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This lecture was inspired by the name of the Masjid it was delivered in. Masjid Ibadur Rahman in Uitenhage Eastern Cape, South Africa.

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The importance of honoring Islam by being a beautiful name, using a beautiful fruit name, and not using too much of one's tongue to remember things. The use of language in a manner that is not harm is crucial, and protecting one's identity and avoiding offense is crucial. The importance of protecting one's appearance and avoiding offense is also emphasized. The use of words like "has" and "has not" to describe actions and emotions is also discussed.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He was happy woman who bad.

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We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we thank him upon all conditions we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his entire household, all his companions, may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless them all, and bless every single one of us. I mean, my beloved brothers and sisters,

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every message in every place of worship or the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala would generally be referred to using a respectable, respectful, beautiful name. So when you are going to pray, for example, you would say that I'm going to pray at Masjid and then you would refer to it as something so that people know where you are going. If they have four or five massages in the locality, you would know I'm going to message him taqwa. For example, I'm going to message him Bilaal for example, in this case, I am going to miss Jeep rebadow rock, man, am I right?

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This name has inspired me today to say something.

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It is a beautiful name because it has a beautiful meaning. And Allah describes the qualities of those who refer to themselves as a battle rock man or whom Allah refers to as a battle rock man in the Quran. So a bad Dune would be the plural of worshiper. The worship is all the slaves, the slaves of whom it's easy to say a bad law he

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that that term has also been used. But when we say Abaddon rukmani, we are referring to the slaves of the Most Merciful, because the idea is to attain and achieve the mercy of Allah. When I say I'm a slave of and then I use one of the names of Allah, I am basically seeking that particular quality. I'm looking for goodness, in a specific direction. So I want the mercy of Allah. So I call myself the slave of the Most Merciful, whereas it was easy for me to say I'm the slave of Allah, because on the Day of Judgment, Abdul Rahman he is a beautiful name. So he battle Rahmani are many of the Romans subhana wa. We hear that so let's go into the Quran in surah al Furqan, verse number 63.

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Remember that spirit will focus on verse number 63, Allah subhanho wa Taala from that verse right up to the end of that surah makes mention of the qualities of a bad man. And he starts off by saying, why are you bad? Oh, man.

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I am Shona,

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Luna, he speaks about how a bad man are those who carry themselves in the correct manner, what is meant by carry themselves so Allah explains him, those whom when they walk on Earth, when they tread the path, when they move, they do so respectfully, honan, with humbleness, humility, they do not walk about with haughtiness. with arrogance. They walk about humbly, one might ask, so how is it that I walk about humbly? What is the rule? How do I know that this is a humble person, for example, and perhaps this is a sign of arrogance. Point number one, learn to greet people Allahu Akbar, learn to greet assalamu Aleikum, break into a little smile. That is humbleness, humility. Learn to speak

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less when it's needed. Yes, you speak not that someone asks you What's your name and you are quiet and then later on you say we were told to speak less so I was quiet. Don't be foolish. But speak less don't unnecessarily open your mouth in a way that you are going to be saying a lot of things that are not needed. rather use that tongue to remember Allah say something beneficial or keep quiet, man can you mean Oh Billahi min ash really fun? Yeah, cool. Hi hire Alia Smith. Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should either say that which is beneficial or should remain silent, simple. Thereafter. We need to make sure whenever we do open our mouths, we say something

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that is really, really fought through and calculated. You don't just open your mouth and say things as you want. Think about what you're saying you might hurt people's hearts. You might

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hurt feelings. Yes, we are not saying cover the truth. No, we are not saying hi knowledge, no, we will say what is right but in a beautiful way, if I want to correct you or you want to correct me there is a manner of doing it. That's a bad rap man. Those who are conscious of the fact that they are slaves of the Most Merciful, will be conscious of the fact that when they open their mouths, these words must, must not harm the rest of the creatures of the same, Most Merciful. Same Allah. He made everyone else Muslim, non Muslim. In fact, so much so that he made animals and all the other creatures when we are kind to animals. There is a chance of us going to Jenna because of the

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kindness and compassion showed to cats and even dogs. What about other human beings? What about muslimeen Subhana Allah? This is why let's be very careful. The very next verse Allah says we're either

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Jai Luna Pato Salah, those a bottle ramen are the ones whom when an ignorant person speaks to them, they just say peace and they walk away, you reply the Salah, but you don't have too much more to do with the person why they are ignorant. They are trying to perhaps make you upset, angry, maybe they are using bad words they are jahi loon maybe they are accusing you maybe they are saying that which is extremely bad. You have two options. One is if you have the ability and capacity to correct them, then do so but if you don't and there's no benefit, then you know what? salaam aleikum wa Alaykum wa sallam my brother and you walk away? Subhana Allah, amazing. So we say peace to them. We don't say

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war. Remember that? It doesn't mean because you're an ignorant person. Now I'm at war with you know, I just say peace and I walk away I try to benefit and if I can't, I don't make the situation worse, because I'm a bad man from among them. So this is why Allah says when the ignorant greet them, they just say Salaam and they walk out. It's not like they don't respond to the salon, but they just say Salaam and they're out. They have nothing more to do. They don't cause problems. They don't create issues. You have a house of Allah, this house of Allah, it is only those whose hearts are good and clean, that will feel like we want to go into the house of Allah in order to benefit in order to

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become closer to Allah, not in order to make a noise about the air conditioning and the sound and the windows and the carpet and how this and how that and when we come in, we keep the place clean, we make sure we are smelling good. We make sure we make dua for those who put this place up and for the rest of the muslimeen to be able to come through and so on. So it's amazing. It's beautiful. This is a battle Rahman either haba who Mooji Luna Babu, Salah, one Latina be tuna, lima beans, sujeto Akiyama, those who are close to our Walkman, those who are the slaves of our man, they spend the nights in worship. So gentlemen, Wakayama, either in such depth or standing up, standing up in

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prayer Subhana Allah, let's ask ourselves, my brothers and sisters, if you are from among those who read Salatu tahajjud. For example, do you think there is going to be a problem with the other five Salah of the day when you are making the most difficult one.

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You see the point I'm raising, if you are regular with the head, Jude, you can forsake your bedding you can get up and you can continue in a beautiful way for the sake of Allah you take your time, it's because you want to do it not because you have to do it. So if you are fulfilling Salah in that particular or at that time of the day, it becomes amazing because you will be automatically regular with the other five. This is why Allah says a true person who's close to Allah, they want to call themselves slaves of the Most Merciful. You want to truly be at the right man. You need to be a person who's worried about Salah to Judah as well, knowing that it's not compulsory, but I want to

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be loved by Allah and I want to do something for the sake of Allah let me get up. I spend my night sometimes I will obviously make the dhikr of Allah remembering Allah in various ways. Get up in Salah make a bit of sujood for the sake of Allah when nobody's watching, so Allah says those are the bad man. They are the ones whom you beat to beat him sujet unworthy Yama one la Vina una casa de fan

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those who are close to unwashed man, those who are the slaves

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Have a Walkman they make a dua they call out to Allah Oh Allah save us protect us from Hellfire keep it away from us turn it away from us Oh Allah Hellfire we don't want it we've heard about it we read about it we believe in it we know it is there we know it is bad we know it is harmful we know it is very painful. Oh Allah keep it away from us. It is the bad place it is the worst place we could go so they are conscious of where they are going to go after they die. Those are true believers. Not just in this dunya but I'm worried about when I close my eyes If I die right here right now where am I going to go minimum I ask Allah Allah save me from the fire. Yeah, I love the fire. I don't want

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the fire. Oh ALLAH is driven by Johanna this punishment of jahannam I

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turn it away from us, make us do good deeds that you love that you can accept these in battle rock man in NASA at Mr. Khan, it's the worst place to go to live forever. It's the worst place that you could ever go. So we know the qualities of jahannam if you are a true believer, you will be worried what's going to happen. It's not just this life, you know, the kuffar. They used to say in here in La Jolla tuna dunya Namu tuna here. This is just the life of this dunya we are alive We will die. And you know what, they don't have anything else they're not bothered about anything else. No the true believers they are concerned. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says thereafter, when he makes mention

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of how the qualities of jahannam are, and those who are close to Allah would make dua to protect themselves self from jahannam he then says, One levena either

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userinfo boo wacana been

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the true worshipers of Allah the true worshipers of Allah man are those who when they spend in this world, they are not miserly and they don't waste money as well. They are not extravagant, no miserly, they know when to spend, they will spend and they will spend on a good cause your family members and that which you have to fulfill and Subhana Allah you reach out to the poor, not just only this occur, but even that which is over and above the zecca a person's value in the eyes of Allah is gauged by what he gives over and above Zakah. It is gauged by what he fulfills over and above the fire of Salah The forest is compulsory. But when you've done more than that, now you get

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closer to Allah. The Zakah is compulsory. But when you've given more than that, now your true value is being marked. The reason is, if you take a look at the general amount that is given in xhaka two and a half percent, if Allah gives you 1000 rands or say, 100 grands, two and a half rands belong to Allah. So when he gives you that money, he is telling you listen, 97 and a half is yours. Where is my change? Subhanallah it's not a big deal to give the change back. It didn't belong to you in the first place. Did you know that? For every 100 grands that two and a half does not belong to you. You have to give it back in change. Imagine someone comes to your shop and they pay you with $100 bill

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and the commodity they bought is 60 grands, the 40 reigns, you have to give it back. You have no option. You cannot say Okay, I got it in my hands. I'm gonna keep in my pocket when you can walk out you cannot say that. So with Allah subhanho wa Taala that zakka is Allah His way of testing you to say, Look, I've given you this with the amount it's not all yours. It's not, I'm telling you only 97.5 is yours. So if you give back the change, yes, you fulfilled the forest. Alhamdulillah but the bigger deal is when you say Oh Allah, Oh Allah, this two and a half percent is yours. But on top of that, I want to just give another 10% for you, Allah Akbar, Allahu Akbar Allah. May Allah subhanho

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wa Taala keep us from among those who are neither miserly, no extravagant. Sometimes we waste money. Now one might ask, okay, I want to buy a house. I want to buy a beautiful car, I want to buy a beautiful clothing, good perfume and so on. If you can afford it, it doesn't mean you are proud or arrogant. No pride and arrogance is not connected to what you have or the quality of what you have. It's connected to your attitude. If that changed your attitude, then you are proud and arrogant even if you have very little, but if you have the best of everything because Allah has given it to you, but you still greet the people you still reach out to the people. You are still a humble JustPerson

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you still found in the masjid, you still read your Koran. Mashallah, in that particular case, Allah will have blessed you with the best of both. Everyone wants a dounia robina Tina dunya Hasina Warfield, Akira de hacer una una de banda. We all want goodness in this world and the next and we all want to be saved from

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Fire so Allah subhanho wa Taala says regarding those who spend one levena ina popoola muesli fujinomiya Babu walk anabaena Anika power one levena la,

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la, la la

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la loan and sell it How long

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have one is known. He says these three qualities mentioned in one verse, those who do not worship any deities besides a law those are the true friends of Allah. You say I'm a friend of Allah I want to be close to Allah man. I'm the slave of Allah man. But you are worshiping everything besides our walk man, what will happen? You will not be able to progress in your relationship with Allah because you are engaging in the biggest possible sin and that is chic.

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So it is important for us to constantly speak about you people say why are you speaking about shield shield shield shield? I'm sure you've heard them. Know that shade bans block to take you away. Allah says I will forgive all the sins besides one, that one is shirak if you die without having sought repentance, then you have no chance. That's what Allah says in the Quran. So I need to be worried about it. It's the worst thing looking these verses Allah says, The true worshipers of Allah mana those who do not call out to anyone besides Allah la luna mala e la hora, they do not call out to anyone besides Allah, and they do not commit murder. They don't kill Not at all. They don't kill.

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Did you hear that lie to Luna nuts? They do not kill another person, no murdering. Those are the true worshipers of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Yes, if the justice system decides to execute someone, then that is the justice system but we don't take the law into our own hands because I have a problem with someone. I suddenly decide I'm going to sit on the side like a sniper and shoot this person off. No. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us guidance. May Allah open our doors. Islam prohibits chaos when you are troopers and close to Allah you will protect the oma from falling into chaos. May Allah subhana wa Taala protect us so Allah says la Luna nefs Allah, Allah Allah, Allah

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will Huck. What is known the true believers. They don't commit Zina. They don't commit adultery. They don't phony Kate. They don't involve in pornography. They don't involve in immorality. Those are the true worshipers of Allah. You want to be a Bible, Rahman Subhana, Allah, your heart will be stuck to the masjid when you forget about sin when you don't commit sin now that we have a problem, what's the problem? A lot of us have fallen into these sins, right? immorality, sometimes, you know, it's normal to love or to be attracted to the opposite sex. If you didn't, you wouldn't be normal. So it's normal to be attracted to the opposite sex. But what you do with that detection is what

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makes you a bad man, or about the shape and you need to know that. So if you deal with it in the correct way, you are a bad man, if you deal with it in the wrong way, a bad shape. And so what if I have fallen and I made a mistake, a lot of people say I want to be from a battered woman, but I made a mistake. I fallen into adultery, I fallen into pornography, I fell into something bad. So Allah says in

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about an hour Amina Amato saw he had he first makes mention of the punishment of those who commit these crimes. And he says, they will go into jahannam and the punishment will be multiplied and their punishment will be severe and so on. Then he makes an exception because people start losing hope. If you say, look, you committed Zina, it's over, you're going into jahannam and it will be multiplied there. People start getting worried they become despondent, Allah says Hang on, there is an exception. But But who Allah says those who asked for forgiveness after they committed adultery, they asked for forgiveness. And they say Oh Allah forgive us in lamb and taba. They turned to Allah

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in repentance and after the repentance, they continue to do good deeds. So one is to repent, Allah forgives you, you commit the sin again after some time perhaps Allah will forgive you again you committed after some time Allah will forgive you again. But if you are from a bad man, you committed once after that you say, Oh ALLAH forgive me, never again, your life changed in the way that you you have now only done good deeds. You know what Allah says, For all

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the new lungs a team has

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those who committed sin, and then they sought forgiveness and after seeking forgiveness, they did not commit sin again. They continued to do good deeds, we will take their sins and we will

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convert them into good deeds and place them on the right side of the scales on the day of the AMA. Subhan Allah. That's right man. That is the meaning of our Rama, the Most Merciful. He has so much mercy that you owe him something. But he says, nevermind that. Let me give you even more. Allahu Akbar. You owe him because you committed the sin. You asked Allah forgiveness. He says, I won't only forgive you because I love the fact that after you asked forgiveness, you are only doing good deeds. I'm going to convert all of the bad that you did in the past into good deeds. And here take it Paradise is yours who is the owner of gentlemen? It's Allah. May Allah grant us Jenna, may Allah

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grant us Toba. May Allah grant us protection from shavon May Allah make us from any battle ramen.

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So then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and I'm just I'm not mentioning all of the qualities, but I will mention as many as I can. Allah says, When levina una Bana Elena amin asthma Gina,

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Gina Yun wa jal 13, EMA those who constantly make a dua to Allah, what do they say? Oh Allah, I'm worried about my offspring. Subhana Allah, you're close to Allah. You're not worried about yourself only you're worried about your children. Allah gave you children. May Allah bless those who don't have children with children. I mean, if Allah gave you children, you need to be worried. How am I going to bring them up? Will they have the deal? Will they understand? Will they be close to Allah? Let me teach them let me don't just leave it to the school or the madrasa you need to be involved. You're a parent, Allah says they make dua to Allah on top of that, and they say, Oh Allah, Oh Allah,

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our children here. Grant us from our children, our families, our wives, our spouses, our offspring, those who will be the coolness of our eyes, when we look at them, we are so happy, Oh Allah, grant that to us and make us the leaders of the righteous. What Jana Linwood Akina Imam, and make us leaders of those who are righteous, you are making a dua to Allah. You don't just walk into here and say, right, I'm a leader of the righteous, no, you're not that's up to Allah to decide. So on the Day of Judgment, you will be found out but you make it to Allah make me a leader of the righteous, when you make a dua to Allah you need to work towards it. It's not good enough for me to say, Oh

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Allah make me a leader of the righteous but I'm in the nightclub Oh Allah make me a leader of the righteous but I'm on drugs, Oh Allah make me a leader of the righteous but I am committing sin after sin. How can that be? And then you say no, I'm making. I'm making God together with do i do something about it change your life, quick. The sins were towards Allah walk towards Allah and you will see what will happen. So my brothers and sisters remember this, you make a dua, but with that do our make an effort as well. And this is why Allah says, Allah Deena era QBI, a tuna beam lamea

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the true worshipers of man the true slaves of man are those whom when they are reminded about something regarding Allah, they don't turn a blind eye or a deaf ear. No, they listen, and it affects them. someone gets up and they start talking about a topic that affects you. Because perhaps you have committed this sin and that sin and you need help. We all need help. But sometimes the topic is addressing the way that we feel maybe this Imam is talking about me, but the Imam does not know you. It's Allah who knows you and Allah made him say something that will go straight into your heart. You must feel guilty. That's a good quality. I felt it a you know what he spoke to me? And

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what do I do when that happens? I say Oh, Allah, now that I'm reminded, I want to change my life. Some people when they are reminded they become arrogant. You tell them brother, Come, let's go for Salah. He says What are you talking about? Who you think you're not Allah? I'm not reading Salah for you. those answers are not able to ramen. Ramen don't answer like that. They are the ones who say Alhamdulillah brother shukran Thank you for telling me. I'm so happy.

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And let's go together and please make dua for me and I'm going to try and inshallah I will change my life. I appreciate the effort you've made. But remember my brothers and sisters, there is a way of correcting people. You don't just get up on the member

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and say, brother so and so with his name. You know, I saw you in the nightclub yesterday. What were you doing there? But they won't come to the machine. There is one sometime back it's a true story. There was a machine where the man was a little bit hard Alabama he passed away. He used to get up in name people in the society this brother What are you doing Yesterday I saw you with the bottle. This brother here. I saw you on the other day there by the club. I saw you with this woman.

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That woman, the people didn't come to the masjid they would all go away. Why? Because they say, hey, you go to that machine for Juma that Imam will say your name make you stand up and disgrace you what's going to happen? I don't need disgrace. Then you can say look, if you are not Allah, you cannot do that to us. We are we are coming here for the sake of Allah. Yes, we want to hear a good message. You might want to be strong in the way you perhaps say your message but you need to be wise. When Allah says called the kuffaar. To the dean with wisdom, what about the Muslims, you need to call them with even more wisdom, you understand? May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us and guide us

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all. So my brothers and sisters, at the end after Allah makes mention of all these qualities, and I'd like you to pick up the translation of the Quran and go to Surah Al Furqan, verse number 63, and go down and read the verses right up to the end, not many, and you will find these qualities go and read them and every day ask yourself, do I belong to these Allahu Akbar, you will find when you are worried every day you will be improving, improving, improving and one day when you die and I die we want to be in sha Allah in the right place. May Allah grant us genital fear those now after you've heard all this, don't we all want gender? We went gentlemen, don't worry. So Allah says at the end,

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subhanho wa Taala. He had, he

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Those who have all these beautiful qualities, they will be given such a high place in gentlemen known as El hoffa. It is a special place in Paradise, and they will be greeted welcomed with a beautiful greeting with the he yet the welcome and the greetings of Jenna Solomon. Peace be upon you imagine as you are dying. You are shown your place in Jelena or you are told, don't worry, you did good with Allah, the rest of it is going to be easy. At the point of death, you already told who wouldn't like that? We all would like that, isn't it? Obviously told goodness, isn't it? The angels that will come to collect your soul will already be angels of mercy, they won't be angels of

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punishment and you already smiling when you depart from this earth. May Allah grant that to us, I mean, and then we go into gender. And when we get into gender, the angels are greeting us Mashallah, salam, O Allah contributo for the Hulu holiday speech be upon you, you have done good deeds. So now you can intergender forever and ever you get what you want those ibotirama so Allah ends the verses by speaking about paradise, and how we will be entering paradise my brothers and sisters, this entire talk was inspired by the name of this mosquito mosquito Roberto ramen. And now that we know who the ramen are at least a little bit less every one of us promise that we will try our best to

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truly become a better man spread the love amongst ourselves, spread the goodness amongst ourselves. Let's learn to talk to one another. Let's learn to help one another. Let's learn to reach out to one another. And let's learn to improve ourselves. Our link with Allah become humble be people who are concerned about their faults and their weaknesses in the way that they improve on a daily basis. Aku Kohli has Allahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad