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Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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AI: Summary © In a video, a speaker discusses a weekend course on marriage and the importance of finding a suitable spouse. They explain the concept of marriage and how it applies to both men and women, including the role of the Guardian Wword in marriages and the importance of verbal contracting. The course is a two-day course, covering topics such as marriage, engagement, and responsibilities.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh hope everybody's well, just to inform you of a very important upcoming course titled, love and mercy, which is a weekend course on the flip and spirit of marriage to be held in Leicester, UK, on 22nd and 23rd of March 2014, which is this coming weekend. This is going to be a very detailed course I've actually taught the course of marriage courses many times before, both in here in the UK and also abroad.

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I think this might be the final time I teach this detail course two full days. So it's a whole weekend

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starting from 9am till 6pm, both days on Saturday and Sunday. I really encourage for those of you who have not registered to really register, go onto the website register at least see when some of the topics that we're going to show or discuss on both days. We'll talk about the first conspirator marriage the definition of marriage, the importance of marriage objectives, what are the intentions or the objectives people should have when they marry also, what is the ruling or marriages if I were to marry and advise you to marry that so not to marry for whom you know for different people the ruling is different. We'll look at in detail selecting the suitable spouse what are the qualities or

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the criteria to in selecting a spouse things to look for in a potential wife or a potential husband things to avoid? Now we go into the detail of facts about those people with whom marriages prohibited methods of finding a spouse looking at a potential spouse and meeting beforehand

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and also revealing a lot of people ask about revealing previous marital status revealing your past sins you have to almost not do. So, about istikhara the many misconceptions about is to harness or discusses the hierarchy of detail inshallah and explain the real concept of as the hara the rules regarding engagement. What can you do before engaging between engagement and actual marriage?

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The concept of the issue of love before marriage, then we'll go into talking about actual verbal contract of marriage. So you know, this job and how is a verbal contract of marriage that takes place? What what is the role of the Guardian lady,

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civil marriages, marriage by agency, marriage by phone, temporary marriages moved to animals also forced marriages, arranged marriages, secret marriages, that when you guardian, I mean in light of the sha Allah, the Quran, sunnah, and all the various format hubs. Inshallah we'll look at this, we'll talk about what Eema we'll talk about the original marriage contract, dowry issues, sexual intimacy, how to spend the first night and then we'll go on to spent talk about rights and responsibilities of the spouses, the husband and wife. And then we'll go on to many other issues as well post marriage about

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polygamy and also about contraception and family planning and fertility pregnancy rules and articles of childbirth, all the way to upbringing of children. So it's basically a comprehensive two day course, Saturday 9am till 6pm, Sunday 9am till 6pm Very detailed course with a few breaks in short, right in the middle. So it's a cause for everyone, basically, those who are about to marry those who will soon marry those who have just married and those who have been married for many years and those who have children of marriageable age Inshallah, so, I really urge all of you request all of you don't miss out, Inshallah, you will not be disappointed. It's in Leicester, which is a central part

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of England, if you didn't know, it's on the 22nd and 23rd of March. Just go on to the website.

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Download forward slash courses, that's forward slash courses where you can see all the details when you come in shall register them. Hopefully see you there this coming weekend.