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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © A customer talks about their job as a sales representative and how they keep reminding people about the quality of their glass. They also discuss the importance of the preparation for the Meet the event and how volunteers can help convince people to buy their glass. They briefly mention a sensitive topic called Jollof and its effects on people's eating habits.
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Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah Baraka.

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I have a product

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that I manufacture.

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And I have a factory that I don't own, but I'm part of the manufacturing plant, I need to convince people to buy this glass.

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So my job is to talk to them. And keep reminding them about how good it is and how lovely it looks. I keep looking at it and finding different positive points and talking about it and saying how thick and lovely and strong if I drop it, and so on.

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And each class I sell, I make a profit.

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And we've asked you guys to help us sell these glasses.

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That's what's going on.

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You get the point.

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Hola Hola. Almighty has given us a product and told us to market it in the same or if not more enthusiasm that I would be if I had a factory that was making these glasses should I be when I'm marketing the akhira to the people in the dunya.

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Today, people prepare for so many things, you prepare for something your business, your future, your children, your whatever else it may be. Not forgetting the most important preparation is for the akhira I'm speaking to volunteers, I only have one message for you. And that is this journey towards the preparation for the Ophira the main thing that motivates me is Allah Almighty says to us, if you manage to sell one glass, it's better for you than what the whole world has. I don't mean this glass. I'm talking of sharing heaven. Yes. I'm talking of the guidance if Allah uses you to convince someone to change or to leave their bad ways or to enter the fold of the deen Wallah he you have

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better than what the whole dunya the whole world has.

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And I tell you something, every single rep you know sales reps, you guys are sales reps, because volunteers what are they? They are sales reps, you will go and every bear in mind that at every moment you are just the sales rep, you will earn the full reward of the whole deal. As you are representing and trying and convincing. Please come Please do you are smiling at the people. And you know when a guy says your product is rubbish, what do you say? No, it's quite good. Did you try it? No, it's useless. I seen it you know, it's nothing. No, it's fine just right. You have to keep going you cannot get angry. You cannot let your product you know it's your product. And you're just hoping

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let them hire one let them just check one, just one trade. See, take a sip, see the water does differently here, whatever you want to say. And so inshallah that's the reason why it's important to have volunteers to give importance to volunteers to work according to your rules to have people who who instruct and to follow those instructions to make sure that the whole project is a success. May Allah make it a success. Now, the topic of Jollof is one of the most sensitive topics in this part of the world but

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I have a fatwa

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that will not be debated

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because I have traveled many countries. So Malama boubakeur, I'm very sorry to see something different from what you said regarding total.

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Because when I have stayed at * manga last place several times. He's an elder brother to me.

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And I will tell you that the Ghanaian Jollof what is Jonathan first place

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was from Australia he doesn't know what is Jollof Jollof is the rice dish in India they call it biryani okay. So this is African in Saudi they call it Mandy.

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Here they call it Jollof

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rice No no, no, it's special. I told you it's a very sensitive topic.

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The Jollof of Ghana is the best Jollof.

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it's effect its effect listen with this. Listen. The Jollof of Ghana is the best journal for as long as it is eaten in gun

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you voted on the limits you go to Nigeria. Guys. Are you listening to me? The minute you go to law

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Nigeria Nigerian Jollof is

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so when you are eating it in Nigeria the Ghanaian one doesn't taste that great. And when you are eating the Nigerian oil in Ghana, it doesn't taste nice so it depends my brother today we are in Ghana, Ghana

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to sit on my name

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