Mufti Menk – Comparing Rain to Resurrection

Mufti Menk
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Salam Alaikum in some parts of the world, it's the rainy season, a lot of rain, a lot of thunder Subhanallah I want to spend a few moments on rain.

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Rain itself is a gift of Allah. If it's too much, it may be a punishment, or it might be a test. And if it's too little, it could be a punishment or it could be a test. No matter what, whenever we're asking for rain, seek the forgiveness of Allah, and ask him in a very humble way, or Allah bless us with enough rain, that it would neither be flood, nor would it be a drought, but somewhere in the middle, and let that be beneficial rain. So to pray for beneficial rain is asuna. It's a teaching of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. But there is something amazing about the way the dry Earth becomes green and grows in such a beautiful way after the rain falls. So you notice in many

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countries, everything becomes Brown, or the earth is dry, and suddenly you have rainfall and everything. You know, so panela for either and Zenn La Palma does is it what Allah says from His signs that he has created the earth, He has caused rain to fall from the skies. I mean, it he Anakata a lot of the harsh data from his science, you see the earth almost dead, you know, still, nothing's moving. For either and Zelda, Allah Allah, suddenly when Allah causes the rain to fall on it, it blossoms and blooms it does that. But we're unbuttered and it grows from all the different types of plants and whatever else. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in many places in the Koran

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gallican new Shu gallican Regional mutanda and La comunidad Quran, Allah says in that way, we will resurrect people. And Allah says that this is the way we will resurrect you Subhana Allah,

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that dead will be resurrected, in the same way that when the rain falls on dead Earth, and it is revived. Amazing. Every time you see rain, you need to understand it grows.

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Or it causes the growth of seeds that are within the earth that sometimes we cannot see. And when it grows and blossoms into something beautiful, the times we've sown the seeds, but they were seeds, rain fell, Allah caused that rain to fall. And this thing grows. Allah says that's how we will actually cause your resurrection. So Allah has given you a sneak peek into resurrection. So Pinilla only to a certain point beyond that he knows. So Allah is saying, and we've been taught in the Hadith of the prophets of Salaam, when everyone dies, and everyone's decomposed into the soil besides those whom Allah wishes, then Subhana Allah, there is a small part that is considered the

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seed of man. It's called in some narrations, algebra, then up, you know, the last part of the spine, the small, little conical and Subhana Allah, Allah says, with that all without that we will cause your resurrection in whether it is intact or scattered, we will cause your resurrection by letting it rain, thick, white rain for a period of time, whether it's 14 days, 14 months, but a period of time, and then everyone will grow, just like plants grow after the rain. Everyone will grow to a certain height to a certain age, and then the questioning will begin.

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So I thought I'd share this with you because whenever I see rain, and then I see the greenery, I immediately think of all these verses were Alesis, gallican, mooshu, gallican, oxygen motor, etc, etc. You know, this is the way that no shoot is going to be the resurrection is going to be, this is the way we're going to resurrect the dead. This is the way you will be resurrected. When Allah says that, wow, I think to myself, it's just amazing how this is going to happen. May Allah make it easy for us on that day? And may He allow us entry into paradise without reckoning? I mean, I mean, you know on Earth, we are human beings. We faulted we make mistakes and we sin as well. We seek the

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forgiveness of Allah, we're not evil. We don't intentionally harm people. And we don't intentionally do wrong at times. Even if we do it, it's out of human weakness, not out of the defiance of Allah.

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So that's amazing. When we seek the forgiveness of Allah He loves it. So prepare for that day inshallah by seeking forgiveness of Allah and we hope to be meeting inshallah

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in the Hereafter, on the right side, me Apalachicola was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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