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Well if we

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was Serato Asaram was

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surreal for Ira he was probably Porcelana limit asleep and interferon interferon a man who follows in a humanoid shape on what do you miss Mila who walk down the corridor Ravi Allah who I mean if you

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said of Allah will ask you my dear respected elders and brothers

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last week when I was delivering the food one and I came pass the tribute that we normally paid to as a co smuggle the Allahu Tirana and we say why jami al Quran? Camila HYAH you wouldn't you man you want to work on we picked up postman by saying he is the one who gets it the Quran and he is completely human in modesty, in dignity, that time it just came in my mind Inshallah, if Allah keep us alive I will speak next week on Monday about grammar. And that is the topic today was one of the Allah who is one of our great personalities in our history, and someone whose credibility sometimes has been tarnished by people who are naive, who are ignorant, and people with ulterior motives. His

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life is a spotless life, a life of great dignity, a life of modesty, a life of righteousness. his ancestral lineage meets up with our beloved Maria Karan saw Salam in the fourth generation is from the Amelia tribe of the Polish, which was one of the honorable families of MCI mocha Rama. He was five or six years younger than our beloved to be a crimson Allah.

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Allah might have written historians have written that he was noble, even before Islam Now there were few people who were right yes, even before Islam. So II aboubaker have you allowed travel and there were others who had a history and then they came upon the right path. But postman Aruba Korea loutra, new even beforehand, they stayed away from evil was Mandel he allowed that I'm who did not worship idols. And he did not take to alcohol even when alcohol was so rife, say it impacts upon the reason he stayed away from the modernity. So he was no one even before Islam. And Islam came to enhance his nobility. Admitted if Islam came as him as think about him about that natural hunger for

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well was money. Ronnie radiola

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pantry pushed for Afghanistan, Libya, Kareem Sastra from sejak Ermita him up Quraysh man, I'm awake, Camila MSAT. Up Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said punch their chests short at the manor Aja yet maybe called Nico Kira miss it. Can we put Christina Hickey for her she said do read or shut up her heart and

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so he has many great qualities. One of his qualities he was known as dual teacher again, the one who migrated many times. So with Mandevilla with Ron who is the daughter of Maria Kareem said that while he was Senem they migrated to ever senior in Africa. And I always tell people Islam reached Africa before reaching Madina Munawwara. So he is the daughter of Mr. Castilla migrated to Ethiopia in ever senior

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and then afterwards, he came back to Makkah and he migrated to Madina, Munawwara therefore, he is known as

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someone who migrated many times and in the books of history, he said, in the old man, oh, well, a man had Jeremiah he, by the route. The first person to migrate with his family after luthiery salat wa salam ala in the 20th superar of the Quran says for Armand Allah Who loot for color in Nemo hydrocone Rapi that Lutheran salaam made migration with his wife with malaria loutra Nomade mighty migration with his wife, you know, one day a Jeep incident comes to mind one day, a German, someone who I know very well they went to Ethiopia.

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So when they went to Ethiopia, etc, they found it very amazing that even the non Muslims was modest clothing. Well, hieratic, we have a senior man is European. So Jamar waters sat Yosef Bucha they as the people, why did the

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People have so much modesty in this place

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so why don't why

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don't you do what's working

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what's not

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the effects of his modesty since

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he's the effect on his water system sentry three he was

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he was also known as the new rate why was he known as invalid? Because he got married to two of the resources of his daughter first got married

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after she was divorced by the son of

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the VA canister start from there but it makes mentioned one day that you saw some pass was smart. And Rocha was washing his tail comb in his head. So she told him that look after us man. His his character is like Michael

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a little okay, yes, it didn't rain to get the reoccurring sauce from Quito PTSA wanted to shallaki it Matoba rota Yeah,

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it's gonna be so awesome because they were acid. So maybe I can install some apne basica Okay, hope they've been able to get one o'clock better maybe he's a flat is like mine.

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Then after Ruqayyah passed away, she passed away when the Muslims were very two

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stars from postman who remain behind look after your wife, she was very sick. And when the person came back to give the dread tidings of the victory of the Muslims in Medina, we're coming back from burning

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because most mammary Allahu Turan who did not take part in the battle because of Marisa slums instruction, he was always regarded as the

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one who took part in butter because that is awesome.

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Then afterwards study salsa and gotten married to me consume the other daughter, wondering why you saw slim as the daughter Oh, my daughter, how is your husband? What she replied the best of husbands subset better power?

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gave you the enlarger to ask the daughter, how is the husband? When you get such a reply?

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Ask yourself a question. Will you get such a reply?

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When the daughter say yes, my husband is the best husband after the half the time you will complain. Sometimes that complaint would be illegitimate. Sometimes you won't be legitimate, but you must be such that this What did she say? Oh my father

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is so great. So when she passed away, let me start some tourists told people oh people get to a daughter's school, married to fun.

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If I had another daughter, I would not hesitate to get married to smile.

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This was part of your long term responses. So he was known as Hindu right.

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And then here are some amazing qualities. They're in a time of better having the time not whether the idea has made mention of some of the incidents but at what happened there is awesome sin postman as his invoice to backup. And the whitest man because the people have courageous they love

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the courageous to allow the babies to see what's out there what will capital may have seen

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operational smarts and why they should tell the babies babies. I love you as much as separation love.

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And remedy attorneys are slated to know about that they have captured in one rewired in one direction there still was a vehicle you saw some call the Sahaba can he took a pledge of death. We will fight to death so much of love.

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And then

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when the time came to everyone finished pledge the resource, took his one hand, put it on his other head and said, Man

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this is a pledge of a part of

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this pledge a nurse's looked at the Allah who believe if you buy una catappa shutaura that Allah was pleased with the believers. When they pledge under the three the via Karim saucer, I'm told the people of who they are the people who pledged unto Pharaoh.

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You are the best people of this universe. The people who took part in the battle nowadays we have the Shia who who criticize them, but yet nobody saw some said you are the best of people.

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What was his qualities, amazing qualities he had. One of his greatest quality was generosity. And that's what people loved him.

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Sufi logos him look more productive.

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But he'll say to Jack about

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the person who is generous people loving himself and I said a Sufi, you mean Allah was

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a generous person is close to another close to people or Buffy logos if you don't unless if you do and a miser is far from people far from a person who is myself people who go to the restaurant

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to say you will make us pay. So, there is one Kitab written is

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the book of Mises. So, the the children use there was one person who was known to be a miser So, the children used to travel the lagoon such that they could you

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to use to tell the people used to tell the children, I don't have anything go to them. Right. So, when the children used to go to that app, although he told him to get the children away from him, he used to also write maybe the upcoming

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school year

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as it was man was known for his generosity. So much of that when the reoccurring saw someone came to Medina only one sweet well,

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then we saw some said who will buy this well, in New York.

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Was man ready to buy according to one rewire 25,000 neurons in one day wire 35,000 neurons. Then when the reoccurrence Aslam asked that we want to admit the extension of material number which was man that he ultimately went to purchase the land when he went to give it when the time of the book came Minister Islam said people give money. So smaller the amount that

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he gave 940 temples 60 horses 10,000 gold coins. So how I said was smart lady saw Selim was playing with those gold coins.

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And he said

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was man by the huddle? Yo nothing will have fun after this day.

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Nothing went off man after this day. SS the Howard make dwad And even that give us wealthy must give us wealth like was money money.

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Today we can spend 100,000 For one holiday you won't give 2000 to the machine or to a good cause. Up near Opera House kidnap Piazzi or Safavid nee do Sirocco purchase our chorus Karna or deep twofer first timer he has to spend on your own is not generosity. Generosity is to spend in the path of Allah. Today we can spend on ourselves we can spend on others, because money allows us generosity. Another aspect was his dominant characteristic Camiel HYAH he was known for his modesty with a mighty respect of others. There is no modesty in this world.

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Allah Tala you know yes and we saw some say that higher Amina Iman is part of you human

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eye shadow you ultimate says one day she was sitting and Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Allahu K

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and a self permission to Navistar salaam let me start from set as he was and the resources on cuffs was slightly exposed. He said like the woman came he said like that

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someone came and knock on the door who is it was man the resource

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put his quota right put his room right and covered his calves. And after they went away, I shattered me a lot and I was very observant Ursula aboubaker came home and gave you a set like that postman team you covered yourself.

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So, let me say why should I not sure what is key to a person even the angel so modesty.

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One is to be modest in front of people. Smart Kabara Malika K apne Hollywood man for hire.

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He used to be modest even in private. When no one was seen, he used to be what is

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commonly Emmanuel was, was was 20

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Another of his qualities was enough for the Quran. So this was amongst the things that he was known was number the ultra Okabe will entertain the new reign

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would it be Amen? Maybe I can install the app was Sapir pinata for better as one just because he can Quran there was money with the Allahu tramonti which are set up to support much code. So poster Monica first Pinnacle yet pani Anita to APNIC Wahida chemogenetic Number one keto seek is the webpage shy to ask me BurgerFi Surya is still on coca ha Jetta. Hey, honey. So this was our app key HYAH apne mythology.

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And then another thing was his love for the Holy Quran. So because it was one of you are gonna say three things I love I love. I love to feed the poor, to clothe the naked and to read the Quran, Quran was one of the ultimate multicolumn

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Didn't she say for hotma boo boo co to book a coconut in Tirana naniko Capri banana or Quran Sharif? Several happened or Quran Tilawat Kana look at how he loved the Holy Quran Allah Tala took work from him from the Quran. He gave it the Quran jameelah Quran and he died while reading the Holy Quran. So how you love something in this world that way you will die

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and then afterwards of course in the time when maybe a cream sauce and and pasture with a time of Abu Bakr and Omar he was a sincere advisor, Abu Bakr Vela, who said hit Matoba Andriana Bahrain mix Kapadia, who might you send to Bahrain? Post money run in a car, the one who invited them to

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to Islam, and I had Rami send him to Bahrain, the one who invited them to Islam said so he gave the best of advisors to Abu Bakr and Omar and he was a sincere advisor and Omar Abdullah villabruna was on his deathbed. He nominated six people. He says six people must become the they must become one of them must be the philosopher. So a black man evening off is a very funny one. That has been Obaidullah they they moved on now you can just amazing thing that the six people who are among the ASHRAE members,

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and one of them was also among the ASHRAE members shara, but O'Meara the Allahu ta who did not nominate it

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sightedness they were already nominated because he wasn't brought in

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to either nominated

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to say he's my friend. So someone told a woman Why don't you appoint your son.

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He says enough responsibility upon the assembly that one is to come the Khalifa. Another Khalifa.

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I don't want another guru. Now it is what happened. Our children must become rulers, our children must become authority.

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What it is it is enough to 111 authority in my in my in my my family. So then eventually draft money they offer the Ultimate Book everyone's Matura in Medina and he said the right person I've taken moisturize everyone and with money honey review ultimo is among the very first in the most favorite everyone loves to spend money in his time of falafel there was so much of Baraka that you can imagine, there used to be announcement from the PayPal money. Come in, said Honey, come and fetch he come and fetch this. So much of baraka and prosperity in the Muslim ummah. Islam stretched from Ohara summer camp perasaan right up till Marrakech in North Africa, entire region under Islam.

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Muslims ruled over the bison to Empire, the Byzantine Empire head of control over the Mediterranean who's smarter Viola Donna was the first person to have the naval army. The first time a naval army was sending the time of this woman was in a timely manner the allow them and the resource and said everyone who partakes in that particular naval expedition will be genetic.

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And that happened with them almost man, how could the enemy see this? Keep me saba. found out she has a he started creating fitna incidents around one I don't have the time to go into it and just give you one or two points. And he came can he brought the people he started off in Kufa, Basra no one took him seriously. He came to Egypt, because the governor of Egypt was fighting the Byzantine Empire the Roman Empire he created fitna and they came to Medina. They had eight questions. All allegations some truth. Was Mallory Allah again answer to each and every one of them.

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This is this reset. This is my answer that sentence this is my answer. He gave a satisfactory response. Are you ready about a no was among those who never negotiated? He said have you got your answer go back. They went back. And on the way to Egypt. They came out a few days say that was money anybody ultimately wrote to the governor of Egypt and the person who is bringing this letter must be killed. So I'll never be allowed to ask him how is this possible? If you are going to find Basara and you intercept the letter that is going to Egypt which is an open direction. This is your fitna. You are not worried about getting the right answer. You are treating fitna then they surrounded the

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house office man that

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is amazing.

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This is amazing. What is your week and you accept me Sorry, I won't do anything. What is who are the most powerful person on the earth? That tiny Muslims are the most powerful? And you said I will not. I will not fight against these people. Because they say there are Muslims although they are monastics, but one cannot do any work ethic and muster man.

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Neither of them I've never

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met almost a mannequin challenge.

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I will not take the life of another person for them because of my life.

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I didn't know the ultimate came and said I got 500 people allow me to defend you and to kill these people. The greatest army who defeated the Roman Empire couldn't deal with 300 rebels. But was manda Villatoro said I keep an eye give you an

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instruction, that no one must be anyone you follow me as a philosopher

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above me, Allah Who tried who said that one day Libya, Kareem sossel said you will see fitna so someone said the other Salah was between the strychnine so he said follow an amine what is being follow the trustworthy and his companions to set the record here. I mean, can it be a turning point of man? Yeah, I mean, we are turning sources on predicted, said oh smile. Allah will give you a rope of honor. People will try to take it away from you don't allow them.

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China will fitna.

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You see this is one way of dealing with fitna was manually allowed to keep quiet.

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Krishna this

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year was smarter than the Allah who can i Who is

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hucksters picnic is a man, a man

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who can't believe what's happening in social media. People just send out things they create fitna smother the lotto morality meaning he would rather die. But he didn't allow the signal to home. One of his amazing things. He told the people who is teaching him they call themselves Muslims.

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What did he tell them?

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Ya know, he said if you kill me you will be killing a person who wish to nice and innocent have colluded to

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Cockatiel karate Joe masuma to come back but I will tell you one thing if you kill me, you will never ever have them

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you will never ever read namaste

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or upcoming Ico

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you will never ever be able to have the market to equity risk and you will never ever be able to fight the enemies together. The way you fought previously, previously was what was one of the ultimate.

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Once the sod is taken out among the summer, it will never remain. Michael Ficus

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will become the means of fighting. And lastly, and the time came when you can deceive decision. The person who gave them water they even prevented him from drinking water. The day he was going to be martyred. He got up and he smiled.

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He smiled you under beseech you are besieged and he said I still want to be a cream sir a lot while he was telling me in a dream. And then he saw Stan was

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and instead was mine.

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You have Rosa

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today you will break goes out with us

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And this is what happened the very same day when you saw the dream smother the jumbotron who was martyred. So when we hear in the

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car mineral hierarchy, while Imani will work hard to pay tribute, the one who was complete in modesty in Himani in dignity, such dignity that he didn't allow for his own sake, people to take the life of anyone else. May Allah Tala give him the highest status in Jannah elevated status