Culture vs. Islam – The Clash

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of culture and how it causes people's behavior. They explain that culture is not something that should be just talked about, but rather something that needs to be addressed. They also mention that Islam has been a popular source of reference for people, but it needs to be corrected.
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You know, looking okay, but many people hide what they're going through when you see a person's face, they might be bubbly, smiling and so on. You don't know the pain that they're going through in their hearts. And therefore, when she made this video, she actually mentioned a few things. It was good that she mentioned a few things because we can actually address this matter.

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She was exploited as a daughter in law and as a wife, she was actually abused to the degree that she felt there is no way out. Her family couldn't do much because of culture, her in laws and her husband, according to her, kept on demanding from her every single thing more than she could actually manage, according to her. So what was the problem? The problem is when we get married as Muslims, the boy is supposed to give the girl the groom is supposed to give the bride what is known as a Ma Ma is a gift, a gift of whatever, whatever she demands, whatever she asks whatever her family would like. And he needs to assume responsibility of three basic things as a minimum food,

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clothing and accommodation. He needs to provide for her place he needs to give her food he needs to make sure that she is dressed and she has clothing. That's the minimum he must assume responsibility of if a man cannot afford that much he should not get married. The props are seldom says Jamar Shara Shabaab, Amani Stata, I mean komaba at affiliated, whoever from amongst you or youth is able and capable to assume the full responsibilities of marriage get married, if you can't do that you cannot get married. Unless obviously you have someone helping you like your father or your folks, that would be okay. But when we have because of a culture where following that is against the Islamic

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teaching imposed on the bride to pay money to get married, so the dowry comes the other way around an Islamic unacceptable. What happens we say that girl has to come up with the house, the car, her entire salary, she must serve the husband's entire family, she must come up with the furniture, the clothing and everything else. And on top of that she must be smiling all the time and be at the beck and call of the whole tribe.

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And she must be okay with that. That's an Islamic that's prohibited. That is what caused what our Isha did. And that is haram. Let's never blame Islam for something that Islam has prohibited. And some people have done it who may have been Muslim, but that culture needs to be addressed and it needs to be modified because it is wrong.