The Day When Allah Asks Jesus

Mufti Menk


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The speaker discusses how the church has used the headings of the Quran to promote worship of Jesus and Mary, even though they believe the message is wrong. The speaker explains that the church has seen some people not worship Jesus and Mary, but the message is still valid. The speaker also discusses the church's history of not worshipping the mother of Jesus and Mary, and how they have not yet addressed the issue of the trinity.

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But Allah says in the Quran that a

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day will come when we will ask Jesus,

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did you tell the people to worship you

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and your mother

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besides me? And he will say, no chance.

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No ways. I didn't say a thing that

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you didn't instruct me to say. I told

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him to worship the maker alone.

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But they started worshiping me and so on.

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So why does Allah make mention of the

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The day when Allah will ask Jesus, may

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peace be upon him. Did you tell the

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people to worship you and your mother? So

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some of the people say, well, no one

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worships the mother. No. They do.

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There are so many factions of the Christians.

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There are groups that worship both Jesus and

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the mother. In Islam,

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any act of worship rendered or when you

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ask someone something beyond a certain point, it's

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considered worship.

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I can ask you, my brother, can you

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please give me a glass of water? I

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can see the water. I can see the

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glass. I can know the ability of this

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person and so on. That's not worshiping the

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brother. I'm just simply asking him for something

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I know that he can actually do right

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here, right in front of me. But the

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minute I say grant me happiness,

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grant me

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so on salvation and so on, that's now

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on the level of worship. That's for Allah

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alone. You ask Allah, oh Allah, grant me

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happiness. Oh Allah, grant me cure and so

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on. That's Allah. That's for Allah alone. So

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if you know

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in a lot of the churches, and again

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the Christians are divided whether or not they

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should be having

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statues. Many Christians believe you're not allowed to

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have statues. The Jews actually believe it's totally

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forbidden to have statues. And the Muslims believe

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it's forbidden to have statues just like the

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And so what happened? SubhanAllah.

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They put up statues of both Jesus and

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mother Mary. And therefore you see in a

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lot of the churches, there's both those statues.

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This is what Allah is saying.

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They mentioned both of those,

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yourself and your mother. It's not just out

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of something. People say the Quran is wrong

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because no one worships the mother of Jesus

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and all they do. Maybe you don't know.

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It's like someone says, well, you know what?

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We don't know all the sects. Well, I'm

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telling you there are sects who worship the

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mother. There it goes. So bottom line

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is Jesus taught to worship the maker alone.

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That's it. And that's why from among the

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Christians, there are those who don't believe in

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the trinity. Did you know that? Yes, they

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are. From among the Christians, there are those

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who don't believe the 25th

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is actually the day of Christmas.

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The day of the birth of Jesus. When

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I went to Ethiopia,

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sometime in January they said, well, this is

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the birth of Jesus. And they they were

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orthodox Christians and I got to talk to

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them and so on. A lot of beautiful

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detail I learned. Some say, no, it was

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actually July, August because

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that's the time when the date is ripe

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and when you shake the tree, it actually

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falls down. Well, subhanAllah,

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in Islam we do not know the exact

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date. But all we know is the day

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Jesus was born, blessed day. We're happy.

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We're excited. He was a messenger. He came

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about with goodness.

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He taught the 10 commandments. We adopt them.

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We accept them. We acknowledge them. The first

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one is to worship Allah alone. That's the

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first commandment.

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Not to associate partners with Allah. It's like

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saying, la ilaha illallah. That's literally the first

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life upon that and death upon that. Amen.

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life upon that and death upon that. Amen.