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My Experience in Nigeria

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Mufti Menk

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Recently I was in Nigeria again, this is a country that people think all these guys you know, you got to watch out. So well law, one of the best places I've been to Nigeria,

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the northern part of Nigeria, absolutely amazing, awesome people whom I have found to be so religious and so good. And really, if you speak Arabic, the chances of them speaking back to you in Arabic are almost 90%.

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And I was sitting in explaining something about a project.

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And voila, he will la he,

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a brother

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comes to me, and this project was like, huge meaning a huge thing. He told me

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inshallah, I'll sponsor that whole project.

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And I was like, What? So Pamela, I want to give you another example, there was a television station, a Muslim television station, about to close down, and they needed so many million. And they made an announcement. Some of you might know the station. They made an announcement to say, look, it's our last

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broadcast because we don't have money. We have to pay X amount. We have so much so much. One brother phoned in from Nigeria. He says, brother, I write you a check. What amount Do you need X amount. The brother says, The next day he flew over. He was just an ordinary man walking with his slippers with his hat. He came and gave them the whole amount so many million, and he told him Salam Alaikum anonymous, I'm out