How to Love Yourself

Muhammad Alshareef


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Here's the job the prophets of Allah Allah who would tell him in which he said Allah whom McKenna sent the Humphrey to us in Philippi Oh Allah, just as you have beautified my outward appearance, beautify my inward appearance as well as an inward appearance meaning the prophesy something beautify my character, that that's the province that a lot is so amazing. It's so amazing. And I'll tell you why it's so amazing. It's so amazing because the province that Allah Ani was sending them when he says that door and he's teaching that door, we're actually already conceding that we are beautiful. When we, when we look in the mirror, hence the dot, it's all logistics, you have

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beautified my outward appearance, that's confident, or a person is looking in the mirror. And they're saying, you know, Oh Allah, I'm so beautiful. And just like you beautified my outward, you to find my inward how amazing is that job? And how about every time you see a mirror, because the interesting thing about mirrors, is that there's a proliferation of mirrors.

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If I'm not correct, when you go in the bathroom, there's a mirror, when you walk into a house, there's a mirror, when you go into the car, there's a mirror everywhere you go, basically you go into a store, you go into an elevator, you go into a lobby you everywhere you go, you're basically constantly judging yourself. And so if you're going to constantly judge yourself, then I would say flip it and think beautiful thoughts specifically with the jobs and profits that align instead of every time you see yourself in the mirror, remember to say Oh Allah, just as He beautified myself that beautify my character, beautify my inward appearance. Then you go to the bathroom, you're

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saying, Oh Allah just as you beautify my my outward, beautify my inward everywhere you go, you keep making this box and imagine what kind of beauty is going to be on the outward and the inward inshallah Tada and so the blessing that we learn here is think I'm beautiful five, love yourself. And it starts with that beauty starts with you loving yourself first. And then that will be reflected on the outside in sha Allah