Mufti Menk – What is Halal?

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © A woman discusses how she learned about Islam through misinformation and eventually found out about it through a sister. She explains that everything healthy is called "verily" and that eating it too late will lead to health issues. She also mentions that people may say "just eat it."
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I'm giving you a live example of a sister who said, more than a decade back, someone told me something about alcohol. And I researched it. And I saw it. As a result I ended up giving, you know, giving up this alcohol. And as a result, I started studying Islam because they were Muslim. And I found that it is a religion that protects your health. How does it protect your health through halaal? She says, I never knew what halaal was, because we were bombarded with this. misinformation that halaal is actually some form of magic. If you were to eat you suddenly, like the Muslims. I don't know if you've heard that up to today on the globe. Even in the first world countries, they

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are saying this, that you know, what is halal is actually some form of magic that they they chant something, you know, some Hocus Pocus on the animal. And when you eat it, you suddenly love the Muslims and you love Islam.

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And that's what they were all taught. So they thought, you know, this is something very bad, we stay away from it. And she says, I came to learn that everything that is very healthy for you is called halaal. Amazing, amazing. Everything that's healthy for you is called Allah and the minute you take out the health factor and it becomes unhealthy for you, then it would contaminate it perhaps to the degree where it is no longer halaal

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obviously, depending on the level of harm, sometimes people might say okay, red meat has cholesterol in it, or perhaps it might increase my cholesterol and so on. So why is that not hard on my brothers and sisters to be honest with you, if it is slotted correctly, it will be helpful but at the same time how you eat it will either be correct or not correct? not correct meaning you're harming yourself. You cannot just have it every day, you know, half a kilo one kilo and you think okay, it's hella hamdulillah technically speaking, the food is halal, but the way you're eating it is wrong. We use the word wrong inshallah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us to understand

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