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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video of people playing the Surah Baq Qaeda in front of the Batuz. The video is described as a recitation of the Quran that has the effect of healing the heart and mind. It is also described as a powerful impact on non- believers.
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Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam says to us, Allah elevates some people with the Quran and Allah drops some people with the same Quran. So be careful. Oh Amma of the Quran. Are we not fortunate? The most beautiful recital recently I witnessed some videos that we're doing their rounds of people playing Surah Baqarah in front of the Bacara Have you seen that?

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I didn't do it myself. I just witnessed it, but I'm not surprised by the result. You know why this is Kalam Allah it's the word of Allah.

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If you have seen it, you know what I'm talking about. They say they played loud and what happens? The cows are amused and they are affected by this recitation in such a positive way that number one, they want to look towards it. Number two, they want to go towards it. Allahu Allah.

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It wasn't me who did that? But I saw quite a few people who tried it. They say it works guys you got something to do.

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But for me what was more important than that was we are wasting cow sometimes the Quran is recited for you oh man, and you don't even look when Allah says we're either 40

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Stamey Hola. Whoo. Whoa, see Tula Lancome to hammer home? Would you like the Mercy of Allah if you want it when the Quran is being recited? Keep quiet. Listen attentively and concentrate, not Allah come to Rama and then you shall have the Mercy of Allah. In order that you achieve the Mercy what should you do? When the Quran is being recited? Keep quiet. Listen, attentively concentrate.

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And that is the reason why the kuffaar of Maccha when the Quran was being recited, they knew it has an impact, powerful impact. It has the effect to heal the heart to heal the mind to heal the body. Allah says it has Shiva in it Allah says it has in it. It to me none will come it has the sukoon and the peace of the heart. A loving man Oh Adama in Lucado boom. Be Vickery.

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Allah be the Greenline he Takoma in all own OLB those who believe

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the calmness of the heart, by the remembrance of Allah for indeed it is the remembrance of Allah that will come the heart. What comes your heart?

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What comes your heart? Is it not the beautiful melodious recitation of the Quran?

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If it is good news to you, you're a believer.

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It has an impact even upon non believers.

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