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AI: Summary © The upcoming holiday of Book ASAP is a gift from Allah to celebrate the beginning of the month of year, and everyone is supposed to enjoy it. It is a celebration of Islam, and everyone is supposed to enjoy it. Practice daily prayer and socializing to stay in touch with Islam, and increase practice to increase chances of being recognized as a good Muslim. It is important to not go beyond limits and not seeking offense.
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In addition to learning to want to study in a one stop when our human shoulding and fusina was the tiara Marina Yeah Do you love it for that Mobley Luna warmer Yorklyn filler her the law was shadow Allah. Allahu Allah, Allah, wa shadow Ana Mohammed Abdullah, who are Zulu who sallallahu alayhi wa early he was an amateur Sleeman Kathira

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inositol Hadith the Kitab Allah azza wa jal Will Ferrell had you had you Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shuttered on Memorial to have Aquila Mahadev 13. But what could elaborate, Allah Allah, all praises due to Allah we praise Him we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evil consequences of our actions. wound so about Allah guides, none can lead astray and whosoever Allah needs to go astray, and a bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped. None has the right to our ultimate love and devotion, except Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. And I bear witness that Muhammad Sallallahu ala you

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are earning your Salam is His servant and His messenger. This is the blessing of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah that He has allowed us to witness the month of Ramadan. And Allah has given us a gift at the end of this beautiful month, the end of this beautiful time of worship and devotion. And that is basically to celebrate the fact that we have offered something for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala we have spent a month fasting for the sake of Allah, we have spent a month praying for the sake of Allah. We have spent a month reciting Quran for the sake of Allah and none of this none of this is our goodness. None of this is our excellence. That's a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala and

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that's what we celebrate today. That's why we celebrate today. So the day of Eid as the Prophet SAW Selim indicated in the killing machine, Ben will follow these details of eat our days of eating, drinking and joy. So we Muslims are supposed to enjoy this day. Don't turn it into a day of sadness, a day of gloom. It's a day of happiness. So into happiness into your heart today, into your life with your children with your family, offer them something special, let them feel this special day of read that it is different from any other day. It is different from any other day because having experiencing happiness today and joy is an act of worship. And Allah subhanaw taala has prescribed

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so many different acts of worship for us. Some of this, some of them are physical, some of them are financial, some of them pertain to the state of the heart, and happiness and joy on the day of Eid is an act of worship. Why? Because it signifies and symbolizes our recognition of the great gift from Allah that He made us Muslims, that he made us people who know our Creator, He made us people who would sacrifice for the sake of their Creator. And thus living a life of ethics, a life of principle, a life of good morality, a life of respect, and a life of productivity. And that's what Islam calls us to. So I'm going to keep this very short and very simple, is just remember that this

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day is a gift from Allah Subhan Allah to Allah and do your best to enjoy it in a way that pleases Allah without committing any sin without doing anything haram. And some of the common things that we haven't generally that are haram is sometimes excessive free mixing that goes against teachings of Islam, and also some of our sisters in terms of their hijab, in terms of wearing perfume, and sometimes inappropriate acts. So we would say, don't end the month of Ramadan with a sin. Don't conclude the month of Ramadan was something that is pleases Allah. There are so many things that you can do that are good, so many things.

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Let your family enjoy this day. Check on your parents, check on your siblings, check on your relatives on your family and go and visit them feed you may food invite people over and have some good time go out with your family. Have a nice day with your children with your spouse, but do everything halal. Because real happiness can only with Halal any kind of joy that comes through displeasing Allah or disobeying Allah subhanaw taala will it will create a scar in your hearts. So thank Allah subhanaw taala for this date, and as you celebrate it and you enjoy it. Remember your Muslim sister

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who are less fortunate, who are making a living in other places and not enjoying the kind of peace, tranquility and peace of mind that we only enjoy here in this country. So remember them and you will do and spread goodness Spread goodness and these days of some hate and some prejudice is good this way as well to show that beauty of Islam to non Muslims to our fellow non Muslims, our fellow you know, anyone you see in the street, greet them, smile, greet them with a smile. Until them it's a day of celebration. If you find the opportunity is there still them today of celebration? I just want to wish you a happy day. If you have some sweets, you know, give them some sweets. Just share

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this kind of beautiful spirit of Islam. And as I said, I will leave you with one piece of advice. If you have done you have worship Allah and Ramadan you have fasted you prayed and you recited the Quran, what I would say and the prophets are setting them as I shall be Allah who Allah says, cannot rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi salatu salam Bhima the deeds of the prophets are seldom used to be consistent. In other Hadith they said Ghana rasool Allah Azza wa sallam either Amelia I'm an F better who the Prophet SAW Salem every time he did some good deed he would continuously do it. So he would not sometimes do things and leave them and come back to them know if he initiated something he

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would stick to it. So what I would say you have fostered through the month of Ramadan, so why not introduced to your lifestyle three days of fast every month, first the week these in every lunar month, first three days, add this to your to the whole year so every month in first these three white days. And if you have recited Quran and prior to Ramadan, he did not recite the Quran what I would recommend if you have started reciting, if you haven't decided anything before Ramadan, that's not your your rhythm. So what I would say start reciting one page every day, make it part and as significant important essential part of your day that you recite that page.

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Are you anything else, if you were reciting more, I would say increase it if it's five pages, 10 pages 20 pages, but keep a daily quota for you the Quran to recite, take your game one step further, or raise the bar higher after the month of Ramadan just by little bit just by a little bit so you can maintain it. And then if you have started just praying the emaline until we have what I would say introduced to raka of pm and name to McCarthy Emily before you go to sleep before you pray you pray to God for the sake of Allah, even if they are short five minutes. But make this part of your daily routine. So that you have come out of Ramadan a better person and the most important thing,

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the spirit of love and brotherhood and and peace and love for Allah and respect you have for other people, I would say display more of it. Be more conscious on your daily life, about your dealings with others, instead of dealing with others based on our habits or our upbringings, which sometimes might be negative, or rough. Why not be conscious of how we deal with other people, how you come across. Why did you start wearing a smile consciously saying do I greet people with a smile? Do I meet people with a smile or with a grin? So approach people with a smile and remember it's a sunnah. It's a sunnah. If you have a habit of arguing and contesting and, and having quarrels and fights

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with people, why not make a conscious effort that from now on, if I get into an argument, I'm going to say, You know what, maybe I'm wrong. I'm going to think about what you say, I'm not going to argue about this. Believe me, if you walk out of Ramadan with simple things every year like this, you will see that you will become a better Muslim consistently. And when you take one step towards Allah subhanaw taala Allah takes a bigger step step towards you, as occurs in this from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So this is a day of joy. And sha Allah the, the kind of greeting that the companions of the Prophet SAW Salem would usually have is Taco Bell, Allah whom in

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Wyoming come, may Allah accept from us and from you the righteous deeds and this shows that our celebration today, our happiness today, our joy today.

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The point behind it, is thanking Allah subhanaw taala for allowing us and offering us the beautiful opportunity, the beautiful gift of Ramadan and that's what our happiness is all about. So keep this in mind and keep the limits of Allah subhanaw taala in your mind never crossed them. Never go beyond them. Treat your brothers with peace and hope

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Sweet department sha Allah, we will depart with peace and we will greet one another with peace. And as they said, observe as well the rights of others. So wherever you go don't do any kind of offenses in terms of cocking, driving etc. This remain as we are good Muslims as Allah Subhana Allah wants us to be so I will close with a dua that Allah subhanaw taala Allah accept our deeds Allahumma Taco Bell Mina, Allah Matapalo ministry and I will Dr. Mattila Quran Allah Mata cobalamin Nasha ha ha Allah who may manifest a believer to continue Ramadan allah how much

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fear Ramadan Mina now the

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Quran, Allah Huma Brimley how the enormity I'm rubbish geography Hello Karthik were you with a Luffy and Lumosity Allah mini enough equally makan Allahumma you don't be in a slick hola como wolfelt Komeito V epic Subhan Allah

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wa salam

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ala May Allah accept from you from us and from us to Allah whom in Hong Kong