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Mufti Menk – Lower Bagathale Jummah Masjid, Colombo – 03

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The speakers discuss the importance of staying away from sickness and avoiding negative emotions when working towards one's financial goals. They stress the need for a good relationship with fellow human beings to avoid problems like this and the importance of protecting one's wealth and reputation during the upcoming AMA. The speakers also emphasize the need for contentment and a good relationship with others to avoid problems like this.

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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa

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Amina Muhammad,

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we pray some

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blessings and salutations.

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We ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless him and his entire household and to bless every single one of us and to grant us goodness, my beloved brothers in Islam.

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This afternoon, we will be speaking about business ethics from two angles in Sharma The first is the earning and the second is the steady, it is of utmost importance for us to realize that the two connected when a person in a proper way, he will be accepted by the almighty to spend in a proper way. But when a person has learned in a clandestine manner, he has used the wealth of people, he has learned how he will not be accepted to use that wealth in a correct way.

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It will be used for destruction, it will be used for disunity. It will be used for

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the split up of his own family, perhaps sickness, and perhaps so many other issues. This does not mean that if someone is ill or sick, that they Well, it does not mean that No Does it mean that if someone's family is split, then they well? No, it is not a condition. But it is only what we call lists. If we have a difficulty go back and change. It's a diagnostic period or a system of diagnosis. whereby if you have a sickness, you first go, for example, to your GP, he tells you go for a blood test. Perhaps we might rule out this rule out that when you find this is clear, that is clear. You might look for something else until you find out why what has happened has happened.

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But more or less when a person's well is haram and he's earning his own. He needs to make men

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sometimes by giving up that which was totally prohibited, because even though we may engage in repentance, when we have Well, for example, made up of interests, we need to get rid of it in order to be forgiven. This is why Allah subhana wa Jalla speaks about Toba from his interest and he says

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if you are going to read things from having an interest, what you need to know is what belongs to you is only the capital the excess you need to get rid of it. And that is when Allah subhana wa Adana will forgive May Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant us forgiveness through His mercy,

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there is a narration where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says, There will come a time towards the end of time and we are there already

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a person will not really be bothered with what he has consumed was Hana.

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Now, this is very difficult, it's very dangerous. The reason we say halaal is clear, Haram is clear. There is a common pattern that we know of

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is a Muslim is a very famous when he says the prophets Allah,

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Allah Allah.

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Allah is very clear that we just have is very clear.

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And between the two, there are some items which are not so clear. You need to know who ever falls into that which is not clear has fallen into

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and whoever has saved themselves from that which is not clear has protected himself totally.

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Why do we say this is very simple. If you have a photo of you, and five people are telling you this is Hannah and another five are telling you

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you have two options. The first option is to stay away from it. If you have stayed away from it, none of the team told you is well. None of them told you that if you do not consume it yourself, just debating as to whether it is permissible or not. Because you stayed away from it. You've kept yourself away from the

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For you to have done something wrong, something you have eradicated the chances of you having done something wrong, because you stayed away, there wasn't

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the minute you have that nice when there was an event of the people, whether it was allowed or not, you have put yourself in such a big risk, that there was a good chance that this thing was how it may have been. And now you are in this circle of gambling, basically, you are risking taking a chance. So from that happy, again, beautiful, happy, we've come to learn that when there is something doubtful, leaving

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for us, we should have stayed because when we were staying for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada, we will realize and understand our spiritual boosts, and are linked with our nature, our preparation for

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my beloved brothers, and the sisters who may hear this a little bit later on. Believe me, we are taught on the globe today by the Western world, and by the material world, that we need to survive and live that which is luxuries.

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So everyone is unhappy.

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If we are having a salary of 5000 US dollars, we still want another five, we are not happy, we are fighting with those we work for, we are not happy with business. The reason is we want more and more and more. If you have 10 businesses, you want to increase it to 20 we are not happy. The reason is we are taught on the glue. Once I get to a point, I must work higher and higher and higher until my name is written amongst the wealthy of the city. That's what we are taught. And after that my name must be written amongst the wealthy of the world, I must compete. So instead of competing when it comes to goodness, and Allah we compete when it comes to the world, the material life and this is

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how we dive straight into that which is because of lack of contentment. So it is important for us to be happy to be content in order for us to enjoy what Allah has given us and realize that you will never ever be able to spend the amount of wealth you have earned beyond the certain points. That is if you have a million dollars in your account, I don't think you're going to spend more than 1 million of that the other 49 your heirs will be fighting over it your children will stop talking with each other because you left the large amount of money and you went to it. What is the point?

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Here I'm talking of majority of the cases I know because we deal with matters. This is why an intelligent wealthy person is He who has distributed totally his wealth amongst his heirs before he started. Totally visit the llama and find out how that is done. There is an intelligent man

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to keep your family intact. And to have a good relationship with fellow human beings, especially your relatives is far more valuable than something million dollars in your bank accounts. I think some of the youngsters will say no, no that is better. Because we have lost the plot. We have turned around and today for us. My money comes before my Father. It comes before my mother and my children and my brothers and sisters. My brothers and sisters is the problem between you and the others is to do with well give it to them.

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You will miss your paradise.

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outside his door he heard two people debating over the ownership of an item.

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didn't even

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when he came out he had the two of them presenting their arguments why this is mine. He said look I'm a human being like you. The two parties come to me some of them might be able to express their points more eloquently than the others and therefore I might rule for the one the item does not belong to and if that happens he should know that that item is a piece of the fire.

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Only because it does not belong to him. He knows

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when two people arguing over the ownership of something deep down, they know who

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they are. They know what it is. So the one who knows it is not is the problem.

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It is a piece of the dilemma is a tendency to leave it when the both of them left the item and went away.

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Both of them left the item and went away. I want to ask

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question, are we ready to even do a portion of that love? We are not asking one another to leave the item and go away. But when you do it is not yours. When you know you owe someone money, why do you delay in payments? The wealthy have sometimes two problems. What are the problems?

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The wealthy are obedient. This comes in the poor. Have you noticed that when a wealthy man enters your shop, his count is much more than a poor man who walks in how much is the state of money? Why is it a sickness, maybe your wealth is not clean enough to be allowed to be used as a means of profit for a poor man trying to make trying to earn a living. Remember, give him his price. If you are any

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decent price, do not squeeze him to the degree that you as a wealthy man is no portion in your wealth to help a man living Allahu Akbar, we are Islamic ethics gone. Problem number one. Problem number two, wealthy people sometimes delay payment more than the poor. Man is wealthy. And these poor people who he has bought goods, or services are dumb, he doesn't pay them a month passes two months, he goes 2030 times as though the one who did the service for the wealthy man, and is now asking for payment is actually doing a favor.

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And it is as though the rich man is doing him a favor by him coming every now and again, brother my money it's been two months, three months, sometimes you have a person who will ask you for a discount after a discount just because now the payment is ready to be made.

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So this is why we say learn to give one another What did you learn not to squeeze someone to the degree that when they in the evening have raised their hands to allow this man has really squeezed me a lot squeeze into. We don't want that. Why wouldn't we want

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to the degree that people raise their hand and the yellow what's a good deal.

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That is how you learn well. And remember when we have earned wealth through usurping, and so

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it will not be used, as I said at the beginning in something good. The reason why I say this is because when a man has earned the interest of gambling, gambling is very common, you know, people quietly and silently like to join the queue of the lottery. And they very silently purchase it remove their head here, sometimes with some clothing that will probably make them look a bit buddhistic. And after a while, they quickly get out of that queue and come back when they when they quietly you know like to get this wealth, that wealth will be used on women and wine, and it will be used on something evil and bad. And it will not come about with goodness because it was turned in a

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clandestine way. Like we say

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when you put one morsel of food into your mouth, what happens to it and I've explained this in the past here in the city, in contaminates your mouth. So whatever you utter is always how you will not be happy until big and big swear words come out of your mouth. Then you are happy because what what you made your mouth look when they go through your esophagus. It comes through the genome and it goes through the time that you're being cursed by your own organs all the way and the energy derived from that which one do you think is going to boost your connection with Salah?

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So you've been lazy to come to the masjid because your income was you don't understand why am I feeling so lazy? When you want to fulfill Salah you want to sleep because what you need was the energy is only for sleeping it is not for Salah.

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And when you look at the odor of Allah, you look at the happy but you look at the naked woman you are excited. The reason is, our eyes are being given the energy through something we ate, which was totally How can they be quenched by looking at the barn, for example, by looking at that which is beneficial in terms of Islamic knowledge, or even by looking at a religious person so we are not happy to see someone looking religious we get angry. Our children try to cover up properly and we shout them how are you going to get married? That's a common one. It's a it's a common thing amongst Muslims now across the globe. Every community I've been to they have been this type of difficulty it

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may be in your midst as well. With your daughter tries to cover up slightly you say don't cover how are you going to get married? Well, the one who wants to marry you when you are uncovered is the same one who you will be divorced from.

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The reason is that is

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is the one you're supposed to be staying away from? Imagine you because he likes how you looked when you were uncovered. Once you are married, he will like how others look when they are uncovered.

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It's common sense that Allah subhanho wa Taala grant, our mothers and fathers really the ability to look at their own children, sons and daughters, in a way that when you see some facial hair, you do not discourage them, when you see some female dawning that you do not discourage them, that sometimes when the way we have heard is wrong, then you should know there will be no other way of thinking besides the hardware. And this is why we say even if you have chosen a job, choose a job that is closest to goodness, the best job possible, sometimes jobs are not available. And sometimes we have to work. So what we should do is once we are working, we can do a better job, the day comes

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you snap. And if for example you happen to be working in an environment or for business that may not be 100% islamically compliant, if we were forced into that condition, for as long as we are in there, as I said, We ask Allah to forgive us. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah, Allah to open our doors, to get something which is far better than that. Without a bounty to us. What is worse

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than beating yourself that which is haram is to feed your family that

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innocent children from a young age are being fed with that we just have. Now they have illicit relations. They have, for example, they are hooked on to pornography, they have a feeling of changing their sex and gender is happening. They have the feeling that you know what, I don't want to marry a woman I want to marry a man. These are the feelings that people are getting, where did it come from? It came from many factors. But on the list, we have one factor

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was our income alone. That's something we need to tick off. And I'm reading it very carefully, because it's not the only thing. Sometimes there are many other factors, which is why I'm calling it a checklist to check. Sometimes you are suffering you might have a deficiency of Vitamin B, vitamin D or perhaps iron ore, perhaps, or perhaps calcium, but you need to check each one in digital. Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So my beloved brothers and sisters,

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and very, very importantly, we need to know that when Allah has chosen us to spend our wealth to help the poor, to help the cause of the deen to give a portion of it and we feel like we want to give that is a sign of acceptance from Allah subhanho wa Taala because our wealth is used to support the cause to support something good to help the destitute to help the poor. There are so many poor people in our midst, perhaps we might be able to benefit them in such a way that when they raise their hands to Allah asking for your goodness, the sickness you did not know you had to be cured. And you will only find out on the day of judgment that you actually had a cancerous elements that

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was eradicated by Allah subhanho wa Taala solely because the job of those who you had the system in your life.

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And I always say my brothers and sisters, they are sicknesses we have we don't know. And we may never know.

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Never open our doors, learn to help one another.

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In Abdi, McConnell, Abdul.

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Allah continues to remain in the assistance of these worshipers for as long as that worship continues to remain in that sentence of a fellow worshiper.

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If you look at that, how can we then cheat someone? How can we deceive someone? How can we charge someone do you know part of helping one another is to charge the correct price. Even given the discount, the fact that it was the correct price, you have put up a little bit of your problems, and you have considered the one who's going to buy in that case that would actually be assisting your fellow worshipers and if you are assisting them in that way, Allah has promised you will assist you when you need it most. And this is why powerful again we know it i'm sure several categories of people who will be drawn to this special shape on the day of the AMA.

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And you have people who love one another for the pleasure of Allah subhana wa calidez love of one another for the sake of Allah. When you put materialism in the middle, you will never been able to love one another for the pleasure of Allah. In fact you hate one another for the pleasure of your wealth. This is what happens. Now love my brothers and sisters. I would like to go on hold

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Those who have broken ties and relations do too well, to resolve the matters. It is not worth it. Would you like a paradigm in which you might only live in for the next 20 years? And after that

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there is the question, you will build it by a payment that you may make to resolve a matter and the crisis between yourself.

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You will resolve this is why even to alleviate the suffering of a fellow human being, I will alleviate your suffering on the Day of Judgment.

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alleviate the suffering of a fellow Muslim, in this dunya, Allah will alleviate real suffering on the Day of Judgment. May Allah make it easy for us on that day, we are

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my brothers and sisters, we know we are heading to that era, we are becoming older as the days pass. This business of materialism will not help us. They are not going to keep digging our graves to add the latest mobile phone with our underneath there every month for years, they won't do that. Once we are gone, the last phone we use, that was the last phone we use, life will continue for those who remain perhaps we are going to reality. We go into what is known as a reality where you're born don't help you how you use it while you are alive will help you how you earn your wealth will help you today people deceive one another. Today we oppress those who work for us. And we think we are

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going to come out in a good condition on the day of the AMA, that will come as a question of rumors we have

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someone in this world that will be the darkness of the Day of Judgment, in your tents in your camp, should I say, Now protect us, the way we talk to one another must be professional speech. It must be beautiful spiritual speech, smile at one another, it does not mean because I'm the boss. So I need to put a big face with big eyes and start swearing and screaming no matter who it is I challenge you, whether it is your driver, or the one who cleans your bedroom, I challenge you to respect him and speak to him as though he's your elder brother or sister, a lover. That is a true Muslim. Those are the ethics that is applied. No matter who it is and how much wealth they have. Take a moment to

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greet them below.

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There is a sign of the AMA, that there will come a time when we will only create those we know

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those who are famous, those who have well, how many of us are here for that sometimes we walk out with a poor person greets us. We don't even want to look in that direction.

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We intentionally walk away, whereas you will find the law there the pleasure of Allah is in replying that greeting you smile and you might not be able to help everyone. You can excuse yourself from assisting in a polite way. But that does not mean you should just ignore fellow Muslims, perhaps they will

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give them some importance. A day may come when your children might be in a similar need. And the children of those people might be in a position that you were in today that Allah subhanho wa Taala opened up doors those.

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So I have just said a few words as you know Juma is a very short talk when we would like to call it

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you know, just to make up a little bit

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of income, and maybe make us work in a way that really pleases Him. And maybe we make us from those who can treat one another with utmost respect, may make us use our wealth in a way that will please Him we should be happy and excited when our wealth is used for the right cause to the people to help the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala humanitarian suffering to alleviate it to our world. Allah is a very, very, very loving and generous people and you should know it is better for you really,

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to have spent the millions in the billions investing for your parents in the hereafter them for having kept it as a huge mountain. More than three or four generations will ever need to remember it will not go that far. I want to end with one small story. There was a man who has passed away and he was so wealthy that he said he made a statement. He said I have enough wealth for the next five generations. When he died, his children began to fight so much that

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All the wealth was totally depleted, not even inspired, could benefit from it, let alone five generations whereas when he died, he was so confident that this wealth is enough for the next five generations. So remember, each one will come with his wealth we try our best, we don't want to leave our heirs

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don't have to leave them so affluent and arrogant, that already they have a stock on the wrong spiritual putting

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lectures, we see sl