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The speaker discusses the loss of everyone, including the woman who carried her son through hedges and the woman who advises her son to not see her and give it to the poor people. They stress the importance of being honest and respecting others, as it is crucial for everyone to have a strong heart. The speaker also mentions a book called' hesitation' that describes a true heart and a pure heart, and emphasizes the need to pray for Allah's guidance and follow his guidance.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi NGMA in warband.

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We move on now to a new chapter for those people ask what's the book it's real solid. So we have a sleight of hand by the man know from a long time.

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So we move on to a new chapter. Bourbon. Added victory with taco is a chapter on

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helping one another to do righteousness and good deeds and cooperation on what is good.

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While Allahu to Allah, what to one who eligibility what Taqwa Allah Subhana Allah says, and help one another on righteousness and goodness.

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To support one another, cooperate with one another. I've got to add our last three in Santa Fe hosts in the Latina arm and whammy Lusardi hat, whatever. So we'll have three whatever also was subbed. Last I'm gonna say

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by time, man is in a state of loss except for those who have believed they do righteous deeds and they enjoy one another or remind one another with the truth and they enjoy one another with holding on to patients. So the point here is they enjoying one another there is they advise one another and that's some sort of cooperation and support by Imam Shafi or him on Lahore Guillaume and my novel in the NASA work follow him for you often get in under the booty had the solar Imam Shafi Rahim Allah Allah said something to the effect that most people are in a state of heedlessness of the real meanings of this Surah Surah Nasser, profound meanings are the statement of members. Shafia is no

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mountains that Allah who has diligently led his soul on a catheter, that if Allah only revealed the soul upon humanity, sort of acid would be enough as a reminder for people sort of the Messiah is a very powerful reminder. And it would be enough as we move on to Sheffield, he said,

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enough in the sense that reminds them or opens their eyes to the reality of this life. We move on to the Hadith and every man is even halogen and Yo Honey, probably Allah.

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Allah rasool Allah, he's Allah Allah already he was manager has a high ASEAN visa vie la he forgot the rasa woman Hala for vazee and V and he be hiring for the Raza. Hadith, multifocal Allah He collected the Bible hiding Muslim from the Companions even holiday Yeah honey, probably Allahu Anhu he said Allah's Messenger Salah Salim said, Whoever

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someone who's conscript in a Muslim army, anyone who

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basically pays for the equipment for that person, then he would get the reward of taking part in that in the military expedition and whoever

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provides for the family and preserves the family of people who go on military expeditions, then they as well would get the reward as if they themselves went on a military expedition.

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So that means if you do any kind of support job,

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to any kind of righteous deed you someone is involved in a righteous deed and you support them you help them or you watch their back whatever on the kind of support inshallah you get similar reward. And just in the, in the midst of this poisoned kind of environment, and with all Muslims being

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you know, tarnished as

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Islam is not a peaceful religion and so on and so forth. All these lies against Islam. Sometimes we find it important to put a hadith in context. He the Prophet SAW Selim is talking about proper kind of jihad, proper kind of jihad that is done under a Muslim government under a Muslim proper Muslim government. Okay, that's a proper jihad is not the fake jihad. It's not these random acts of terrorism that are ascribed to Islam. This is not these acts. These acts of killing innocent people, or targeting civilians is not from Islam at all.

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We're an herbicide in Huddersfield the Allahu Anhu rasool Allah, he's a lawyer, he was in Bath about an era of any Jana Minh who the father, the embarrassment could lead or giulini, Homer, well, a Java in our home, our home Muslim,

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collected by Muslims, from Ambleside the history of the Allahu Anhu that Allah's Messenger SAW Selim

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sent a message to Benny here, oh, he sent a military expedition to Benin.

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And then he said, from the to the Companions, from every two people, that's one of you to go out on that expedition.

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From every two of you, every two men of you that one of you go,

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and the other one would watch his back, watch his vaccines and his family, and he would support him financially and the reward would be split between you. The point here again, is cooperation that when you cooperate when you support new help someone who's doing something good, you actually get the reward and this is where the Prophet SAW Selim says, When footballer saw him and cannula when through surgery, he learned so that he can actually saw him he and whoever gives food for the fasting person in order to open their faster muscle, then he will get some a reward. You will get the reward of fasting why or because you have helped someone complete that great act of worship or

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fasting. This is a rule that applies across the board.

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And based on the law and hormone analysis, all lines of law and you send them love to your document below her

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For Karla Manila poem cardhu and Muslim moon, Fatah, Roman and scholar Rasulullah

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phosphatidic Serbian for fall at le ha the head John Powell and we're lucky agilon Aloha Muslim

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from a collected by Muslim from a middle high bustle the Allahu and Houma that Allah's messengers are so numb. So

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a group of people travelers

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the process that I'm saying who are you or people? Manuel Powell who are the people, he wants to know them. They said we are Muslims.

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So they asked him who are you because they've never seen the person and these are people who came from another part of the Arabian Peninsula. And obviously they were coming for hedge. It was a hedge carava. So, and the President met him in a place called Aloha. Raha is very close to Medina. So they were on their way to market.

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So the Prophet SAW Salem, so they said, Who are you? He said, I'm the Messenger of Allah. So a woman was carrying a little boy a little boy probably a toddler or maybe an infant. She carried him and she put him up and she said all messenger of Allah will there be a hedge for this boy? I can take him on hedge will it be counted as hedge for him will be written for hedges him the prophets of salaam says yes and you will get similar reward of his as well so you're going to make had you will get the reward of hedge but because you're carrying your son and you're making your son go through the acts of hedge considering get to be hedged for him, you will also get another reward for hedge

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because of that

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one of the most probably Allah one one interview so normally we send them and the whole bond has you know, most of them will I mean Allah do you want to feel my homie Robbie he for your three he can even more fun for you but I'm big enough to have a lady who Malala who will be in the omiana who became a Hadoop and matassa deputy in motif upon either him

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or theory why Allah Europe Lima Ania Robbie waldoboro To animate the pain with a cough Marcus Cillian known matassa deeply

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and what's the

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telethia we're actually we're at the gym Akela home so he Okay, in this hadith is from Al Bukhari and Muslim almost an ashtray obey Allah says the Allah's messengers are Salam said,

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the Muslim who's entrusted with something,

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you want to trust it so you are given a job, maybe, for example, it could be

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a husband is basically like the teller, see the bank, the people who are on the till they're serving people. So they're receiving money, are they putting it back in the cash, are they giving the money and so on and so forth. So these people are entrusted with this. And there is a Muslim who's a has an elevated man, the one who watches over the Muslim treasury, between man, which is the government's funds, from where they provide for poor people where this car comes in, and so on, and so forth. So the person who overlooks or watches over some kind of trust, some kind of trust, where he can actually take from it.

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But he fulfills it. So he's basically the person who's talking about someone here, who is has invaded man, he receives the funds from the people who gives the care in order to put them in beta male Muslimeen. Or he takes the money from beta male to give it to the poor people. So he works for beta the man. So the Prophet SAW Selim says, if when he receives the money, he puts it or he deposits it and beta man full as it is without taking anything from it. And when he gives it to the poor people, he gives it in full. So the one in charge tells him gives that person $50, he goes and gives $50, complete, full, he doesn't take anything for himself.

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So the Prophet SAW Selim says, The one who does this kind of job, he is considered by Allah by one of the people who are giving out the money in charity.

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Like when you when this person fulfills the trust, as if he himself is giving it from his own money to that poor person. Why because of his honesty, and because he's doing a job that is important, like just sadaqa telephoto. Now, it's difficult for us for each one of us to go and find a poor person and go and give it to him or to him. But you will find organizations that are taking that money, and they will buy food with it, and they will give it to the poor people who deserve it. These people if they do this in a trustworthy manner without abusing the money without taking a share for themselves and so on and so forth. These people will be given the reward as the one who

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gave the money in the first place. Why? Because they're doing it

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with honesty and without taking

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benefit for themselves. Even if they get paid for that job. Even

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They get paid for their job that's separate.

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We move on to

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next chapter, Bourbon fineness. So chapter on Naseeha. I explained previously many times that and I'll see her, we'll see how oftentimes we translate it as advice. And that's just a small meaning of what Naziha is, you'll see how in the Arabic language means you have a pure heart towards that person, you have a concern for that person. That's what mostly means. This is what Naziha means that you really care for that person. That's when I say that means in Arabic. And one manifestation of one example of having a pure heart to someone is that you guide them, you advise them. So that's what mostly means and you will see the Hadith here.

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Called Allahu taala. In Muna Allah subhanaw taala says indeed the believers are brothers to one another. So how does this not say again that means if we are brothers, we care for one another. That's where mostly comes in. What Allah to Allah is born and no hand allihies salat wa salam Wa unser hola calm and I am sincere in my approach to you in my guidance to you while I'm holding, so Allah Salam o Allah and Allah Karim Nasir Han me know who would have said to his people and I am to you an honest

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I'm too honest, in my approach in my sincerity, and in my advice to you as to the Hadith, the first Hadith and yet I mean, if the whole scenario will be Allahu Anhu and the Nebby Yes, Allahu Allah, he was a llama.

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A Dino Naseeha Allah Lehmann, Allah Lilla he will be Kitabi well, they are surely he will be an emetic Muslim in our and Mati him

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are our homes collected by Muslim from the meat and dairy of the Allah I know.

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That Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said do not see her the deen of Islam is not see her is not see. And we said no say hey, sincerity, in your heart, purity of your heart. Ordinarily, when we said to who, who should we direct this to? He says to Allah

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to his book, to His Messenger, and to the Muslims, their leaders and the layman, the masses of the Muslims, that shows that Nestle has not necessarily advice, right? Because the person I'm saying Islam, the reality of religion of Islam is not see, if we say it's advice.

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They asked him to who he said to Allah, Can I Can you give advice to Allah? Does it make sense, right? Why because now see how Norbeck language means you have a pure heart, you have a genuine heart towards the other. So let's see how you are honest with Allah. You love Allah. That's what it means to Allah, to the book of Allah. And let's say that you love the book of Allah. And you read it with an open heart. Let's see how to the Messenger of Allah is that you follow His guidance, you are honest to him and you are truthful and faithful to His guidance and to his sunnah.

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The Muslims who I met him to the Muslims, the leaders among them, so when there is a leader when there is someone in charge, and an Imam, he means it could be political leaders. It could be boss at work. It could be an Imam, it could be a scholar could be a teacher. It could be a father in the house, because he's a leader in the House and so on and so forth. So honestly, it means you are sincere towards them. You're sincere and you care for them and you care for their welfare and for what is good for them.

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What he I met him and to the general masses of the people or the layman among the people is that you have a good heart towards people.

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You have a good heart you concern for people you want you want good for them. You don't have grudges, you don't have hate you don't have envy towards them you have a pure heart

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towards them.

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Next Hadith attorney Anjali Remi I'm the level the Allahu Anhu all

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bye you at all sort of allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala Ivana sala de Boer Eater is

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one not Haley Coolio Muslim.

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What difficult honey he collected by Buhari and Muslim, Jared bin Abdullah. He said I gave the Prophet SAW Selim BIA my covenant, my bear

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to Allah's Messenger so lawyers and lamb to establish Salah. So the base agreement between me and the prophets of Salaam is established Salah and gives a CA and a nos equally Muslim to have Nasi how to every Muslim that means I have a pure heart to every Muslim. I have a pure heart to every Muslim to every Muslim and the scholars say this extends to everyone. To everyone not only must

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them so you can extend this to all human beings you want good for them

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a 13th and unassembled the Allahu Anhu and unsettle the Allahu Anhu and maybe yourself Arsalan Khan meanwhile had to come Hatter you had barely fit him I'm a Boolean FC him whatever on Ali Plettenberg Bukhari Muslim

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from Anasazi Allahu Anhu that the Prophet SAW, Selim said, None of you will truly believe until he loves for his brother, what he loves for himself.

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That's the meaning of Naseeha, you have a good heart to that person, you care for them as you care for yourself. You want good for them as you want good for yourself. That's what a man hears with a process. And it says no one will truly believe until he loves for his brothers or for his brother, or he loves for himself. So that's a high level of emotion. So if someone wants Eman, that's what you need to think about is love for others when you love for yourself.

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That's what Islam causes too. And that's the meaning of Naziha. Again, you see, there's no advice here, right? You love the good you want for yourself, you also want it at least equally, you want to equally for others as well.

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And that's what nothing actually means. So Islam is about the problem. And he says do not see how the religion doesn't say what it means religion is pure heart. That's what Islam is. Islam means having a pure, clean heart. That was that's what Islam means.

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You could be praying, you could be fasting, you could be recycled Quran, you could be you could memorize the Quran. But if you have hatred to people, you hold grudges against people, you have contempt to people, you have hatred to people, you have envy and jealousy, you backbite and you're selfish. You don't have a good level of Eman at all. You don't have a good level of Iman and all you have killed the spirit of Islam and yourself.

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But sometimes when we get so stuck to externalities, and to surface manifestations, we lose the spirit of Islam. The spirit of Islam is about having nasiha lessly having a pure heart having a clear heart to Allah, to the book of Allah,

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to the Messenger of Allah, and to everyone else. It means you just live this life in a pure heart. That's what Islam means. But there are things you have to do because Salah is from NASA. When you pray to Allah, that's part of NASA. You can't say Oh, I'm good to Allah, but I'm not going to pray.

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It doesn't go together. Doesn't go together. If you truly sincere to Allah, Allah told you pray. So if you truly have love for Allah, and have a pure heart towards ALLAH, he would take Allah's commands to heart. That's what he means.

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You can't say you have a pure heart but I don't want to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Selim because Allah Subhan Allah said what I believe Allah are doing rasool and obey Allah and obey His messenger. So if you have not seen her to Allah, you're going to obey Allah. If you have a pure heart to Allah, you obey the commands of Allah. If you have a pure heart towards the prophets I send them you will follow his his his guidance as simple as that

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I'm gonna stop here and take questions because we have a new chapter we'll leave it for

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Friday inshallah. So long so let me know.

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Any questions?

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