Mufti Menk – Start your day with Allah

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker is discussing the importance of being prepared for a difficult situation and not begging for something. They use the examples of Subhana Allah and Eve to encourage people to read the Quran before leaving their homes. The goal is to lead by example and stay prepared for difficult situations.
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Please my brothers and sisters, I'm not supposed to be begging you. I am not supposed to be pleading with you. But I am telling you that for the sake of Allah, I'm pleading with you to say read the Word of Allah before you leave your house every day. Even if it means reading one line, one line, just one line. We have not asked for much. All we have is developing a link with Allah. A lot of us have no link with Allah. Some of us don't even read Juma. Some of us we only on the day of Eve The only thing we know is to say Islam, Muslim, Muslim, and hairdryer and whatever else it is Subhana Allah.

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That's the only connection between us and Islam.

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But every day when you develop a link with Allah, let me tell you what will happen. Allah knows that this is my worshiper, he or she started her day with me, I will be with them for the rest of the day. Subhan Allah Subhana Allah now even if you have a massive car crash through the day, and you happen to die, guess where you're going to go? Your day started with Allah. You said the sponsor Allah you exited the house, they were called to Allah. And after after that you passed away. People will also remember you that this person read the Quran before they left, they will be inspired by your deed and you will get the full reward for them following your example. Wow, where did you go

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you went two gentlemen. Whereas before we leave, we are fighting as we leave the home. We are swearing as we go out, we are engaging in adulterous connections with you know, the opposite * that are unacceptable and so on. And as we go, we want to go into the nightclubs or perhaps gambling. But the point that's being raised is lead by example. Leave your home in the morning after having read a verse or two of the Quran, in your living area, in your dining room or in your lounge, a place where your children can see you not privately in your bedroom where they don't know what went on. Let your children see you. It's not showing off it is teaching them to to live by example.

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