today's theme isn't the political world around us, whereby he mentioned that you're going to be suffering from a disease called and when they said a woman when they asked the Prophet Elijah some what is this disease, this cancer that we're going to be suffering from? So he highlighted to them what is this disease that you Muslims are going to be suffering from? He said

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hobo dunya we're Karatu moto Cora here to mode you're going to be suffering from a love of this world, and a hatred for death, despising death, that is prophesized about us Muslims, as individuals that we are going to begin to love the world. We're not talking about non Muslims about what their aspirations are. We're called Luma here in the higher dunya number two now here, what are you looking at in the data that's disbelieving individuals who say that we live and we die and time we prevail over us and then we're going to return back to Allah Subhana Allah? Oh, but disbelievers for unset Zamyla Dena Cafaro and then you back to full Bella Bella Tabatha, sumela, tuna Burnaby mammal

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to Metallica and Allah He you see Zamyla Dena Cafaro disbelievers that's what they preach, that we're never going to be resurrected, we're never going to return back to Allah Subhana Allah. So just enjoy your life, live your life for today. Indeed, it is something simple, Allah will resurrect you and bring you forth to the actions you carry out upon this earth. That is something simple and easy for Allah Subhana Allah, indeed throughout the Quran near enough every single page, you're always going to find this constant reminder about death, about this return back to Allah Subhana Allah, whether it be names inside the Quran, speak about Kira and Akasha and how are all these names

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may contain the meaning of the hereafter. But the initial meaning is when you leave this dunya because when you leave this dunya is become a Yama for you it's become the hereafter for every single individual. So the individual should be prepared for a meeting with Allah Subhana Allah when Allah subhanaw taala even speaks about them and regulations you find unique symbol of the Quran is always to return back to an earth era is always to return back to returning back to Allah Subhana Allah, if you take some sort of Bukhara a Medina and Surah 286 Verses one

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which is replete with some elements in approximately 1000 Gum do's and don'ts halal and haram regulation they find inside sorted baccarat right inside the surah you find what is classified as the final verse inside the Quran as Imam suit in his works, it can feel alumina Quran highlights what is classified as a final verse of the Quran verse 281, or SOTL Bacara what Taku Yeoman Toro Gerona, feed Allah, Thelma to offer Kulu NOPSEMA cassava to hula youth la moon. If you look at the Seok the context of these ayat, you find before if I'm speaking about loans about debts or about riba about interest about business transactions, then straight after you find iron today, which

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takes a whole page of the Quran, speaking about exchanging of debt and writing down of debts inside the context of these ayat, which is business transactions, living in this dunya Allah says what Taku Yeoman toward your own a fee in Allah fair that day whereby you're going to return back to Allah subhanaw taala context is this world context is key Jarrah, his business transactions, his loans, his debts, his relationship with people, Yet Allah subhanaw taala still brings the message back to the individual what taco Yeoman toward your own feed Allah fair that day, whereby you're going to return back to Allah subhanaw taala that you're going to leave all of this dunya behind whatever you

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write down as witnesses and testimonies or whatever it may be wealthy oh two people is all going to be left here. Your return from a zero come in Allah your end is going to be to Allah subhanaw taala and as a side point, if you look at certain baccarat in great detail, if I'm approximately five different stations inside sort of doctrine, speaking about the concept of resurrection, about at birth, but the mode, if you look at shekel olufemi Nakamoto lenasia of accredited watsonia inside the he makes his extraction, five places inside the Quran inside specifically sort of Bukhara Allah speaks about bringing the dead back to life again, why inside the Medina and Surah speak about is

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there this focus towards returning back to Las pantalla rather why throughout the Quran, you find such kilometers and mode and Huck, antiochene and masiva all these an urgent, you're appointed time assertion, all these derivatives inside the Quran all pointing to one thing that this individual is going to return back to me who Allah the Khaliqul moto will hire me a blue or a ucommerce anomala he is one who created def. Allah never said life. Firstly, that's a great discussion. My wife did not say death. Because when you come in is dunya is a reality. No one knows where they're going to be born in the face of this earth. But once you are born, there's a reality that you're going to die.

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So Allah created death and life. Leah blue a Yukon is an umbrella to see which amongst you is going to be bested actions. Allah never said UK through amla who's going to do the most actions he said who's going to do the best of actions good actions, that's all about dissected is the meaning of this is the Quran what is the best of actions are the good actions. One it has to contain sincerity towards Allah Subhana Allah and secondly, that the actions that you do are in correspondence with the Sunnah and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Sunday the two criteria we should live inside our life, that if I want my action to be rewarded by Allah Subhana Allah, I will reward to be

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given to me or I want my sins to be transformed over that these are this will need to do inside my life have a life full of sincerity and falling the son of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, people shouldn't despair, we find the Hadith the person never should aspire for death. person shouldn't aspire for death. Rather person should aspire for persons a good person to expire for a longer life, because the person will be extended to do good deeds. And the Hadith mentioned that the person who's a rebellious or wicked or a bad individual lava tube, perhaps he may repent, look at the forgiveness of Allah Xpander look at the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah that don't aspire for death don't think

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that I've done so much inside my life. I'm never going to be forgiven. Rather aspire for a longer life. The opportunity is given to you to return back to Allah Subhana Allah and everything that we mentioned isn't something new you can pick up Ricardo Salah Hain chapter number 65. Speaking about death of Imam no we Rahmatullah which every person should read this collection of a hadith which is spiritual nature whereby he collects all the ayat inside the Quran speaking about death, speaking about the Hadith of the Prophet Islam he prophesized about what do you encourage us to remind us about, he might highlight to us the Quran mode, remember death, oh had the moolah dead, either Be

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there or be done that which destroys the lust and the desires, lust and desire is always don't need to be heard on even you find inside the Quran speaks about enamel and we're looking for Allah confit. Now, that even your well your children, your life becomes a fitna for you, because it can derail you away from your commitment and devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala highlight in such Surah Lokman the 31st chapter the Quran in the end, and Surah Lokman speak about the wisdom Lookman and Hakeem they highlight in the end of the surah Allah mentions in Allah endo and Musa well you know, why Allah mafia

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him what mattered that enough some mad that taxable heard our method enough soon we are going to move in Allah Allah mahabir In this end of this world lokmat Allah mentions clearly five things of the unseen only known by Allah Spandana Allah and Allah is the one that sends down the rain knows the exact amount of rain, the droplets, how long is going to rain for at what time, what place, what location, he knows what exists inside the womb of the mother, how that child is going to be born, whether alive or dead, happy or sad going to paradise or going to the hellfire. And likewise, Allah mentioned no soul knows what it will earn tomorrow, and no soul knows in which land it will die. No

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individual knows that what's going to be the end of the individual where they're going to lie or where the death is going to come to them. But what the reality is that death is dead that masiva that calamity and Edina either Asaba to masiva call to enter the land or in a lie Raja rune Ola economy salva, Tamura, BMO Nika whom will move to dual upon these individuals is the Mercy of Allah when a calamity befalls them, they say we to Allah we belong and to Allah that we return. Look at many of us, we may see dead people in front of us, a close family members have passed away. For some of us. It doesn't ignite as it doesn't awaken us that this is going to be my ending. On one

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occasion, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, there was a gathering of people. And he asked what are these people doing? He said they are digging a grave. So he rushed to participate within them. And he sat there and he joined in with them. And they looked at him and they saw that he was weeping so much as a puddle of pool of water. That's how much the professor he wept. The puddle of water was there. And he said, Yeah, it's funny. He started doing the Yom. He said, Oh my companions prepare for this day. Get ready for this day. hadith is we authenticated chef or sham chef Nasser bin Alberni Rahmatullah Lennie Silsila and Hadith Sangha. So this is the prophet I'm telling his

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companions that prepare every opportunity he had inside his life was always to remind him about Accra, and how Kamata Katha had, to macabre, we did to see the surah and how Kamata Katha the mutual rivalry of this world a distracts you had zoom to macabre until you visit the graves. This is a Kenya of death. This is a form of speech about death, that when you visit a grave, for some of us, we may visit a grave we may wake up. For some of us it may be too late they may be dead. Then when they do wake up, there's no opportunity left for that individual. So when you visit a great vignette when you're dead that's when you're going to begin to think Kanda sofa Talamo then you're going to

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begin to reflect and think what's happened inside my life. And what concerns even at the end of the surah the professor mentioned is if at the end of them similar to Alona Yama is in uninor aim. So when he came in redid the CD came out with a bucket over the state of hunger and above their own eight and they drank that after enjoying this meal, he still reminded them that after all these luxuries that we may think what they may thought of luxuries, but versus just simplicity. He reminded them about you're going to be asked about his blessings in front of Allah subhanaw taala. That is how the believer lives upon this earth. He took Abdullah the number he took he said to him

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to put his hand on his shoulders. And he said to him confit dunya undercar sorry, bow Abu Sabi, he said to be as a stranger, all the way for a traveling upon this earth. You know what is what is a stranger? A stranger man or karar man who Ballard Mallow, what man will work on, he doesn't have no land. He has nobody he just traveling through the city to city to get to where to his end destination. And away Farah is a person who carries as you seen images person with a stick in a small belongings he has on the end of his stick. That's all that away for his small metallic, small amount of elements that person is carrying. That's where the profit is. He said to me, makapag

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manual Melia dunya what is my relationship with this dunya and a relationship with the dunya that I should have? My parents like a traveler who rest underneath a tree. Then he gets up and he walks away. That's when you look at the profit. So look at his simplicity. Look at his life. Look at the things he left behind how he lived his life. That's why it's very important with Sierra because we live in a world that we look at certain icons and certain identities, certain individuals, don't look at the individuals of today. Look at the best individual, the best I can the best symbol is the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he is example to see how to live in his dunya so when he said to

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Abdullah Rama confit dunya Kanika sarebbe. Abu Sabi is the same advice he said to me and his father, that we have nothing to do with this dunya which is traveling through this dunya we have a greater aspiration, what a conference or Mustafar will momentarily laheem In the beginning, SOTL baccarat Allah mentioned you're only upon this earth for small time. We've only been sent to this because Adam Alayhis Salam was expelled from Jana placed down upon this dunya don't make this dunya your home, you're fighting his struggle, you're making your efforts to return back to agenda to the real home. As the Quran describes it. That is the real the real karar the real place of Abode

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Daru Salam, the place of peace of serenity of rest for eternal living is Jana don't make it inside this dunya so Allah Subhana Allah inside the Quran whereby he Subhanallah speaks about death and specifically when you mentioned about death three times inside the Quran or prior to that Allah mentioned in the place inside the Quran once again speaking about gender and now it's actually two ramen that we find cool lumen Allah have fun while yep covered Europe because generally when the Quran everything we perish on this earth, and the only thing that will remain will be the sublime face of Allah Subhana Allah. Once again look at the context of these are yet Luna is a ramen, the

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55th Chapter of Quran predominate, speaking about Jenna about good things, yet ALLAH SubhanA still reminding us that everything will come to an end everything will perish, and the only thing that remained will be the sublime face of Allah Subhana Allah. Allah mentioned such three places are the Quran surah Allah Emraan towards the end that we find, Allah mentioned that what is the creative life and so you mentioned Allah Allah mentioned about Kulu nacinda Ekata mode, Allah Allah mentioned that every single living soul will taste this way number two a foreigner or Judo come Yama, Yama, and you're going to be given your full recompense, who will give into inside Accra feminine. The

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hair and the nursery were audited agenda tough at first woman hired to dunya Illa Mattel horrible weather is rescued from the hand fire and placed inside paradise Faqad further, that is the most successful individual woman hired to dunya Illa Mattel guru, what is this world except for one great big deception? Look how again now Allah's powder highlights about death, about returning to him, and it gives a parallel that don't get sucked into this dunya because this dunya is going to derail you is Hooroo is deception is chartered of deception. That's all that is doing is is going to take you away from me take you away from Allah subhanaw taala inside an Ambia Allah mentioned some verse 81

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So if I'm not mistaken Kulu nacinda ECO mode what a blue Combi Cherie will Heidi fit now Elena Torah Jeroen, Allah is going to test you via trials of bad things and good things, we surely mean is going to be either we take the literal meaning of harmful things, trials, tribulations, or even take the other menial temptations fitten temptation that we're surrounded by Allah with test individuals. We live in a world that we're surrounded by 15 by trial and tribulation person needs to overcome these trials and tribulations we're going to test you because Allah kinda wants to sift out I'm not gonna make all of us Muslim believing individually that the angels praising and remembering Allah Spandana

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but he wants to see if la meme has been nurse and you trakone Aku Amanda Omala you afternoon. Walcott fatten the Latina man Koblin Valia lemon Hola. Hola, Dina Sadako Hola Hola Mundo lol caddy bien indeed Allah, Allah made believing Muslims, believing individuals to test us to see which individuals who say they make this claim that we believe and those who don't live up to this claim who are blind individuals to sift that those individuals who truly do believe who rise over their temptations hula you're still with Sabetha will play Whoa, whoa, our agenda got certain hobbies for Takala Allah, Allah mentioned certain ma ADA that don't don't think that pure things and haram

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things pure impure substances are life I exactly the same. You cannot equate the two to be together. Fair Allah straddle people are men of understanding. So these temptations are these inside this dunya that Allah has placed inside his dunya is for a reason. Xena, Naseeha Boucher Swati Mina Nissei Well, Bernie will karate Reno. Contura Timothy the hobby will fit our failing MUSAWAH Mati will an army will have their liquid material hayati dunya study. This is the beginning of Surah Al Imran, these temptations that Allah said has been exposed to mankind. Xena, Naseeha Boucher Hawaiki Mina Nyssa. Look at the language of the Quran. The first thing that strikes the human being is

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temptations of women. That's why many young individuals, the Haram things that they do, if you studied psychologically in great detail, the drugs the alcohol, the music, whatever it may be, before they get to that stage, there's something else prior to that is lust and desires, where they fall into the trap of women for Taco dunya what taco DISA as the prophet some he mentioned fair women and say the temptations of this world. And he highlighted another Hadith in our fitna allottee canopy Bani Israel the first fitna that was regarding Bani Israel was regarding women. That's how they strike at a community. lewdness, wickedness, promiscuity, sexuality, whether we find for why

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inside our society instinct that inside people, these lust is designed and it will drain them away from the path of Allah subhanaw taala. So these people they don't care. They even openly said we're going we're on our way to when they say it clearly we're on our way to *. So they said we made a drag as many people as we can to be in * with us. So we are like we have a party in his dunya so in * we're going to have a party look at their mentality.

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Look at sick their mind is that even in that state, they still say that even we go to *. We're going to be rejoicing in * with our people inside there. And we can say to them I have when you have glad tidings of their heart you will see that then you're going to be thinking about whether you want to come back to this world and change your life inverse Muslims as when Allah subhanaw taala warns us when you're highlighted, Sandow Quran said so to Luna, Khun and estrangement Allah from other places if in the end of SUTA munaf yakun the 63rd chapter Quran verse number nine to 11 So if I'm not mistaken, whereby the person will highlight Oh my Lord, let me come back to this dunya

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that I may do a sub Dhaka akumina Salim Allah place this is inside Surah Tomonaga code, there is a great reason as Imam su T speaks about our upbringing. It was such a great reason why Allah places certain I yet had that certain hurdle had the bat that Kelemen certain letters certain how to turn certain tequila inside the Quran, Allah places them inside a certain location. Like we heard from SUTA Zoomer. Allah mentioned about people of Jahannam straight away, but when he said about paradise, Allah mentioned what food he had our food he had. Allah placed His Word How to Whoa, just one letter what why would a fatter different people have to go straight into Jahannam no discussion,

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no meeting no greeting. Ama people have gender there's going to be a meeting well on a stick Ballia before they given paradise, there's going to be this gathering for them. There's going to be this praise this offering just like when the leg master now in this dunya before a person is given a prize award if something their name is mentioned, whatever achieved is mentioned then the prize is given to them. When they master Lula Tala Blanca greatest example people are paradise. He won't just say straight away to go into paradise. There's going to be a stick Bali or there's going to be a greeting, there's going to be a meeting, the angels have overcome salaryman tip Tom, they're going

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to come and say Glad Tidings to you. These are angels who are swarming around the Earth, who are looking for those for those individuals who are a righteous and a pious individuals. Likewise, you find the opposite. There's angels who are swarming and looking for empires individuals to take their lives to take their souls. So we have this depiction of angels or some soft leaning individuals being inside sorted and other places that occur under those wicked empires individuals, Allah will be the angels will be striking, smiting at their backs and ripping up their souls 100, you unforced Sakuma Yom come out, you'll come out today on this day, you're going to be rewarded for the actions

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you carried out on the face of this earth. And that's the prophets have been described as hardeeville Bing Azim we disciplined Hadith speaking about the journey of the soul, that journey of death, what would happen to every single one of us when you leave the studio, when he's placed inside the grave? The individual if I two angels would come to that grave and the individual monkey and nuclear. I'm gonna ask him this question. Man Rob book, Medina. Woman has a Roger Odysea lake of Manhattan Rasul. Who is his messenger who sent to you first what is your who are you as an individual who's your Lord? You know all of us today we know what the answers are, my Lord is Allah

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my messenger the Prophet Allah is somebody Dini and Islam we will know the answer. It's a strange thing is very strange, Allah Allah has given us the questions and given us the answers. He's given us the answers What more do we want, but we can't live to that life. Because some people are gonna say in the great Earth letter three letter every I don't know, I don't know. It'd be said that's up to you live signs were given to you. Signs are highlighted to you, and the angel come and smite that individual smite you with the iron rod on the top of his head that all of the living human being could hear that screaming and screeching that shout everybody would drop down dead. That's how

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powerful that sound would be. Everything is that sound or is individually inside the grave that's going to be the wicked individual. And prior to that the soul is gonna be snatched out of this individual is gonna be pulled out in this in the soul doesn't want to leave this dunya it is I want to leave is enjoying this dunya is enjoying its life is hide within the body. And as you find to be it'll be pulled out that a hard fork is placed inside wool, how you find that hard fork begin to stick to one. So it'll be screech and pull out this individual. And then this individual brought forth, he won't be lifted to the heavens. He won't be allowed to enter to heaven heavens, as the

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Heaven will never open for individuals who committed shit with Allah subhanaw taala everybody's record replaces as the dean been frowned down upon this earth and inside the domes are realms of that darkness of the grave. You will find all these elements will come to begin to take place in that darkness of these questions being asked individually and the grave constricting for this individual. If an insert surah Taha that those individuals woman out of the antiquity for enumeration dunka those individuals who turn away from the Dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala, they will have my a shirt and Dunker or animal described what is my Isha to dunka either a literal meaning is

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taken over

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wretched life. They can't have a bad night even they possess the world and the dunya and everything that they own. There is going to be caught up. There's going to be absence, hollowness inside their heart, their chest, there's something missing. Read about the seat of people that you know, young youth aspire to be these YouTubers and millionaires and people with money and finally never read about their life. How many have contemplated suicide? How many come to play taking their life? How in the right they're not happy with their life? They are unrest, they're not peaceful, they're looking for something and they have everything and we're chasing after these individuals. They're

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missing something. That's the first meaning that leads to mean they're going to be upset with their life. The second meaning deeper meanings random I mentioned, the Nigerian Dunker is Phil cover, there's going to be restriction inside the grave every single one of us going to be restricted inside the grave. And the ribs of the interview intertwine inside the grave, be bought so close together, for what purpose? They no longer a sheet and dunka this individual mistake of ritual or wickedness that we're gonna define. Because why did this person turn away from the signs of Allah Subhana Allah, woman out of them decree for endo Lama Ishita Dantooine Shiroyama Tiamat the atma

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color of Bielema, Hashem, Talia, our cocoon to Bursera call a kinetic attack Kalia tuna for Sita waka Delica Yama tune sur Allah set aside surah Taha those who say, Oh my Lord, why he made me blind on this day, you know, when I lived in this dunya I could see, I was visible to see everything around me inside this dunya I could see it clearly. Why am I blind today? Allah gives a response. You're blind today, because in this dunya we showed you our signs, and you turn away from them waka Delica, Virgo Galenica yo Mattoon sir and today we're going to forget you. When Allah Mandela forgets an individual SDN does the doom of the individual will not forget you and Allah leaves you

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alone. Even inside this dunya is a trial and tribulation, the more deeper person goes into Mohammed, the more they're left inside, it's a sign that Allah has left his individual, there may be a few individuals who may awaken. But the general should not Allah Allah is what's known as soon Hakima. An evil ending is an evil ending for those individuals. We're not here to judge any individual. But if you go in studying life of certain individuals, when they leave this dunya, or a few cases at my life, I've been inside a room where dead people have been inside there. And two opposite people have witnessed them inside my life. I've seen the worst of the worst of a dead body, with bullets all

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sprayed across their chest, and a foul smell coming from his dead corpse. And I say to the people around them, do you smell this filthy smell inside this room. They said we can't smell anything. Because smell anything i to leave the room or to leave the environment that Allah is showing me right there, that this person and what this person carried out inside their life, the life that they've lived, every single sin on the face of the earth that they carried out and what they've done inside their life, none of you know who this individual is, and none of you will ever know. Who knows, who knows, who don't know don't know. And like the opposite, that this come this year, I wash

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their body exactly the opposite. The repairs for being from a cold dead body tend to fragrance and light and peace and rest. These are signs of Allah subhanaw taala he shows to people, he shows his signs. That's what we shall be remember death. Remember death, remembering the journey back to Allah Spandana. The professor would when he would visit Aisha when he was his day to spend the night with her. What did he do? He would go out to genital Bucky, he would go up to the graveyard. He would go there and meet them and greet them. And he said why in the insha Allah because Allah He called by guy to come back and meet you one day. That's what he would do. Nearly every other night when he

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would be there who go to the graveyard. I remember this guy. He was not even a fan. He would weep. They said why do you weep so much when you see a grave? There's more scary things inside an ark era. That's why do you weep at the grave? He said because the problem the messages sent to me in the open and Manziel Munez cover. The first station is stated Arca is the grave. That's the first station. If you're successful inside the grave, for my back door Asin. Whatever is off is going to be easy and simple for the individual. That is the moment a person's left all on their own. Three things they traveled all of us inside this dunya. And right when you get to that grave, to these things that

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leave all of us on one remains behind. For every single one of us. The free things are telling all of us our family members, our wealth and our property and our good deeds to them right the moment they walk away, or your beloved family member they walk away from you. They leave you when they walk away and the final steps have walked away from you. Those final steps walk away to those two angels den enter. And they're raised the individual up inside the grave, and they pose those questions to him. The only thing that leaves and would remain every single one of us for years Abbulu The only thing that will remain is our own actions. This will over reliance on people that we leave this

00:29:58 --> 00:29:59

world more and more

00:30:00 --> 00:30:37

that somebody would help me someone would save me someone intercede for me someone come and do this good deeds for me. This is what many of us Muslims become in the daily grind if Allah even haram things we speak to be to haram things. They grind this haram, they deep have a deep conviction. So I want to do inside my life, how to obtain this. Even non Muslims don't be surprised. Don't think everything about is is dark and gloomy. They enjoy the things that they do. They love the things that they do. They like them. They see this a good life for them. They don't feel it's a temptation, this haram culture that we're surrounded by, they don't see this temptation. They see this a part of

00:30:37 --> 00:31:18

their life. Let's say you know that they soldier become dead, their hearts become dead. Finally, Tamil absorbed is not the eyes will come blind is when the hearts become blinded. And our hearts shouldn't be like that. I hope to be the softness of hearts, that when a person remember his procreation mentioned Zulu Kabu visit the graves zoo have visit the graves before I prevent you from doing so because of certain reasons. But go and visit again remind you about death to return back to Allah subhana Ghana. So this is what the grave the death should do to an individual is awakened individually in my preparation to Allah subhanaw taala that all of us have to meet Allah Subhana

00:31:18 --> 00:31:55

Allah and a third time that Allah spams I mentioned that inside sort of anchor boot is our 29th Chapter Quran Kulu nacinda ECO mode. Your own episode is going to taste taste death and and you're going to return back to me returned back to Allah subhanho wa Taala and those individuals if you look at the end of sootel Mithoon there were many of us individually that we think that we're not going to or we should be given another opportunity to return back to the to this dunya so ALLAH SubhanA took speaks about these individually in the end of suit, we'll move on to our 23rd Chapter Quran speaking about the believing individuals and the disbelieving individuals. When the individual

00:31:55 --> 00:32:39

say Oh my Lord Robert De Rouen, the only man who Salia and FEMA truck 10 the inanimate Anwar elucha Woman Maura, Maura Imperva who lie to me you buy food, these people are going to say Oh my Lord, give me respond. Let me go back to this dunya and do righteous actions in the days that I existed upon his and his new day for you that you should grant me tender in the name these are these are vain words these words have no meaning in the telemedicine worker No, these are just words you had that ample opportunity inside your life to repent to return back to Allah subhanaw taala a NEMA Taku you recommend mode Welcome to the brugia Masha Ada and also to Nisa. If and wherever you are, death

00:32:39 --> 00:33:20

will come to you. If you happen to be sad your 45 palaces oh come to you cannot escape from death. Likewise Allah and dementia SUTA Juma as well, speaking about the code in the motel editor for Runa Minoo for a no moolah, pecan Sumatra, Dona Illa, early milk, it was shahada for a bill could be my contract Dharma loon. Allah says that you know that death you're trying to run away from that's the literal description of this. That death you're trying to run away from for a no moolah pico is going to meet you is going to stop you straight in your face is going to come straight to all of a sudden to you does he find what's known as a sudden death? You know, many people say oh, he was a good

00:33:20 --> 00:33:58

person. He was too young to die. There's no such thing as too young to die your agile lie is a lie stuck the moon is not going to be no delay, and no no accepting your agile, your your agile come that's the end of your life. Allah knows when to take your life, you've been destined to die at a certain location, certain time certain place, certain location, that's the end of the life of the individual. No one can argue with Allah subhanaw taala and say that, why did this individual die at this moment in time, if it's a sudden death, it's a lesson for us, the rest of us to see to take the Emperor now this suddenly has happened to my friends, to my loved one to my family members, to my

00:33:58 --> 00:34:38

parents to somebody that I have grown up with. What should that do inside a person's life? What is the sensible individual, the sensible individual, one who sees the signs, sees the symbols and begins to prepare for that journey or that return back to Allah subhanho wa Taala to find some other Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, whereby speaking about that the whole world that the whole world begins to set up, we rest from this individual, when it's individually taken from this dunya if it's a good person, then you find a person is at ease and at rest. And I said quickly hasten to bury this individual to give him his his good glad tidings and given that reward inside of

00:34:38 --> 00:34:59

Aurora. And if he's an evil person say quickly bury him so we can take the weight off our shoulders. And as we find that good people you find by every good name, they made mention of on the face of this earth, and every evil wicked person on the face of this earth when they're leaving the cold embodies bad wicked names, when a lead is doing is nothing good speaking about these individuals. So how do we want to leave this

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

Leave a legacy behind on the face of this earth. Do you want to be known by every wicked, futile name on the face of this earth? That's what you're known by on this earth is how you're going to be treated inside and after about Allah subhanaw taala man, the light below the cow, whoever wants to meet Allah subhanaw taala whoever loves to meet Allah, Allah Allah, Allah loves to meet that individual or Aisha mother she mentioned, but we all we have this hatred for of death, this concept of hatred of death, because nobody wants to part from this dunya because why have we become so tuned to this dunya is part of our system part of our life 50 6070 years living here working in friends,

00:35:39 --> 00:36:15

whatever enemies, whatever it may be, because part of your system, your blood system, so it's very hard, hard to leave that behind. person feels that but within all these difficulties, that real believer within themselves, they know that this is all like a, like an eggshell will crack at any moment in time. They're looking for a purity within themselves that I have to work and strive to get back to Allah subhanaw taala I want to meet Allah subhanaw taala so the person who has that yearning desire inside their heart, that I want to meet Allah subhanaw taala knowing that ALLAH SubhanA wa Eva committed sins in my life, but I have that feeling inside my life that I know that Allah will

00:36:15 --> 00:36:55

forgive me, who will pardon me and I take those those steps. As we mentioned yesterday that ye cannot Buddha yet can stay who is a minimum and esteana aid and help isn't as some people think. Just ask Allah implore upon Allah asked me help me. Remember I have a long linguistic discussion. What does it mean about St. Anna and St. Anna carries the meaning of you are trying to do something, you're trying to do something and then that help and that support is given to you as a supplement. So a person is going through some trial and tribulation, they're making steps to change their life, to become a better individual to Allah aids and assist the individual in Allah. Now you hygroma

00:36:55 --> 00:37:31

becoming Hatha Yoga, you know, maybe unforeseen, Allah doesn't change your state or condition or people until they don't change your own cells. Don't expect to sit there and say that, Oh, this will just be washed away my life. This haram that I do, it will just be plucked up some angel come and take it away from me. You have to physically make that change. You have to physically that's why I say that your your person a human being your your physical strength is your soul. Your soul, train your soul work on your soul. Your soul is the most powerful tool. When a soul is conquered. Your soul is ruled by your mind. You have the ability to control your nerves. Even a nurse will wave out

00:37:31 --> 00:38:13

all of our nerves, they will waver it will go here and there in the nerve center American Bisou in the marinara be all of our souls will be tempted by certain things, but intelligent soul and the sniffs love worm. The blaming soul is a soul that quickly recognize it. I've heard I've made a mistake. I'll pick up and carry on again. That's why bill came up Josie and his works of modality to Sally keen feminizing feminazi ear canal Buddha canister in speaks about the person who sins he bounces many steps forward, as we call it steps of the traveler. So when a person commits a sin, he doesn't collapse Latok Motomura Mattila doesn't collapse. Rather he bounces many steps forward. He

00:38:13 --> 00:38:46

sees that I made this mistake How can I return back to Allah Subhana Allah? Does he find the famous Hadith in Kitab Toba that we find as I'm no way highlights as well about the person or shucks under the cotton at this hour? In Jackson, you kill 99 people. And he asked the people he said to them, is there any Tober for me? They said go to this Abbot go to this worship. So many of us people go to the normal people. What do normal people say he's never going to be forgiven? He's so wicked. He's so into this haram thing. There's no forgiveness for this individual. He's never going to repent. You know, sometimes in life we have to chew our words. We have to chew our own words. I've met

00:38:46 --> 00:38:55

people that we said this person would possibly never ever be guided inside their life. And the next time you meet them they become a Muslim inside their life. Because guidance in the color demon a

00:38:56 --> 00:39:36

demon Yasha. You can guide the ones that you love is Allah that guides. So this individual asked the worshiper handyman Tolbert in a worship hose worshipping Allah Candela TIAMO lane as so dude Karatu Quran everything going on face value as a worshiper says his worship, is it going to be forgiveness to me? He said, How can you be forgiven? Paraphrasing, how can you be forgive your wicked individual, your bad individual, there is no total for you. You expect Allah to forgive you for killing 99 people for Khattala who for acmella Mia, he killed him and made it 100 killed 100 People imagine how vicious this person is killed 100 people but yet there's remorse inside his heart.

00:39:37 --> 00:40:00

Regret inside his heart. He asked him to Satan go to this URL and go to a scholar. There you find the virtue of a scholar over a common worshiper scholars role isn't to condemn people isn't to codify them to the fire or throw them in the fire or to be dumb people or say To * with people. That's not your role in life. We find many young people that they do. They're so busy about who should be inside them.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:36

Fire, that may Allah forbid that some of us may be inside the fire, who so busy with other people should be in the fire, and they can be out of the fire. That's what life has become. That's what this all this world is busy with what other people happen to them, busy yourself with what would happen to me inside my life. So the scholar said to him, you know this, what's wrong with you, you need to leave this environment for Inner Earth, Sue, is an even environment, you're surrounded by how many young people I've grown up I've seen at the age of 1011 15 years of good young individuals. And the next minute you see them years later, they become somebody, I don't use the word, the

00:40:36 --> 00:41:13

biggest short term on the street that you find. And it upsets me obsessive because these are the same individuals who would read Quran in front of you read Sunday in front of you live the good life, and next minute they the big players inside society, and you begin to worry about where did we go wrong? Where did we go wrong? Maybe a lack of engagement or reminding these people maybe when so technically inside a life of rhetoric and theology and dogma and so busy that so for that we lost touch was happening on the streets, that every other day that we find somebody is gunned down, somebody shot somebody murdered, somebody stabbed, somebody robbed, some is trafficking this

00:41:13 --> 00:41:53

somebody is doing this day in, day out, I've had conversation people, three way conversation, people in prison, in prison to pre record telling me what's going on on the street was going on inside life. These people are inside prison who attended was taking place what reality is and the number of Muslims, the number of Muslims who are involved inside these haram activities that have taken even non Muslims out of certain environments. And they've cleaned up the streets mean they've cleaned them out the streets, and they run the streets. And it's shameful. It's shameful as Muslims, that this is what I aspire to be a drug lord, a drug baron, racketeer crime violence, that's my name

00:41:53 --> 00:42:28

doesn't want to be known as I'll be known as a big daddy of drugs. I want to be known people know my name is Capone, or whatever it may be and touches at a key. That's what people they believe in. And suddenly, people in their audacity that when you meet him, you see the same pride in them. They see you see the same pride inside them. You think that? Why have you changed your life and his opposite? I've seen people who have been killers, people have killed people, and you see them now you won't even touch a fly. They won't speak about their past, they will speak about their life will speak about everything. Because keeping the Inside Out Dave removes fun. The remotes of the How could I

00:42:28 --> 00:43:05

live that life? How could I take a man's life? How could I stab a person a private path and dad in my own way up to the standard? How could I do that? What kind of even wicked individual was out to do that inside my life, how the person to pump bullets into a person's chest for no reason and to take their life. They change the law change aspiration. That's what demanded awakens the individual. When other people come and concern us shake our take this person, I want to take this person out in my life, he took shots at me inside my life, give me a photo take his life out. I've said to them, if you don't catch them, they would have caught you. Your intention is even as the intention they

00:43:05 --> 00:43:39

said, Well, I don't intend what they're going to do, I wouldn't shoot them and their mom was inside the car. Well, maybe you're shooting with a monster inside the car, but you might shoot them when your daughter's inside the car. So you're both senile individuals. You're seen as individuals, that you take any individual because of why? Because of this, your ego, ego for what this pet is substance that we find that we find. And we we brought about we take people's life, turf wars that if I look at the state of certain communities, look at his community, how much drug trafficking takes place in my overhead. How much structure take place. Look at Tower Hamlets, there's certain

00:43:39 --> 00:44:15

areas that police have to go in riot gear, Riot Games, certain states, predominately Muslims to enter there. Why? Because they fear there's going to be gun battle that's going to take place. We're not talking about boats of New York, or Brooklyn or new New Jersey, we don't talk about those are all areas that we live in this bubble world, we don't see what the youth are doing around us, the life that they're living, we need to awaken us awaken these individuals to return back to Allah subhanaw taala. That's the only way that they're going to change. So when a person says give me respect to come down on the face of this earth, to do good deeds, we're all going to ask for that

00:44:15 --> 00:44:54

respect. But time is over. when your time comes again, to leave this dunya and only going to responsible for things that you don't And the sad thing is that some of us are going to be responsible not for our own selves. That's why I always say if you sin, sin, your own life, sin in your own life, do whatever you want to do inside your own life. And don't take that as a justification but just a wording. If you sin, sin as a personal identity, never ever open up the doors of sin for another individual. Because tomorrow you're going to pick up the sins for every single individual. Every single individual, you open them to take drugs. The individual comes as a

00:44:54 --> 00:44:59

drug addict, a heroin a junkie you are responsible today to the day you die at

00:45:00 --> 00:45:38

When You're Dead as well, you're responsible. If I take drugs today, it's my sin, my vice my problem my personal life, as they say, is my sin. Allah will judge me for that bring me a fulfilled justice without punish me for that. That's me. I'm not responsible, no other individual inside my life. That's what we need to understand inside our life, that when we open up sins for other people, and we lead them towards since there's going to be massive amount of stains of sins in our life, since we're going to carry that even a person may Tober, this Don't be the skin, these things are going to be looming over their head. How can a person remove these sins I can move this is by making the same

00:45:38 --> 00:46:14

effort, the same effort you made inside your life to become the top dog inside society, then you need to make the effort to become the best individual in preaching to people, to bring them away from haram to reminding them to tell them to fit Allah Allah, we the seer, the Companions, there's a recent that maybe there's a great distance between our lives and their life. Some of them they were if you can use such words, notorious individuals, read about how they've been bullied, we read about them if they were notorious, no one messed about with these individuals. No one got on the wrong side of America. That's a reality read through he Siraj. No one inside Genelia ever messed about

00:46:14 --> 00:46:54

with him. No one missed it. I highly believe inside his life. He was the only individual who was so intelligent, so smart at the battle hood that we find he was able to ambush and attack the prophet Elijah Tesla. He's the only individual who done that no one ever came so close, who marked his cheek broke his canine tooth. Pain hit him on his shoulder. Even after weighing two sheets of armor, the professor said I felt that pain for a month, he fell inside a ditch. That's what kalimna lead was. But when he became a Muslim, look at his remorse. He said at every age, and he's dying in his deathbed. He said every single time I've done that what I've done inside my life, I want to make up

00:46:54 --> 00:47:30

for the fight every single battle who was at the forefront. And the only reason I'm going to the pub changed him inside battle is a people won't become overconfident. He removed calculate He sent him a letter said my colleague really stepped down from being the leader. Horrible, he didn't stop the letter inside his pocket and say, Look, let me tell you, I'm the leader, ego. I'm the one who fights on the one that victory comes by by me. He didn't do that. He just stepped down. As I said, even amongst a Muslim, this is a cause of ego that I as a Muslim, I'm better than this other individual. Look how many young Muslims when they start practicing their faith to look down upon another Muslim.

00:47:30 --> 00:48:03

You know, some Muslim three, four months practicing the Muslim three years four years walk around telling of this Imams that this this person that this he's like this he's like that he's like that. And what what Islam have you learned? What do you learn inside your life? No, your know your distinction? No, you're right and skip to that don't bother about other people take space inside their life. Rather, this opens up since for the individual. Islam is is vast and open. For Toba, the companion used to be known for drinking alcohol companions abused him with drinking alcohol used to abuse him. What do you prefer? Some say leave him alone.

00:48:04 --> 00:48:42

That he knows he knows Allah and His messenger who need to question him. He loves Allah and His Messenger that's that's a that's a trend, a temptation that he's going through? Does he need to overlook this individual? So I talking about isn't to be harsh individuals towards individuals in that sense, is trying to be abstract towards people to help them to be feel comfortable, that to make Toba to return back to La Santa and those of us an average individual always remember of this journey of the constant mode to Allah subhanaw taala remind us of every single day person was not an element of house server, a concept of accountability to sit down and to count my deeds to count my

00:48:42 --> 00:49:19

day. Count my actions. What did I do today? What did I do that made me come closer to Allah? What derailed me away from Allah Subhana Allah is how every single individual should be living their life when they get towards Allah subhanaw taala and as we find that when you enter inside is like us yourself and ask your individual, his brother for a Sabbath for affirmation have to be firm inside the grave, as Allah mentions and inside the Quran, Quran Surah Ibrahim, use a bit alone Adina Emmylou will call the Sabbath even higher to do a thorough Allah gives his birth beat for those individuals who died because they deserve it. And I'm sorry, I'm sorry to see dimensions called the

00:49:19 --> 00:49:59

70s kotula in Allah, just as we began with, we all know that the Kalama is now in our head Allah, but we're not going to be able to accurate if we didn't live the life of la ilaha illa Allah, simple Hadith that we find Montana earth through Konami, La La La ilaha illa duckula Jana, whoever has final words are not in our head, Allah will enter paradise. And when's the last time you met somebody who said, you know, hit Allah and died. It's very rare. It's a rare commodity. We're not here to judge people. Maybe there is many good actually done from doing that physically. Physically. They said the attorneys are to that Kalama how many people do you find do that? In reality,

00:49:59 --> 00:49:59

whoever's finding

00:50:00 --> 00:50:35

Whether you can then say that this person is just an agenda is going to Paradise by the permission of Allah, Allah because the signs are good. Signs are good, this individual they are praising and remembering Allah subhanaw taala, who will not be given to, that's going to be given to a heart that is remembering Allah, or as trying to remember Allah or trying to come close to loss Panda, just like the individual when he said that leave this land, because it's a bad community bad friends that you're surrounded by leave these people. So this individual he made that journey was it making it I'm sure most of you familiar with his Hadith. But just to refresh our Eman and our memories, when

00:50:35 --> 00:51:13

he makes that journey, he's coming towards the new land he dies. He dies to the the angels of Mercy they come in is ever going to take him to paradise. Because he's on his way to Paradise. The angels of punishment comm said no, this individual didn't do anything God he killed 99 people and he killed another person. He deserves to go to Johannesburg it take him Jahannam so an argument takes place between the two groups of angels. So Allah sends another angel in disguise Mahakam as a judge. And it says to these two angels, this lets us work this out in this manner. Let us work out the distance measure which life is close to the new land, he goes to paradise. If he's close to the old land, he

00:51:13 --> 00:51:52

goes to Jana. So to begin to measure the land, whether it be one arm spanning some durations of one meter on one hand span that you find they find is closer to the new land. I don't know you mentioned that Allah stretches him to be closer to the new land. As I mentioned, what was the demo him in a menial this hadith is he had his dire intention inside his heart to change. So he had a dire intention inside his heart. So he will go to paradise. So Angel mercy take him because he wanted to change, you want to find the steps to change. And I said that you have to local from people. You have to knock off from certain individuals to make that positive change. When you become positive

00:51:52 --> 00:52:26

inside your mind and your heart then you may go back to certain individuals and to remind them about Allah Subhana Allah because we find that too many people that bounce in and out of Islam as they say that one minute they're practicing next minute not practicing next one meeting haram next we're not doing haram because the system hasn't been purified. Just like they say drugs contaminate your body, your blood glucose, heroin does to a person. Have you seen what heroin does to a person study what it does to a person, it totally totally collapses your body. It collapses up look at look at the Skagit on the street. Look at them early morning Fridays, I'm looking at picking up bits of

00:52:26 --> 00:53:02

cigarette on the street, take it to a backyard running headless chickens all around for this another quick fix people respect and dignity what it does to them. What is cracking cocaine do to a person, it collapses the person. You know, there's people that I've seen I've grown up with who've been taking these subsidies throughout their life. And the next minute you see them and you see the state of them. You know I've been one individual I grew up in assume after many, many years. This individual was a strong individual strong minded strong personality who brought with people that you couldn't even imagine. Next time I saw I said look at a state have you what's happened to you? He

00:53:02 --> 00:53:33

said to you don't look too bad. I said and hamdulillah because I don't drink I don't smoke. I don't have that lifestyle. Look what's happened to you is clearly visible that take him crack and cocaine was done to your body in your mind. What's happened to you? This is what it is earaches you That's enough to for a person to see that there's a person within the hardship is saying yeah, Allah protect me from ending up being like that, or falling into that state. You know, Muslims who robbed from their parents, Muslims, Robert, you know, we used to be the baddies in newspaper and magazine and study these things. You know, maybe hate to use the words in a derogatory manner, or carefully

00:53:33 --> 00:54:15

stealing from his mother. You know, now now I see I hear Muslim people tell me, I steal from my mother. I beat my mother. I hate my mother. I robbed my mother for quick fix. That's a Muslim. That you think that's what I done. Because what these things do to you. They make you fall down so low inside your news focus towards you. You know, I've seen people come to funeral. The person's dragging zoom at his own father's funeral and your own dad is dead. You're busy rolling up the spliff with your friends outside. Look at look at the mentality. If your own father in front of your bearing doesn't wake you up. The only thing you live for is that your zoo and your spliff and the

00:54:15 --> 00:54:53

boys around you. And what the discussion discussion is about is futile. Mostly men around you that nothing for you anyway, they won't do anything. You look at off people writing a sentence about people 20 years, 30 years writing a sentence. They come out to criticize me shake all those men around me, not one of them asked about my family about me about my life and took care of me. No one of them cuz they're all selfish individuals. They live for their own selves and say every man listen, own self. That's the only people as a fake world. No one cares about you amongst your own circuit. I can guarantee you, there's people who are going to snitch on you. Because you know why?

00:54:53 --> 00:54:59

They don't want to ride the sentence. They don't want to ride it. So they'll snitch and certain people that use write that sentence. It's only gonna be his lane.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:31

How'd you like it's gonna click you're gonna sit there and add one two feet together and say you know what? That bread weren't there at that time at that place that location he's sitting in another exotic land enjoying the money decided where was at? You're riding along hefty sentence for what? And then people come and tell me you know what, it's the wrong place at the wrong time. I was just at the wrong place the wrong time. I just happened to go into flat whereby there happened to be millions of pounds of cocaine did shake I was involved in so I did. You know, I said to them, how many years of your life? Have you been involved in it? Are you still involved in Yes, I am. But on

00:55:31 --> 00:56:08

that day, I wasn't. That's the signs of Allah. You don't need to be caught on that specific data. You've got your own substances. Allah will catch you on a different day that you will go down for different time a different place. One individual called me from prison. He said to me, I've got banged up for 20 years in my life. 20 years of my life, I feel it's unfair. I feel it's unfair was happening to me. You know, I said to him, I said, How many years of your life? Have you lived the Haram life to be 20 years? He said, I've carried out every single sin on the face of this earth. I said those 20 years, I'm not here to judge you. But Allah is giving you respect. 20 years ago life

00:56:08 --> 00:56:49

living that life now, right? 20 years, right? 20 years, I cannot come out and change the command. That's the way it should be. You write certain things in your life, you ride them throughout to become a better individual. That's a read the seat of life of certain individuals read the life of Malcolm X. autobiography by Alex Haley, chapter number five, called shaytaan. Satan. He's nicknamed nickname was the Devon that's his nickname in the 1960s. That's what they called him. He said I never bent down in my life ever in my life. I only bent down to pick locks to rob from houses and from homes. I've never done never bent down bow down for no industry inside my life. And look

00:56:49 --> 00:57:28

towards the end of the life of this individual look at transformation where he moved from that haram life move towards an Islam. That's what the western world is that Allah will guide people as we as I began doing some reading as well as the Muslim world enjoy ourselves. What do we got to do with New Year's celebrations are 1000s Millions are spent about this showing the world galvanizing the world look at this. We've got the greatest firework display in the world. Who cares? Who cares if you've got the greatest firework display in the world? There's millions of people starving in the world. Look at Syria look at Philistine look at an era look at Sherm. Look at Stan look at people

00:57:28 --> 00:58:05

suffering, you have the right to to spread throw your money around, for what purpose? For what intent as a symptom, a number halacha Komaba wonder Commelina toward your own. You think you're getting his word you create a vanity, no purpose, you're not going to return back to Allah Subhana Allah always my money. I do what I want to do with it. I live my life how I want to do with it. You can live your life how you want to do with it, but as you mentioned, that when you become a person who begins to spend fit in and try to tribulation in such society, in the medina head Buddha and Tashi Alpha Asia to fill Adina Manu Nomada would eliminate dunya Accra, those people love to spread

00:58:05 --> 00:58:39

voice love to spread wide. That's what some Muslims are. They love to spread voice. Halle Musa I know oh shit, it's okay to open the shisha lounge. You know, you're practicing Muslims. You don't think about your own so you're not just an average individual. Why do you need to open a shisha lounge for some JLT come and sit there listen to music that's the reason why that's the plan. Let's fake about it that you're going to enjoy some tutti fruity go and eat some fruit going some strawberry some apple Why did you say up three o'clock in the morning and she shut down we don't women around your music inside there until then took about a stomach politics to me. That's what

00:58:39 --> 00:59:09

your life is. That's not going to bring change. I know the other business people put half a million people pound into clubs, for what purpose? Midlife crisis because they wouldn't live younger game they would enjoy the life again they would surround themselves with that community to make themselves feel young. There's nothing wrong with that I'm doing as I mentioned we must have that should not be an aspiration inside life. We should we should take take out these asteroids inside Allah that that's what I want to be I want to be the next this person whatever it may be on the street. I want to be known for that. I want to be a Muslim who's known for that inside society

00:59:09 --> 00:59:43

people remember me for that. But remember when you're deep down inside that Greg you will know what the reality is. Can the sofa Tana Moonstone McCullough sofa, and then you're going to know, then you're going to be left old and then you're going to begin to reflect and think every single thing about what I did inside my life. But then we're going to May Allah forbid is going to be a time and eternal, ongoing punishment for the individual until they until they awaken or the end of the punishment then they may be entered into paradise, but we don't know how long that's going to be for. And in that journey, some of those individual have given up their faith totally, that they may

00:59:43 --> 00:59:59

have become atheists or they believe they blaspheme against God. I don't believe in Islam at all. Therefore, he said Asana, Asana is a key factor. The distinction between you being a Muslim and a disbelieving individual person should have taken Maggie a person is on a high scale the first or second thing

01:00:00 --> 01:00:14

shahada is your Salah, we will do bad things inside our life. But a person shouldn't give up Salah because somehow could be the key changing element inside your life. You know if you went to Afghanistan in the 80s and the 90s, early 80s that you find you don't have the trafficking heroin

01:00:15 --> 01:00:18

and then they put the classic have done and they start reading Salah

01:00:19 --> 01:00:56

no as Pakistani said watch this you're doing you know what many drug dealer next week you reading salah but they had this belief that I have to read my salah because I give up salah, I'm a disbelieving individual. They knew that deep down within themselves. That if I leave the ceramah disbelieving individually my this is my sin that I carry inside my life. So Shana is a key element that awakens the individual makes him return back to Allah subhanaw taala. When you lose the element of Salah, use the element of not coming to the masjid, not coming from your mama not making exerting the effort, you're going to distance of more and more away from Allah subhanaw taala that becomes

01:00:56 --> 01:01:30

easy. It was not an escape drag. Allah loosens the rope lets you go more and more into more and more haram things leaves you inside that life and we need to pull the rope and try to find a way back in that good community in returning back to Allah Subhana Allah may Allah subhanaw taala give us all traffic and ability to repent back to him Subhana Allah asked him to employ him to forgive our sins our previous life or previous actions and our future life and actually to strengthen us to do good deeds and to return back to Allah Tala good state Roku Cody had was stuck fairly welcome when Jamie Muslimeen for stock photo in no way for Rahim

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