The Signs Of Pride

Mufti Menk


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Allah put people in your in your life in order to test you. We've said that many times, Allah makes you cross the path of a person to test you. Will you be just unfair? Or are you going to just vent and be a person who thinks that he is superior to everybody else? If that's the case, you won't achieve forgiveness that easily because another quality that is mentioned is almost below fell by a person who lengthens his clothing well below his ankles. It is depictive of pride. So the quality that Allah does not like is the quality of pride. When you are a person who is full of proud pride and you're proud where you belittle others. In that particular case, it's going to be tough for you

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to be forgiven by Allah. Allah says, I don't like the one who is proud and arrogant. The Quran says that in Allah Allah you hate bucola mactan for whom Allah doesn't like those who are you know, haughty, and they they belittle others?

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They are proud. So the Sahaba the Allahu anhu when the prophets of Salaam one said Leia, the whole Janata man can have a call be E myth Carla hi Betty min her deli min kibble. He will not enter Paradise in whose heart is even a mustard seeds wait worth of pride. So the Sahaba of the Allah who and whom they question they said, or messenger, we love our clothing. We love our conveyance, meaning like we have vehicles today, right? We love our conveyance, we love our clothing, and so on the homes and so on. What about that so the professor seldom says that is not a sign of pride, to have the best of clothing to have the best of this and the best of that is not the sign of pride.

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The sign of pride is when a person rejects the truth and belittles others. You treat them like rubbish stavroula you treat someone like you are it and that person is nothing dust, you ignore them. You treat them like they are not even human beings. treat people with respect Allah will forgive you