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Once in in the presence of Chef monana Chef anytime you Rahim Hola. Somebody said I'm at another con but

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he said What do you say Molana is a monana Despite we have in many, many differences, calling a Lola is an irony Subhanallah just imagine this is Hakeem and OMA regarding home this chef Amira de Haan What did you do? He said he's a coffee if somebody called you me and coffee, I will say your your you and your daddy's coffee as well. Subhanallah just imagine I mean, this is you know, this is something to recognize realize, the way there was fun. They wouldn't change their stance. They wouldn't change their stance, but they were they were gentleman's 200 Shafia Rahim Allah the father of his money. He used to always say to the scholars, don't be a sword. Be what? Silk

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Don't be a sword on people. Be a silk you know why silk people touch you you're soft, but nobody can break you.

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They can waver you won't move from your position. I am on the hook I will stay but your soft. This is the balance to create the balance between your two shuffled hint Molana who the person Deobandi Rahimullah once he went to a gathering. People said to give a talk he said that I'm not worthy of giving a talk this year how can I speak? People insisted you have to share you have to speak you have you said okay. If I make any mistakes, please tell me I don't know anything. This is shackled Hynde you know the, the scholars have to deal with Allah ma. So he started his talk and he said if you don't do Allah share Parliament l LVR. When he read the Hadith and he started translating, he

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said one *y is more difficult on the shaytaan then 1000s of worshippers. So somebody stood up he said Mona said yes, wrong translation. I said do not more difficult. More, it's more disliked. So he said, sorry, sorry. You don't have to rely on Mr. Made a mistake. You know, I told you. I told you don't tell me to give a talk. I'm not knowledgeable. Then he said yes. Okay, what's the correct meaning brother to the brother told him, he gave a wrong meaning. So the chef said, no, no, no, that meaning is wrong. And then he told him the look, there's another Hadith and then he gave him an example explained to him and then he agreed that yes, what he was saying was right. In the

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beginning, he said, Sorry, I made a mistake. But when he said something wrong, straightaway corrected him. This is the balance. Don't be a sword be silk, people touch you, you have to lardo you have humility, you have gentleness, but at the same time, you know, the, you know, the, this is why in war, the armory was made of hot silk, because, you know, another sword would just slide it would slide on it would be unable to break