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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala terminal acmella Ania Allah hydrophillic Killa he IG marine Nabina Muhammad in while early he was happy he what tab you're in Allah whom BSN Illa yummy Deen from my bad. We begin with by praising and thanking Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for His favors which he continuously bestows upon us. The greatest of all of them being the favor of Eman, the favor of being believers who have submitted unto his world and who follow the guidance of His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask of Allah who Tabata Kota Allah during this blessed day of Juma to send his choices, greetings, salutations and

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blessings upon his beloved and the one who was sent to guide humanity and as a leader to the final OMA, to come to this particular earth. May Allah subhanahu wa to Allah make us among those whom He is pleased with in the dunya and importantly within the everlasting ABODE OF THE akhira Allahumma Amin. My respected gathering honorable elders, beloved brothers and sisters in Islam.

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We find ourselves living in times of turmoil and times we're in we face challenges throughout the Ummah and it is only but the Divine Will of Allah subhanho wa Taala that from time to time he will place his creation during certain tests that they go through. And Allah Who Tabata Kawata Allah will cause that the creation phase good times within the lives and also difficult and trying times. And this is the way of Allah who terracotta Allah and this is how he has world for his creation and the believers as well to go through different stages of the lives and this is why Allah Who terracotta Allah says to us within the noble Qur'an pertaining to his way and how he does things and he says,

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well then Taiji deli sunnah Attila heeta Videla, and you will never ever find an alternative to the way of Allah subhanahu wa to Allah. So with this in mind, it is important that we make mention of certain points today during our Joomla lecture. And that is the fic of divine trial known as El tila. Allah Tabata Kawata, Allah will definitely put the creation to child. And as we all know by now, the recent happenings and devastations which our Muslim brothers and sisters in the regions of Turkey and Syria have experienced, may Allah subhanahu, utter Allah grant them alleviation. May Allah ease the plight? May Allah have mercy upon the deceased, may Allah subhanahu wa to Allah

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grant, ease and comfort to those who are alive and who have been saved from this particular turmoil and this particular difficulty that they have been put through my beloved brothers and sisters in Al Islam. At the onset of this discussion, it is important for us to note that Allah subhanahu wa to Allah has never intended this particular life of ours upon this dunya the life of hours upon this earth, it has never been intended to be a home of enjoyment,

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and a home of everlasting state of bliss. In fact, the dunya in and of itself is a home of Bella, a home of empty land, which is to go through testing, to go through difficulty and yes, at times, there are definitely times of joy and happiness, but the everlasting abode of joy and bliss is set aside and it is skipped for the believers in the Hara. For those who have done righteous deeds, for those who have worked very hard in this dunya for them, they will be in an everlasting state.

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have happiness in the bliss of paradise May Allah subhanahu wa to Allah, count us among them Allahumma Amin. And so we learn from this that instead Allah wanted this dunya which is the abode before the everlasting abode of the era to be an abode of trials and testing, whereby His servants go through adversities whereby they face calamities, in order as Allahu terracota Allah has told us and as mentioned to us within the noble Qur'an, whereby he says, Lea beluga COMM A you can ascend or am Allah, Allah has done so in order to make manifest and clear who of the creation are going to be the best in the deeds. And as we find Allah terracotta Allah also mentioned to us whereby he says in

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Surah, tool Ambia I have 55 They have one, when a blue Combi Sherry will fade the fitna. What Elena, to Jeroen, and most definitely, we will put you to trial with goodness and with difficulty with evil and bad, what Elena to own, and unto us, you will inevitably return. And on this note, I also wish to mention a well known verse pertaining to the testing of this dunya Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah says to us within Surah Al Baqarah, whereby he mentions the testing that he will put people through on this particular Earth and during our lifetimes, and Allah says that surely, we will test you with certain things within this dunya while enabling one can be che immunol Houthi while Jewry, one xe

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mineral M one he will emphasis Allah, we are most surely going to test you with those matters which will bring about fear and anxiety within your lives. Allah says will enable one Combi che in mental health, there are going to be moments of fear and difficulty within your lives. And then he continues to say one xe mineral M while Allah also says that he will test us with a decrease in wealth from time to time. This is only but natural to occur upon this dunya people have wealth now, in a few months time or a few years time, they may not be as prosperous as they were before. And Allah also says that He will put His servants through joueur jus meaning hunger, they may go through

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starvation, they may not have sufficient resources to take care of themselves. And then he says fourthly, that Allahu terracotta Allah will surely cause that there are going to be souls among your loved ones among your family, your friends, your colleagues, among the members of this ummah, they are going to depart from this dunya because the dunya is temporary, and it is not eternal, the dunya is not permanent. And then Allah continues to say why Bashir is sobbing, so give glad tidings and give good news to those who are patient, to those who persevere to those who understand that Allah subhanahu wa to Allah is definitely going to test all of us. And Allah will put us through trial and

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error, to see who are going to be the best within our deeds. And so Allah subhanahu wa to Allah says, We're Bashir is Siberian, and levena either Assad but who Musa give good news and glad tidings to the patient ones, to those who are committed and persevere. Who are they? What is their disposition? What is the character like? Allah says, Those who utter words those who utter the statement Alladhina ka LW, those who say, either a saw but whom was Seba, when a calamity befalls them. In LA, he were in LA he Raja rune, verily, without a doubt from ALLAH, do we come and unto him is going to be our most definite return? And then we learn from this, that the believer is the one

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who takes heat from the admonishments of ALLAH SubhanA who were to Allah and who prepares accordingly for that particular meeting. Yes, Allah may cause that certain people upon this dunya live longer than others certain reach certain people reach

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Old Age, certain people develop sicknesses and diseases and that becomes the result of the ending from this dunya. In today's day and age how many a young people do we not hear of suddenly passing away within our very own community? People having heart attacks, people becoming ill, people losing their lives. This is the journey that Allah subhanho wa Taala has placed all of us through and so he says to us, within the Noble Quran, or hassy Bennacer au Turaco a year Kulu Munna hula, you've known this mankind at large with a Muslim or non Muslim, but let the believers take special heed of this particular message from Allah. Do the people think says our Lord, that they will be left only but to

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say Amen. We have believe. We have Iman, we have submitted Unto Allah, wa Humla. You've ternoon but they are not going to be tested. They are not going to be put to difficulty and through trial. Allah then tells us why allah codified 10 Aladdin amicably him and most surely, Allah has tested divinely, those who came before us, the nations before us who were under this dunya prior to our existence, so too, they will also put through difficulty and through testing and through calamity of various degrees. And Allah then says, fillet out lemon Allah, so that Allah Tabata Coletta Allah is a way and most certainly Allah knows that which was which is and which will be, so that Allah make may

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make many fist fell out lemon Allahu leadin Sadako when they are lemon, Alka, the bean so that Allah subhana, who were to Allah makes many faced those who are truthful and to His covenant, and those who are only but bearing false testimony to the conviction in Allah upon this dunya or those who have in totality turned away from the Lord, may Allah subhanahu wa to Allah safeguard us from that. And so the lesson my respected gathering in Islam is the testing will most surely take place, how we handle ourselves during tests, and during calamities. This is also key. It is not only but a matter of experiencing a calamity or a taste, and that you do not beat to yourself after the test and after

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the calamities that Allah has placed you through. So our next question would be, why do these disasters, why do earthquakes and these natural calamities take place? Why does Allah subhanho wa Taala plays his creation through these particular difficulties, as he mentioned to us within the Quran as well. Woman new syllable Yachty inlet with Allah says, and we have not seen these signs, we have not seen these earthquakes, and these calamities and disasters to take place in town with

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except as a warning, except so that we may instill fear within the hearts of the believers. And so intelligent is the Muslim intelligent is the Muslim ummah, those who have believed in Allah subhanho wa taala, who when these calamities take place, even though it may be very far from our shows 1000s of kilometers from where we are, it does not mean that Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah is not sending us a message as well. It does not mean that we do not do retrospection, it does not mean that we take heed and stuff of ourselves appropriately. Instead, Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah sins these messages, he sends the signs as wakeup calls to the creation so that we reform ourselves and that we

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better ourselves. These are times as well, that when they creation become heedless, they are reminded once more of the absolute power and control of Allah Jota Baraka were to Allah. Therefore, he says to us within Surah Al Anam called who will Cordero Allah yerba Alikum either Berman fo pico o mean takhti or Julie Come, o el bisa come Shia. Were you the cocoon where you the cabal.com but it's about Allah Who terracotta Allah says to say that it is he alone in

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For them, oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that Allah alone is the one who is encoded. He is in absolute control, he is in absolute power, Allah is the One who may cause an either a an affliction, a trial, to descend and to come on top of you to come from above you or from above your feet, or Allah says to confuse you, so, that you may disperse upon this land and become and find yourselves in various groupings and tics, and that you taste the violence and that you taste the punishment of this world. And the difficulty that human beings put one another through, and then Allah says over K phenol sorry full Yachty la Allah who may have Cahoon, let this be a message says

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Allah opendoor. Look carefully. Take the appropriate heat, take the appropriate measures to understand and to correctly implement and apply yourselves. Allah says, look how we diversify the signs that are yet the signs of nature, the signs of calamity and disaster, so that the creation, that the people that they believe is especially so that they may understand, so that they may comprehend. So they believe the true mean and Mina is not the one who years and who sees what happens around them, but then they do not take the necessary message that Allah wants from them to develop and to nurture the character. They are a birder and they believe in accordance, the great

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scholar of Islam Al Imam, Abdul Karim Rahim, Allah Tabata, Kota Allah, He says, in reference to this, and even though came live centuries ago, but look at the wisdom of the Allameh. And that which they have left for this man behind have knowledge and insight, he says, and Allah subhanahu wa to Allah may allow the Earth from time to time, Allah subhanho wa taala, Allah will cause that upon this earth, great earthquakes will appear great earthquake, earthquakes will occur upon this dunya. And from that, as a result of these natural disasters, fear may be instilled in the hearts of the believers, apprehension, from evil and bad will settle within our hearts as believers we will engage

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in and we will be reminded of repentance and turning back to Allah, giving up sins, and pleading to the Almighty terracotta Allah to guide us and to protect us. And even though time also says and so that the believers made the great evil and so that they may turn away from the harm that Allah does not want them to engage in during this particular lifetime on this earth. And so our call in our message to us all is the fact do retrospection of ourselves. Take stock of your life as a believer, regardless of your age, regardless of your accomplishments, regardless how close you may deem yourself to Allah, or how far you may deem yourself away from your low terracotta Allah and strive

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towards spiritually cleansing and rejuvenating your souls. Allah says to us as a reminder in the Quran, in Surah, 42 IFTT they have wama or Saba con me mostly, but in Furby ma Casa Bella ad comm Allah says absolutely every calamity and misfortune that occurs to you this is as a result of that which your own hands have occurred since Allah, what have you done with your life? What have you done, during the activities that Allah forces you to engage in within this dunya? Is it upon His pleasure? Who is it upon his Miss pleasure? And Allah reminds us that despite these tests come as a warning to you and as a result of what your own hands have occurred. Allah also says to us, we are a

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full and Caffee

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he is the same Lord, who is extremely forgiving, and Allah forgives and overlooks a lot of the sins of mankind. May we return to Him in Toba and in obedience, Amin and so to remind ourselves to ponder over the miraculous guidance of the Quran. Imagine ALLAH SubhanA wa to Allah is really

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yield 1400 years ago, and he says, Amina Hello, Cora, a tea at home but sooner by attend well Hoonah imune take stock of these particular reminders my brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah says do the people of the towns do the people of the cities? Do they think for one moment that they may feel secure against the commandment against the coming of the Wrath of Allah? The anger of Allah subhana who were to Allah but sunnah our punishment, were whom now imune whilst they are asleep at night, our Amina kura. And then Allah continues to say, Oh, do the people of the towns and the cities and the villages do they think for one moment that they are safe and secure? A yet to whom? So now,

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though, how we're home yellow baboon, that our punishment may not come to them during the daytime, whilst they are playing about whilst they are engaging in the day to day activities and affairs. This is a question Allah poses to us. It means never, ever think that you and I are secure from the wrath and the punishment of Allahu Tabarka to Allah. Instead, always be prepared. Those who were afflicted the night before the earthquake had occurred and taken place. Did they ever think to themselves that they are going to be comfortable in their own homes, that the next morning they may find themselves beneath the rubble Subhanallah This is the power of Allah, when Allah wills

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something to occur, all he has to do is to say Kuhn, fire Kuhn be and it is. And so the Allameh mentioned amuru, who banal Caffi were known, the commandment of Allah lies between the two letters of calf and noon, before Allah subhanahu Attallah even at his cone, then it already occurs. And this is an important lesson to us, that your life can change at any moment in time. Don't think that you are healthy, that sickness may not overtake you don't think that you are young, that you have many years ahead of you. And don't think as well that you have reached old age that you are safe and secure. And now you may lag behind in your Ibadah or worship of Allah subhanahu wata Allah ma. They

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believe that is he or she as Allah instructs Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was the most pious and who worshipped Allah the best and who knew when understood this deen and was the one who feared Allah the most. Even Yet Allah informed and instructed his beloved Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, why Buddha, Rebecca had to kelia clean and worship your Lord until you're keen until the certainty of death comes to you. And so respected brothers and sisters. Allah continues to say within these verses of Surah to RAF, Amin Omeka, Allah reminding us and warning us can they surely feel secure against the plan against the punishment of Allah? Fela, Manuel McCullough he

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Enlil comal has zero name. No one. Absolutely no one is secure from the plan of Allah. Absolutely. No one thinks that they are saved from the anger of Allah and from the planning of Allah except the hussy rune, except those says Allah who are doomed, those who are misguided and those who are losers.

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We also make mentioned today of the fact that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for warned us that the hour of the day of km will not be established, until certain signs come to us and occur among the signs of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, religious knowledge, knowledge of the shadows of Allah will be taken away, how will it be taken away? By the Allameh, the righteous scholars of this ummah will pass away and the people will find themselves in states of ignorance. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continued to say, earthquakes will become very frequent, and time will pass quickly. Do we not see today that Allameh have passed away? Do we not see today

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that earthquakes are taking place across the globe? Do we not see today that time passes by quicker then perhaps it used to 2030 or 50 years ago, that time happens and goes by very very quickly. This is indeed a sign of the hour and afflictions will appear

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evil and bad will appear upon this dunya and murderers will increase and also at the same time, money will overflow among the society. So much so that either you find people are in very, very poor states or they are those who have a lot of wealth, but they do not depart from that wealth upon the pleasure of Allah subhana who were to Allah, and we end off by making mentioned my dear brothers and sisters in an Islam, many may ask the question, is this a punishment from Allah? Or is it a merciful reminder for us to turn back towards him? Let us look at what Allah says to us. In the Quran, he makes mention and he says, Valhalla facades are filled very well. Bihar.

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Indeed, Mr. Facade corruption, it has become rampant and it has become very much out in the open. Allah says upon the land and on the see why the Marchesa but at the NASS because of what the people have engaged in because of the sins and the transgressions and Allah says to us, why do these calamities occur? Leo the car home, barber levy Amarillo, la isla whom your own, Allah says so that he may cause them to taste a slight bit of the bad and evil deeds that they have performed, and in order that they may return back to Allah from the evil and the sin that they have engaged in. And then we also find on the other hand, this that had ochre in Turkey and in Syria does not necessarily

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mean it is a punishment for the people. And that Allah subhanho wa Taala is displeased with them. But so too we find that trials are presented, trials are given to the believers based upon the level of the Eman the faith and their religious commitment. So it doesn't always mean that when you are afflicted that Allah is dissatisfied with you, or that Allah is punishing you. Instead, Allah innovates you the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said that the people closer as we know within this ummah, and especially closer to the end of times, they will be setting signs of the hour which we have mentioned. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us that in

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the Hadith that said even ABI Waqqas narrates people will be put through trial and error. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked, Who will be placed through the most difficult T and through the most error, and he said, Those who follow my way, but before following my way, he said the NBA, the NBA will go through the most difficult, then Famille M fellow fell and fell, then those who follow and then those who follow. In other words, this hadith means and refers to the stronger your Eman, the stronger your religious commitment, the greater Allah will test you, Allah may notice the one who is already far off the path and the one who is this obedient to Allah. Instead, he will

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put to test and trial the one who is strong in faith. Why, so that he may raise the degree in the Kira in the year after, through that Bella through that calamity that he has placed them within? What are our action points, my dear brothers and sisters, we engage in abundance so far, when matters like these take place, we seek towards free forming ourselves towards bettering our conditions because Allah warns us did the people not return to me in obedience when my signs that come to them, so we strive towards purifying our souls and worshipping Allah better and coming close to him in accordance, and then we also show humanity towards Allah subhana who were to Allah and ask

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for his protection from evil and bed and at the same time, we are merciful towards those who are experiencing difficulty we help them where we can, and we engage in giving as much charity as possible. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that sadaqa charity, two three ohada Rub, it distinguishes or extinguishes the anger and the Wrath of Allah subhana who were to Allah. And lastly, a point of action that we take home with us today is that we make abundant dua for our believing brothers and sisters of faith who have been afflicted because if you cannot physically help with your hands with your body, no Can you sin them of your wealth and of your aid that you

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provide them through the money that Allah has given you, then the best that you and I could do is to make sincere dua to Allah subhanahu wa to Allah and ask that he alleviates the struggles and that He grants them ease and difficulty and that he assists them that He has mercy upon the date that he kills the ill that he assists the women, the elderly, and the young children who have gone through this particular trial. May Allah subhanahu wa to Allah also cause that it is a reminder and a wake up call for all of us, and that we returned to him in Toba insincere repentance that he threw that makes us among the successful and those who He is pleased with in this dunya and importantly in the

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accurate Allahu Amin had our SallAllahu wasallam Wabanaki ala Nabina Muhammad Subhana Allah Melby Hamdi handy Kenna shadow Allah Illa Illa and Mr. Furukawa one or two in a week