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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of voting and following the Sharia in non-immigrant countries. They emphasize the need for strong deeds and a clear decision to ensure the best chance of winning political parties. The speakers stress the importance of fixing issues such as corruption, police brutality, and criminalization of black people, and emphasize the need to use their power to make their own choices and use their own experiences to make their own choices. They also emphasize the importance of fixing problems and bringing solutions to the Earth.
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Are the Willa administrate on rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been mousseline Satan and Muhammad nor Allah only he was sacrilege in my in my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam AsSalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Praise be Unto Allah subhanaw taala and they should have Allah Allah Allah Allah will be a witness that none has the right to be worshipped besides Allah subhanaw taala the Lord Sustainer Creator of the universe, he has no partner. He has these One and Unique and we send our love and greetings sir beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his pious and pure family and to his companions and all those who follow the Sunnah until the end of time. May Allah bless us to be upon the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad, Salah Salem, may Allah forgive us we will fell short. May Allah grant that next week be better than the week that has preceded May Allah guide

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us that this time next week, Allah blesses us with a leadership that is best for us and our country. That does good and, and rules according to the Quran and Sunnah. And may Allah subhanho wa taala, grant us the best of the month of Ramadan, and Allah and all of us to be the and see the full benefits of it. Maybe we leave the month of Ramadan free of all sin, and we will achieve the best of little brother. I mean, when hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah, the big event coming up the most important event in your life, my life is Ramadan. That's the most important thing, and we need to speak about that. But something else is coming up just on Ramadan. Either Sunday night or Monday night is the first Travie Monday or Tuesday the first fasting, so very early to call, not to show it's a 5050. We'll talk more about that towards the end of the lecture in sha Allah. But what we're here to talk about today is something which is necessary, something which maybe some of you don't even want to listen about. But it's important that we talk about these issues, because it is coming up politics in Islam, and on the eighth of

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May, which is Wednesday. It's number one, a public ordinary will Hamdulillah. And then number two, it is voting day, all of us we should vote. And we need to discuss this, this will determine the affairs influence your life, my life, my kids, your kids, the whole country, it will even impact the world in terms of what happens on the eighth of May. And therefore you Subhanallah you and I we need to have some kind of understanding as to what to do. And this area of politics has always been controversial. I always mention this when we talk about politics.

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In this Jama there will be those who feel voting we should not vote because the system is haram and all the options are haram. There are those who feel to vote for a certain party, one color, different color, different party and we become very emotional in this area. In fact, the first bloodshed in within Islam, the deal in the first Civil War was in regards to politics. And it's easy to get very emotional on this issue. So we will address this with hikma and wisdom. And the idea of this Jumar is to give some guidance without giving you any you know pushing you bias in any way. May Allah grant us Tofik I mean

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first of all, should we even have a leadership coming up? Oh just go on as we want. There is no I mean, no one rules there is no Khalifa there is no president, how would the world be if we had no government and I this is against the concept of Islam. This is per the rules of Islam. Islam is very in favor of having an authority respecting the rule of law having a leadership Allah subhanaw taala is what it will law obey Allah wa T Rasul and obey the Rasul what will Amelie mean come and those in authority from amongst you, meaning underneath Allah, Allah Rasool. Then if you quarrel about anything, if you disagree with the leadership, you disagree with the Will you will then refer it

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back to Allah and His Rasool. If you believe in Allah and the Last Day, this is better and very good is in the end. So number one, this ayah we can talk about and this is a few points on this number one, Allah use the verb obey Allah and obey the Rasul. And I will just say, and he didn't say and obey the authority. Why? Because obedience to Allah is absolute. Whether you like it, you don't like it, whether you understand you understand, Allah says, jump, you obey the obedience Surah Susana is the same absolute if he says, jump off the cliff, no questions asked you obey absolute obedience. As for the authority, we obey them, but not absolutely. We respect them, so long as it's in line with

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the Quran and the Sunnah. And yes, they have certain areas which is judgmental in this areas, we obey the authority. Now, I also want to stress that when Allah speaks about ruling amor, it's not only the president or the Khalifa, who will, might be the teacher in your class, that teacher is has the authority over you, your manager at work, the committee chairman,

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the husband or the wife was in authority and the house is sold to whoever the Sultan is depending you obey the authority, parents and kids, you might disagree with your dad, you might even know

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I'm better than him. But if he puts his foot down and say this is what we're going to do, there is no dispute even if he's wrong, so long as it's sinful, as long as that's sinful, then we obey the authority hulless. This is the concept of Islam. If you have someone that is above you in terms of authority, then these obedience, so long as it's not against Allah subhanaw taala. The Sahaba say, say they save. And this was in part a Muslim, we gave our allegiance to Allah's Messenger to hear and obey our leaders, not just to him that we've promised him, him and all the leaders that come after him, we will obey them, while active or otherwise in times of ease and in difficulty, even if

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we were deprived our shape, even if they stole our taxes. Even if they unfairly, they didn't do service delivery, we obey whoever the authority is, I'm not saying that the current authority should be there. That's a different discussion, you have a choice to choose. But once they are established as the authority, you obey them, and we will not dispute with them, we will not revolt against them with its rightful people. Right. So this is the concept of Islam, and SubhanAllah. There were many bad leaders across the world. And we went through an Arab Spring, many of these bad leaders were removed. But what came after them was even worse.

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What came off to them is even worse, we see that Islam says a bad leader is so bitter than complete anarchy,

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a complete breakdown of authority, there is no leadership. This is bad, this is worse. And it is a symbol of how weak we are as an ummah, that we don't have a central authority in the Ummah, we have kind of little structures here and the so Islams philosophy is you have those in authority, whether it's your parents, with HR manager, whether it's the committee chair, whether it's the president, and you obey them, even if they don't give you your heart, even if your dad is being nasty to you, they still obedience, so long as you said, he doesn't command you to disobey Allah subhanaw taala then it still says, Even if a slave was appointed over you, someone which you believe is better than

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you are better than him. And he rules you with Allah's book, they listen to Him and obey Him.

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There are these are some also tells us and this is very, very relevant. Listen to this hadith, this is relevant to a Sahaba didn't see this, then at least also says to her they find they will be leaders in the future, who will not lead by my guidance, they will not follow the Sunnah, and who will not adopt my ways, they will be among them. People mean who will have the hearts of shayateen in the bodies of human beings on the outside, they look like a human, but on the inside, they are Iblees. And I said you'll see them on CNN and BBC if you want to see these people, you'll find them on the news. I said, so the Sahaba said, What should I do here? Rasulullah. If I happen to live at

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that time, if I live with them, what should I do to them? Now before who said you will listen to the Emir and carry out his orders. Even if he hits your back and he steals your money, you will listen and you will be you will not revolt. Hala why now why is it so solemn telling us to be so submissive? Because remember, revolution means what blood on the streets we have Cydia, we have chaos. Sometimes a bad leader is better than the alternative. And there are certain steps Yes, when a leader becomes so out of hand, let's read our own, then there is certain things we can do. But for the time being. Even if we have a bad leadership, obey, you do your side, Allah will, Allah will lay

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level the playing field on the FTM

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it is necessary upon a Muslim that reasons is to listen and to obey the ruler as long as he does not order you to carry out something which is haram. If he forces you to drink wine you don't obey. If he's commanded to commit the sin, then there is no obedience and that's your father commands you to commit a sin, then you say no, I owe you all my authority. But in this area, Allah comes first. So now how does this apply to us living in a non Muslim country. And without getting too technical, there are different types of non Muslim countries. Ideally, a perfect Utopia would be we have the Rasulullah saw Salam or see sunnah being implemented in a perfect Islamic State. And we all follow

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the Sharia And Alhamdulillah. That's the ideal world, but that the world does not live like that. We as Muslims living in a non Muslim country, how does this apply? How does we need to follow the Sharia? If we have laws that go against the Sharia? How does this happen? Should we even be living in the country? First question, should we not all be packing up our bags and join an Islamic country? You know, isn't that what we should be doing? No, there are two types of non Muslim countries. One one type of non Muslim country which as Muslims you should not live in is a non Muslim country that persecutes you because of your deen. That will help but if they force you to

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give up your religion, this is like the Quraysh in Makkah, then we make Hegira. Then they say you either become a non muslim or you don't practice your Islam and we put the soul to you and if you don't

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This place we can't live in then we give up everything and we purpose. You know save our deen when you have a data I'm in a place of security where it's a non Muslim country, meaning the systems are not per the Sharia. But they allow you to practice your deen and this is like the Muslims who migrated to ever senior and then the Joshi so non Muslim and Christian country they did all the *can Kufa and XYZ do what you want comma and all that but as Muslims they said you practice your deen we won't interfere with you you have your messages you make your Salah has this is perfectly fine and permissible. And throughout the history of Islam. No reputable scholar ever said a Muslim

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cannot live in a non Muslim country. This is craziness. This is only modern day views of the extremists that says any Muslim living in a non Muslim country then He's coughing. This is extremism, Cofer. This is extremist, how rich mentality. Rather, we know from the beginning of Islam Subhanallah they also harbor that came to not be so solemn, and they see the Rasulullah should I make Hegira to Medina now who's in charge of Medina, Muhammad SAW Salam. If ever there was an Islamic state, the Islamic State of Medina is the true Islamic State. Should I leave my tribe and come to Medina? This is it. No, you go live with your people. And you teach him the deen you love so

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long as they allow you to practice your deen. In fact, the Sahaba says, ya rasool Allah, there's some people telling me I need to make each other up. But my people love me and they allow me to practice my Deen freely what must I do? Now he says go back to your people don't come live here in Medina SubhanAllah. Now even if the if no businessman was alive today, in Medina, we will all make Hegira out of love, we want to do that. Even in that time, it wasn't required. So this concept of leaving your lands and going to a Muslim country, if there is even such a thing as a Muslim state, then that is a you know, this is something that just theoretically is not not possible. But now

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let's go further. So we find ourselves in a non Muslim country. Yes.

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Its constitution is not by Allah and is Rasool its laws. Some things of it might be in accordance with Islam certain principles, but there are many laws which are not in accordance with Islam. And therefore we find it in the Quran, which might confuse us that says, these lows, if you support these lows, you vote for these lows, you vote a party, and that party allows certain things which are haram, they allow the spreading of alcohol, for example, you have now supported that party. And you have agreed to that by putting that X that cross next to a person's name. Are you liable for this because Allah says, and whoever does not rule by what Allah has revealed, such as the caffeine

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on your caffeine, and another ayah Allah says and whoever does not rule, but that which Allah has revealed, then they other Lollywood now the wrongdoers and whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed, and they are the first second they are rebellious, three, act, whatever, those are the rule by Allah. And he agrees to that, and he enforces that. Then he's careful volume fossick. Now Subhanallah some says because of that, I can't put my name on any political party, because none of them are truly, truly, constitutionally by the Quran and Sunnah. Is this really the concept? No, of course not. So there are those who say that even voting is an act of Kufa and as I said, No

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reputable scholar on Earth says that if you feel out of principle, I'm not able to vote because I don't find a suitable candidate and having the right that your democratic choice, but do not say it is haram to vote. Do not say that. Why? Because as Muslims, we make the choice in terms of what is best for the deen. Now, it doesn't mean every single choice must be perfect. You will never ever have to choose between to perfect such a perfect party you will never exist. Islam does not work in in in theory, if theoretical terms it works in the real ground, where you have to choose between the lesser of two evils make the best with what you can do. And therefore the fifth Council the global

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free Council, this is the highest level of faith in the world, the whole amount of the world got together and they said participation of Muslims in elections of non Muslim countries. It is permissible for a Muslim who enjoys the rights of citizenship. So this the fifth Council says Hanafi Shafi is Maliki Sophie Salah is Wahhabis everyone. Even though Hammadi is perhaps said it is permissible for a Muslim who lives in a non Muslim country to take part in elections and the like because it is more likely that his participation it's hoped will bring benefit by such presenting a true picture of Islam, defending Muslim issues in that country supporting the rights of religious

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and other minorities strengthening the role in circles of influence and cooperating with reasonable fair minded people on the basis of truth and justice. So Islam the amount of saying, If you as a Muslim minority, you have an opportunity to sit at the table and have an opportunity to influence policy. Why not do that? to influence it in the right direction to speak up for what is good and right to give a Muslim voice even if that voice is rejected and Hamdulillah I did my part yeah Allah I put

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My input when they decide, we're going to build a casino in assert in the bull cup. Any objections? If there's no Muslims at the table Subhanallah what's gonna happen when they say we need to open, we need to close down this mosque in this area, no Muslims in the room, what's going to happen? So we need to make our voices heard. And we need to when given the opportunity, take that opportunity. Subhanallah

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and in fact, some scholars like share it with the man himself. In Saudi Arabia says it is compulsory YG haram for you not to vote either side of the story. But if you don't vote, you are, you are not fulfilling your duty to the Ummah, that you have a responsibility to yourself, your family, the Muslim ummah, in fact, even the non Muslims to make what is the best decision for your community. So you need to do your duty by voting. I know for example, Australia, if you don't vote, you could find actually fine you if you don't vote, because you're doing your duty. So Subhanallah these are just theoretical. So I have no no fear in your heart by voting, you're not caffeine. In fact, in sha

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Allah, you will be rewarded for that. If you make your decision to the best of your ability. Now that I vote, how do I choose the candidates? Some of you if you're like me, haven't made up your mind yet. You're still waiting to see who's the least of the worst.

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The beast on the bottom? Right SubhanAllah. And that's the sad reality by unanimous consent, everyone that this is perhaps the most depressing elections we're going through, there's no optimism, the alternatives are all bad. No one stands out that gives you makes you feel Subhanallah hope. And that's how the political system has failed us.

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Now, by not voting. Maybe it's a symbol of rejection that look, we wish we are so disillusioned with all of you that we will not even participate in this election. Maybe maybe that's a way to go, maybe, is to say, you must make a choice, what is the best thing and we need to plan Subhanallah for the way forward? We can't be again five years later. That's the problem. We shouldn't be five years from now having the same discussions. We need viable solutions. And now that we stuck with what we have, how do we choose the leader in a Muslim? And again, this is just for for intersect you choose a Muslim leader? How do you choose a Muslim leader in a Muslim country, you choose someone with

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modeled character and competency and this goes for everything you want to choose any imam of the Masjid. You want to choose

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someone an employee, you choose someone and this Subhanallah is in the Quran. You know the story of Nabi Musa, when he came and he found Ali salaam, he found those girls, they weren't able to water the sheep. So he did the watering for them. So they father invited him over for supper. And so the Father the dad asks the girls, what do you think of this man? So the sisters that his wife to be said maybe she had some other ulterior motives, she said, employ him. Why? Because the best employee is someone who's curvy, I mean, competent, and trustworthy. If you have these two qualities in an employee, in a manager in a president, he's competent and he's trustworthy, then Insha Allah, the

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rest will follow. Suit Allah, we asked our political leaders, we only want those two things, be competent and trustworthy. And even that is so difficult to find, almost impossible to find when we look at the spectrum, right? This is a sad reality. So you need to look at

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and weigh the pros and the cons when there isn't a clear solution, especially in a non Muslim land, where political parties are a mix of good and bad policies which we as Muslims agree policies, which we don't agree with certain leaders have good qualities and bad qualities. We need to weigh the pros and the cons and ask ourselves what is best for me and my deen and the Muslim community at large? What is best for the country at large? Remember, when I speak about Islam and the issues of the deen, whether it's a non Muslim kid in Khayelitsha, not going to school that's an issue of Deen, whether we see corruption, it's an issue of justice, which is Dean. So we take these social issues

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as our issues, what is best for our country and base for our deen and we weigh the pros and the cons. And we voice we raise our concerns. So you need to make an informed decision. You need to know what your party stands for. You need to know what the policies are. You need to know who those people are, because you're going to put your name next to them. And subhanAllah we'll be asked about that. But Allah, why did you vote for this man or this woman? Why? Why What was your thinking and your judgment? Yes, you might get it wrong, but so long as you did it in good faith and informed Alhamdulillah then you are exempted from any any problems. So we need to weigh the pros and the

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cons. And there's a lot of things to consider. There's a lot of things to consider. And this is where I want to get a little bit into the detail. If we look at the elections last year, or last five years ago, so we had elections 2014 national elections. 2014 was a national election.

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At that election, the ANC won 62% of the vote nationally, and it's dropped down to about 10% less in the municipal elections. 53%

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So, which means this elections is a crucial one for the current governing party because they could actually drop below 50%, which loses the majority. So things could change. There's a lot at stake here. And we see that Subhanallah as we go see our new political parties that are having very diverse views in which way the country needs to go. And they have different solutions to problems, whether any of them can really implement those solutions, they promise a lot. Whether these things will actually happen is a different different question mark, but you need to understand the, the context. And the considerations for you and me, the things that are big issues, the things that you

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need to think very, very clearly and long on, And subhanAllah we take these things lightly, and maybe I even take it too lightly, we should be making istikhara Salah on these things. This, this dictates your life for the next five years. Subhanallah impacts

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how crime is going, what's gonna happen in the economy, crime, corruption, education, transportation, you're sitting in traffic for another hour every day, depends on the decisions we make. So things that you need to consider the big problems in our country, if you didn't know, we have high levels of unemployment, it said, you know, SubhanAllah 50% of young people, the youth are unemployed. It's ridiculous. Very, I don't know of another country that isn't going through civil war that has this level of unemployment. Why? How do we fix this? Who of these parties are best equipped to fix that? Whose policies are based to solve this? We have crime, violent crime, which

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makes all of us feel scared, conga outside, our kids are in danger. Why? Why is that? Why is reading a statistic that South Africa's level of murder rate is on par with countries like Somalia, countries like Iraq, where there's an active civil war happening, the number of people that die every day 50 plus people die every day murder. Why? What's wrong?

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This is basic stuff that the government needs to fix basic things that you're the man that says I am going to lead you and rule you and up my to Texas to us and we will do it Subhanallah it's basic stuff. We're not asking for anything more than what is basically required. And on top of that, worse than that is corruption. The people in Amana in positions of trusts, and the corruption that we know what we're getting to see the scale of it that has been robbed this country so much, that has crippled electricity is a problem. Our country has been not so far behind billions and billions, hundreds of billions may be lost. So this is issues the economy is a problem, which will

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continuously if the economy doesn't get right poverty will continue poor infrastructure. The fact that you have to sit so long in traffic, the fact that trains are not working, you come late to work, it's an impact your life, my life, electricity and water, we realize we shouldn't take these things for granted. We should never have taken it for granted. But now it's a very real thing. Anytime that water can go off for analog, we've learned that anytime they electricity can go off.

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Mostly because of manmade issues. And aqui partly Allah subhanaw taala reminding us of His greatness, when education Subhanallah you pay so much to send your kids to school and the result is not what you expect. And for those who can't afford very, very premium education, what is offered for your kids, you wait you scared, you scared even for the safety that you send them to school, say you send them to school, pure, innocent, they come back worse, not even educated, they come back worse. You worry about these things. At the same time, let's not lose focus of what we have. We have a country where we can have this conversation in Juma Wallah how many Muslim countries I can have

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this conversation. How many Muslim countries can

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just think of the Muslim countries in the world if there is a hottie Juma that needs to speak the next day about elections and let's all the problems in the country. That hottie will never see him again.

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We'll see him again. The fact that we can have this conversation is a near man a blessing from Allah, the fact that you can say I'm going to vote for someone else with this one. The fact that I can say I reject the fact that you can take the president to toss. You can say whatever you want to say Subhan Allah, the fact that you can open the masajid you can make salah the fact that we can have Ramadan no one we none of us are even scared to worry about how we'll make our iba. This is a great Yama. This is a great treat in Yama. So as bad as things are, don't forget the blessings that Allah has given you and me. We do have a stable country, but we need to keep it that way. We do have

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the rule of law, if someone wrongs you there are processes and procedures Alhamdulillah. And really at the end of the day, when you consider your party to vote for

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when you consider which party to vote for. It comes down to justice, simply who will bring the most justice to this, which is the who is the most yeah

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It's hard to hard to dis to know that or to decide that. And it's not a very common thing. In fact, most rulers, very few of them will be just, and that's why these are very special position on that they have Kiama for a man or woman that rules with justice. In fact, the first of the seven under the shade of Allah and FTR my number one of the seven, the super seven, is a ruler that is just a man that rules honestly fairly. He does his job, to the best of his ability. Such a person is beloved but Allah, may Allah bless us to be ruled by such people. Well Allah put in all our institutions, our massages, our modalities, our schools, our provinces, our governments our Ummah,

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to have leaders like that leaders that we love that we support, but Allah subhanaw taala supports the mala strengthen them.

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So your considerations, my brothers and my sisters

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number of things that go through my mind in your mind, should we have

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what's best for this ummah? Should we have a Muslim party? Yes, we're a tiny, tiny minority. And when I was looking at the stats, they I mean, I don't know how to you know how accurate it is they say but less than 10% of Cape Town is Muslims final Are we even feel like we 50 80% of our influence. Maybe it's our mouths are so big, you know, we we make 80% of the noise. Right? But Subhanallah we are a tiny, tiny minority, but maybe one all gums is giving you an I'm not supporting any party. You're not supporting any party. I'm just saying considerations. Maybe we should have one seat in Parliament, one person that is purely by Quran and Sunnah and says, There's a law coming up.

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Even though you're all going to veto me you are going to object me, but I need to raise my concern based on the Quran and the Sunnah. At least I make my voice heard in Parliament, while hamdulillah whether that's a consideration or Hamdulillah, another person might say, well as for the Muslim community, the best we can do is ally ourselves with a big party that will rule and we Subhanallah influence those decisions in that party, we get involved in that party. And within the decisions, we can move the discussion a certain way. And you know, on the good side, you see Muslims in every political party, in all the big political parties, you see Muslims, and it's a good thing. You might

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get very upset. How can this Imam and that shift be part of this party? I wouldn't be law, but the fact that these are Muslim in that party and we hope we pray that they make the decisions based on Quran and Sunnah or the best for the deen that every single party has a Muslim voice that speaks for the Muslim community. That's a good thing. And yeah,

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that's a good thing. So this is a consideration you must have what is best for the Ummah,

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which party's policies are based, there might be a party that is very competent, but the policies are not in favor of our ummah. They might be a party whose policies are good, or Muslim party party Quran and Sunnah. But they have no competency in ruling. They've never been in government, they've never been in charge, they wouldn't know what to do. You have Masha Allah and excellent brother beautiful, but that person, you can't make him the manager of the company, if he doesn't know anything about the company. So something to think about, you have to have trustworthiness and competency.

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As we said, if your conclusion is I looked at all of them. And really, I have no confidence in any of them. That in fact, if I put my name down, it is worse, the best I can do is to abstain, that you believe that the best thing you can do is a statement that we all will not vote if that's what you believe, to show how we rejected how bad the system is. If that's your view, subhanAllah, which is your right, then let us make sure as I said in five years time, what is the alternative? We should not keep talking about problems that don't get fixed. We talk about alternatives. What is the ideal situation for us? Is it strengthening a Muslim party? Is it strengthening and existing party isn't

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getting involved? These are the questions we need to ask. We don't listen to the football. And we leave and we just continue because Rohan alum, part of the reason why we are where we are as a country is because we allow good things to happen.

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We've allowed people to be corrupt. We've allowed people to get away with things we've, you know, not held our leaders to account. We haven't held them to account. And this is on us. This is on us. We have structures in place given to us to raise our concerns. And that's where everyone needs to get involved and no one wants to attend meetings. No one wants to sit on committees. It's boring. I know that even the Budget Committee is difficult for me to attend. But we do that because if we don't, then five years later, you'd see our things collapse but by but every single person you have an Amana, you have an Amana so not much we can do about the eighth of me. You need to make the best

00:29:54--> 00:30:00

decision and it's not a perfect decision, and no solution is going to be the right solution for us.

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

As an ummah, but we make the best of what we have. And May Allah guide you and bless you. More important than that is what happens after the eighth of May. What we can't change anything maybe now, but five years later, we can have an alternative five years later when we give the football you know, I basically took the scuba of last time. And it was, it's even worse than last time. Unfortunately, maybe in five years time if Allah grants us to live and to be there. We have now alternatives, better alternatives. So going forward, number one, as I said, Give sugar for the blessings that we have, give sugar for what we have, and the Niyama that Allah has given you, Allah,

00:30:37--> 00:31:20

Allah, Allah has given us opportunities that you can speak to people throughout the world. Muslims in Muslim countries have zero political influence, they need to keep quiet, they have no input, politics is not for them. Then Muslims in many non Muslim countries, most non Muslim countries, they are actually used as the Boogeyman. They are the Evil Ones, kick them out. The political establishment is against them. Yes, SubhanAllah. We have powerful strong political power. We have weakened Subhanallah we know and whether you didn't realize this, the Muslim vote or the colored vote can change the government in the Western Cape, it's possible that he's the majority in this in

00:31:20--> 00:32:02

this in this province, for example. So you've got to be big opportunity. And we need to understand that. So that is a responsibility on you and me, at the very least be informed and get involved. Give sugar and use these things because we know the Allah's policy is the same. If you don't make use of a privilege, you've wasted it, it will be taken away. Outside it would be a time will come when our kids will not have the opportunity maybe to vote. How would we feel? Some brothers know what it was like when you didn't have a chance to say it was just imposed upon you. Now you've given the opportunity and as disillusioned, as disheartened as you feel at least you still have that

00:32:02--> 00:32:41

opportunity to make your voice heard. So I'd say use it. We need to fix Subhanallah there's a lot of things we can't fix. On the big level the big stage Palestine as I said, we can't fix maybe corruption you and me we can't fix Eskom. If anyone easiest able to fix Escom please phone the government. But if we can't fix these things, but again, as I said, there are a lot of things you and I can fix. You can't maybe change unemployment on the national scale. But you can employ somebody one person, you can help someone finish the qualifications. You can't fix the murder the crime, but you can join the neighborhood watch. You maybe cannot dictate what happens in government

00:32:41--> 00:33:23

but Wallah, you can support as I say, again, your Masjid committee, your local madrasa, your local school. So sometimes we get so caught up in debating about the big things that we can't control. And we fight over these things. But we forget the things Allah has given you to fix. And those things we neglect. So let's fix the things we can fix. Let's work on the things we can control and SubhanAllah. And just think about this, the President if he fails in his duty, you can't point the finger at him if you've also failed in your duty. If you failed as the shepherd of your flock, yes, your flock is small. Maybe you have one or two three sheep. He's got millions of sheep. At least he

00:33:23--> 00:33:54

can say I have a much bigger job. I felt that you had a smaller job and you felt that that you couldn't even run your Masjid. So don't look at me when I couldn't run a country. Think about that Subhan Allah. And as we know as Muslims, we are never a people that demand. First, we first do our rights. We do what is our obligation, we do our obligation to Allah in servitude, our obligation to our parents, our obligation to our family, to our jobs to our country, to our community, we do our obligation, and we believe that Allah will give our rights.

00:33:56--> 00:34:38

There is a mindset in South Africa, which is a mindset of demanding first and then doing your side this is not an Islamic mindset. Our mindset is we serve we are servants. In fact, the highest aspiration you and I can achieve is to be an AB a still an obedient slave. That is who we are we aspire Ya Allah, let us be slaves to you serve because this is not our in this is not our PD, our PDS the akhira. The Jana that comes afterwards. So we are here to serve. I mean, you know, those who come to the Monday classes, we speak about the Sahaba that now went on to conquer the world not for conquest. And when the emperor of Persia asked him, What are you doing? Why have you left your

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

desert to come to our land to conquer? What do you want to do? We don't want your money and your palaces, we're going back to the desert and live in the desert. We have come here to take you out of the narrowness of the law, the rules and the laws you live to the widespread justice of Islam. We are here to fix the problems of the dunya to bring goodness to the earth that's why

00:35:00--> 00:35:15

We have come to bring you people, solutions to your problems. That's what we are. We as Muslims, we fix things, we build things, we solve things, we don't complain, we do our best. That's what you are, I am in your job in your family in your country.

00:35:16--> 00:35:58

And then therefore, as I said, we built for a better future. We are all leaders. This is our community, our country, our challenges. People, every generation, have the challenges. Your parents, my parents had maybe a policy that's the challenge. They fought succeeded other people to go through that different challenge, colonialism, they fought. And they things happen. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. purpose is not to win or lose. purpose is to fight. purpose is to do and go and do the journey. Allah will determine the outcome, but you do your best. So this is our challenge. And it's not enough for us simply to think about ourselves, our family, but to think beyond that as

00:35:58--> 00:36:15

a community to think as an ummah. I say this again, and I maybe conclude on this point, that the Muslim community in South Africa is the envy the darling of many, many Muslims across the world. Many, many Muslims cannot believe what you and I have.

00:36:16--> 00:36:58

Allah here they cannot Muslims in Muslim countries Muslim in Saudi Arabia, Muslims in the United States of America, Muslims everywhere on Earth, look at us and think Subhanallah what those people have, what we would do if we had your opportunities, so we should do something about it. It's not just about who's leading in soccer, who's leading in the sports, what's happening on TV, what's the next episode, we need to think beyond that? We have an opportunity to influence the big things in our country. So let's do it. Make the best decision. Learn more use this weekend to research get to know the parties, at least read the manifestos is a website elections that org the date I read up,

00:36:58--> 00:37:34

if you didn't have an intention to vote, maybe you should vote. If you want to know more you can contact us, but please make use the Hara. And at the very least as we said, if you feel voting is wrong, I can't change with my end. I can't change with my voice. At the very least everyone should make dua for your own country. Maybe you didn't make dua for Syria or Palestine, whatever. But at least this is your country. This is your family and your kids your taxes. May Allah grant Tofik and success for all of us. May Allah bless this country and keep it safe. May Allah keep this ummah safe in this country and in all the lands and may Allah bless our leaders. When we blessed with good

00:37:34--> 00:37:35

leaders Amin

00:37:36--> 00:37:41

we say wish to see everyone Ramadan Kareem as it's coming up, as I said,

00:37:43--> 00:38:06

but on Ramadan might be Sunday evening, or which means fasting first Travi Sunday night Monday through first fast is Monday or Tuesday night. First travel is sorry First Monday night Travi and the first fast is Tuesday. So we're not sure the man kickers chef look man is gonna go out and he's going to look at the moon

00:38:08--> 00:38:48

and Subhanallah please do not spoil your Ramadan by getting into Moon fighting shaitan before he leaves he needs to plant those last seeds so that you know keeps things going before the month you know. And isn't a start with Moon fighting. We have Alhamdulillah a structure and authority where to Lord yours will remain calm that there is an authority captain has a Hakeem when it comes to this issue. Let them do the moon sighting it's the job. Let them see and determine don't worry about this is something you don't have to worry about. It will be announced on the radio when it is just keep yourself ready Sunday night you must you might travel keep yourself ready. If not well hamdulillah

00:38:48--> 00:39:21

Allah has given us another day to prepare so we can make the most of this Ramadan and when we come in footrot the Monday night but please do not fight over this issue. Don't start Ramadan with conflict. So may Allah bless you and me to let this be the base Ramadan, the base base Ramadan me at the masjid Ronald Islam, we will of course have our Ramadan program our series will be the Tafseer of Surah Yusuf inshallah the whole Surah will be doing Alhamdulillah the Torah week survey Alhamdulillah we used to do a book that we survey which magazine is doing what's right to you. So you can see the chef is at that Masjid that how many records they're going to do. We used to produce

00:39:21--> 00:39:54

a book hamdullah that's not in a book anymore. It's in the Muslim us now. So you can actually open the Muslim views free of charge and you can see every single Masjid who's leading what who is the Imams so you can pick and choose and Subhan Allah how many masajid we have well hamdulillah in this country, and it's also going to be online. Then of course will hamdulillah pot the essentials of Ramadan is the book of treats one of the pillars of Ramadan yeah and Cape Town. The book retreats are available there the latest edition as in 50 Rand and there's a new book box as well so please support these things are not for profit, it will go to support our nursery school our Masjid Al

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Hamdulillah. So please support Allah bless you bless me and bless our country. I mean, Dracula, Heydo, Salah Sedna, Muhammad Ali.

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