Why We Wash Hands, Gargle & Rinse Nose in Wudu

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


Channel: Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari

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A sign of the intelligence of a person is that he speaks less quiet ones they think the brain is talking.

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But we even although we talk everyone just talks, talks, talks talks like having talking so much for men going up level human Arthur for Liverpool Haven odious moot one believes in Allah let him say that which is good was a quiet this is why one of the you know mercyhealth Look not the WISE was to stay quiet and and also the Hadith many Hadith of the messenger SallAllahu said, even doing wudu thinking I'm washing the hands this is the first thing Sunnah the messenger sallallahu alayhi salam with wash his hands and his wrist. This is you know, just really to check the water many whether it's pure,

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you know, there's three qualities of the water or three qualities of the water. taste,

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smell and color. So you just checking the color really

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it's not read it doesn't have blood in it. It's clean water, then mother

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tasting there's no one adjusting it all fine. Then it's 10 sharp. Smelling no doesn't smell like alcohol. There's nothing haram in it. It's clean water. Checked the three things. Now let's do our first fourth. Wash the face. That's the Hikmah when and the Hadith says every organ that you wash, Harajuku the sins are forgiven. So when you're washing your arm

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all the sins have been forgiven. Think we need to think you know I haven't my son was six years old when I'm making the wudu actually tell him I said wash your arm. Think yesterday you were naughty. Look that noted? I water is naughtiness going away. That notice that that was when you were being angry. That's that all that all the sins are forgiven. So wash it think hamdulillah please yes forgive my sins. It's all coming off.

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In the Hadith, this is the thought every will do we do that?

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Every will do.

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And then read into our love and logic unlimited. The well being which I don't remember how your mind is focused every will do every Salah